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A boy's self-worth

By August 12, 2013

My pup suggested this post, because he recognized that myself and several of my closest friends were dealing with issues related to self-worth.  He is an intuitive pup, I love that about him, because I hadn’t really put it together that my friends were dealing with it as well…

Boy Bamm BammFor many boys, myself included, self-worth can be a challenge. We question our value to our Sirs, to our partners, to our brothers and sisters, even to society as a whole… “what value could I possibly offer to the world?”  The truth is, a boy’s worth is only as high as he places on himself. I am not talking about confidence/ego, although those things can be impacted by self-worth, I am talking about the inherent worth that we apply to ourselves.  As submissives, it is easy to allow low self-worth to take over. Some boys are blessed with a Sir that helps foster positive self-worth in Their boys; for me, that is the halmark of a great Sir… someone that helps a boy grow as a submissive, while helping fortify their personal self-worth.

For those of us without the benefit of a collar around our neck, we are left to our own devices. I have written in the past about periods in my life (and sometimes currently) where I find myself looking for validation through things like sex… some (occasionally, myself included), find validation through relationships.  Some through titles, or accolades, or even community involvement… but the hardest thing for any of us to remember is that self-worth is exactly that… self.  I am nothing to my relationships, sex partners, community, or title, if I am nothing to myself.  How can I possibly positively impact my community when I don’t believe that I am worthy of anything positive that comes my way? How can I serve as a role model to my community and to other boys as a titleholder, when I doubt my ability in all of those things constantly.

As submissives, it is easy to forget that you are worthy of this positive self-worth… for many, we forget that because we CHOOSE to submit to someone, that at the same time we are beautiful creatures, worthy and deserving of so much love…

I have blogged before about my daily affirmation ritual… where I put myself in a daily headspace to help remind myself that the things I see in the mirror aren’t real, due to my body dysmorphia.  Starting today, I am going to start including some self-worth work in that ritual… because what good am I to my community if I am not good to myself.

For boys that have the desire to be collared to a Sir in the future, what a great gift to offer your future Sir… a boy that is comfortable enough with himself as a submissive to be able to find worth and value in himself as a human being. I often advise boys about improving themselves physically, intellectually, and health-wise for their future Sirs, it only makes sense that mental self-care should be included in that.

For boys that have the privilege of already wearing a Sir’s collar, think of it as an act of  service to your Sir… a positive self-worth means that you are providing him with a more solid boy. A boy that can, with confidence, submit…

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