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Dave Rhodes' 2012 Christmas and Hanukkah List

By November 30, 2012

Dr. Larry and William - To Larry season tickets in the Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium and the time to use them and congratulations to William on your graduation.

Bill of San Diego - How about a whole week together uninterrupted on a peaceful island with waterfalls, a little rain, a great beach with balmy night weather.

Mistress Cyan - A successful 2013 year with Sanctuary Studios LAX, just like DomCon: LA and DomCon: Atlanta.

Viola Johnson - Appreciation for the huge Leather Library. For those who've not seen it, it is a must see.

Sir Greg of Indy - Thank you for your effort as International Mr. Olympus Leather. Oh, yeah!

Jaco Lourens - See Cowboi Jen and political asylum.

Kurt Wendelborg - Something to pin you down in one place for a while. Keep on keeping on. Woof.

San Francisco Eagle - A grand re-opening and soon A lot of Leatherfolk are eagerly awaiting your return.

DC Eagle - Best wishes in your relocation to a bigger space, plenty of parking and near everything. And, oh yes, on one floor, two at the most.

Alex Wisniowski - About 500 attending a full Central Canada Olympus weekend of events.

Bob and Dennis - Yet another successful CLAW, as if an unsuccessful one is even possible.

Jeffrey Payne - Thank you for the Jeffrey Payne Lifetime Achievement Award at International Mr. Leather. Being recognized in front of 1,500 Leatherfolk meant a whole lot to me.

Nova - A lot of love and hugs for International Ms Olympus Leather.

Matthew Bronson - Everyone knows that I like tall men. The warm man-hugs at Philadelphia Leather Pride Night were really needed. More in January one would hope.

Jack Duke - And, while on the topic of tall handsome men....

Master George and slave bren - Big hugs to both of you.

Tyler Fong - You've been great, traveling all over the place and always with a positive attitude. If anyone out there seems to be happy with themselves, it is definitely you.

Cowboi Jen - I'm jealous of your trip to Cape Town. Amends could be made by getting a certain MLMG to defect to the United States.

Ray at Sanctuary LAX - Big hugs and lots of love. You are one of the most fun parts of being there.

Woody Woodruff - Completion of a terrific year as International Mr. Leather.

Kevin in Hawaii - Get well soon and make it over to California.

Jim Neuman and Dick - Enrollment as Stanford cheerleaders. Sending you to Notre Dame or UCLA would be too harsh, so I'll be nicer and send you to Palo Alto.

Tracy Wolf and Wolf - To a couple of the nicest people I've become friends with in years: tickets to several Oakland A's games and bring Beth with you.

Beth Elliott - Thanks for working with us in producing the International Olympus Leather contest in May. You were indeed part of the fun at the A's game. I get dibs on the right fielder.

Random Chance - Success at your auctions and love for creating the Pantheon of Leather nominations page every year.

Jeff Hyde - All the best on your new home. We will be glad if and when you return to California. You've always been a good spirit.

Brent Seeley - A great Boot Camp XXV. One extra day of summer camp. Yippee!

John Taillifer - Glad that you made it to Pantheon of Leather.

Master Taino - Congratulations to you and your World Series champions Los Gigantes de San Francisco.

Daddy Ruben Gallegos - Hugs and thanks to you, Alpha Boy Rex and the gang for bringing me out to the Leather Daddies event in Albuquerque. The Owl Cafe still rocks.

Mistress Melissa - Something to distract you long enough to get to that James ans Pup. You sure have the gift of picking the best men.

Linda Wish - A new computer with all the trimmings.

All of the Mr. Missouri Leathers - Thank you for that special gift. See you in March

Michael Nefarious - Top grades with your classes and a great graduation. After that, a lot of time together.

Shad Cruz - A great year added on to your title. If there was a titleholder that fit a certain title it is you with Mr. Southern California Leather.

Alex Lewis - Great visiting with you in Philadelphia. Let's visit more at Mid Atlantic Leather.

Bamm Bamm - You did the Phoenix boys of Leather proud.

Todd Nelson - A trip to California and out of the Midwest winter cold.

Jim "Tug" Taylor - Haven't heard from you in a while. All the love and let me know how you are doing. See you at Mid Atlantic Leather.

Vonn Tramel - Whirled Peas and unlimited Velcro and nose licks, gotta have nose licks, but from your human and non-human pups.

Michael Sol - A little settle down time to get a rest.

Nick Elliott - You have some big boots to fill/shine, following in the boot steps of Jim Deuder.

American Leatherwoman Doc - A private consulting session with Karen Ultra.

Karen Ultra - Big hugs. I've hardly heard hide nor hair from you all year.

Woody Woodruff - Great redhead and voice. You are Michigan's first IML and you are a good one. Hope to see more of you this winter and spring.

Grady Harrison - All the best with your new hubby in Fresno.

Cain Berlinger - Hugs and I'd never hear the end of it if you were left out.

Mario Torrigino - Thank you for the great time at Boot Camp. Hopefully more in June.

Jeff Donaldson - A teddy bear to cuddle when traveling away from his sweetheart.

Synn - Success with your IMsL sash. Great interviewing you during the Folsom Street Fair Weekend.

Tarna - The same with the International Ms Bootblack title

Sir Ben - Time for that play next time on the east coast. And thank you for the Atlanta Dirty Boys 2013 Calendar. Like hot guys, contact Sir Ben or boy Joe Watkins.

Adam Latham - A speedy complication free recovery from surgery.

Master Tallen - While we're on speedy recoveries. No shortage of those.

Jeff Wacha - What are we going to do with all of these guys getting injured?

Dennis Beisbier - Yep, yet another speedy recovery. And, oh yes, lots of strong coffee to keep you awake.

Southwest Leather Conference and Bootblacks in General - A real appreciation for what bootblacks do. It was a real education judging the Southwest Bootblack contest in January.

Dennis and Bob from CLAW - Your event grows and grows and it's obvious why

Avatar Club Los Angeles - Lots of love to a great bunch of guys. Thank you for bringing me in. I hope to do you proud.

Bryan Teague - a big beefy muscle bear with small yet strong hands.  You might be on my good boys list, but you know where Santa's got you!

Daddy Rock - I loved meeting you at IMsL. Hopefully we will cross paths on one of my trips to San Francisco.

A Certain Club - A box of water-logged coal. One of the worst things I've ever heard of in my almost 30 years involved in Leather - Members of one club actually traveled to another city, bought tickets to an event and then told the producer they came to see the event fail. How cold and heartless can some people be? It did not happen in California or Georgia.

Caryl Drkdesyre - More computer storage for the San Diego Leather History Project.

Bruce-Michael Gelbert and His Hot Husband - Many happy years together.

Papa Tony - Boy hugs to you and love to the Fetish Men of San Diego. Always a fun bunch when I'm down there.

Scott O'Brien - Every three or four years one of those special guys comes around. You didn't give up the first time, or the second; then you won. If there is a heart award to give to anyone this year, it has to go to you. For those who question the value of Leather contests, you are the positive answer.

Jon Krongaard - You've been great with IML so far. Let's hope it continues.

Pup Dizzy - a new set of houseboy clothes - matching in the color of your choice.

Bad Boy Dan and Woodie - All the best with your radio show and thank you for having me on as a guest.

David Farah and Alexei Romanoff - All the best with the new house in Palm Springs and thank you for many conversations this past year.

Sir Spencer - I hope to be up there for The 15 Association's Anniversary. Maybe we will meet again.

Tom Pardoe - Recognition for the superb job you did with LA Leather Fetish Pride. You are a bright shining star in a city of stars.

Brian Mincey - Thank you for the special gift at IML. It has lasting value.

Christi Campbell - Thank you for all your help with the Leather Realm in San Diego in July.

Sir Bear Abbott - All of Your warm boy-loving comments can make my day sometimes. It would be great to get some special time at one of these events.

Andrew Love - Thanks for all of your support with International Olympus Leather. And keep giving the LDS all the hell you've been giving them. Don't let up.

Jack Pearce - Big hugs. You are one genuine gentleman. A lot of the folks at DomCon: Atlanta loved you.

Sir Dale and Family - Appreciation for pulling off the great fantasy at Pantheon; and a special hug to Riptieron.

John Gibson from Salt Lick City - You were great with the Rocky Mountain Olympus and at Smokeout. Utah Rebellion is one of the best things about Smokeout.

Paul Rocco - Great meeting you at Mid Atlantic Leather. Let's plan time together this time around.

Aaron Duke - Your good deeds have not gone unnoticed - may your travels be safe, and may you find a Santa's list of naughty boys and his frequent flier miles in your stocking this year.

Boy Zech - The best with your Sir in San Francisco. The folks in Philadelphia expressed how much they miss you.

Rich Stadtmiller - Sorry that I was not able to be at your roast. You've been a real trooper for so many years in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Say sleaze."

Vern Stewart - What do you give to the Wicked Witch of the East? Why a broom factory, of course.

Anthony Rollar - I could disappear wit hthis one forever. All the best with your work at Pleasures and Treasures.

Jay Hemphill and Michael Holman - Good health and thank you for all you do with the Leather Contingent at San Francisco Pride. You guys take good care of me up there and it is appreciated.

Calvin Pohler - Hugs to one of my favorite redheads, of which there are many, and thank you for dinner and the visit before Inferno.

Bill Hoeppner - The same as last year, and the year before. Just like with the light on a car's dashboard, that light will stay on until attended.

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt - A brass plate factory.

Charlie Matula and Hunter Fox - Another great Mr. Eagle LA Leather contest. I realy love judging this one every year.

Jay Lawton - Appreciation for photographing all of these events.

Steve Smith from B&B Corps - One Big Hug and special time. Love your smile.

Insatiable Amazon - A "supah" new year.

SF Citadel - Kudos on keeping the torch going. Your third space is a charm.

The Leather community - Hugs, love and the will for all of us to keep on doing what we are doing. The wisdom to know which things we can change and the ability and will to change them.

And to all, Merry Christmas, Solstice and/or Happy Hanukkah!