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Pantheon Award Selection Process and Eligibilty

By March 22, 2015

This is an explanation of how the recipients of the Pantheon of Leather Awards were determined; from when they were first nominated to the presentation of the Awards.

Open community nominations for Pantheon of Leather Awards are submitted electronically each Spring.

A Nominations Committee selects the current years finalists from the list of nearly 1,100 names submitted.

Nominee Finalists are notified and given an opportunity to supply a biography of 100 words or less in their own words for the Selection Panel to consider.

The Selection Panel, made up of individuals who received awards during the previous year, cast their votes in the Summer to determine that year’s award recipients.

Award Recipients are then announced in the September - October Issue of the Leather Journal and here on TheLeatherJournal.com

All Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards including the Regional Awards and the Major Awards will be presented during DomCon: Atlanta each October.


Anyone who has previously won the Mr. Marcus Lifetime Achievement Award. Past Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are:

Tom of Finland, Chuck Renslow, Tony DeBlase, Viola Johnson, Don Thompson, Frank Puckett, Vern Stewart, Mr. Marcus Hernandez, Wally Wallace, Guy Baldwin, Peter Fiske, Judy Tallwing McCarthy, Alan Selby, Mark Frazier, Thom Dombkowski, Jeanne Barney, Joey McDonald, Race Bannon, Dr. Lawrence Burden, Mike Zuhl, Rick Storer, George Wong, Dr. Jack Fritscher, PhD, Jo Arnone, Jill Carter, Laura Antoniou, Glenda Rider, Caron Ryer, Bob Craig, Wayne Griffin, Brian Dawson, Dean Walradt, Walter Klingler, Gayle Rubin, Dom "Etienne" Orejudos, Geoff Mains, Leonard Dworkin, Pat Califia, Larry Townsend, Cynthia Slater, Joseph Bean, David S. Kloss, Robert Davolt, Jack Stice, Rob Meijer


The following are ineligible to win an award until 2017:
Jaco Lourens
Pat Baillie
Dr. Jack Fritscher, PhD
Caron Ryer
Scott Torvea
boy digger
Michael Tattersall
Jack Garcia
Calvin Pohler
Patrick Grady
Jeremy Morris
Steve DuPont
Rod McCoy (aka Onyx Rod)
Thib Guicherd-Callin
Sarha Shaubach
Master Bert Cutler
Hector Vallejo
Gabriel Majors
Alan Stroik
Bob Miller
Boi Blu
Frazier Botsford
Master SGT Heinz
mstrsgtspvt judy
Aaron Duke

Clubs, Businesses or Organizations:
Leather Heart Foundation
Sharon St. Cyr Fund
Centaur MC
Ottawa Knights
2014 Philadelphia Leather Leadership Conference
DESIRE Leather Women Unleashed
Black Eagle Toronto
The following are ineligible to win an award until 2016
Cowboi Jen
Jeffrey Payne
Glenda Rider
George Wong
Terry Laupp
Doug O'Keeffe
Ken Hedrick
David Hessey
David Roy
Jake English
Tina MacKay
Tim Brough
Aaron M. Laxton
Richard Conley
CB Kirby
Patrick Mulcahey
Tobin Britton
Kenneth Anthony
Rene Cantu
Loren Berthelsen
Victoria Windsor
Clubs, Businesses or Organizations:
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group
Men of ONYX
Panther L/L
International Ms Leather
Leather History Conference
Bike Stop