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1. For those who don’t already know, please tell us about yourself & your connection with the leather world.

Master Michael is a 47 year leatherman. Slave angie is a (mumble,mumble) year old leatherwoman.  They’ve been together for almost 11 years in a Master/slave relationship. Both are active in the leather/kink community of Chicago and the M/s community around the world. Michael is a co-founder of the Chicago Leathermen’s Group, a discussion group for leather and leather-curious men. He’s a community member of the Chicago Hellfire Club’s McAdory Committee. Michael is a co-director of MAsT: Greater Chicago (Master And slave Together). Slave angie is a member of MAsT: Greater Chicago. She is a former Board Director for the LRA Chicago, a pansexual dungeon social club.  Angie volunteers as a bootblack at many local events.

Our connection is through our involvement with our leather club - Chicago Leather Club, our involvement in the leather and Master/slave community both locally and across the world as presenters, learners and listeners. Together, we are honored to hold the titles of International Master/slave 2014, Great Lakes Master/slave 2013 and Illinois Master/slave 2013. 


Master Michael slave Angie




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1. Please tell us about yourself & and your connection with the leather world.

Starting out with a softball question huh? Well, I'm 50 years old, a native new Yorker, a Leatherdyke, a writer, a Jew (I converted) and a kvetch. My connection with kink/alt-sex is inborn; I remember having fantasies of power and surrender, force and control, as a very small child. My earliest reading desires found me deep in books with titles like Greek Slave Boy - and yes, that's an award winning children's book! Later on, I wrote my own stories featuring the kind of relationships and behaviors living in my fantasies, and then still later, discovered there were others like me who had them too. And slightly before any club or organization would allow me in (because of my age), I was already practicing what I desired with a few (probably puzzled) erotic partners. (And of course, that was after years of solo adventuring.)

Canada Flag SmallThe Heart of the Flag Federation Inc. (HOTF) announced the nominees for the 2014 Toronto Leather Pride Award. The award will be presented on Saturday, August 9 during the Toronto Leather Pride Competitions.

The nominations for the 2014 Toronto Leather Pride Award are: Mistress Sydney Creighton, Toronto, Ontario; Jaco Lourens - Cape Town, South Africa; and Alex Wisniowski - Ottawa, Ontario.

Nominee bios are listed at http://TorontoLeatherPride.ca/toronto-leather-pride-award-nominees/

The Toronto Leather Pride Award is presented on an annual basis to an individual or organization in the local, national or international leather community who has contributed significantly to the development of Leather Pride and/or for Life Time Achievement. This award focuses on the people and organizations which have created and contributed to the vibrant and diverse Leather Community which exists today in Canada and throughout the world.




Featuring: Chuck Renslow

  1. For those who don’t already know, please tell us about yourself and what your titles are.

    I started the first leather bar in the United States and have been an advocate for the leather and gay community since then. I have been a Mason, photographer, psychologist, accredited hypnotist and many more. In the Leather community I’m referred as “Sir,” Daddy or Master.

  2. You got an amazing story to tell and I think so many of us consider you a pioneer, if you would, tell us who got you started in the leather community and what prompted the decision to start a contest called International Mr. Leather?

    My lover in the early sixties was Dom Orejudos, also known as the artist "Etienne.” One evening I went to a park in Chicago called bug house square I picked up a gentleman, I took him home and told him:  “I want to fuck you.” He said: “you will have to fight me for it!” Fighting him until he got submissive was a great turn on. From that point on I was aggressive in my sexual activity.

    I started the Mr. Gold Coast Contest. It became so popular the bar couldn’t handle the crowd so we decided to move somewhere else but the Mr. Gold Coast could not be held out of the bar so we moved it out to a hotel and renamed it International Mr. Leather. In order to promote it I had posters made up and mailed to every leather bar in the world that I could locate. I even translated one into German and sent it to the German leather bars.

  3. You have received just about every award in the gay and lesbian, leather community, can you perhaps narrow it down, some of your favorite awards that stand out and mean the most to you?

    I have received many awards. And all of them are at the Leather Archives and Museum. three of the awards that stand out are: the one from the gay and lesbian task force because they have done so much good for the entire gay community, the one by the Metropolitan Community Church, because they helped so many people that needed religion in their lives and could not find acceptance in the mainstream churches. And the third one was the leather man of the century.

  4. Family is important, you've been a Daddy to many, and trust is earned and very important, can you tell us about your family who are at your side now?

    I consider the entire gay community as my family. Right now my lover Juan is at my side and I am surrounded by people who had been around me for decades.

  5. Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

    I was basically raised by my grandmother since my mother worked and my dad had left us. I consider most of my attributes to my grandmother: she was practical, smart and very logical. She became a very successful business woman after my grandfather died.

  6. In your mind, what’s the biggest misconception of the leather community?

    People think that the leather man just is into beating each other up etc. They don’t realize there is a great deal of love and compassion in the leather community.

  7. What does unity in leather mean to you?

    We have to do away with all the prejudices and jealousy and other negative forces in the BDSM community.

  8. What do you see for the future of leather in your community and internationally?

    I think the future will show more acceptances between the men's leather community and the women's leather community and the general public.

  9. Tell us what your favorite piece of leather is and why?

    A vest that have my name and the International Mr. Leather logo all in studs, made by Studworks in San Francisco.

  10. You have done countless opening, closing and key note speeches; can you tell us some of your favorite or perhaps a funniest moment?

    In so many of my speeches I have advocated that which I felt was beneficial to our community. Most of them, the community listens and follows through.

  11. For someone who never attended IML (International Mr. Leather), what would you say to him or her, why they should attend the event in Chicago?

    IML is the largest leather gathering in the world. It is a lifetime experience and if you attend you will feel camaraderie with a great leather community. We are all brothers and sisters. One big loving family!

  12. In your own words, can you tell us the difference between BDSM and Leather?

    Leather is merely a symbol. Some people are into different aspects of BDSM, such as just bondage, or the masculine image of leather.

  13. What’s the funniest safe word you ever heard?

    “Little purple prunes”

  14. You have said that you enjoy cooking, and don’t particularly like the cleaning part, please can you cook us a meal that represent you and what would it be called?

    That's easy! Prime Rib with whipped sweet potatoes and cream corn. And for dessert Pecan Pie.

  15. Away from Leather, would you tell us what one of your guilty pleasures are?

    Watching Spanish Soap Operas... I don't understand a word they say yet. But the men are so handsome! I also like to watch men getting fucked.

  16. Tell us your favorite book at this moment.

    Easy: “Steel and Velvet: a soldier's story” by Juan Cordoba. It kind of reminds my other favorite book “The Persian Boy.”

  17. In conclusion, anything you would like to add to this interview for the leather community of South Africa?

    Keep unity. We are all in the fraternity of leather. We are family, we may not like everyone but we will support every single one because they are part of who we are.




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FB_Roaring_LionIt’s not uncommon for our Leather lives to intersect with more mainstream happenings and hobbies, however, Master Travel and Tours is revolutionizing ‘kink vacationing’ with the offer of a South African adventure tour. The once-in-a-lifetime ‘bucket list’ trip will include both a history-making Leather weekend and a wildlife safari. Leather and Lions will depart on December 2 for a tour of South Africa that will run December 3–12. Hosted by Master Travel and Tours, the South African adventure promises Leatherfolk “our own private customized first-class African experience.”

The tour will include five nights in Cape Town, one night in Johannesburg, and four nights at a private game reserve in Greater Kruger Park, including meals, and morning and nighttime game drives. Alongside this safari adventure, Leather and Lions will include the Mr. and first Ms South Africa Leather 2014 contest weekend, with a meet and greet barbeque, Friday night beer bust, after party and Leather brunch.

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