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The Dawning of a New Era

By October 17, 2012

Progress makes its call and arrives whether or not we are ready for it. The Leather Journal answered the clue phone recently and got the message. As a result, The Leather Journal and www.TheLeatherJournal.com are making major changes that will make both more relevant and timely.
The web site is being brought up to current technological standards and will even have an app that will be accessible by I-phone, Blackberry and Android cellphones.
The official relaunch of www.TheLeatherJournal.com will be on November 9 during the 25th Anniversary party for The Leather Journal at Philadelphia Leather Pride. The site will be operational at the beginning of October as more sections are added.
The Leather Journal print version will become bimonthly beginning with the November Issue. The schedule will be November, January, March, May, July, September, November and so on.
The Sash Bash, Club News and General News sections will transfer to www.TheLeatherJournal.com as these stories come in almost daily. The major features that we publish will combine from two months instead of one. Both will include interviews, many of which will connect to each other.

Segments of the site operational now.
www.TheLeatherJournal.com will include timely national, regional, international Leather/BDSM/Fetish community news as it happens; searchable Business, Club and Calendar directories.
Going to Michigan? Want to visit  bar? You no longer need to scroll through hundreds of listings in other areas to find out what is relevant to where you are visiting.
Sash Bash, Club News, Politics, Major Events, Business, Limited Classifieds and Vital Statistics such as weddings and obituaries, and Leather History section from the beginning to now will appear in the main section.
Men's and Women's Exclusive Subscription sections that each includes  more Classifieds and personals and spicy stories and photos.
Make sure to like The Leather Journal on Facebook so that we can fill you in on breaking news and developments.
Those who have subscribed to the print version of The Leather Journal will continue to receive their subscriptions which are done in 12 Issue segments. It just spreads over a longer period of time.

The concept of developing www.TheLeatherJournal.com into an equal partner with The Leather Journal is not new. Others have suggested it, we've thought of it before, but the logistics had to work. Up until now they did not.
For one, this has basically been a one man band. That had its strength, but also a lot of weaknesses. One can only be in one place at the same time; and time is limited.
By changing to a bimonthly schedule I will have more time to work on the web site. I also have an excellent web design and management team that is professional and also part of the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community. Finding people one can trust is not the easiest thing, and quite frankly, that probably has been the biggest reason something like this has not happened before
The team includes Vonn Tramel and American Leatherboy 2010 Bryan Teague of San Diego. They have helpers along with them, and yes, they are a professional web design, maintenance and SEO team.
It is one thing to have a big toy like this. It is quite another to be able to operate it. That was a huge problem before. Von and Bryan live in San Diego and there is planned time for one-on-one training. They will also be involved in writing and ad sales. They are not volunteers and are being compensated, so this should not be a flash in the pan.
When I was in San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair I was clicking away with a new camera which has a flash attachment that will make for better photos and with my I-phone. I was posting to The Leather Journal on Facebook and felt relevant again. The sense of obscurity after being relevant is definitely not a pleasant one. I did short three-minute interviews with IMsL Synn and a walk through the Center for Sex and Culture which had the traveling exhibit for the Jill Carter and Viola Johnson Leather Library. These taped short interviews and news clips will appear on www.TheLeatherJournal.com. It was exciting; like years ago and so many were thrilled to hear the news.
Hats off to San Francisco's Leather community for getting the SF Eagle back. There were many to thank, including politicians, people who phoned, E-mailed City officials, attended and who spoke at meetings, and to the new owners who are taking the biggest risk by investing. They are Mike Leon and Lex Montiel. I had the chance to meet them at their parking lot party during the Folsom Street Fair. In order for it to work, the community that wanted the SF Eagle back so bad had better support it during the week and not just on weekends when big events occur. Business blood is green and when it doesn't flow, the business goes.

Congratulations to Duff Roberts for another wildly successful Southern California Leather Woman contest. She does this on her own dime charges no admission, which allows her to do it her way. That "way" has been great. I don't know where the revenue comes from, but the production is always top notch. The Leatherwomenm of Southern California have two great events - Desire in June and Southern California Leather Woman the first weekend of October - take note those Leather contest producers of the schedule. True, it's a women's contest and others are for men. The glitch is in that many of us have to chose between one or the other and that puts up on the spot. I remember the snail-mail and land-line days well. Somehow we managed to avoid scheduling on top of one another. The secret was communication. Now that we have all of the electronic capacity to share, one would think we'd be able to figure it out.

Enjoy reading The Leather Journal and www.TheLeatherJournal.com,
Dave Rhodes