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Want more from your titleholders?

By February 20, 2013

Recently, someone tried to start a conversation with me that not only made me uncomfortable but put me on just this side of fighting. So I'll be clear, I am not the person to talk to about any current titleholder in any negative context. Ever. Not this year. Not next year. Not any year.

If you have questions as to what any titleholder is up to during their year, contact them or their producers. If you don't think they're doing enough, talk to them and then find out what you can do to help get them on board with getting your own goals met. Our titleholders cannot do a damn thing without our support. And so that we're clear, by support, I mean money, I mean couches to land on, I mean cheerleading like it's homecoming at every single event, I mean being a confidant in a real way.


You want more from your titleholders, then start giving them more to work with. Period. Stop complaining and start doing something to make it better.

Next time you see someone with a fancy sash or backpatch, go thank them for their minimum one year volunteering, fundraising, traveling, prioritizing community commitments over family commitments, educating, and baring their soul with a smile plastered across their faces so that you can feel good about their involvement and investment because one way or another, they made your community better.

"boi" Jen Laws
Florida Community Bootblack 2011