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Woody Woodruff

By November 30, -0001

Today's Leather family member ...... Woody Woodruff. Many of you will no doubt already know Woody. I met Woody when his partner, Sir-Papa Bear, competed at Great Lakes Leather Alliance during 2012. He was newly selected as IML, he could sing, and while I didn't know why - he made me feel at ease, not intimidated. Over the next few months, and many hugs and conversations later, we found ourselves in the same spot again in a very similar situation. When I spotted him at Mr. S, he brought me hugs and love from all of the family. The support of Woody and his family while I prepared to step on a much bigger stage than I ever dreamed I could proved to be one of those things that gave me the stones to keep going. And when the dust started to settle - he again provided me with support in the form of lessons learned during his own title years. And the 3rd time we met at a contest, Woody was indeed family and a brother with whom I am happy to share not only the good times, but to shoulder the struggles too. 

Woody - thank you for being a wonderful brother and for helping me to face the music, even when I didn't know what I needed to hear. I love you.

BootBlack Bella's Leather Person of the Day, tells one woman's journey one person at a time.  Bella is the 2013 International Ms. BootBlack (IMsBB 2013).