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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, April 3, 2019

By April 04, 2019


LA Leather Pride

Two weekends of fun saw the largest attendance for many of the events. History was made when Mr., Ms LA Leather and Bootblack were held together, Assembly was huge, Doug Okeeffe had four Fireside Chats, Tom of Finland on display and the Off Sunset Festival grew. Eagle LA, Bullet Bar, Eagle 562 and Faultline hosted several events. La La Land was ready for great weather after two months of rain and the skies complied.



LA Leather 2019 contest

Mr. LA Leather is Elliot Musgrove who holds the Mr. Precinct Leather title, Ms LA Leather Persefonie and LA Bootblack Duke Ruff were sashed at the Pico Union Project around 10:15 PM on Saturday night, March 30 in front of about 225 people Elliot also won the Brotherhood Award, chosen by all of the contestants. First runner-up was Aric Wlson and second runner-up was Joshua Hernandez. The emcees were Jeremy Ronceros and Jasun Mark. The LA Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence provided one of their zany blessings. This was the first time Ms LA Leather and Mr. LA Leather were merged and produced on the same stage on the same night. Also a first for LA Bootblack which made its debut as a contest. Bootblack Bob was appointed in the past.


Off Sunset Festival

The Off Sunset Festival, LA's Leather Street Fair was back for its Seventh year on Sunday, March 31 and had a 40-percent increase in attendance according to producers - exact numbers will come once they have time to record them. Temperatures were in the mid-80s and the sun shone bright upon the Leatherfolk and kinsters who arrived mid-day. Live Bands and DJs were on the west end of Santa Monica Blvd. while food trucks, vendors and clubs were place on both sides of the street. It is obvious that the Off Sunset Festival has taken root and in two years will likely need to expand.




Assembly Uniform Reception

The Assembly Uniform Reception was held at Rough Trade Gear in Silver Lake on Friday night, March 29 with as many as 200 in attendance/ The Formal Leather, Uniform, Dress
Code event was presented by BLUF, California B&B Corps and The Regiment of the Black and Tans. Hors d' Oeuvres by Hunter & Charlie’s, cocktails by the Bullet Bar with DJ Dave Hughes. Made for a terrific weekend. A huge contingent from the San Francisco Bay Area was highly visible. Some regard Assembly as the highlight of the weekend. Following Assembly, many made the short trek over to Eagle LA for the Maximus Cigar Social.

Tom House Open House

Tom of Finland House in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles started Sunday, March 31 off at the Tom of Finland Foundation in Echo Park. On exhibit for this social were pornographic archives, dungeons, SM offices, and a huge collection of erotic male art. This was a great start of a day where many followed up by going to the Off Sunset Festival afterward.






Thank you to our Patrons




LA Victory Brunch - Gabriel Green honored

The Victory Brunch for the new Los Angeles titleholders at Hunter & Charlie's on Sunday, March 31 included a presentation by the 10 who competed the night before of a Leather Heart Award to Gabriel Green who has been such a help to them and to other activities gong on in Los Angeles. Green posted this, "You guys are the next generation of titleholders that will inspire others by who you are and what you will do. Thank you for be(ing) amazing and wonderful as a class and individuals. You make me proud kids and I admire you greatly."

New Horizons For Fifty: A Different View of Things

New Horizons For Fifty: A Different View of Things is the domain for the writer/artists Eric Crow, who manifests in the Leather/Bear Community as Eagle Bear. New Horizons For Fifty is designated a “snark-free zone” and is an extension of me and the communities I serve. Our three pillars are tapestry, anchorage and living history. Featuring interviews, inspirations and imaginings from the deepest, wildest part of the heart, New Horizons For Fifty is a sacred space of magic, where dancing to the beat of your own drum is the norm.


Kink Mentoring Archives

By Papa Tony

Back in December 2018, Tumblr went kablooey. It didn't just take down porn blogs. It also took down many blogs written by wise, kind and deeply experienced kinky folks. Using special tools, I have been digging through the wreckage to find the treasures that have proven to be so valuable for so many I have been curating the collection: gathering articles together, re-formatting them for clarity and re-posting them in a safe space: The Kink Mentoring Archives


Men of ONYX - Blackout XXIV

Californication will be in full effect for Blackout XXIV, the Men of ONYX's bi-annual Leather run that will take place in Los Angeles, CA from October 10-13 at the Hilton Glendale. There will be breakout sessions that will educate, explore and empower your mind; a bar crawl that will give you a glimpse into the Los Angeles Leather community; an infamous ONYX dance that will leave you dripping with perspiration; a play party that will satisfy your innermost hunger for kink; a fireside chat with one of ONYX’s original founding fathers that will touch on past, present and the future of ONYX; and an AGM/awards brunch that will highlight growth, recognize some of our outstanding members, etc. Register for an all-inclusive package and lodging. Á la carte pricing is also available.



Leather Masters University - Head Space

Leather Masters University will present Head Space on Saturday, April 13 at Leather Masters in Dallas, TX, 1-3 PM. A discussion on Head Space. A round table discussion with multiple members of the community about different types of Head Space including Sub space, Dom space, Pup space and Little space. We will be covering the applications, how to for beginners, after care, how to lessen and manage drops, and usage of trigger words. On Saturday, April 27 David Carranza, owner of Leather Masters will present Mummification. This class will go over safety and how to Mummify a person to use as a center piece or for play. Class proceeds go to the HOME Center and Play Space. Leather Masters, 3000 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75226. (214) 528-3865.


Inside Leather History - Four Fireside Chats in LA

Inside Leather History; A Fireside Chat presented a series of four Chats in Los Angeles during LA Leather Pride weekend. Chat host Douglas O'Keeffe interviewed IML 2007 Mike Gerle live on stage at Oil Can Harry’s on Thursday, March 28; Cyan St. James at Sanctuary Studios LAX on Friday, March 29; Alexei Romanoff of the 1967 Black Cat protest was privately-interviewed at his home on March 30 and Steve Ganzell of LA Leather Coalition was privately-interviewed later the same day. These Fireside Chats will be available through the Leather Archives and Museum soon.


San Francisco Pride - Leather Pride Contingent

By Jason Husted

San Francisco Pride is just under three months away and that means it is time to start planning for the 2019 Pride Parade. The Leather Pride Contingent will be meeting at SF Eagle at 2 PM on Saturday, April 13 and every second Saturday following. SF Eagle, 398 12th Street, San Francisco, CA.

Northwest Leather Celebration - Classes, workshops, demos, oh my

Northwest Leather Celebration will be held May 2-5 in Sacramento, California where there will be over 50 classes and workshops. Here's a sample of what is on Sunday: How to Punish Your Master with slave Jazz, Feeding Your Sole: Basic Leather Care for the Average Leather Person with Teagan, The Art of Aftercare with Mr. Dark, Female Domination with Sara Blaze, Mastering a Power slave with Master David and slave brynn, Crack 101 Introduction to Single Tails with MsGin and Dave L, M/s 301 Beyond the Basics with Master Richard and slave lyle, The Fine Art of the Mind Fuck with Ms Diana, Service in a Styrofoam Box with Sir Patch and slave evelyn and several more. Northwest Leather Celebration is the home of the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack and Northwest Person of Leather Contest.


Avatar Club Los Angeles - Leather and Race

By Ralph Bruneau

Avatar Club Los Angeles, ONYX SoCal/Southwest and Payasos will present Leather and Race on Sunday, April 7 at 4 PM at MCC in the Valley, 5730 Cahuenga Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601. In fulfilling our mission to "provide leadership in education, health and safety by facilitating strategic collaborations" we will be joining Onyx SoCal/Southwest and the Payasos in a dialogue addressing race relations within our scene and potential next steps for collective action. Requested donation is $5. Nobody is turned away for lack of funds.


CLAW XIX in three weeks

CLAW XIX is only three weeks away and will feature more than 130 different Skills and Education Sessions, covering a wide range of topics about SM, bondage, power exchange, ass play, fetish, community, health and more. Visit the CLAW website to see the entire list of 120 sessions and faculty of 170 presenters. CLAW XIX is April 25-28 in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.


BLUF San Francisco - Leather Lounge

BLUF San Francisco hosts their Leather Lounge at the SF Eagle every second Saturday at 9 PM. Anyone arriving in gear before 10 PM gets in free now. The next Leather Lounges are April 13 and May 11. Leathermen, gear up, grab a cigar and head to the SF Eagle.


International Geared Up Pup - Private Puppy Play Party

By Hunter Draufganger

International Geared Up Pup will be hosting its first Private Puppy Play Party at Manifest4U, 2103 Faulkner Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324, on Friday, April 12 from 5-9 PM. Anyone 18+ is welcome to attend. Expect food, massively pawesome giveaways and door prizes, mosh and Puppy play areas, a Puppy cage photo op, and vendors. Different zones will be set up to accommodate different interests as you venture deeper into the clubhouse: Social zone - Rated G, Mosh zone, and Unrestricted play zone - Rated X. Advance tickets are $10 through Eventbrite at





Photo - Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List

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safeword - A new play in New York

safeword, an exploration of power dynamics through BDSM and food, reveals how the people closest to us often have the most to hide. An unlikely meeting between New York City neighbors fosters a new friendship among two couples, laden with secrets. After an incident in which everything is revealed, they must all come to grips with the pieces of themselves they keep most hidden. New York: Midnight Theatricals will present the World Premiere of safeword. written and directed by S. Asher Gelman. Performances will begin at The American Theatre of Actors (314 West 54 Street, NYC) on Thursday, April 11 and open on Thursday, April 25, running through July 7. Tickets are $49-$69 and can be purchased by calling (866) 811-4111.


MAFIA Club Night

MAFIA's monthly Club Nights are held the first Friday of each month at Touche' Chicago, 6412 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL from 10 PM until 1 AM. The next two dates are April 5 and May 3. Join the MAFIA in the front of the bar to have an opportunity to win a cash prize. Tickets sell for $1 to build a pot of cash. At the end of the night we select a winner who walks away with half of the cash collected. Afterwards stay for the great times at the bar. A private play party is held the next night. All play party registration forms are online in this website under the designated tab. Register for the dungeon party the next night and/or ask for a membership application - How to Join.


Pup Mosh in Denver

There is a Pup Mosh every second Friday at Trade in Denver, CO with the next being Friday, April 12 and May 10 starting at 9 PM. Fridays are for Fetish and every Second Friday Trade goes to the dogs. Pup play area, drinks in dog bowls and lots of fun. Handlers, pups and the curious are all welcome. Trade, 475 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204.


Hunter & Charlie's

Hunter & Charlie's not only is a walk-in restaurant, they also cater. They catered the food at the B&B Corps and Black an and Tans Assembly during LE Leather Pride. Serving American Food, the restaurant in Hollywood has been popular with LA's Leather community with many groups meeting there. Hunter & Charlie's, 1050 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Open every day until 3 PM, breakfast/brunch dishes until 2 PM. Tell them we said hello. (323) 848-4790.


ONYX SoCal-Southwest

ONYX is an organization that supports ethnic and racial diversity in the gay Leather community. For over 23 years, the organization has been the bridge between Leather men of color and the broader Leather community. ONYX SoCal-Southwest has monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month at the The Village at Ed Gould Plaza in Hollywood, CA. The next is April 18 at 8:30 PM.





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Panther L/L - Panther Bar Night

Panther L/L hosts their monthly bar night on fourth Saturdays at the Atlanta Eagle, 306 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA. The next one is on April 27. We bartend in the club room to raise money for different organizations in the LGBTQ+ community. Come on out and have a drink or two with the Panthers. Big cats play hard.


Lick It

Hosted by Lick It at Powerhouse SF on Friday, April 12 and May 10 at 10 PM. Go out and dance and play and have a taste of some sexy fun at Lick IT. We have DJ Blackstone bringing you some soulful beats that will make your hips move and groove. No fancy dates. No unrealistic expectations. Just some good old down right dirty fun - where Licking IT is only the beginning. Second Fridays. Beneficiary is the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Powerhouse SF, 1347 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA.


Barking Billiards

Barking Billiards is a weekly social pup meet up at Eagle 562. We mosh and pup play, play games and hang out with 20-30 puppies around 8 PM every Tuesday. April 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30. Barking Billiards has become quite the rage and the energy is awesome. The crowd seems to grow every week. This is a popular event. Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90805.


Kinky Poly Happy Hour at SF Eagle

Are you polyamorous? Poly curious? Are you kinky? Kink curious? Join Kinky Poly Happy Hour at a brand new happy hour for LGBTQ+ kinky poly people – every second Thursday at the SF Eagle. We will meet on the upstairs patio from 5:30 - 8 PM. Happy Hour pricing. Hosted by Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018. Kinky Poly Happy Hour. Hosted on second Thursdays by Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018 on Thursday, April 11 at 5:30 PM. SF Eagle, 398 12th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.


CineKink to Honor Filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell

CineKink has announced that filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell, an award-winning alumni of multiple editions of the festival, will be the featured artist at the 16th annual CineKink NYC, running April 3-7, and will be presented its first-ever CineKink Artist Spotlight award. CineKink will showcase the US premiere of Jennifer Lyon Bell’s latest film, Adorn, along with a behind-the-scenes documentary about its making, during the shorts program Work It, which profiles the passion - and work - that goes into making sex-positivity one’s mission and business. Bell will be on hand following the screening for an audience discussion.


Lights Off - Folsom Fridays

Lights Off - Folsom Fridays are hosted by Sellers Underground in Austin, TX. The next ones are on April 12 and May 10 at 9 PM. For those that don't have enough Leather and gear, or who might be intrigued by it - Sir Rat Leather and Gearwear has you covered with their pop-up shop in the back. Take over the glowing black light, fog-filled dance floor on second Fridays while DJ Tony Castro spins us into the early morning hours. Sellers Underground, 213 West 4th Street, Austin, TX 78701.



DomCon LA Offers a Spanking Good Time in May

By Jay Moyes

Spring has come to Los Angeles. Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. And soon, asses will be reddening. DomCon: Los Angeles, the world’s largest professional and lifestyle domination convention will take charge May 8-12 at the Hilton LAX, 5711 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045. DomCon opens with seminars and classes on the professional domination side. Then on Thursday evening, May 9, the exposition opens to the kinky public for a weekend of socials, play parties, vendors, classes and workshops, erotics presentations and the Fetish Ball.


Colorado Leather Fest V

Founded in 2015, Colorado Leather Fest is a weekend educational event focused on lifestyle relationships. It features national and local presenters, classes, discussions, title contests, community meals, cigar socials, entertainment, and more! CLF is a pansexual event open to all people of any gender identification, sexual orientation, race, religion, or cultural background, who have an interest in Leather, BDSM history, authority based dynamics, and service skills. Colorado Leather Fest will be held May 3-5 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Thornton, Colorado.


Fetish Men San Diego - Cigars & Boots fundraiser for Doriam's IML bid

Cigars & Boots fundraiser for Doriam's IML bid is all set for Friday, April 5, 9 PM at the San Diego Eagle, 3040 North Park Way, San Diego, CA 92104. Doriam has given a stellar year to th San Diego Leather community. It's time for a huge pay back. Besides, he could bring the IML title back to America's Finest City.


The 15 Association - Associates' Weekend

The 15 Association will hold its annual Associates' Weekend April 20-21 in San Francisco. This includes their monthly Play Party at Catalyst on Saturday, April 20 starting at 7 PM and Sunday Play Party at Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street beginning at 2 PM. This event usually sells out well in advance, with no ticket sales at the door. This is the 40th year of The 15 Association hosting play parties.


Puppy 101

By Papa Woof Roth

Puppy 101 focuses Education and Discussion. Discussions of issues and things directly relating to the puppy community. Event-related posts must have a direct educational focus for the puppy community, such as, discussion about workshops or looking for input for educational topics at an event, etc. Educational topics on gear, training, safety, etc. Gear pics - Once a month we will have a Show and Tell Sunday, you can share all the gear pics you have that abide by Facebook standards.



Fist Fest - Spring FFling

Fist Fest will host Spring FFling at the Parliament Resort of Augusta, GA the weekend of April 25-27. Metropolis Complex (formerly Parliament Resort) is nestled on 10 acres and has 120 rooms. A pass includes free beer, bottled water and sports drinks all weekend, all play supplies (in the public spaces), the infamous Pool Party complete with slings, benches, platforms, play supplies, an open bar and rockin' music, Cocktail Party on Friday afternoon, educational programs, dog dag, swag bag and a container of Elbow Grease. Parliament Resort of Augusta, 1250 Gordon Highway, Augusta, Georgia 30901.




Support the NCSF

Several articles in Dave Rhodes' Hump Day are supplied by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom through a press release form. Support them be becoming a member. The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM/Leather/Fetish/Swing/Polyamory communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities.


Rope Burn SF

Rope Burn SF is all set to go on Thursday, April 18 at Catalyst SF at 7 PM. Rope burn is a group dedicated to creating a safe space for those interested in learning the art of rope restraint, every third Thursday of the month. It's not a workshop - We want to help people create connections and grow the queer rope community through sharing our knowledge and skills. We want this group to be a fun, sex-positive, relaxed, and informational space, open to all skill levels and sizes. Suggested donation of $20. Catalyst SF, 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California 94103.




Leather Uniform Club Las Vegas monthly events

This active club holds their monthly meetings on the third Wednesday at MCC Las Vegas at 7 PM. The next date is April 17. Their popular first Thursday Fetish and Friendship Dinners are at La Cabana at 7 PM with the next on March 7; and Leather Church at Charlie's Bar on second Sundays at 4 PM with the next one on March 10. LUC of Las Vegas is a pansexual group with many LGBT folks involved.





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A Blast From The Past

Women meeting on the patio of the Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans during Pantheon of Leather.



Past Dave Rhodes' Hump Day news blogs














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 Ms DC Eagle Alyssa Durnien Bar Night Club Colors At Cliftons in Baltimore, MD. Photo supplied by Hooker