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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, August 19, 2021

By August 20, 2021



Judges named for Mr. International Rubber XXV milestone weekend

Mr. International Rubber is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in Chicago, IL the weekend of November 5-7 and has announced its panel of judges. The judges are Adalberto Rubadam MIR23 from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Ali Mushtaq from Long Beach, United States, Felix Fig from Mexico City, - Continues

Mexico, Jeremy Morris from Des Moines, United States, Mollena Lee William-Haas from New York City, United States, Mufasa Ali from Chicago, United States and Rafael Maciel from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The tally masters are Butch Romero from Chicago, United States and Iron Wolf from Chicago, United States.

As always, the audience seated in the theater will be able to cast their ballot at the conclusion of the judged categories of competition.



Bob Goldfarb re-elected Leather and LGBT Cultural District president

Bob Brown, Jonathan Ojinaga and Byrd Bannick have been elected to the Leather and LGBT Cultural District board in San Francisco for three-year terms beginning at the close of this month's board meeting. Retiring directors are York Ng and Erik Will. Bob Goldfarb, was re-elected to the president’s position for a one-year term.



CLAW XXI banquets and Sharon McNight announced

November 26-28 will be the first time this magical event, CLAW, will be held outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The Sheration Hotel in Down Town Los Angeles will shine over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

CLAW XXI announced its slate of five banquets, the most at any CLAW. The first one will be the Chosen Family dinner in the Hollywood Ballroom from 4-6 PM; $80 in advance and $90 on site. Next is the BLUF Dinner, a three-course progressive dinner served family-style on Friday from 6:30 - 9 PM and is $90 in advance, $100 at the door. Third is the International Leather Family dinner with entertainment by Sharon McNight on Saturday from 7-10 PM at $110 per person or $125 on site. The Leather Hall of Fame Breakfast Buffet will include the presentation of six inductees, running 12-1 PM at $65 in advance and $75 on site. The CLAW XXI banquet series concludes with the Pre-Show Buffet Dinner on Sunday from 6:30 - 8:30 PM with a special performance by the Kinky Kabaret Singers at $90 per person in advance or $100 on site. If all five dinners are paid in advance, the five meals come to $435 per person an are not included in the CLAW package.

CLAW XXII will return to Cleveland on its normal weekend, April 28 - May 1. Sharon McNight, reviewer James A. Clark said, "Sharon McNight is the ULTIMATE stage performer" She is a rare breed of comedian, and very few are in her league. McNight is the last of the bawdy, brassy, big shouldered broads who can have you crying with laughter one minute, then make a sentimental tear run down your cheek the next. She is one of the very few who can pluck at your heart strings and hit your funny bone over and over, and make you beg for more."




Mama's Family Gallery

By Rich Stadtmiller and supplied by Laurie Aguin

Almost everyone on the Leather planet has appeared in a Mama's Family photo shoot by any of a variety of photographers. None have taken as many as has Rich Stadtmiller of the San Francisco Bay Area. Rich has captured most of the Dore Alley, Folsom Street Fair, IML IMbb, IMsLBB, Mr. and Ms San Francisco Leather contest, ABW, Mr. Bolt Leather and other events. Laurie Aquin posted 171 Mama's Family photos on Facebook. Here is a link to that compilation. See if you appear, and how often, at




Mates Leather Weekend

By Richard Conley

Very happy to say that plans are finally underway for Mates Leather Weekend XXIV, September 30 – October 4. As you can imagine, things will be a little different this year so check for updates periodically. Provincetown venues are currently requiring a vaccination card for entry into their establishments. I expect that policy to remain in effect throughout the fall including during MLW. Please be prepared.

A portion of all proceeds from Mates Leather Weekend XXIV benefits AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod.

We have very few details as this came in hours before we posted this Hump Day.




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New research has found heightened levels of sexual satisfaction among BDSM practitioners

By Eric W. Dolan for PsyPost - Relationships and Sexual Health

Interest in BDSM appears to be relatively common in the Norwegian population, which suggests “it can be considered to constitute ‘normal’ sexuality,” according to new findings published in The Journal of Sex Research. The study also found that BDSM practitioners tend to be more satisfied with their sex life, and are no more or less likely than non-practitioners to be satisfied with their romantic relationship.

“BDSM is an area of sexuality that is both understudied and stigmatized,” said study author Jenna Marie Strizzi, an assistant professor...




Eros - the Center for Safe Sex - SF Ring - Erotic Photography with Blade Bannon

By Lincoln Anderson

The SF Ring Presents: Erotic Photography with Blade Bannon at Eros - the Center for Safe Sex on Monday, September 13 starting at 7:30 PM.

Now that EROS is open, this will be live and in person. Please, check the Eros page and website for current COVID protocols to enter (i.e. Must have vaccination card and wear mask.) Blade Bannon has been a male erotic photographer for close to two decades. He is published internationally in multiple forms of media. He started out as a nude model for erotic art shows followed by sketch artists workshops and colleges. During this time, he learned most of the classic body positions. He mentored in photography under SF Bear Hunter and soon there after began professional work. Most of his daily work is providing images for people to use for their on-line profiles such as Scruff, Grindr, Tinder, etc. He is a firm believer that everyone is beautiful. The job of the photographer is to bring that beauty forth through his or her gifts.
If you would like to see a selection of Blade’s books, please feel free to visit his web page: http://www.BladeTBannon.com





Satyrs MC postpones 59th Annual Badger Flat Run

By Ron Neiport

It is with great regret and disappointment that we announce the Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles has postponed our 59th Annual Badger Flat Run until Labor Day Weekend 2022.

Our concerns of COVID-19’s ongoing and currently-increasing threat have weighed heavily. Ultimately, the decision was made for us: California Land Management cancelled the group campground reservation we made one year ago and refunded our deposit.

Like a family reunion, many of you have joined us for years at Badger Flat and we were looking forward to welcoming Badger Flat Virgins into the family. We will surely miss the opportunities of fellowship and fun, but we look forward to reuniting with you September 2nd through the 5th, 2022, for the 59th Annual Satyrs M/C Badger Flat Run. Mark your calendars; we’ll be there!

Our next run will be our Annual Turkey Poker Run on November 21st. Check our web page for updates to the ride: https://www.SatyrsMC.org/Events.html



Women of Drummer Contest Weekend

Women of Drummer Weekend 2021 will include music, the arts, play spaces, fun and our 2021 WOD contest during the last weekend of September 24-26 at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, Maryland. This event is inclusive and created for all folks to enjoy and celebrate badass Leatherwomen. Join in on this 160 acre site. Price includes registration, cabin space and five meals on site.


San Diego Swap Meat

The Merrow in San Diego will host a Swap Meat Cruise Event on on Friday, August 27 starting at 7 PM. Whether you are first time curious or seasoned fetishist, this is a great event to explore kink, rubber, Leather instincts. (or just kick back and cruise other guys in gear). Swap Meat showcases a variety of live fetish demos (with approval). Free to enter/$10 to sell/$20 for commercial retailers/labels. Swap Meat has open air space, live demos, St. Andrews cross, cigar area, pup mosh area, bootblack and DJ/visuals. The Merrow, 1271 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.




Keep The Leather Journal Going



Since May, 1987, The Leather Journal has been bringing news to the Leather community in print. The first Issue was a quarterly, and within a couple years advanced to bimonthly and then to a monthly newspaper. The Leather Journal has been honored and blessed in so many ways and has accomplished iron-man records in LGBTQ publishing. When it hasn’t always been easy, we have withstood every challenge.

TheLeatherJournal.com has grown strong during the pandemic. For many, the print and online versions of The Leather Journal are the only available sources of community information.

The Leather Journal is celebrating 34 years and is now the longest continuously-running Leather publication in history.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the print version has been down since last spring. In that time, without incoming revenue, we have accrued a large sum of debt. We resumed publication in July and are rebuilding our advertising base. A good number of our advertisers did not make it out of the pandemic. We are reaching out for support so we can continue news reporting for the Leather community.

Remember the first time you saw your photo and/or name in The Leather Journal or on TheLeatherJournal.com and how proud you felt?

Please help ensure the newer folk in the Leather community can share this experience.

A sincere thank you to all. We have been blessed with the support we have received over the years and are thankful to those who can assist.

Dave Rhodes
Publisher and Editor,
The Leather Journal


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Avatar Club Los Angeles Online Class

Avatar Club Los Angeles will host an online class, Harm Reduction for the Kink/Fetish Community, presented by Timothy P. Zembek, Syringe Servicing Program (SSP) coordinator for Being Alive - LA.

Syringe exchange and disposal is an evidence-based public health program designed to reduce the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other blood-borne infections among people who inject drugs, their families, and the larger community. Harm reduction works to lessen the negative social and/or physical consequences of various human behaviors, both legal and illegal.
Lecture will cover Overview of Harm reduction for the Leather and LGBTQ communities, Universal precautions with Leather equipment and toys, Drug Overdose education and information about the use of Narcan.

Join Zoom Meeting at


Meeting ID: 357 196 9937 - One tap mobile - +16699006833,,3571969937



Satyrs MC - 24th Annual AIDS Charity Ride

By Stanley

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles hosted their 24th Annual AIDS Charity Ride on July 18 and donated over $3,400 to Being Alive LA. With a minimum donation of $40 for the Charity Ride many donated over $100.

The ride started at the Astro Family Restaurant in Silver Lake with breakfast, ride check-in and pre-ride meeting. Kick stands up at 10 AM with three groups of six bikers each. The route led us through downtown LA and out I-10 to Santa Monica and up PCH – Pacific Coast Highway to Latigo Canyon and made our way to the Rock Store. Three new riders were added to the Satyrs family.

After a nice break at the Rock Store, the group rode Highway 101 to Encino, then up to Mulholland Highway and back onto 101 in the Cahuenga Pass to end up at the Eagle LA for brotherhood, pizza and cake where they had a raffle for three large overflowing gift baskets with items from the Rock Store, Eagle LA, Being Alive, Body Works gym and Satyrs MC.




Join the NCSF today and enter the fight

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom needs activists now, as much as ever. The NCSF has three levels of membership: 1. Coalition Partners - organizations or businesses who support NCSF with an annual membership of $100/year, plus hold an annual fundraiser to benefit NCSF, and vote on the Board Members. See a list of our Coalition Partners; 2. Supporting Members - individuals or organizations who support NCSF with an annual membership of $100 per year. See a list of our Supporting Members; 3. Individual Members - individuals who support NCSF and contribute $25/year in membership dues.

 NCSF members may apply for liability, property and D&O insurance through the NCSF Members Insurance Program, run by Gleason & Associates LLC. NCSF does not provide the insurance and all disputes are between the insured and the insurance company. NCSF does not receive an endorsement fee with this service.






Flash Back Gallery

Philadelphia Leather Pride Night

Six to 13 years ago, Cowboi Jen produced a fundraiser titled Philadelphia Leather Pride Night. This was a fast-paced auction based on New York's Leather Pride Night. Philadelphia even brought on New York Leather Pride Night auctioneer, Jo Arnone. Peripheral events were placed around the Saturday night auction.

Having its home in Philadelphia, the Carter Johnson Leather Library was on display at the Way LGBTQ Center in Philly's gayborhood. The collection was expansive, the commitment to collecting books and other literature can be exhausting and the one who does the work, Vi Johnson, had warming stories how certain items were procured. The PLPN show was fast paced and local Passional Boutique owner Kali Morgan played a part in the show and her enthusiasm carried over to the rest of the successful auction. Here are just over 30 photos to help remember this short-lived, but lovable and fun event.

Photos by Bruce-Michael Gelbert, Dave Rhodes, Cowboi Jen, Jed Ryan, Girl Diane and Joe Saporito

















































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A Blast From The Past

Pantheon of Leather 2011

Pantheon of Leather was held at Sanctuary Studios LAX in 2011. Here are the winners who were there to accept their awards.





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