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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, August 26, 2020

By August 27, 2020



Tom of Finland honored for his centennial in Helsinki

To honor the centenary of the birth of artist Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991) he received a memorial plaque on the facade of the apartment building in Helsinki where he and his partner Veli Mäkinen (1932-1981) lived between 1969-1984. The building, housing cooperative Sampsa, is located at Tehtaankatu 7 in Helsinki. The memorial plaque wase unveiled on Saturday, August 22 at the Corner of Tehtaankatu 7 and Vuorimiehenpuistikko 6 in the Ullanlinna district of Helsinki. The memorial plaque was made possible by the support of MSC Finland – TOM’s Club ry; Tom of Finland Foundation, Inc., Los Angeles; Kuvittajat ry; Freelance-graafikot ry; Grafia ry,; Sarjakuvantekijät ry; Sarjakuvaseura ry; ECMC European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs; ToP Top of Europe; SLM København; SLM Stockholm; and LMS Estonia. Cover photo - Durk Dehner, founder of Tom of Finland Foundation, was a close friend, beloved, co-worker, manager and sparring member of Tom (born Touko Laaksonen). He has made his life’s work to maintain and protect the art of Tom of Finland. In this upstairs bedroom, Tom slept and drew. Tom’s life in Los Angeles in the 1980s.




Empire City MC - Three-City Pennsylvania Ride over Labor Day Weekend

Over 750 miles in six days, visiting four AMCC clubs and socially-distancing via motorcycle! Sound like fun? Come along on the Empire City MC's Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg trip this Labor Day weekend. The trip will begin with a ride from New York City to Philadelphia. We will hang with some Philadelphians MC members, spend the night and rest up. The next day, Friday, September 4, ride 295 miles from Philadelphia to the Flight 93 National Memorial and then on to Coal Centre, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh) where Empire City MC will set up home-base for the weekend. There is plenty of land to set up a tent and mingle with members of Three Rivers MC and explore Pittsburgh for three days and three nights. Reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find hotel accommodations, there are a few guys who will be doing just that. On Monday, September 7, Empire City MC rides
nearly 200 miles to Harrisburg, PA and stay at a designated hotel (you need to make your own hotel accommodation plans, reach out to our Road Captain to obtain the host hotel.) We will hang out with the Pennsmen MC that evening. On Tuesday, September 8, we ride the last 175 miles back to New York City. There is no run applications, but they need to know you’re coming. Please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us where and when you’re meeting up with us, and what your accommodation plans are. We’re going to work one-on-one with each rider to ensure a fun and safe ride.




Leather Archives and Museum Silent Auction

The Leather Archives and Museum Silent Auction is back. This event is typically held at IML each year, but will moving online for 2020. That makes it even easier for you to find great deals on some amazing items. The auction opens at 10 AM on September 5, and closes at 3 PM on September 13. During that time you will be able to view all of the items online, place your bid, and monitor your progress until the end. Items won can be picked up at LA&M, or shipped to you. There is an incredible array of auction items, including artwork, Leathers, toys and more. You'll get some great stuff, and the funds will help keep the LA&M moving forward. The auction site is https://www.32auctions.com/leatherarchives2020 where you will need to create a quick account in order to bid. The Kinky Rummage Sale is September 12 and 13 and members get first shot at the deals.



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Folsom Street Fair Titleholder Greeting Submission

By Race Bannon

To all Leather/kink titleholders: The deadline for these submissions is this Friday, August 28. If you are considering submitting a video greeting, create your video and fill out the submission form by Friday, August 28. Folsom Street Events has created a form for titleholders to fill out if they would like to be included in the video. Titleholders from "any" year may participate. Your title does not need to be a current title (the wonders of video editing allows for more to participate than can usually be done live on stage). Here is the link to the form should you want to participate:




Christopher A. Wilkins passes

By Todd White, President Centaur MC

I make this post with a very heavy heart. My club brother Christopher A. Wilkins passed away this morning, August 26. You will truly be missed by not only your club brothers but the community at large, You always went the extra effort to make our exhibitors feel welcome and appreciated at MAL. I know you are happy to be with Ron, but you will truly be missed by all who knew you, Sending prayers, light and love to both your family as well as extended family. May you be at peace and I love you my friend. Chris was a active member of the Centaurs MC, as well as former President of DCBC, as well for years a representative for both clubs in AMCC council.



Leatherfolk Book Club

The Leatherfolk Book Club meets once a month on Zoom. We read a mix of fiction, biography, histories or historically important writings, and contemporary theoretical writings on Leather, kink, public sex, queer communities, and gay life. Meetings are on th following Saturdays: September 12, October 17, November 21 and December 19, from 10-11:45 AM, EST. Please support independent booksellers and your local economy by ordering your books directly through your local bookshop. If you can’t make it to a local bookshop, check out our page on http://www.bookshop.org which supports local bookshops and gives the book club a commission.




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Murals of the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District

Garrett Sohnly, a local artist and member of the LCD’s Arts and Culture Committee, has been compiling a slideshow of the murals and street art of our neighborhood. If you spot a mural in our District – or other example of Leather Culture in the general vicinity of South of Market – send us a picture, telling us where it is, and anything you know about the artwork or the artist(s) who created it . The Arts and Culture Committee wants to do more to help support their artists and enhance the beauty and culture of the District. Accordingly, they have created and funded a program to help decorate any boarded up windows in our District, and have budgeted additional funds in the coming year to support major mural projects. Go to the following link to view the Murals of the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District.




Bullet Bar - Virtual presents Cigar Bar

The Bullet Bar and Kevin Cowger are hosting Bullet Bar - Virtual Cigar Bar on Saturday, September 12 from 9 PM – 12 AM with a backroom (private play area). Cigarmen, friends and admirers relax, smoke a stoggie and have a cocktail (at home. Bullet Bar is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Password - c2hQY2RiR2NJZ0t0Z0N1RS9mVEZqUT09



Barracks open in Cathedral City over Labor Day

The Barracks bar will be open in Cathedral City/Palm Springs beginning at 5 PM to midnight on Saturday, August 29 and 2 PM until midnight on Sunday, August 30, or otherwise known as Labor Day Weekend. The Barracks has ramped up the cooling misters and added extra shade for the desert's largest outdoor seating anywhere and there will be tacos on Saturday and pizza on Sunday. Safety measures will be in place.






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Queer Leather Association Sacramento -  Bootlab and Cigar Social

Join the Queer Leather Association Sacramento on Saturday, September 5, from 2-4 PM for our monthly Bootlab and Cigar Social. Due to COVID-19 we will be meeting virtually on Zoom so grab your Leathers and cigars and let’s hang out.





The Visibility Project

By Scarlett Sin

Phase one of The Visibility Project launched in 2017 on the principle that Diversity, Representation, Visibility and Inclusion must be perpetual efforts in our communities to ensure an equitable space for all. Beginning with a mission to provide visibility through display of identity flags of all in our communities launched the project. The Visibility Project has supplied flags to over 30 events in the past year with many more scheduled. Phase two (launching in 2019) seeks to provide scholarships to minority-identified Leatherfolk to be visible, representative and included in events otherwise beyond their reach so that they may share their knowledge and experiences and bring back those to their own home communities. 501c3 status is pending and a website will be launching soon.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



DC Eagle allegedly withheld tens of thousands in PPP loan money from employees

By John Riley for Metro Weekly, Photo by JD Uly

Months after the DC Eagle closed due to alleged mismanagement, former employees say they have still not been paid for past-due wages, even though the bar received tens of thousands of dollars from the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program. Bank accounts belonging to DC’s longest-running LGBTQ Leather, kink and BDSM club have allegedly been frozen amid an ongoing legal fight between Eagle co-owners Ted Clements and Peter Lloyd, preventing an estimated $35,000 in federally provided funds from reaching former employees to cover lost wages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the rest of the article at...




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Flash Back Gallery From Past Major Events

International Leather Sir, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack from 2003 to current






























Next Hump Day Flash Back Gallery - Satyrs MC Badger Flat Run


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