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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, February 19, 2023

By February 20, 2023



Centaur MC's record-breaking donation to LA&M

The Leather Archives & Museum is very pleased to share some great news to end the week. The Centaur Motorcycle Club has made a record-breaking donation to LA&M of $90,000. Half of this will go

towards general operating expenses this year. The second half is earmarked for the Centaur MC Endowment Fund. This endowment fund was first established by the Centaur MC in 2017 and provides long-term financial stability to the archives.

The Centaur Motorcycle Club was founded in 1970, making it one of the oldest Leather clubs in existence. The DC-based organization hosts the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in January each year, one of the largest leather weekends in the world which helps the club raise funds for their chosen charities. This year the club raised $150,000 for seven different organizations.




Austin Kink Weekend

Austin Kink Weekend is growing by leaps and bounds during its second year of existence with 600 tickets of the 700 weekend passes sold two months in advance. A total of 1,000 kinksters are expected to attend events. AKW is going to be held April 22-23 in the capital of Texas at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown. Jeffrey Payne, former owner of the Dallas Eagle and IML 2011 will deliver the keynote address.

Austin Kink Weekend is home to the Mr. and Ms. Texas Leather and the Mr. and Ms. Lonestar Leather contest. Here is the slate of judges. They are Briar Wood, Kaprese Andre, Randy Surratt, Daddie Danger, IML 2022 Gael Leung Chong, Duke, and Evert Leerson.

Austin Kink Weekend is chock full of events including kink classes at the host hotel, meet and greet and cigar social at Sir Rat Leather, vendor market, Sunday night tea dance with LA's renowned DJ Brian Novy, keynote speech, pup contest, ONYX social, two days of classes, the Lonestar Leather and Texas Leather contests, and a main Saturday night dungeon party.




Sanctuary LAX reopening

Mistress Cyan, owner of Sanctuary Studios LAX, announced the launch of the studio's new location, which offers a spacious and fully equipped facility for BDSM and fetish enthusiasts. Founded in 1999, Sanctuary Studios LAX has been serving the Los Angeles kink and BDSM community for over 20 years. The new location is scheduled to open during the first week of March.
The new location, easily accessible from the 110 and 105 freeways, features a variety of rooms that cater to different kinks and fetishes. The studio is fully air-conditioned and heated, and equipped with a full range of BDSM furniture and equipment, including bondage beds, St. Andrew's crosses, and spanking benches

The Leather Journal was given a tour of the new venue and we were very impressed. Sanctuary LAX has had 12-plus years to dream up a perfect space. The main room on the inside leads directly to an outdoor space of about the same size by a rolling garage door. There are going to be some awesome parties here.

Sanctuary Studios LAX has a long and rich history in the Los Angeles BDSM community. The studio was originally founded in 1999 as Sanctuary in association with Omega’s Lair, a private dungeon space in Reseda, CA. In 2001, Sanctuary opened its doors to the Los Angeles Leather. Fetish and BDSM communities. Sanctuary quickly became a hub for the BDSM community in Los Angeles, hosting events, parties, and educational workshops and making Sanctuary a safe and inclusive space. Oh, and there will be tons of parking.

In 2011, the club was rebranded as Sanctuary LAX when it moved into its 7,000 square foot location near Los Angeles International Airport. Called the “Kink Community Center” by many, Sanctuary LAX served the community for almost 12 years in that location. It was also a location favorite for producing content frequently used by independent producers as well as HBO, Showtime, Epix, Netflix, VH-1, and more.
Mistress Cyan, the owner of the studio, is a well-respected figure in the Los Angeles BDSM community and has been a fixture in the scene for over 30 years.

Sanctuary LAX keeps the LAX as a trademark and is located at 13012 Athens Way, Los Angeles, CA 90061; the nearest cross street is El Segundo Blvd. at Figueroa Street.

For more information about Sanctuary Studios LAX's new location, upcoming events, or to book a session, visit their website at https://www.sanctuarylax.com



Creating Change honors Master Taino

Master Taino was presented the 2023 Leather Leadership Award during the Creating Change Conference produced by the National LGBTQ Task Force the weekend of February 17-21 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Master Ta’no has been active in the Leather community for more than three decades. He has a Leather Family of 13 members. slave paul has been in his service since 2010.

He founded MTTA, Inc., a non-profit organization that runs MTTA Academy as well as the annual Master/slave Conference (MsC), among other programs. He was the Executive Producer of MsC since its inception in 2004 until 2022. During recent years, he has been reaching out and teaching for groups in Latin America, particularly in Costa Rica.





LA Leather Pride - Release! March 19-26

LA Leather Pride - Release! will be held March 19-26 at several venues all over Los Angeles. The main event will be the Mr. LA Leather 2023 contest on Saturday night, March 25. Other events include Assembly on Friday night, the Off Sunset Festival on Sunday afternoon, play parties, a meet and greet, ride-in with all Mr. LA Leather contestants, a classical music concert and other activities.

LA Pride coordinator Gabriel Green said of the weekend's theme, "We live in a post pandemic world that is fraught with anxiety, worries and fears. While are we are now free to move about the world, there is a cloud of uncertainty that looms over wondering what will tomorrow bring. For these reasons we chose the theme of Release! for this year’s Los Angeles Leather Pride. Release has two meanings: to enable to escape confinement and to allow something to move, act or flow freely.

The main events during LA Leather Pride will be a motorcycle ride-in introduction of Mr. LA Leather contestants, La La Land Classical Music concert at MCC in the Valley on Monday night; meet and greet at WeHo910 on Thursday night; Assembly, a formal Leather Social at Rough Trade on Friday night, March 24, Mr. LA Leather on Saturday night March 25, the Off Sunset Festival on Sunday, March 26 at Santa Monica Blvd. and Hoover Street - all of this plus several unofficial events.




CLAW in Cleveland

CLAW will be at a new hotel, The Renaissance, in Cleveland, OH the weekend of April 6-9, Easter Weekend. Rooms are filling and there will be overflow hotels. CLAW has so many events that it impossible to attend all of them. That's because several events are going on at the same time most of the time. We recommend the Bondage Beautiful on Friday night. The big Leather Formal dinner on Saturday night is a must. There will be a hundred or so Skills and Education workshops and classes. A cigar lounge is definitely in the mix as are silent auctions, speed dating, drag queen bingo, play parties, dances, club-sponsored socials.

CLAW boasts a huge field of volunteer opportunities, so check their web site for more information. Come ready to party, to play, and to learn.




Oedipus Motorcycle Club Coronation and 65th Anniversary

By Andre Rigden

The Oedipus Motorcycle Club will install new officers during their Coronation and Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, March 11 at 3 PM in a private residence in Northeast Los Angeles. The club will crown Greg Brown as the new Oedipus Rex XC. The afternoon will be one of merriment, feasting, drinking, and entertainment. Please RSVP to 323-255-0625 for details.

OMC hosts a monthly motorcycle ride open to all riders the last weekend of the month. Sign up for ride e-mail details at https://www.oedipusmcla.com and follow us on Facebook. The club will also be hosting GSR (Gay Sportbike Riders) weekend May 4-7. The weekend of riding is hosted in different places with great motorcycle road in California each year and this year our lodging will be in Idyllwild, CA.

The Oedipus Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles was formed in 1958 for the purpose of providing a safe and comfortable environment for motorcyclists in the gay community. Our focus is on motorcycling and motorcycling related events. Oedipus provides support for local gay community events that involve motorcycling and motorcyclists. Oedipus members and officers are dedicated to the preservation of the time-honored history and traditions of this great organization. All riders are welcome on our rides and to our events.




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Bullet Bar's 40th and 25th Anniversary

The Bullet Bar in North Hollywood, CA will celebrate 40 years of being named the Bullet Bar and 25years under the ownership of Michael Lara on Friday, May 5. This will be a huge party and you don't want to miss it.




Leather Mart at Eagle NYC

The Eagle NYC will host a Leather Mart on Sunday, April 30 starting at 11 AM. The Leather Mart will lead into Sunday Beer Blast and the monthly BLUF social at Eagle NYC. Eagle NYC is located at 554 West 28 Street, w York, NY 10001.




2023 International Ms. Leather and International Ms. Bootblack names contestants

IMsLBB announced their roster of contestants recently. The Ms. Bootblack contestants are Brynn Beitzel and Mx Barbie; the Ms. Leather contestants are Liquid, Tru Facade, Diamond Pearl and Mia Rose. International Ms. Leather and International Ms. Bootblack) will be held Apri; 20-23 at the Holiday Inn Piscataway - Somerset in Piscataway, NJ - a complete hotel takeover.

IMsLBB producers are giddy with excitement to welcome Leatherfolk into an IMsLBB wonderland of fun, frolic and downright dirty play. To this end they have secured the entire hotel. This means that once the hotel shuts down from the outside world at noon on Thursday, guests can be free to fly their freak flag high anywhere within the walls of the establishment. Wanna do a yellow hanky scene by the gazebo? Have at it. Feel like letting your mermaid out in the pool? Do it. The Holiday Inn is built around a courtyard that will be all IMsLBB's and prepped for play day and night. That means bring on the fire play, long whips and sploshing folks.

Not everyone is able or ready to attend this in-person event, so IMxLBB 2023 will be a hybrid in person and virtual event. Join globally for scintillating and educational kinky camaraderie right from the comfort of your favorite chill spot. Classes and all main stage events will be streamed live, and all non-interactive content will be available to watch around the clock. This goes for in person attendees as well, as your ticket will also unlock the event streaming pages on




Mr. Bullet Leather Justin Hauser

Justin Hauser became Mr. Bullet Leather at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood, CA on Saturday night, January 28 in front of a packed house. First runner-up was Pup Diego, and second runner-up was Element Eclipse; five men competed. A lot of love from the crowd rained down upon Mr. Bullet Leather 200 Brandon Bullet for his amazing time with the title.

Gabriel Green served as emcee while judges Dino Garica, Matthew Mullins, Tuesday Niles, AJ Chier and Brandon Bullet made the decision. Sir Frank Cavallo. was the tally master. Justin will compete at Mr. LA Leather on March 25



Bay State Marauders to celebrate 20 years

The Bay State Marauders of Boston, MA are celebrating their 20th Anniversary during Snowbound weekend in Providence, MA the weekend of February 24-26. The celebration will be an Anniversary Jock Auction at Paramount in the Crown and Anchor on Saturday, February 25 at 2 PM. The Bay State Marauders is a Leather social club for gay men in the Boston area, a fellowship of members, primarily Leather/Levi oriented, whose purpose is to develop character and leadership in the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and goodwill.




LDG Presents: Daddy Robert's Five Types system for saving a scene

Through trial and error, Daddy Robert has found that identifying five types of BDSM preferences can help save a scene and rehabilitate something that could go sour. Through discussion of these five types, illustrating anecdotes, and workshopping real life experiences SF LDG will explore how awareness of these five types can save a scene from going off the rails. Those new to BDSM will definitely expand their kink vocabulary. Long time BDSM players will find new tools in their psychological toy bag.

“I’m on a mission to encourage deeper, more satisfying Leather sex." 7:30 PM in person at Transform1060, 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA. This venue requires proof of vaccination. Read the COVID policy.




NCSF - Consent Counts program

Even during consensual Non consent (CNC), you can stop what’s happening by using your safeword or safe signal! For more about Explicit Prior Permission, the new legal framework for consent to kink, check out NCSF’s Consent Counts program.

NCSF is the advocacy organization for the kink and consensual non-monogamy communities. Founded in 1997, NCSF is a coalition of nearly 160 groups, businesses and private practices that serve kink and CNM practitioners. The NCSF Foundation is a charitable organization that funds research and education.




The 15 Association - 43rd Anniversary

This month marks our 43rd year of The 15 Association as a social and sexual brotherhood, February 23-26. They will kick off the weekend on Thursday with a cigar social at The SF Eagle beginning at 8 PM.
Foremost, The 15's 43rd Anniversary banquet is on Friday at the Folsom Foundry with presentation of awards and a silent auction. On Saturday, the club will host a social meet up in the afternoon at Lone Star followed by a play party at Transform1060. Return to the dungeon on Sunday afternoon for a closing play party.

The 15 Association was inducted into the Leather Hall of Fame at CLAW LA - Leather Getaway in November at the Westin Bonaventure with about 10 of The 15 Association fraternal and associate members on hand. Boot Camp XXXIII will take place from Saturday, June 17 – Wednesday, June 21 at Saratoga Springs Resort about 130 miles north of San Francisco. A private invitation is needed plus applicable run fee.




Dave Rhodes' Hump Day Mailing List




Now there are almost 2,000 members and we're growing

Join our Facebook Group today and have my news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications when we post main features from The Leather Journal.








Smokeout Las Vegas

Smokeout is a fun-filled uncomplicated weekend at the Tuscany Suites Hotel the weekend of April 4-10 in Las Vegas, NV for cigar and pipe studs, Leatherman, kinksters, bikers, bears and friends, from all over the world. A free-flowing weekend so everyone can enjoy Las Vegas the way you want to … in the company of fellow studs. No rigid program to follow with lots of time for being a tourist, enjoying a show, attending events or just relaxing and having a great time. Be there with a fun, uncomplicated, positive attitude and let Las Vegas do its magic.

Among the many events and fun things at Smokeout will be the hospitality suite staffed by volunteers from the House Of Peter, the Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas parties and the Desert Leathermen Motorcycle Club bike run on Saturday.

There will be plenty of special events including cocktail, private play and other parties, scotch and cigar social, dinners at Hofbrauhaus, a local Italian restaurant, all-you-can-eat sushi, uniform dinner, dippers' gathering, underwear party, Vendors' Row, pipe social, poker game, boot blacks, cigar crawl, bar parties at the Las Vegas Eagle, Fun Hog Ranch and Charlie's and all the shows, acts, museums, buffets and eateries that Las Vegas has to offer

Registration, a must to attend, is $50 before April 2 and $60 at the door. Go to the web site below to register and hotel information. Oh, and you also get a t-shirt.




Leather Archives - Fetish Film Forum

In March, LA&M will kick off its first Fetish Film Forum, a monthly film series featuring kink, fetish, BDSM and Leather films from nine different countries spanning seven decades. Films showing include Shortbus, In the Realm of the Senses, and The Handmaiden. A new film will be featured on the third Saturday of the month at 7 PM. Tickets are $10 general admission, and $8 for students and LA&M members. Season passes are also available. The full schedule of films will be available February 23rd on our website, along with a link to buy tickets.

Leather Archives & Museum, 6418 North Greenview Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626. 773) 761-9200.




LA Leather Cocktails

As a way to promote Los Angeles Leather Pride, the B&B Corps and Regiment of the Black and Tans hosted a night of Leather Cocktails at the Tom of Finland House in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles on Saturday, February 18. There were plenty of appetizers and a host bar provided by the Bullet Bar. Two bootblacks were busy all night and a third Leather care person was cleaning Leathers. There was a man from Paris and another from Berlin in the estimated 100 attendees.




International Mr. Bootblack 2023 contest cancelled

The following is the most recent post by IML regarding the bootblack situation that has led to the cancellation of this year's International Mr. Bootblack contest. We've unofficially heard there were resignations in other departments at IML too. We are researching that.

Due to the unexpected resignation of the International Mr. Bootblack Coordinator and IMBB staff, The Renslow Charitable Foundation is announcing the cancellation of The IMBB contest for 2023. We will take this year to thoroughly examine the evolution of the contest and solicit community input and interest as well as explore better ways to grow and increase participation in the event. This examination includes exploring the idea of creating a complete stand-alone IMBB Weekend event. For some years, the IMBB team has struggled to find contestants, donations for winner’s prize packages and delivering a quality product and, as a result, has led to less participation. At the same time, they have implemented significant changes which have created a vastly improved IMBB Contest experience, especially for contestants.

This year (2023), we invite bootblacks from around the world to meet, greet and provide shine for the guests in the area that would normally be reserved for our contestants over Memorial Day Weekend. The invitation is open to anyone who is passionate about boots. More information will be available at www.imrl.com in the near future. We also recognize there is much more to be done to increase bootblack visibility in our community and we welcome everyone’s input, suggestions and, most importantly, their participation in this process. We also invite anyone in our community to share these thoughts and/or their ideas on the subject of inclusion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your participation in this process is vital.




Ms. SF Eagle

The Ms. SF Eagle contest will be held at the SF Eagle in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, May 6 beginning at 6 PM. There will be a meet and greet on Friday night at the SF Eagle. Ms. SF Eagle 2020 Tammy LG lghatter, who works at the SF Eagle, will pass the title to the 2023 winner.




Double Feature: Leather history in “The New Yorker" plus new book profiling iconic Leatherfolk

(You Can Read Both Free Here)

by Mark Hemry

In The Leather Journal link below, Michael Schulman in his article in the February 6 New Yorker salutes Leatherman Robert Opel who in 1974 famously streaked the Academy Awards. In 1979, after mocking Harvey Milk’s killer Dan White at the Pride Parade, Opel was gunned down in his Fey-Way Gallery. The photo of him lying on the floor in The New Yorker was shot inside Fey-Way by his friend 1970s Drummer editor Jack Fritscher a hundred days before Opel’s body dropped on the same spot.

That ended Fey-Way, the first Leather art gallery in the Folsom Leather District South of Market in San Francisco. At wild openings with hundreds of Leathermen, Opel, the LA and San Francisco political activist who founded the magazine Cocksucker, exhibited dozens of leather artists like Tom of Finland, Robert Mapplethorpe, Rex, Etienne, A. Jay, Domino, and the Hun. He was one of the first staff contributors to Drummer and shot the infamous Cycle Sluts genderfuck cover for issue nine.

Fritscher worked with Schulman across three years as part of his sixty-year goal of introducing Leather subculture into the mainstream. Schulman quotes him and Opel’s muse Camille O’Grady extensively. The recently deceased O’Grady, a terrorized eyewitness to the murder, was to Opel what Patti Smith was to Mapplethorpe. She sang her song Toilet Kiss with her punk band inside the Mineshaft and identified as “a Leatherman inside a woman’s body.” Schulman’s essay has opened discussions around an Opel documentary like the HBO documentary on Mapplethorpe by the producers of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

During Fritscher’s tour of duty reviving Opel for The New Yorker, he also wrote about twelve other Leatherfolk in his newest book Profiles in Gay Courage: Leatherfolk, Arts, and Ideas. This Leather history offers deep-dish biographies, interviews, and photos of Leather icons and superstars too often ignored by vanilla gatekeepers who cancel kinksters out of mainstream LGBTQ+ history.

The all-star line-up of Profiles includes Leather-poet laureate, Thom Gunn; photographer Robert Mapplethorpe; “Society of Janus” founder, Cynthia Slater; Mineshaft manager, Wally Wallace; Sam Steward, godfather of Leather writing; Tennessee Williams, author of several BDSM stories; David Hurles aka Old Reliable, the now disabled director of kinky videos of rough-trade street hustlers you should never invite into your lovely home; Leather fashion designer, RoB of Amsterdam; and the filmmakers of the 1975 Leather classic Born to Raise Hell, Terry LeGrand and Roger Earl.

Historically, Chuck Renslow, founder of IML and the Leather Archives & Museum, wrote, "Drummer was a map of Leather culture; Fritscher and his books are unabashed and uninhibited tour guides.

Profiles in Gay Courage: Leatherfolk, Arts, and Ideas, illustrated, 239 pages, paperback and Kindle. Read free at https://www.DrummerArchives.com

The New Yorker: What Became of the Oscar Streaker? Read free at https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/02/06/what-became-of-the-oscar-streaker






Links to all Dave Rhodes' Hump Days going back to August 9, 2017







Conductors Leather/Levi Club - Track XLI

The Conductors Levi/Leather Club will host Track XLI - Southern Baptwist Revival the weekend of April 21-23 at Whispering Pines near Nashville, TN. Get in your Sunday best for this fun and irreverent weekend of Leather club debauchery including games, socials, cocktails, great meals and more sins than one righteous person can imagine.

The Conductors is Nashville's Leather/Levi club, a group of people in Nashville's gay community who share a common interest in Leather, boots, vests, and chaps. They host a monthly club night at the Stirrup, as well as other events whose primary purpose is to raise funds for their PWA Charity account. This charity fund provides direct assistance to clients of Nashville CARES and Comprehensive Cares.





Pornstache - Leather in West Hollywood

Sir Fernando has been hosting Pornstache, billed as West Hollywood's Sexy Fetish Kink Night, at Stache right smack dab in the middle of West Hollywood's LGBTQ+ entertainment complex for several months now. Pornstache is held on the third Sunday of each month at 8 PM. When we spoke with Sir Fernando during a break at the Mr. Bullet Leather contest in late January, he told us of his goal to see Leather more inclusive and visible in West Hollywood.

While picked on by many for lack of masculine identity, West Hollywood is the home of several Leather community leaders over the years including IML 1997 Mike Gerle and the late noted author Larry Townsend among many others. The city hosts two long-time Leather retail stores, The Pleasure Chest, and the past 665 and 90046-90069 had the notorious Spike as well as Eagle LA before it moved to its current Santa Monica Blvd. and Myra Avenue location.

The next three Pornstache nights will be February 19, March 19 and April 16 at Stache, 8941 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069.




Women of Drummer regionals

The Southwest Women of Drummer Regional will be held in Las Vegas, NV March 10-12 with a meet and greet, women's roundtable, play party and farewell brunch among activities planned. The Northeast Regional will be in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, May 5-7; South Central Regional event in Dallas, June 9-11; and North Central Regional August 25-27 in Chicago, IL. The Southeast Regional is in Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 24-26.




KC Pioneers - Trails End 48

The KC Pioneers will present Trails End - Press Start To Play at the American Inn in North Kansas City, MO the weekend of March 31 - April 2 and reservations are coming in fast. Events include a registration cocktail party, welcome dinner, Club Night at Missie B's, hospitality suite, breakfast, MACC meeting, lunch, numerous cocktail parties, games, parade of colors, banquet and run show, bear beer bust at Woody's, and breakfast and awards to close out the big weekend. The club will have a shuttle from the American Inn to official events.

In 2017, the KC Pioneers added a brand-new educational program to their events in an effort to reach out to people who are just discovering and exploring their interests in the Leather and BDSM communities. The Kansas City Pioneers are focused around the needs and desires of the LGBT+ community in this world of straps, boots, and floggers. They welcome everyone to club events and group memberships.




Jason Atkinson (Pup Woody) passes

Jason "Pup Woody" Atkinson passed away on Sunday, February 5 according to friends of his. He held the Mr. Bullet Leather 2016 title.



Joe Whitaker dies suddenly

Hello everyone, this is Collin, Joe Whitaker’s partner. The world is worse off today than it was on February 5, when Joe died suddenly following a brief illness. And I still cannot believe this is real but we’ve lost a son, a brother, a father, a champion, and a best friend in the purest sense of all these words. We are all still trying to process it and I will post information related to services as it becomes available. I will be postponing all Man Upp events for the next couple of months while I figure out how to best honor his memory. He made his dream of creating a safe space for all types of guys to be themselves.

Based in San Diego, CA, creator of The DILF Party and owner/CEO at Man Upp Productions. All DILF and Mann Upp event are canceled for at least two months while a tribute to Joe transpires and plans on resuming activities are done. Whitaker is a graduate of Auburn University.



Jesse "Spanky" Penley, leaves us

By Vince Andrews

Jesse "Spanky" Penley, Mid-Atlantic Bootblack 2004, who often competed for International Mr. Bootblack, was the creator of the Bootblack Pride Flag died in early February of cerebellar ataxia. His bootblacking for the KC Pioneers and the KC community, along with the amount of mentorship he provided to other Bootblack across the nation will be missed. He lived in Overland Park, Kansas and was an administrative assistant. Jesse had two brothers. This is a photo of Spanky blacking the past Heart of America Leatherwoman's boots at The LINK in Wichita, Kansas, around 2003



James Rawley dies

By Brig Hayes

Our friend and LA/OC community member James Rawley died on Christmas Day of a massive heart attack while living in Canada with his brother Patrick. James studied History/ Political Science at York University in Canada where he graduated in 1981.




A Blast from The Past



Mr. LA Leather Class of 2012

Marlon Morales was chosen to be Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2012 and this is the field of contestants taken by Jay Lawton. Among the week of events was a Skating Party at the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, Southland Honors awards were presented at the Circus Disco in Hollywood where IML-to-be Woody Woodruff sang the Star-Spangled Banner and the LA Leather Street Fair on Santa Monica Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. The contest was also at Circus Disco and the audience was treated to a stunning and sizzling hot trapeze act.




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