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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, February 3, 2021

By February 03, 2021



Flash Back Gallery - Motor Sport Amsterdam's 25th Anniversary

Dave Rhodes' first and only trip so far to Europe brought back many memories including Motor Sport Amsterdam's 25th Anniversary and the ECMC Annual General Meeting European Council of Motorcycle Clubs in the Netherlands. Nearly 2,000 hot men from all over the planet descended on land of Vincent van Gogh for a weekend of revelry and partying. Scroll down for our 33-photo gallery. At the invitation by International Mr. Leather 1993, Henri ten Have,I made the trip.


NCSF Award to Leather Library

On December 15, 2020, Russell Stambaugh and Susan Wright presented Viola Johnson the 2020 Race Bannon Advocacy Award in a video ceremony. Vi was awarded for her pioneering work on the Carter/Johnson Library in Evansville Indiana. The video ceremony includes NCSF’s presentation, Vi’s acceptance, and a tour of the library and facilities provided by Vi.

Vi and her longtime partner Jill Carter founded the Carter-Johnson Library in 2005. At that time, both were widely recognized leaders in the Leather community and early workers in preserving Leather history and the role of people of color in it. The Carter-Johnson Library maintains the largest collection of literature preserving record of Black participation in what has historically been a white-dominated lifestyle. The library is about more than minority participation in our communities. It is the repository of much of the Center for Sex and Culture’s library which was received early in 2020 after SSSC’s 2019 dissolution. It contains historical material dating back to the late 18th Century, facilities for scholars-in-residence, meeting rooms for the Evansville community, event posters, programs and ephemera from decades of kink events, and Vi uses her formidable skills as a story teller to teach us about why we need to retain the ability to tell our own stories if kink is to sustain its communities. Perhaps most impressive, is The Carter-Johnson Library’s role as centerpiece community development by creating a small but growing Leather neighborhood in Evansville.




San Francisco supervisor panel backs request to landmark gay-owned Eagle bar

By Matthew S. Bajko and photo by Rick Gerherter for Bay Area Reporter

At its meeting January 25 the supervisors' land use and transportation committee unanimously voted 3-0 in support of having the city's historic preservation commission consider if the Eagle Bar, an important entertainment venue located in the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District, should be designated a city landmark. It would be the third gay bar location in San Francisco given such status if approved, and the first LGBTQ city landmark located in SOMA and related to queer Leather culture....Story continues at




Avatar Club Los Angeles and San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group present

Join Avatar Club Los Angeles and San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group in their first collaboration on Wednesday, February 24, at 7 PM PST. Avatar and SFLDG will host four internationally-renowned photographers to discuss and show their Leather and fetish photography. They will talk about what turns them on, why it’s important to document the scene and share some of their favorite work.

This international panel consists of Ryan Coit of COIT Photography in Minneapolis, MN, Dari van Hart of D81 Photos in the Middle East, Vincent Keith of MASCULAR of the USA and Great Britain, and Carmelle La Serina of We Are Leather in New York City. Join th meeting at




Virtual CLAW VIII next week

Virtual CLAW VIII will be held February 12-14 via Zoom and will feature a host of stars and top-class educators for its many workshops and classes. Some of the classes and presenters will be Naked Yoga for Healthy Perverts by Mike Skroch, CARAS Research on Leather and Kink by Robert Bienvenu and Richard Sprott, Sex Workers and Stigma by Sarah Hemphill and Cassandra Damm, Tenured Professor of Leather by Dr. Gayle Rubin with Rostom Mesli, Styles of Dominance by Patrick Mulcahey, Shocking Hot Wax by MarKus, What Rope Tops Think by Tyger Yoshi; Muscle_dog XXX and Tom Roper, and Sex and Covid19 - the Vaccine Edition by Dave Watt and Sal Susino. For a schedule of events go to the CLAW web site. There will be a raffle for a $2,021 CDN shopping spree at North Bound Leather in Toronto. See a short film by Jack McGreal and CLAW and meet the director, cast, and crew. Of course there is a Cigar Social and a Gear Party. To find out more and to register check out





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HIV Story Project interview with Queen Cougar

In 2015 The HIV Story Project and the National AIDS Memorial Grove teamed up for Joining Forces, Surviving Voices to conduct an interview with Ms San Francisco Leather 1993 Queen Cougar. The program consists of a series of HIV/AIDS-related storytelling initiatives dedicated to ensuring that the unheard stories of the AIDS Pandemic are captured on video and documented for future generations.

This interview is one of a series of 15 that were recorded in the fall of 2015. The series, which was premiered in the Grove on December 1, 2015 - World AIDS Day, represents the first of the above-mentioned storytelling initiatives and focuses on the San Francisco Leather Community. All interviewees are members of this community, which in 2015 was the recipient of the National AIDS Memorial Grove’s Thom Wayend Unsung Heroes Award for its unprecedented contributions to fighting the AIDS Crisis over the past 30-plus years. The talk is 9:45 minutes long and worth watching.




Save Sanctuary Studios LAX

Sanctuary Studios LAX has become Ground-Zero for many kinksters in mostly the pan community for over a decade. The Sanctaury's current location is in Lennox, CA, not far from LAX. In fact, planes fly over it about once per minute. The club started in Reseda, CA in a storefront with a Pentecostal church next door. The vision for a huge space was realized in 2011, but it was going to be expensive. "Since 2011, our community has called Sanctuary 'home.' We have hosted fundraisers, weddings, memorials, support groups, educational classes and workshops, and social events. Every year our Thanksgiving and Christmas fundraisers have collected truckloads of food and toys for those less fortunate. Many call Sanctuary 'the community center' for our community" said Mistress Cyan." She continued, "In accordance with the California State and Los Angeles County mandates requiring the closure of all non-essential businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanctuary closed its doors of operation on March 17, and have been in compliance ever since. In an effort to ride this out, we dipped into savings and also secured an SBA loan early in the year. None of us ever thought that we would still be closed more than 10 months later. As a “non-essential business,' we are still closed, but the rent, insurance and other bills continue to come in and add up.

We thought we could “weather the storm” with savings and the SBA loan, but those resources are being depleted. A number of people in the community have urged Me to start a GoFundMe. I have resisted thinking we could survive without it, but I also thought our doors would be re-opening by now, but we were all wrong."

Cyan's goal is $160,000. Let's see how we can do....




The 22nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas

Hooker & Boys celebrated 22 years of their annual fundraising event, 12 Days of Christmas, COVID Kinda Christmas - a Virtual Holiday, was held on Saturday, December 12. 2020 has been an extraordinary year, and no less for H&B’s 12 Days event, as producers took the event to cyberspace to keep everyone as safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shawnna Alexander and Rik Newton-Treadway were hosts as 12 Days of Christmas was broadcast live from the Clifton Pleasure Club in Baltimore, MD, with the help of a skeleton crew on-site, and ASL interpreters Debbie Jones, Susan Weinstein, and Jenn Arif by remote video. Entertainment included a retrospective of recordings from the past 20 years of 12 Days performances, as well as new recordings created specifically for this event. The 12 Days of Christmas raised a total of $10,000, breaking down to $2,500 to each of these beneficiaries: AIDS Action Baltimore, BHT Foundation, Leather Heart Foundation and The Queen’s Guard of Alaska.




6 Red Flags From Submissives That Turn Off Dominants

By Kayla Lords for Loving BDSM

(Editor: This is from 2018 and is good today as it was then and for the future, too.) We talk an awful lot about predatory, abusive, poser, wannabe Dominants and their red flags. But that makes it sound like every submissive is a perfect angel simply waiting for the right Dominant to appear. Uhhh, not quite.

The vast majority of submissives I’ve met have been good people who are like everyone else — trying to navigate desires, kinks, and life to find the right partner. But that doesn’t mean....




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Leather, Jocks & Goodies Oh My!

The Long Beach Imperial Court will present Leather, Jocks & Goodies Oh My! online with Facebook Live on Saturday, February 6 at 8 PM PST. This is a free event and is a benefit for LA Cares. This is a virtual event with a jock auction which includes jocks and other items donated by Mr. Long Beach Leather titleholders Eric Crow, Louie Ramrod, Joel Royal, Emperor 38 of Long Beach Dino Garcia, Mr. Eagle LA Leather Colten Stenke, Mr. Regiment Matthew Jensen, Mr. Sanctuary Leather Fransisco Perales, Mr. Eagle 562 pup Yoshi, Mr. CSW Leather Joe Clopton, porn star Charlie Harding, Queen Mother Krystal Archer is donating a jock from noted video producer Terry LeGrande and more.




NoHo Pride Street Festival

Michael Lara and the Bullet Bar announced that the NoHo Pride Street Festival will be held on Sunday, August 8. This will be the second time the Bullet Bar has produced the NoHo Pride Festival with the last one being in 2018. The first rendition included bar and vendor booths hosted by businesses and clubs with music and food. No details on their web sit and Facebook page yet. Go to their page to arrange a booth, presentation and/or sponsorship.




SouthEast LeatherFest announces new date

SouthEast LetherFest will celebrate it 25th Anniversary the weekend of June 16-19, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia according to producer Catherine Gross. The theme is Control. SouthEast LeatherFest (SELF) is the home where all people--kinksters and Leather people, primals and littles, puppies and Masters, bootblacks, and LGBTQIA-plus - gather to celebrate our lives as sex positive individuals. We teach, we learn, and we grow. We play, we meet, and we party. We love, we laugh, and we create community. We have tons of class tracks, 2 nights of contests/shows, parties, meetups, socials, and play parties. We are the home of the Southeast Master/slave, Southeast Bootblack, Southeast Person of Leather, Mr. SELF, Ms. SELF, and SELF boy title. To find out more, go to




Master George passes

Master George Scileppi, who served on the board of the LA Leather Coalition, past Southern California Master and Leather Heat coproducer Master George passed away on February 1 due to lung complications due to the pneumonitis. He served as webmaster for the Valley Pride Street Festival. He recently moved from Los Angeles County to Fraser, MI.. Master George is survived by his slave Bren Scileppi who posted the following, "This is Brenda, Georges bride forever. Today he departed this earth fighting the hardest fight of his life this last week. He had his son Ethan, his dear friend Shelly and myself by his side till his journey came to its end. The world will be a whole lot emptier without this amazing man in it. I cannot even tell you how this void will effect my heart and life. There was no greater love or bond then the one we both so openly shared and tried to emulate for others to see...."



Flash Back Gallery From Past Major Events
















































Motor Sport Amsterdam's 25th Anniversary

Dave Rhodes' first and only trip so far to Europe brought back many memories including Motor Sport Amsterdam's 25th Anniversary and the ECMC Annual General Meeting European Council of Motorcycle Clubs in the Netherlands. Nearly 2,000 hot men from all over the planet descended on land of Vincent van Gogh for a weekend of revelry and partying. Many of Europe's fabled Leather/fetish bars and shops were within a football field in Amsteram's Waarmestraat District.

It was made clear that European men come to party and they play. I was busy enough and some of it was comparable to Inferno, Delta or The 15 Association's Boot Camp runs. It was not a lot of game-playing; men wanted to play and party. The city was at least as gorgeous as the travel guides say. Their version of selecting winners of their Leather contests is different and there was plenty of crowd interaction. The canals, five-story buildings from several hundred years ago and still in use were prevalent, The Reich's Museum and Vincent van Gogh Museums were amazing. The Homo Monument and Anne Frank House were must-sees and impressive. At the invitation by International Mr. Leather 1993, Henri ten Have,I made the trip and stayed with him at his home in Arnhem for three wonderful nights.



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A Blast From The Past




Southwest Leather Conference

The Southwest Leather Conference was held in late January in Phoenix, AZ. It was known as the "Woo Conference" due to its emphasis on spirituality in particular. This photo is of a drumming. corps which played at the main events on Friday and Saturday nights in 2011. Southwest Leather Conference included workshops, classes, spiritual meetings and services for a variety of faiths, Southwest Master slave contest, group dinners, cocktail parties, an awesome hospitality suite, a limited vendor mart and huge play parties on Friday and Saturday nights.



Links to all Dave Rhodes' Hump Days going back to August 9, 2017