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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, January 21, 2020

By January 23, 2020


Mid-Atlantic Leather - 50th Anniversary of Centaur MC

By Rodney Burger

The new Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather is David Adam Spivey who won his title at the host Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill on Sunday afternoon, January 19 and the opportunity to compete at International Mr. Leather in May. He was chosen best of seven men competing. David is Mr. Pittsburgh Leather. The double barrel shot of one of the best produced Leather contests on the circuit was joined by the always-awesome Leather Cocktails on Saturday night, January 18. Mid Atlantic Leather is produced by the Centaur Motorcycle Club which celebrated its 50th year as a club. First runner-up was Mr. NC Triangle Leather 2019 Pupper Skinzy and second runner-up was Mr. Mayhem Leather 2019 Pup Lucky. Of course, Frank Nowicki was the emcee. Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend also included the MAUL bash, ONYX Cocktail Party and Gear Show, Highwaymen TNT Impact Sauvage, classes on BD/SM presented by SigMa, Super Heroes Meet Up, Puppy Park XII, events at the DC Eagle and Green Lantern, announcement of IML 2020 judges, SigMa Demonstations - several of them throughout the weekend, bootblacks available all weekend with 50-percent of proceeds going to the Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather travel fund, Sunday brunch, a huge vendor fair with 35 exhibitors, and Sunday night closing Reaction Dance at the 9:30 Club.







Judy Tallwing McCarthey

This is a must-see if you are a titleholder, are working toward becoming a titleholder, think the title system is a bunch of bull shit, are someone who believes in the system and needs encouragement or are someone from those good old days and just wants to reminisce with her. Judy answers a few questions about her year as International Ms Leather 1987. She was the first IMsL titleholder. This video is 14:10 minutes long and every second is worth it.



Kevin Bacon murdered in Michigan by Mark Latunski.


Police release gruesome details in Michigan Grindr slaying

By Brooke Sopelsa for NBC News

Police have released the gruesome details in the Christmas-week slaying of hairstylist Kevin Bacon, whose body was found on Dec. 28 at the Michigan home of suspect Mark Latunski. Latunski was charged with murder and mutilation last week in connection with Bacon’s death. Kevin Bacon of Swartz Creek, Michigan. Bacon, 25, was last seen on Christmas Eve, when he told his roommate he was leaving to meet a man he had connected with on Grindr, the popular gay dating app. Later that night,...



International Mr. Leather judges

The names of the judges for International Mr. Leather 2020, which will be held May 21-25 in Chicago, IL, were announced on Saturday afternoon, January 18 during Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend in Washington, DC with IML 2019 Jack Thompson on the panel with Thorsten Buhl, Brian “Bolt” Donner, Alan Dudley, Bob “Mongo” Eikleberry, Bob Goldfarb, Leena Magnet, Jim Plante and Choc Trei. The International Mr. Bootblack judges are Jackie Thompson, Kriszly de Hond and the winner of International Ms Bootblack in April if she accepts the position. The tally masters are Danny Thanh Nguyen and Daddy Bear Zach. Bios of all of the judges are available on the IML IMrBB web site, link below. Thib Guicherd-Callin. will be back for his fifth year as emcee. Photo by Rodney Burger.




Bears, Bikers & Mayhem turns 10 years old

Bears, Bikers & Mayhem will celebrate its 10th Anniversary the weekend of April 23-27 at the Eisenhower Inn & Aspire Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA. Bears, Bikers & Mayhem will be chock-full of events including the Mr. Mayhem Leather and Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear contests, vendor market, puppy mosh, cigar party, bowling, Recovery meeting, cuddle room, Segway Tour, adult bus tour, breakfast buffet, Sunday brunch with Varla Jean Merman, dinner and show, smell my pits, motorcycle ride, pool party, bear bingo, horseback battlefield tour and a ghost-story campfire among others. Not to be missed.



SF Leather Discussion Group new board

The SFLDG announced the names of its 2020 board of directors. They are: Chairman of the Board - Al Rahm, Secretary - Chuck “grunt” Etheridge, Treasurer: Jason “Rascal” Cinq-Mars, Directors of Programming - Donal Mooney and Rajat Dutta, Volunteer Coordinators - James Miller and Steven Wozniak, Technology - Erik Will, and Marketing Christauf Nicholas. Neigh Means Neigh presented by Michael Black - If being kinky is doing what you aren’t supposed to do, in a way that doesn’t damage any of the participants, then anyone who thinks that San Francisco’s kink scene is dwindling hasn’t heard of the Horse Market. Inspired by the German party of the same name, Horse Market is a party where bottoms, or Mares, arrive at a prescribed time, are hooded and distributed throughout the venue, then the tops, or Stallions, turn up and are free to touch, fondle and fuck whomever they wish is the discussion for Wednesday, January 22 at 7:30 PM at SF Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco. This event is free and open to the public.



Mr. and Ms Phoenix Leather

By Kenneth Anthony

The Mr. and Ms Phoenix Leather contests were held on January 4 at the Embassy Suites Phoenix Airport. Two contestants competed for the Mr. title, and there were no entries for Ms. Eric Thurnbeck became Mr. Phoenix Leather 2020 and Mr. Anvil 2020 Shawn Tornquist, Mr. Anvil 2020 was named runner-up. The judges were Ms Phoenix Leather 2019 Sam Heart, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2019 “Sbudz” Budzyn, International Ms Leather 2019 Haley Alice, International Mr. Leather 2019 Jack Thompson, International Ms Bootblack 2015 slave tabitha, International Ms Leather 2015 Sarge, Southwest Leather boy 2005 Byron Marlow, Arizona Power Exchange president Master Archer and Phoenix boys of Leather secretary Peter Perreault. The weekend included a cigar social, meet and greet, bar bus tour, leather happy hour, the contest, a parking lot party with vendors, a men’s after party, a pansexual play party, a victory brunch, and a victory party. Mr. and Ms Phoenix Leather was emceed by Scott Darby and Miss Jai of Tucson. Photo by Eric Thurnbeck.



Human Pup Play - The Happy Pup

Many FAQs are answered in The Happy Pup. One suck question is, "Are There Only Certain People Who Can Be Human Pups?" is answered with, "Human pup play is a fun enjoyable kink that everyone can participate in. Male, female, gay, straight, bi, trans, able, disabled, you name it you can enjoy it. Often we get caught up with labels and ideas of who should and should not be able to enjoy human puppy play but the fact is we all can." Go to the link below to find out more from Gpup Alpha. The Happy Pup includes Puppy Play Guides, Puppy Play Events, Puppy Play Bulletin Boards, Puppy Play Gear and Puppy Play Blogs by Pup Emrys and Anubis Pack.




Smokeout 2020 in April

Smokeout is a fun-filled uncomplicated weekend in Las Vegas for cigar and pipe studs, Leathermen, bikers, bears and friends, from all over the world. A free-flowing weekend so everyone can enjoy Las Vegas the way they want - in the company of fellow studs. There is even a large play area with equipment, DJ music and open bar provided by Mike of The Bullet Bar in Los Angeles and Alex of the San Francisco Eagle. Join the Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club on their ride to Nelson, Nevada and tour the active Techatticup gold mine. One night, all attendees can eat at the famous HafBrauHaus, an exact replica of the famous Beer Garden in Munich. Smokeout will be held at the Alexis Park Resort the weekend of April 8-13.



Mr. Chicago Leather

The Mr. Chicago Leather 2020 Contest weekend, January 23-26 is this weekend. The contest will be the highlight of a full weekend of events including a welcoming cocktail party, Fetish Gear Swap, Kink U presented by the Titans of the Midwest, the MCL 2020 Brunch and roast of Mr. Chicago Leather 2019 Saber Onyx. Joining Saber on the judging panel will be International Mr. Leather 2019 Jack Thompson, Gene Mar Executive Board member of the Chicago Hellfire Club, Lady MJ Spezia President of Trident Windy City and Kylon Hooks One of the Founding Fathers of LORE. Returning for his 17th consecutive year to host the MCL 2020 Contest at the Leather Archives & Museum on that Saturday night will be International Mr Leather 2003, John Pendal. The winner will compete at International Mr. Leather 2020 in May.







Click on the link below to get started.






Mr. Leather64TEN

The Mr. Leather64TEN contest will be held the weekend of March 12-15 with most events being in the Jackhammer Complex and a Free Day at the Leather Archives & Museum on opening day, Thursday. The winner will travel all the way to downtown Chicago to compete at IML 2020 in May. The opening ceremonies and meet and greet will be on Friday night, Dirty Boys and Danish Brunch on Saturday at 11 AM, classes presented by 64TEN University at the Leather Archives on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Leather64TEN contest on Saturday night, Victory Brunch and photo shoot on Sunday morning and a Communion party on Sunday night. Jackhammer Complex, 6408 North Clark Street, Chicago IL 60626.




Mr. San Diego Eagle

The Mr. San Diego Eagle contest will be held at the San Diego Eagle the weekend of February 14-16. There will be a meet and greet at the San Diego Eagle on Friday night, Leather Fetish Ball at Rich's on Saturday night and the Mr. San Diego Eagle contest at the San Diego Eagle on Sunday starting at 5 PM. San Diego Eagle, 3040 North Park Way, San Diego, California 92104.




Terry Gauchet

Terry Gauchet passed from this world in mid-January. He held the Northern California Drummerboy 2000 title and lived in San Francisco, CA. We have no more details.



Mr. Los Angeles Leather Bear 2020 Alan Gabriel

Alan Gabriel was tops among two men thus becoming Mr. LA Leather Bear 2020. The theme was Raaarrrr! VI: Bearicua! Pawroudly presented by Bears LA at Eagle LA on Saturday night, January 18. Jeremy Ronceros was the emcee who kept the pace going with the contest ending just before the clock truck 12. Alan will compete at Mr. Los Angeles Leather in March in hopes of making it to the International Mr. Leather stage in May. Contest producer. Contest producer Gabriel Green's aunt, Pamela Johnson, brought down the house with her singing. Scroll down to see more photos by Motorboot Photography.



Mr. West Coast Rubber 15th Anniversary

West Coast Rubber celebrates its 15th Anniversary at the Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 contest in San Francisco the weekend of March 6-8. Things start with a meet and greet at the Powerhouse on Friday night, the contest on Saturday at the San Francisco Eagle followed by Shiny Happy Peephole at Atlas and closing with a Victory Party at the Edge. The first West Coast Rubber was held in Palm Springs in 2005. Contestant application at




Are You Worth a Rug Burn?

Are You Worth a Rug Burn? is the absolutely zany, live action, interactive, game show about oral sex, produced by The Bear Television Network. The game show is the brain child of Bear Television Network CEO, Michael "The Metropolitan Cowboy" Coleman. The live-action game is based on the outrageous, John Waters inspired, music video to the song, Rug Burn by the dance and disco duo, Red Carpet Premiere. Are You Worth a Rug Burn? pits three contestants against one another, all competing for cold, hard cash. The game is played in three parts, Part 1: The Audience Question and Answer, Part 2: The Rug Burn Wheel of Death and Part 3: The Mystery Jock Strap. What makes the show so outrageous are the challenges that come up on The Rug Burn Wheel of Death. Each challenge on wheel comes from the imagination of The Metropolitan Cowboy and every challenge is personally tailored to the contestants competing on the show.
"The challenges are the hardest part of the show to produce.", said Coleman. "Every challenge has to be over-the-top and has to have a unique name associated with it, plus we need 30 per show, but the contestants spinning The Rug Burn Wheel of Death is what our audience comes to see." "Are You Worth a Rug Burn?" is filmed in Phoenix, Arizona, but The Bear Television Network has plans to take the show on the road in 2020 and eventually would like to film an episode in all 50 states. If you want compete on the show or learn more about "Are You Worth a Rug Burn?"




Leather community helps SAGE raises $10,000

About 75 people attended Snow Drift in the Rough Trade parking lot on Saturday, January 4 where over $10,000 was raised for SAGE. Real snow was placed all over the back parking lot with trees all over. Great atmosphere as people socialized and enjoyed catered appetizers made by Back to the Kitchen. There was not a long show, but there was a video about The rebellion of the late 1960s, pre-Stonewall, at Black Cat bar next door where LGBT people fought back against the LA Police Department screened against the wall of a new business next door. A good number of Leatherfolk were there including Alexeir Romanoff who was at the Black Cat Rebellion. He gave a few well-received words about his experience. SAGE stands proudly with the LGBT pioneers across the country who’ve been fighting for decades for their right to live with dignity and respect. An auction helped raise much of the money as did ticket sales. The event was organized by past Mr. Los Angeles Leather and current SAGE board member Jeffrey Erdman.



Perverted Interracial Guys - Lumberjock

PIGS host Lumberjock at the Eagle 562 in Long Beach, CA every third Sunday from 3-7 PM. Celebrate the Whoring Twenties with the first Lumberjock of the decade. Get into your union suits and long johns on the third Sunday of each month, with the next one on January 19. Perverted Interracial Guys was founded by Joël Royal and Matthew Jensen to promote creative events and further kink education and community brotherhood between all races. PIGS produces Leather, Rubber, and Fetish events in the Los Angeles area and abroad. Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, California 90805.





Excelsior MC - Leather Art Retrospective

Leather Art Retrospective will be hosted by Excelsior MC and the Eagle NYC at the the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York, New York on Friday, January 24 at 7 PM. Stimulate your senses through an exhibit of Leather-influenced art, artifacts, and classic pieces from over the years. $15 cover with proceeds going to New Alternatives for LGBT+ Youth. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, 208 West 13th Street, New York, New York 10011.




NCSF Annual Meeting in March

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom will be holding its Annual Coalition Partner Meeting the weekend of March 7-8 in Houston, Texas at the Comfort Suites Hobby Airport. The year-end reports on NCSF programs, the budget and financials, and NCSF goals for the year are discussed and approved by Coalition Partner representatives. Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting. NCSF has a commitment to encourage diversity in orientation, identity, race and community affiliation among the board and staff members. The NCSF will be hosting a Consent for Non-monogamy Social at Colette Club on Sunday afternoon from 5-7 PM.




Leather Across Generations

Avatar Club Los Angeles and Cruise LA will present Leather Across Generations on Saturday, February 22 at 2 PM and on Wednesday, February 25 at 7 PM at Sibling Television/Movie Studio. This two-part discussion covers the relation and interaction of folks in Leather across generations. These two discussions will build and reflect upon each other, but also stand alone, if you are only able to attend one. This is a free event, with a suggested donation of up to $15. Sibling, 3352 North San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, California 90065.






Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List

Join this Facebook Group today and Have my weekly news blog sent to you every week.







Mr. SoCal Leather

Romyn Onyx become Mr. SoCal Leather 2020 at Eagle LA on Sunday night, January 19 in front of a packed house. Dustin Williams was the runner-up as Gabriel Green kept the pace moving for all four contestants. Mr. SoCal Leather 2020 is produced by Ashram West and is a preliminary for Mr. Los Angeles Leather which will be held March 28 at the Globe Theater in Down Town LA. Mr. SoCal Leather 2019 Aric Wilson gave a rousing step down speech before the winners were named.




San Diego Leather Pride

San Diego Leather Pride Week will be March 11-16 at the World Beat Cultural Center in Balboa Park. Social and educational events are happening throughout the week, including the anticipated San Diego Bootblack, Ms San Diego Leather and Mr. San Diego Leather Contests. San Diego Leather Pride kicks off the SDLP Weekend with Tigers Pictionary on March 11, Opening Ceremonies and All Club's Night on Friday, March 13, Education Fair and Demos on March 14 from 2-6 PM on site with the San Diego Bootblack, Ms And Mr. San Diego Leather contests to follow. World Beat Cultural Center, 2100 Park Blvd., San Diego, California 92101.




Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District Second Anniversary

On Saturday, May 9 the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District will host a major event to celebrate the Second Anniversary of the creation of our Cultural District. It was indeed on May 9, 2018 that the Resolution establishing the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District was signed by then-Mayor Mark Farrell. Since then, the group has become incorporated as a California Non-Profit Corporation, received 501(c)3 status, obtained funds from the City and private developers, hired a Cultural District Manager, done outreach to local residents, organizations, and businesses, advocated for and against local development projects, scouted possible locations for a Leather Cultural/Community Center, participated in parades and street fairs, worked with city agencies to create Leather and LGBTQ placemaking along Folsom and Harrison Streets, coordinated with the city’s other Cultural Districts, and begun work on developing our CHHESS — an essential strategy document that will guide the city in protecting and supporting our neighborhood for years to come. For updates on these and other accomplishments, please plan to attend the Open House on February 12 from 6-8 PM, at the SF LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market Street, San Francisco.




Mr. Faultline Leather

The Mr. Faultline Leather 2020 contest will be held at the Faultline in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 1 starting at 9 PM. The winner will compete at Mr. LA Leather in March. There will be a meet and greet on Friday night and a victory party on Sunday afternoon, bot at the Faultline. Faultline, 4216 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029.




Touche' - Monthly Ripe Party

The fourth Saturday is Touche's monthly Ripe Party, a night to get down, sweaty and dirty. First they turn the lights down low, way down low on the fourth Saturday of each month. DJ Harry T will deepen the beats with a special set to get you in a ripe mood. Then they unleash their hot go-go dudes on the stages to entertain. Touche' even offer free clothing check so one can get all nice and ripe, too. Are you game for a wild time? The next Ripe Party is on December 28. Touche', 6412 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60626.




The Kink Mentoring Archives

By Papa Tony

Back in December 2018, Tumblr went kablooey. It didn't just take down porn blogs. It also took down many blogs written by wise, kind and deeply experienced kinky folks. Using special tools, I have been digging through the wreckage to find the treasures that have proven to be so valuable for so many I have been curating the collection: gathering articles together, re-formatting them for clarity and re-posting them in a safe space: The Kink Mentoring Archives.




Bay Area Cigar Buddies

Bay Area Cigar Buddies is a San Francisco-based group for adult homophile men in the San Francisco Bay Area, who are cigar smokers; and for men who are interested in cigars, cigarmen, socializing, and making contacts. We also welcome pipe smokers among our ranks. BACB is a regional forum, but men from everywhere are invited to join and participate. Our membership includes men from across the US and internationally. Cigar Night has been ongoing for over 16 years as a weekly event in San Francisco. However, it is currently being restructured. Cigar Night is held on the second Friday of the month at The Lone Star Saloon, from 8 PM in San Francisco, CA with the next being on February 14.




ONYX Southeast - Bar Night

ONYX Southeast holds their monthly Bar Night on the first Friday of each month at the Atlanta Eagle, 306 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30308. The next is Friday, February 7 at 10 PM. ONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the Leather lifestyle. ONYX sets as its goal to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to people of color who chose to project the positive aspects of the Leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives.




Northwest Leather Celebration names judges

The Northwest Leather Celebration has stated that Mister-Blue back to Northwest Leather Celebration as the 2020 NWLC Keynote Speaker at the Brunch on Sunday, May 3 in Sacramento, CA. Mister-Blue, along with his slave BlueFrost, was the 2018 International Master/slave titleholder and the 2017 Master/slave titleholder for the Northeast Region. He is also the senior Master of the House of Blue based in Southern Maryland, Deputy Director of Operations for the Master-slave Conference. Northwest Leather Celebration is a gathering place for Leather and kinky people and is a full weekend of education, community, play, contests, parties, and fun.





Spring and summer events coming. What to do next.

Find out what and where in The Leather Journal.


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Austin Gears - Gear Night

Austin Gears will host their monthly Gear Night at 4 PM on Saturday, February 1 at The Iron Bear in Austin, TX. Gear Night is a safe zone and welcoming of everyone in the community. What is gear? What ever turns you on and makes you feel sexy...that is gear. The Iron Bear, 121 West 8th Street, Austin, TX 78701.




SF Bay Area Sober in Leather

SF Bay Area Sober in Leather hosts their Sober Munch on the fourth Saturday of each month at Wicked Grounds in San Francisco at 6 PM. The next is on January 25. Sober in Leather will be meeting for mingling and munching in the back room of SF's only kinky cafe and boutique, Wicked Grounds. You don't have to be clean and sober to attend. Wicked Grounds, 289 8th Street, San Francisco, California 94103.




ONYX Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter (ONYX-MA) is centered in the Washington, DC / Baltimore area and includes Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. Full membership is open to gay and bisexual men of color, and Associate membership is open to men and women of all colors and sexual persuasions. ONYX Mid-Atlantic holds bar events at the Green Lantern and the DC Eagle. Not having a regular schedule, new events are listed on their web site.




Mr. San Diego Leather - Sunday in the Park

Join Mr. San Diego Leather 2019 Jody Mitchell at Sunday in the Park in Balboa Park for games and fun the first Sunday of each month. The next Sunday in the Park will be on February 2 at 12 PM in Balboa Park, 1549 El Prado, San Diego, California 92101.




Rudis Men's Leather Society

Rudis is gay Men's Leather group in St. Louis, MO which offers a safe place to wear one's gear. Come to make friends and educate yourself on today's Leather culture. Rudis holds social meet and greets at Bar PM on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month starting at 8 PM. The next ones are February 12 and 26. 7109 South Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63111.





Tampa Bay Leather and Kink Social

By Aaron Phillips

The Tampa Bay Leather and Kink Social meets at Cityside Lounge in Tampa, FL on the second Saturday of each month with the next one is February 8. This is a monthly social that is welcome to everyone, no matter your sexual orientation, how you identify, or the kink you may enjoy. This social is here to promote community and togetherness, while at the same time educating as we provide a kink related class each social. I am looking forward to seeing everyone come out and start the new year off right with everyone just being their kinky selves.




Cigar Time

By Scott McTeir

Scott McTeir and Frank Cavallo host Cigar Time, a Cigar and Pipe Social, at Eagle 562 on Friday, February 7. Leather, smoke, testosterone and cruising, silent auction, specialty shots and no cover. Cigar Time is held on the first Friday of odd-numbered months. Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90805.




Fetish Men San Diego - Cigars and Boots

This gathering for cigar lovers and boot lovers is a monthly event held on the first Saturday of each month. There will be a bootblack present, so bring boots you'd like blacked. Saturday, February 1, 4-7 PM, at Pecs Bar, 2046 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 for socializing and fun. Cigars, tobacco pipes, cigarettes, and dip welcome. You don't have to be a tobacco enthusiast to enjoy the socializing. Daddy Barry will be hosting plus it will be his first social venture out since his motorcycle accident. Come give him some loving.




FUK University

Females Uniting Kink - Club FUK and FUK U will present FUK University Flogging and Spanking Class at Sanctuary LAX Studios on Saturday, February 1 at 6 PM, meeting on the first Saturday of every month. Females Uniting Kink (FUK) is a female dominant group, membership is open to all gender orientations. This group is for female identified Dominants, switches and submissives. Those who identify as male must be submissive. Sanctuary LAX Studios, 10914 South La Cienega Blvd., Lennox, CA 90304




Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend 2020

Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend is all set for February 7-9 in Atlanta, GA. The 2020 Southern Sole Bootblack Weekend’s tagline is Raising the Bar because in 2020, Southern Sole is shifting its focus to advanced learning, offering classes to allow experienced bootblacks to further their technical knowledge of bootblacking and Leathercare. The increased knowledge will then be taken back to home bars, events, and living rooms improving the image and reputation of not only the bootblacks, but the events and venues in which they shine. There will be a 101 all-day intensive on Friday but please be advised, Saturday and Sunday classes will be paced and geared towards experienced bootblacks. Registration is $75. Atlanta Eagle, 306 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30308.




Seattle Men in Leather - First Friday Leather Social

The Seattle Men in Leather host a First Friday Leather Social with February 7 being the next date. All start at 9 PM. Join Seattle Men in Leather for a weekend Leather night on the Cuff patio. Leather and gear encouraged, but not required. Seattle Men in Leather is social group. We put on socials, classes, contests, and the occasional party. The group was founded in March 1989 and has grown over the years into 300+ men. Cuff Seattle, 1533 13th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.





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In January, 2000, Tom Robinson won the Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather title.


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