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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, July 1, 2020

By July 02, 2020



Leather Archives is open

After three months, the LA&M has re-opened to visitors. "We anticipate welcoming you back on July 1. However, please check with us as these things change daily. We've made good use of this time. Keeping our history dry is important, and the building now has a brand new roof. We have also made some interior repairs to get the building into better condition." said Gary Wasdin. The Leather Archives has several new exhibits in the galleries that will make their debut when we open again, including: a new run and club pin display in the Uniforms' Room, a pony play exhibit in the main gallery, a Tom of Finland 100th Birthday exhibit in the Teri Rose Library Lens, an exhibit of Leather and kink photography featuring the work of Jim Wigler along with contemporary photographers reflecting the broad diversity of Leather, plus new pieces form the collections, many never seen before.





Leather in 22nd Annual Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pride Parade

By Bruce-Michael Gelbert, Photo by koitz

The 22nd annual Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York Pride Parade, commemorating the Anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion, when patrons of the Stonewall Inn, on Christopher Street, fought back when New York City’s Sixth Precinct Police raided the bar—took place on June 20, with masks and social distancing in place. As usual, the Parade included a Leather contingent, made of past Mr. Fire Island Leather titleholders and our friends. This year’s contingent consisted of Mr. FI Leather 2001 (the first) this writer, 2004 Jeff Goodman, 2005 Joe Saporito, and 2012 Mark Nayden, joined by Dawn Cookler, and photographer koitz preserved our image.



Richard Sprott is President-Elect of Division 44, APA: The Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

Richard Sprott has been elected as President-Elect of Division 44, APA: The Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity and will serve during the academic year 2021-2022. His candidate statement was: Pansexual, queer, omnisexual. Asexual, sapiosexual, nonbinary. Agender, kink, demisexual. These emergent identities challenge the idea that the sex or gender of the person that someone is attracted to is the foundation of sexual orientation. They challenge the idea of the binary in our understanding of gender. Fluidity of sexuality and gender also challenges the idea that a constant, essential characteristic is captured by knowing someone’s sexual and gender identity...The proliferation of new sexual and gender identities indicates a fundamental shift in our culture, a shift that supports people’s self-determination in trying to describe their deeply felt experience. Sprott lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Sprott has been part of the leather community in San Francisco for 30 years, and currently runs the San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group Mentoring Program.




Hope for Wholeness ex-gay ministry disbanding

Group's founder came out as gay last year and denounced the central premise behind conversion therapy as "a lie."

By John Andres Riley for Metro Weekly

Hope for Wholeness, a national “ex-gay” ministry network that advocated for conversion therapy, is disbanding. It comes after the organization lost two of its most recent directors, and a year after its original founder, McKrae Game, came out as gay...Widely debunked and declared ineffective by former “ex-gay" leaders, conversion therapy seeks to forcibly change an LGBTQ person’s sexuality or gender identity. Such efforts can take the form of talk therapy, or more extreme measures such as aversion or electroshock therapy....




Touche' re-opens

"Our first weekend back went smoothly. Nearly everyone came in wearing their masks and still had a good time. It was great to see many familiar faces behind those masks. Now it's on to Independence Day weekend in this new age." said Touche' bar manager David Boyer on July 1. For now, Touche' is working under the current guidelines, limiting our capacity to no more than 25 person. Every one that enters the bar must wear a mask and we check temperatures to assure all guests are healthy. While you are in the bar, we ask our guests to keep their masks on until they are seated. Then they are free to remove their mask and enjoy their beverage..







Please Support The Leather Journal

Your support will help us to stay around







And, for your own edefication...

Enjoy this Gay Leather bar scenario from 2012. It is six minutes long and worth the time. You may have even seen it before, but even if you have, it is fun to relive.




Lady Gaga Gave Her Leather Jacket Away After Hearing This Story

By Catherine Armecin for Chicago Reader

Lady Gaga gave her Leather jacket to a woman after hearing her moving story about her gay friend and brother. The “Rain On Me” singer has touched several lives by being an active advocate of various organizations. Lady Gaga is also an active supporter of the LGBTQ community. Shannon McKee appeared on “Today” and shared her encounter with the “Poker Face” hitmaker at a market in Malibu, California. According to her, she noticed Lady Gaga due to her jacket. “I walked in and I was like, ‘Hey, that’s a really bad a— jacket you got on,’” she told the singer. Lady Gaga gave her Leather jacket to a woman who told her she was instrumental in her friend and brother's outing. Read the rest of the story at





By Aric Wilson

Hey all you beautiful Leather people and kinksters. Reaching out to remind you that if you are unable, or consider it unsafe for yourself to go out and get groceries, or get other tasks done that need to be done at this time. We have a group of willing and ready individuals who want to help. LA Leather COVID 19 assist is here for you. Volunteers are expected to follow safe distancing and safe contact measures when interacting with a community member when providing this service. How to reach out: You may post directly to the group page for assistance by clicking


or privately by E-mail at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List

Join this Facebook Group today and Have my weekly news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications every time we post.







Chicago’s gay grand daddy of tattooing - How Cliff Raven changed the city’s ink culture forever

By Micco Caporale for Chicago Reader

What about Stonewall?" the interviewer asks. "What about it?" Cliff Raven says.

"Did that have any effect on you when it happened in 1969?" Reading the transcript, you can almost hear Raven taking a drag on a cigarette as he smirks at the question. "When I really got into tattooing," he says, "when I became, you might say, successful at it—it was very absorbing of my time. So I wasn't aware of all the ins and outs and intrigues [of gay politics]." The conversation is part of an oral history collected for the Leather Archives & Museum by acclaimed Leather writer and educator Jack Rinella. It's between him and one of the most influential tattooers in American history whose success is owed, in large part, to involvement with gay Chicago. If Chuck Renslow was... Read the complete article at




Sin City D/s Munch

Sin City D/s Munch, hosted by Denny Acevedo and Sin City D/s Network will be at Pt's Pub in Las Vegas each Friday at 8:30 PM. The next dates are July 3, July 10 and July 17. This is not a Zoom activity, it is really going to be at Pt's Pub, 4604 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.




Trident Windy City - community cookbook

Trident Windy City has put together a community cookbook of sorts with over 40 tempting recipes from leather folk across the community. Proceeds for the recipe collection will benefit the Broadway Youth Center. Check out details on Trident's Facebook page. Trident International Windy City is a pan-sexual Leather social organization based in Chicago, IL. Founded in July 1993 as a chapter of the greater Trident International. We focus our activities to social activities that provide a positive image for the Leather and LGBT communities.







Cabin fever?

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LALC CAReS - LALC Lifeline

By Mistress Cyan

The LALC Lifelne, one of the three divisions of LALC CAReS, now has a phone number for people in the community to call if they feel the need to talk with someone. This is NOT a crises hotline or a number for someone needing mental health assistance, it is simply a line for people who need someone to talk to. We will have people who are qualified life coaches and therapists we are getting together for referrals for that. The phone number is (833) 373-0051. The way this works is that when someone calls in, they are given the option of speaking to a male-identified person, a female-identified person, or a non-binary identified person. After they choose, everyone who has volunteered to help as a call receiver, will have their phone ring, all simultaneously.



Angel City Emergency Fund

The Angel City Emergency Fund was started by The FoundNation after postponing the 2020 Los Angeles Ms/Mx/Bootblack contests. ACE offers micro-grants to those affected by economic hardship due to the COVID-19 containment measures. Anyone in the Leather/Kink/Fetish community in LA and the surrounding counties can apply for expenses related to immediate need. ACE is actively seeking to partner with other community entities to signal boost, identify those in need and maximize the effectiveness of this effort. “Time to set aside differences and come together and do what we do best in times of crisis.” said Scarlett Sin, Chair of The FoundNation. For more information on the fund and how to donate or apply, visit:




Puppy 101

By Papa Woof Roth

Puppy 101 focuses Education and Discussion. Discussions of issues and things directly relating to the puppy community. Event-related posts must have a direct educational focus for the puppy community, such as, discussion about workshops or looking for input for educational topics at an event, etc. Educational topics on gear, training, safety, etc. Gear pics - Once a month we will have a Show and Tell Sunday, you can share all the gear pics you have that abide by Facebook standards.





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A Blast From The Past



"As International Bootblack 1996 I was honored to be asked by International Bootblack 1997, Driller, to shine boots as a fundraiser. With tens of thousands of people we worked tirelessly all day at The Folsom Street Fair. About eight bootblacks were shining as a benefit for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation." Todd Nelson said on Facebook.



Kink The Vote



If, for some odd reason, you have not yet registered to vote, do it now





Past Dave Rhodes' Hump Day news blogs


Bars re-opening, Irene Soderberg


IML IMBB new date, Centaur MC and Spearhead each are 50


Leather Archives - Leather Speaks By Leslie Anderson


Several Leatherfolk passed away, among them Garry Bowie of Satyrs MC


International Master/slave winners; many events cancelled


Scarlet’s Bake Sale raises $14,000





Leather in 22nd Annual Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pride Parade

Photos by koitz and Bruce-Michael Gelbert