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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, June 15, 2022

By June 16, 2022



Tom of Finland Foundation is back with the biggest TOM’s Bar in history

TOM’s Bar will be the Foundation’s 29th Annual commemoration of the artist Tom of Finland, his life and legacy on Saturday, June 18, 4-8 PM.

“Tom asked me not to have a funeral but to have a party – like a scene from his artwork – people coming together and having a hell of a good time. We created a celebration – the first ‘TOM’s Bar’ in 1992 – which has become a Tom of Finland Foundation annual event honoring Tom.” -Durk Dehner, president and co-founder, ToFF.


The festivities for the rousing Daddy’s Day party for Tom take place at the new partnering venue, The Avalon & Bardot Hollywood on Sunday, June 19, 2-10 PM, 1735 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028. The theme for the year is Tom Unites, a celebration of the community coming together after a strenuous two years with a global pandemic. Joining the Foundation in their biggest annual fundraising event are DILF, Lights Down Low, Lethal Amounts, Mike Ruiz, Vaseline Alley, Tom of Finland Store and End Overdose. Tom of Finland Foundation is proud to announce Orville Peck as the Honored Guest, who will be presented the Tom of Finland Foundation 2022 Cultural Icon Award.

The all-day party at the Avalon will feature TOM’s Men dancing and sweating to a special performance by Mareux, all while enjoying the works of Mr. She Leather, Rick Castro and Suzanne Shifflett.

To kick off the Daddy’s Day weekend celebrations, Tom of Finland Foundation presents an exciting photography exhibition by world famous photographer Mike Ruiz at Tom House. TOM’s Foundation and Mike Ruiz' Eye: Teams Up and Gears Up features selected images from his on-going portrait series of the Leather community. Adding to the experience, Mike is setting up shop at TOM’s Bar the following night for VIP photo sessions for Leather enthusiasts to be included in his upcoming book.

Information on TOM’s Bar and the exhibition can be found at




Off Sunset Festival draws huge crowd

The Off Sunset Festival, held Sunday, June 5 in perfect weather, was back with a bang. Headliner Sweet, Big Dipper, Cocks and GayC/DC were among the hit bands on the west end stage. DJ Candy spun between band sets. Many of the Leather community businesses and organizations had booths, there were the food trucks and lots of bare chested men - as in as many as 10,000 of them. It is not certain if there were that many at the Off Sunset Festival, but if not, it was close. From beginning to end the energy was high, What is clear is the Charlie and Hunter have a winner.

Tom of Finland had Mark Bellenger promoting Tom's Bar, Maximus, Regiment of the Black and Tans, LA Leather Pride, CMEN, and BLUF had booths.

Whole story and Gallery at






IML IMBB truly international

Mr. Leather Belgium 2020-21 Gael Leung Chong Wo was tops among 60 men vying for International Mr. Leather 2022 and Alistair Leather Hiraeth bested two others to become International Mr. Bootblack 2022 at the Arie Crown Theatre in McCormick Place along Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL on Sunday night, May 29.

Gael Leung Chong Wo is Asian, Alistair Leather Hiraeth is from Wales in the United Kingdom, and more countries were represented in 2022 than in any other year. Read the rest and see a 100 photo gallery at




Leather Realm at San Diego Pride

For over 20 years, the San Diego Leather Realm has partnered with San Diego Pride and is even bigger this year! Come learn new and exciting experiences in the 28,000-plus square foot lushly landscaped Leather Realm located in the San Diego Pride Festival July 15 and 16 in Balboa Park. The Pride Parade is on Saturday.

The Leather Realm hosts over 12,000 attendees who become educated in the latest BDSM information. Free “how to” demonstrations and workshops will be offered by BDSM professionals throughout the festival weekend.

This area is restricted to those aged 18 and up, so have your ID’s ready. The Leather Realm is in the same space as in recent years, the southwest corner of the Pride Festival map.

Please be respectful by: wearing street legal attire, get consent before touching people or property, and no penetrative or sex acts are allowed. The Leather Realm will be monitored closely at all times by trained volunteers to ensure everyone’s safety and fun. Photography is permitted.

Schedule and workshops to be announced in 2022.





DomCon: Los Angeles

DomCon: Los Angeles saw a record 1,500 lifestyle and pro domme crowd descend upon the Hilton LAX the weekend of May 18-22 in Inglewood, CA.

Whether you’re new to BDSM or a seasoned player, DomCon has a place for everyone. The premier convention for Domination, submission, and fetish is held at two locations each year - Los Angeles in May and New Orleans in the fall.

DomCon featured workshops and classes, parties and socials, but the two main events were the Fetish Ball on Saturday night and the Play Party at Sanctuary LAX Studios on Friday. DomCon: LA ended with a closing wind down party that went into the wee hours on Monday morning. While most events have everyone left in bet ready to fly the next morning, this after party drew over 300 people.

Another big DomCon event is the Pro Domme Photo Shoot on Saturday afternoon with about 75 in this year's photo.

55 vendors filled the Vendor Hall. Classes all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday provided plenty of customers for the merchants to travel home happy.

Each DomCon location features championship events where participants compete to win prizes and titles.




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LA Pride in the Park included Erotic City

Photo by Adam Monda

Six-time Grammy Award winning artist and longtime LGBTQIA+ ally Christina Aguilera headline LA Pride’s official in-person music event, billed as LA Pride in the Park, with additional artists on main stage. The multi-stage event was on Saturday, June 11 just east of downtown in Los Angeles State Historic Park.

There was an Erotic City which was coordinated by Mistress Cyan of Sanctuary LAX Studios fame. We don't have the numbers yet, but the crowd started out slow and grew to being virtually packed before sundown when the main acts were hitting the main stage. There were demos on the Sanctuary stage all day. Erotic City had more traffic than it did in the auditorium in West Hollywood by far. The Bullet Bar had a lounge area and The Leather Journal and CMEN shared a booth. There were a handful of other vendors. There were glitches to be certain, but they were nothing more than jitters from being down two years and being in a new venue.

In addition to LA Pride in the Park on Saturday, June 11, the LA Pride Parade on Sunday, June 12 in Hollywood was aired on ABC 7 in Los Angeles. The Leather Pride Contingent was visible in the background during an interview. The parade route was the same as it was in 1970 when it was the first permitted LGBT pride parade in history.





Urge US Congress to Oppose the EARN IT Act of 2022

NCSF Action Alert

The EARN IT Act of 2022 (S.3538 / H.R. 6544) passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in February, and if approved by the U.S. Senate and House, would lead to the censorship of sexual subjects on the Internet. This bill would change Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act which allows online platforms to avoid liability for the speech of their users, except when the material is illegal by Federal statute. The EARN IT Act would build on FOSTA-SESTA by creating new, coercive guidelines to force online platforms to moderate and censor content.

NCSF has received reports from licensed marriage and family therapists and sex therapists that their Google and Facebook ads have been declined due to FOSTA-SESTA. One was declined for including “sexual content” because the ad contained the words “sex therapist.” Sex educators also reported censorship, including a sex educator whose 5-year-old video was removed from YouTube for “sexual content” even though it was an educational tutorial about gags. The challenge to the constitutionality..... Read the whole important story at




Northwest Leather Celebration 2022 canceled

By Ms Rhonda and Erich

Unfortunately, the spaces which are larger enough to host NWLC are only available on dates which conflict with other events. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to cancel Northwest Leather Celebration 2022.

In order to meet a contractual obligation to send titleholders to International Master slave Contest 2023, Northwest Leather Celebration has appointed Master Boromoy and slave amari to represent as 2022 Northwest Master and slave.

Master Boromoy has been in an M/s dynamic with his pansexual slave amari for over a decade. They enjoy the depth, power, and emotional connection inherent in their M/s relationship. Boromoy and his amari are honored to have served as both Washington State M/s 2017 and Northwest M/s 2018. They have presented informational, playful, and engaging workshops virtually and in person at numerous events throughout the country, bringing years of training, experience, and diverse knowledge to the community.

As for the future of Northwest Leather Celebration, rest assured that the event will return. NWLC organizers are currently negotiating hotel contracts for NWLC 2023 and NWLC 2024. Dates and details will be announced as soon as the ink is dry.




San Francisco Pride Parade Leather Marshals

Congratulations to the three Leather Marshals for the San Francisco Pride Parade which will go down Market Street in The City on Sunday, June 26. The marshals are Tammy Lg. Hatter, Cody Elkin and Leigh Ann Hilderbrand.

The Leather Contingent is now sponsored by the Leathermen’s Discussion Group. The San Francisco Pride Festival will be June 25 and 26 near City Hall. The San Francisco Leather Pride Contingent represents the many facets of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Leather and Kink Culture.




Folsom Street East returns

On Sunday, June 19, Folsom Street East brings the SLUTS(Sex Love Unity Trust Safety) experience, returning to the streets and our roots with a brand new FSE. After three long years we’re excited to bring you Outta The Dark And Into The Streets for our 23rd annual celebration showcasing the wide spectrum of fetish community in all our colors.

This year finds us back where we began in the West Village in one of the most historic places for LGBTQIA+ culture: Christopher Street. After the success of last Year’s Heritage of Pride Pop-Up, together again with Rockbar we’re (re)turning one of queer NYC’s most loved spaces for the Leather, fetish and kink community into our nighttime playground in the sun—music, sights, fun, fellowship—everything you’ve come to expect from Folsom Street East over the years. Come out in gear, have fun and represent your flag! All are welcomed and encouraged to celebrate with us and enjoy some long-awaited camaraderie. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, June 19, 11 AM - 6 PM on Christopher Street, between Washington and Weehawken Streets.




CMEN West Coast Gathering in August

By Rick Boehle

Plan now to attend West Coast Gathering 2022, which will be held August 23 – September 1 in Southern California’s scenic San Bernardino Mountains east of Big Bear. This all nude, all male gathering will attract men from throughout North America, the Pacific and Europe to enjoy the fun, Southern California sun, fresh air, camaraderie, activities, shows and workshops. Several session options are available.

The Mr. CMEN Leather 2022 contest will be held on Sunday, August 28. If interested in competing go to the CMEN link below. Competing at International Mr. Leather is optional.

The West Coast Gathering features a variety of workshops and activities offering attendees the opportunity for education, personal growth, exploration and fun. CMEN is looking for volunteers to present workshops at the West Coast Gathering.




Roster of our Monthly Patreon Contributors to The Leather Journal




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Maybe you will become part of it







Long Island Ravens MC Ride LI

The Long Island Motorcycle Cub will go on its Ride LI Run on Saturday, July 16 from Jones Beach State Park to Southampton for a private Leather pool party and Barbecue. Riders will see the Atlantic Ocean, Pine Barrens, The Big Duck, Shinnecock Canal on the way. Kick stands up at 11 AM and arrive for the party and barbecue at about 3 PM. The ride fee is $10.

There is limited room for only 40 men at the pool party. There may be limited room available for those who need to stay over night so reserve now if it's not full already. There will be breakfast for overnighters and an optional ride to Montak Lighthouse before riding back. The Long Island Ravens are celebrating their milestone 30th Anniversary.




Mr. International Rubber names judges

Mr. International Rubber (MIR) and the Chicago Rubber Club (CRC) presented their annual Rubber Meet and Greet at IML and IMBB 2022 on Friday May 27 in the Rendezvous Room, on the second floor of the Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, IL.

On Friday May 27, during IML, in the Oxford Room at The Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago, Mr. International Rubber will be announcing the exciting plans for MIR 26, as well as their slate of judges for the 26th Mister International Rubber contest weekend to be held November 4-6 in Chicago. Tickets for MIR 26 will go on sale later that afternoon.

The judges are: MIR23 Adalberto Rubbadam, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands; MIR25 Joe Chicago Rubber, from Chicago, United States; Alex Coco, from Barcelona, Spain; Enza Silano, from Toronto, Canada; Sir John Doan, from Atlanta, United States; Maso Mutt, from Philadelphia, United States; and Pepper Pop, from Melbourne, Australia. The tally masters are: George "Chief" White, Mr. Chicago Leather 2022 from Chicago, United States and Saber Onyx, Mr. Chicago Leather 2019 from Atlanta.




Sainting of Michael Lara

Save the Date! Our beloved friend, owner of the Bullet Bar, Michael Lara, will be publicly canonized next month on Friday, July 15 at the Bullet Bar, North Hollywood, CA. All proceeds collected by the LA Sisters via fundraising will benefit the LALC Cares Program.

Are there drag queens involved, you ask? Are there pups? drag nuns? Ooh Magic? What butt plug games are we playing? We don't know yet. So come on over and join us and find out.




Second Annual Tacos and Tequila Saturday by Bulge

By Tebias Perry

Bulge will present their Second Annual Tacos and Tequila Saturday, June 25 at The Hideaway to benefit the Paragon Cooperative Club in Atlanta, GA.

This annual event benefits one recipient with 100-percentof all proceeds raised via raffle, auction items and donations. Paragon Cooperative and Club provides education in consent and sustainability across the spectrum to the Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQP+ Lifestylers and non-traditional communities.
Paragon purchased 11 acres of historic Black land in South Georgia with the goal to rehabilitate and create collaborative Live - Work - Play - Slay space.

Tacos and Tequila Saturday will run from 4-9 PM at The Hideaway, 1544 Piedmont Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.




Errik T. Is Chosen Mr. FI Leather 2022

By Bruce-Michael Gelbert, with information provided by Bruce Michael Weitzmon. Photo by CB Kirby

Excelsior MC’s Lust for Life Weekend, billed as “Return to Uranus, took place in Cherry Grove, Fire Island from May 20-22, and a highlight was the Mr. Fire Island Leather 2022 contest and the selection of Errik T. as the new titleholder. The host hotel was Belvedere Guesthouse. The 2020 and 2021 weekends were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Errik T., originally from Brooklyn, competed against Joe, from Long Island, and Fly Tatum, from Brooklyn at the Ice Palace, in the Grove Hotel, on May 21. Errik’s winning fantasy scene involved being scooped up and carried off, tenderly, by a big man. Errik’s formal Leatherwear included a black Leather kilt.

Judges were Messrs. Fire Island Leather Bruce Michael Weitzmon AKA Bruce Michael II (2019-2021), CB Kirby (2018), Sir Joseph (2017), Candido Soares (2013), Mark Nayden (2012), and David Samuel Menkes. Miss Fire Island 2019 Zola Powell served as tally judge. Mr. Fire Island Leather 2015 Edd Clark, who sang Enormous Penis, and entertainer Ariel Sinclair, whose number was Nipples, were hosts.

On May 20, at the Ice Palace, the tongue-in-cheek benefit Master/slave auction raised $1,075 for Fire Island Artist Residency (FIAR). Hosting were Mark Nayden, with singer Porsche. The formal dinner, on May 21, and closing breakfast and awards ceremony, on May 22, took place at Island Breeze restaurant, and breakfast, on May 22, was at Floyd's.



Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather

Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather Contest will be held June 17 and 18 at FLEX Night Club in Raleigh NC. Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather 2019-20 Michael Christopher will cohost with Brad Violand. Note that Michael just got home from Chicago where he placed among the coveted Top 20 Finalists.

The winner of the Mr. NCTL 22 will go on to represent the Triangle region of NC at Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend in 2023, and has the choice of competing at International Mr. Leather as well.

Friday night will start with a meet and greet, so come meet this years outstanding contestants and judges! Contestants will be selling raffle tickets, with proceeds going to the winner's travel fund.
Saturday night is when our Main event takes place! The contest begins at 10PM, where the contestants will show off a formal look, a jock look, a bar wear, look and answer their pop question.




Phoenix boys of Leather Western boy Run

By Kenneth Anthony

The Phoenix boys of Leather are excited to host the Western boy Run the weekend of September 23-25 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Western boy Run is an annual event for kinksters who identify as boys to gather, learn, and support each other. This event is an opportunity for us to network, enjoy camaraderie, and explore kink together! The event is open to anyone who identifies as a boy and their partners. You do not have to be an official member of a Leather club to attend.

This year, the event coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Phoenix boys of Leather. The activities of the weekend will involve kink, camaraderie, visibility and fun. Full event schedule coming soon.
Visit our website to register.




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Living in Leather XXXVI

Join the National Leather Association - International for their third quarter meeting and annual award ceremony, Living in Leather XXXVI, where the NLA will be presenting awards online for literature, art and service to the Leather community on Saturday, August 13 at 1 PM PDT.

Living in Leather is a multi-facet project. Living In Leather is a charitable nonprofit 501(c)3 dedicated to the establishment of independent clubs, events, and leather recognition awards. Living in Leather offers a diverse amount of club structures to the membership. The Living in Leather Awards are designed to recognize Artists, Authors, and Activists who are progressively bringing positive recognition to our culture. In 2018, Living in Leather was expanded and formed into a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with the intent to preserve the already existing NLA Awards and the Domestic Violence Project (DVP).




Leather Getaway 22 or LA CLAW

Some may think of it as LA CLAW or CLAW LA, but in an effort to clearly delineate the two events, CLAW in Cleveland and its Los Angles upstart, the LA version is Leather Getaway 22. The downtown Los Angeles second iteration will be located at the Westin Bonaventure hotel over Thanksgiving, November 23-27.

Among all of the activities planned, a major one is the Leather Hall of Fame Awards which will be on Sunday. 27. There will a BLUF formal dinner on Friday night and the International Leather Dinner on Saturday night. Room rates are $165 per night.




Southern California Leather Gathering

The Southern California Leather Gathering will be held on Saturday, June 18 at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, Group Picnic Area E 2 622 Santa Anita Avenue, South El Monte, CA 91733-4423. The times for SCLG are 11 AM - 4 PM. This is an all out door event and many have been praying for its return.

SCLG is an annual outdoor picnic gathering that is open to all Leather, BDSM, fetish, kink, motorcycle and bear individuals and/or groups of all genders and orientations. The aim of SCLG is to provide an opportunity for these various folk to interact in a relaxed atmosphere, have fun, and raise awareness about the size and diversity of the Leather/BDSM groups within Southern California.

Bring Your Own Food and Beverages (NO Alcohol). Feel free to bring extra food if you want to share. There will be grills heated up and available for anyone who wants to grill.




Fireside Chat with Leslie Anderson at Leather Archives

By Doug O'Keeffe

In a very special Fireside Chat, Chicago's own Leslie Anderson will be interviewed live on stage at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago on Thursday June 23, starting at 7 PM. I'm particularly pleased to conduct Leslie's Chat! Leslie is Leather family to me and she is an amazing addition to the Leather, Kink, and Bootblack, communities. In her Chat Leslie will talk about her personal history and her extensive work in the Leather, Kink, and Bootblack communities.

See Leslie live on stage as she graciously shares her story with the communities she loves. For those unable to attend in Chicago, Leslie's Chat will be broadcast on Facebook Live.

The Fireside Chat is conducted free of charge as a community service. The producers request donations to the Leather Archives and Museum at the door. Following the live interview Leslie and the producers will adjourn to Touche' bar only a couple blocks away.




Long Beach Pride 2022 moves to July

From 2019 to the beginning, Long Beach Pride has been the second weekend of May along Shoreline Drive in downtown Long Beach. It is coming back and the new days are July 8-10 with kickoff parties such as DILF at Falcon North on Friday night. The Festival will be Saturday and Sunday and the Pride Parade will be on Sunday.

Leather dominates at Long Beach Pride's adult fun zone. Kink and body confidence are the order of the day, so strap in for a titillating adventure with one of the most vibrant communities. A lot of information was not available about the parade and festival so we can include what we have.




NCSF fights back, wins

For 25 years, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) has posted our Media Updates with mainstream articles about kink and polyamory to encourage people to advocate for accurate media coverage about our constituencies. We post the links to the articles on Twitter, and also retweet our member groups.

On March 8, 2021, a social media volunteer discovered that our Twitter account @NCSF had been suspended without any notification. NCSF’s Chairperson, Tess Zachary, reached out to Tech Support to find out why, and they directed her to Customer Support to appeal the suspension.

Two months later, we received... Read the happy ending at




WTNB Leather/Kink Social at Touche'

By David Boyer

Touche's monthly WTNB Leather/Kink Social has become a huge hit. Normally held on the second Friday of each month, Touche' hosted an extra edition for IML weekend and lots of folks from as far as Australia came out for a wild night. Let's keep the excitement going as our June WTNB Leather/Kink Social are held in the Club Room at 8 PM on second Fridays.

Our monthly WTNB Leather/Kink Social has become a huge hit! Normally held on the second Friday of each month, Touche' hosted an extra edition for IML weekend and lots of folks from as far as Australia came out for a wild night.

June's social featured a Cupping Demo by Vick. Bootblack Boi will also be on hand to care of boots and gear.

We request that attendees self identify as a woman, trans, or nonbinary person in order to attend.




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 A Blast From The Past








Pacific Coast MA - Black Mountain Run 1997

Defunct as of a couple of years before the pandemic, the Pacific Coast Motorcycle Club based in Los Angeles, CA (PCMC), hosted their annual summer run dubbed Black Mountain in the mountains above Idylwild. These five photos were from 1997. From the cap one could see the horizon of Los Angeles to the west where there were some of the most amazing sunsets. This was one of the smaller runs, but it outlived all but one of the Southern California bike club runs, Satyrs MC's Badger Flat.


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1. Short article of about 75-150 words.

2. Photo or two. Landscape preferred. Must be a jpg. Taken with cellphone is fine. Please supply photo credit.

3. Link to a working site. Web site is preferential, Facebook still works.

4. Five "W's" - Who, what, when, why and where. All are important.

5. Please be concise. In news writing, verbosity is not a virtue; it is an editor's nightmare.

6. Please write in third person.

7. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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