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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, June 20, 2018

By June 21, 2018



Empire City MC Folsom Street East. Photo by Chaz Antonelli

ECMC’s Motorcycle Weekend

Empire City MC’s Memorial Day Motorcycle Weekend was simply amazing this May at The Ranch in New York State – everything from the ride up, the ride back, the fantastic meals served all weekend-long, the camaraderie of the guests – we couldn’t have had a better time. The day trips were fun and included: Cycle Stop, Extreme Biker Leather, Ground Rounds (prime beef hamburgers) at Bill Gray’s and Abbot's Frozen Custard. On Sunday afternoon, we had a pizza-baking contest. We were all exposed to craft beers, thanks to the folks from Three Rivers MC. There was even a very touching collaring ceremony on Friday night! Sunday, anti-road gremlin bells were presented to three new bikes/bikers: Jack, Erik and Earl.



Svein Skeid, with Odd Reiersøl in the background. Photo by Blikk/Reidar Engesbak

WHO takes BDSM and fetishism off the sick list

The World Health Organization (WHO) follows the Nordic countries in repealing sexual minorities with consenting practices from the International Classification of Diseases in the new revision ICD-11. This is a milestone in the work for human rights and sexual liberation, says Ingvild Endestad, leader of FRI, the Norwegian LGBT organization for sexual and gender diversity. http://revisef65.net/2018/05/27/bdsm-fetishism-sadomasochism-global-milestone-human-rights-reformfetishism-sadomasochism-global-milestone-human-rights-reform


Help Us Save The Iconic Jackhammer Complex

June is best known as a time to show pride in our LGBTQ Community, but this year brings a cloud of uncertainty as local well established businesses Jackhammer Complex, Leather64TEN and multiple tenants are told they may face imminent eviction. They need your help to find a buyer that will allow them to continue their legacy. The Jackhammer Complex has been serving the Rogers Park community for 18-plus years and the neighboring retail store Leather64TEN has just celebrated 13 years at this location. https://www.prlog.org/12714329-we-need-you-to-help-us-save-the-iconic-jackhammer-complex.html



California Leather

Tuesday Niles was named Ms California Leather. Geoff Millard was chosen California Bootblack and Eric Slayton became Mr. California Leather at the Airtel Hotel in Van Nuys, CA on Saturday night, June 16. There was a formal dinner prior to the contests, an Erection play party on Saturday night, vendors, the Leather HEAT Awards and A Rockin' Dance Party. Saturday afternoon included Bootblack Tech. The emcee was Jeremy Ronceros. For more details check out http://californiacontests.com/home/


There’s a difference between kinky and abusive and we need to be clear about that

By Rebecca Reid for Metro.co.uk

If you're planning to have kinky sex with someone from the world of BDSM, they'll ask you about limits. Preferences. Hard limits and soft ones, likes and dislikes. They won't (or at least they absolutely shouldn't) just start tying you up.
Read more at https://metro.co.uk/2018/06/11/difference-kinky-abusive-need-clear-7616653/?ito=cbshare or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/


Leather at the 20th Annual Cherry Grove Pride Parade

By Bruce-Michael Gelbert

Cherry Grove, Fire Island's 20th Annual Pride Parade took place on June 16 and, as usual, there was a Leather contingent, consisting of Messrs. Fire Island Leather, past and present, and friends, carrying the Leather Pride flag. (Left to right) Mr. Fire Island Leather 2001 Bruce-Michael Gelbert, Mr. Fire Island Leather 2018 John Tartamella, CB Kirby, Dawn Cookler and Mr. Fire Island Leather 2005 Joseph Saporito. Photo by Robert Conlon.


Fuk U(niversity)
Females Uniting Kink - Club FUK and FUK U will present FUK University Flogging and Spanking Class at Sanctuary LAX Studios on Saturday, March 3 at 6 PM, meeting on the first Saturday of every month. Females Uniting Kink (FUK) is a female dominant group, membership is open to all gender orientations. This group is for female identified Dominants, switches and submissives. Those who identify as male must be submissive. Sanctuary LAX Studios, 10914 South La Cienega Blvd., Lennox, CA 90304. https://www.facebook.com/events/777497145794473/ and/or http://2a7.3db.myftpupload.com/http://2a7.3db.myftpupload.com/



The Leather Journal Launch Party

By Matthew Jensen

The Leather Journal Launch Party will be hosted by PIGS-Perverted Interracial Guys on Tuesday, July 3 at 8 - 11 PM at Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90805. Be among the first to see the July - August Issue. There will be a raffle and auction as well as Jello shots to benefit The Leather Journal. This is the night before all of the July Fourth fireworks. Stay out late if you don't have to be at work on Wednesday morning. https://www.facebook.com/events/146158429583809/



Florida Leather Sir and Leatherboy and Community Bootblack 2018 titleholders, Sir Johnathan Michael, boy Jeff Paul and Kali Sinclair. Photo by Bill Hoeppner



San Francisco Pride live stream on kpix.com

The San Francisco Pride parade will be live streamed on kpix.com on Sunday, June 24 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM so anyone on the planet who can get wpix.com can see this huge celebration as it goes. For 48 years, San Francisco Pride has been a pioneering force in the global Pride movement. We welcome nearly one million people to the City every year, who enjoy our Celebration and Rally in Civic Center, and our world-famous Parade and March down Market Street. As a destination event, we are grateful for the support of our partners. http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/



ABW welcomes Chicago Hellfire Club as Premier Sponsor

American Brotherhood Weekend has garnered the Chicago Hellfire Club as a Premium Sponsor for ABW 2018. Chicago Hellfire Club joins Bulldog Custom Leathers as sponsors at the Premium level. To register for this great Leather family weekend go to http://bit.ly/ABW2018Registration


West Coast Olympus Leather

Beat Your Drum Productions proudly announces, the return of the Mr., Ms, and Mx West Coast Olympus Leather competition; Scheduled to take place June 29 – July 1 at the Sanctuary LAX Studio in Los Angeles, CA. WCOL is affiliated with The Leather Foundation which is a recognized 501(c)3, non-profit, 100-percent volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide aid to the Leather community, addressing unmet welfare, health and safety issues unique to our community members. http://westcoastolympus.com/



Avatar - Chastity Device and Key Holder Games

Avatar Club Los Angeles' Wednesday, June 27 educational meeting will be Chastity Device and Key Holder Games. Chastity devices are used for orgasm control, to prevent the wearer from engaging in sexual activity without the permission of the keyholder. Why is this arousing? What are the reasons for being locked up? Have you been a bad boy? Or are you just someone else's property? Come and explore this with the experts at Avatar at MCC in the Valley, 5730 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood, CA. Then Avatar presents Submit at Eagle LA on Saturday June 30 at 9 PM with hot dancers, live BDSM demos including bondage and flogging. https://www.avatarla.org/



Leather People Building A Better World

By Robert O'Dell

Leather List and LeatherList.org - the next step in Leather’s nearly 40 years of charitable fundraising in Leather service. Contribute directly and securely online to help Leather people and culture. Discover and support local and national nonprofits in Health and Medicine, LGBTQ Support, National Leather Institutions, Radical/Sex Positive Life and Relationship Freedom. Leather List also helps Leather clubs and organizations develop Leather Service To Communities, a new model that honors Leather’s past, present and future. Take a look at this new concept in raising funds for Leather community needs. To donate to The Leather Journal check out https://leatherlist.org/contribute/leather-list-national/ and to see the home page go to https://leatherlist.org/



Trivia Question of the Week

The Spanner Case was fought in the 1990s in _____________?

1. France.

2. United States of America.

3. Russia.

4. United Kingdom.

5. Sweden.

Answer next week when a new question is asked.

Last week's Question answered - The following city does not have an Eagle Leather bar in it _____________? Cleveland, Ohio.



Pigskin - PIGS - Perverted Interracial Guys

By Matthew Jensen

PIGS - Perverted Interracial Guys will host Pigskin on Sunday, July 15 at 3 PM at Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90805. Free clothes check, games, prizes and Pig shots. Sponsored by N2N Bodywear.


Timeline of Pup Play

Timeline of Pup Play is a web site with tons of puppy history. When going to the site you will see a timeline for 2011 to the present. Yes, there is a lot of puppy history prior to that. Not to be alarmed - scroll down and you will see 2001-2010. There is more than that you will discover. The go-to website for all things pup play, from the basics for newcomers to advice and opinions to inspire those with serious ambition. This is not meant to be taken literally or as a rule-book. This is designed to inspire pups to be the pups they want to become and to find resources. We try our best to gather information and experiences from across the community and compile them into one place so the content is not biased to one persons experiences but to have content made by the entire community to inspire those who are curious and those who are also long time veterans to animal role-play. https://www.pupplay.info/2018/02/18/timeline-of-pup-play-milestones-2010-2019/

LDG Presents - The Reality Behind Kinky Porn

The San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group will present The Reality Behind Kinky Porn on Wednesday, June 27 at 7:30 PM at Mr-S-Leather, 385 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Join Paul Johnson (aka Paul Wilde) for a firsthand look inside the gay porn industry and its ever-changing relationship to kink. We’ll explore what goes on behind the camera, the fantasy of what we see in porn versus the reality of what we do in the playroom, and common misconceptions kinky porn creates. https://www.facebook.com/events/888348714700522/


Valley Pride Street Festival hosted by Bullet Bar

The Valley Pride Street Festival will be hosted by Bullet Bar on Sunday, August 12 at 11 AM - 8 PM. The block-party style location for VPSF is on Burbank Blvd. between Cahuenga Blvd. and Strohm Street. Come ready to celebrate anything that gives you pride in who you are and what you believe in. We want you to bring that energy and share it with everyone around. Food, vendors, clubs and one big party in The Valley. Bullet Bar, 10522 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601. https://www.facebook.com/thebulletbar/

Join the NCSF

Please join our coalition and support our work! Please tell us your story! NCSF's Narrative Project is collecting your stories about being outed or discriminated against as well as consent violations you'd like to tell us about. The NCSF's American Law Institute project is fighting to make consent a defense to BDSM and to give anonymity for victims of assault in a BDSM context. Plus, the NCSF provides resources and referrals to kink aware professionals on request on a daily basis through our Incident Reporting and Response program. We are fighting for your rights! Why don't you join us now? https://nationalcoalitionforsexualfreedom.wildapricot.org/


Leather Heart Foundation launches General Assistance Applications

Over the last year the Leather Heart Foundation (LHF) has gone through structural changes and reorganization internally to bring all of the fetish communities LHF serves a strong foundation for those facing financial hardships. LHF is the only non-profit group of its kind - by the community, for the community. Recently, LHF opened applications to the Disaster Relief Fund for individuals affected by the devastating wildfires and hurricanes. Today, LHF is announcing the reopening of regular applications for support due to financial hardship. Members of the various fetish communities including, but not limited to, the Leather/BDSMKink/Rubber communities may apply at http://www.leatherheart.org



Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance education

The Rocky Mountain Leather Alliance holds educational classes on the second Saturday of each month in Denver, CO. The July 14 version will be on Spirituality through Kink and Leather with Levi at 2 PM. The RMLA advocates for an alliance of the regional Leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM communities thru outreach, social, and educational events. King Center, Auraria Campus, King Center room 201 in Denver, CO. http://www.rmlalliance.com/



ONYX SoCal-Southwest

ONYX is an organization that supports ethnic and racial diversity in the gay Leather community. For over 22 years, the organization has been the bridge between Leather men of color and the broader Leather community. This past weekend ONYX Southwest presented Perversion at Eagle LA in Los Angeles, CA. https://www.onyxsw.com/ and national http://www.onyxmen.com



Master/slave Conference XV dedicated to slave david stein

The Master/slave Conference 2018 will be dedicated to the memory of the late slave david stein, an icon in our community for several decades, who passed away on October 11, 2017 at age 69.The hotel is a new venue, the Westin Tysons Corner Hotel. The hotel is not exclusive but most of the meeting space is, and we have 15,000 square feet of meeting space. The dates are August 30 - September 3. We have been able to negotiate free parking and Wi-Fi. The rate for both King rooms and Double rooms is only $99 per night. The fare is good for three days before and after the event Join us at MsC 2018 - our 15th Anniversary online registration is already open. To book your hotel room, visit http://masterslaveconference.org/home/


The Atons Are Headed Back To The Woods

The Atons of Minneapolis are headed back to the woods July 13-15, at a camp site north of the Twin Cities. For over 30 years the Atons held their annual Leather club runs and camp outs in state parks, with the occasional return to the city for unique hotel based runs. After taking a few years away from the parks to try other venues, the Atons are returning to Minnesota’s beautiful state parks for their 2018 Camp Out. Spend the weekend hanging out with the Atons' Leather family and friends in a comfortable Minnesota state park group center. The Camp Out includes meals, games, class, discussion, play spaces and other events. There are also nature trails nearby. They will have dungeon and play spaces available. http://www.atons.net/



Oh Cannnabis

By Newsmax.com

Canada's upper house of parliament on Tuesday approved a revised bill to legalize recreational marijuana, setting the stage for the country to become the first Group of Seven nation to legalize cannabis. The Senate voted 52-29 in favor of the revised bill from the elected House of Commons, paving the way for a fully legal cannabis market within eight to 12 weeks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals had made legalizing recreational use of marijuana part of their successful 2015 election campaign, arguing the new law would keep pot out of the hands of underage users and reduce related crime.



Mr. Regiment 2019 Leather

The Regiment of the Black and Tans present Mr. Regiment 2019 Leather, November 16 -17 at Eagle LA. This is a full weekend of activities. Eagle LA, 4219 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029. The winner will compete at Mr. Los Angeles Leather next March. Several Mr. Regiment titleholders have gone on to win Mr. LA Leather. https://www.facebook.com/regiment.bt/



Leather Alley at San Francisco Pride Festival

This year's San Francisco Pride and Leather Alley theme is Generations of Strength. Leather Alley will be open on Sunday, June 24. Leather Alley is for those interested in or curious about Leather, SM/BDSM/kink and fetish to come together and spend time with experienced scene members to foster friendship and family in a safe and supportive environment, and also to provide access and information for newcomers to the scene. Leather Alley is intended to provide an environment for people to hang out and relax after the San Francisco Pride March with others from the kink/Leather/fetish community. Demonstrations will be provided throughout the day by the San Francisco Citadel, with outreach by The Exiles of San Francisco as well as other member organizations of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. Leather Alley will be on Hyde Street between McAllister Street and Golden State Street and is a project of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. http://www.leatheralley.net/about-2-2/



Rocky Horror - Bondage Night in Denver

Rocky Horror - Bondage Night will be at the Landmark's Esquire Theatre on Saturday, June 30 at 11:45 PM. We want you to be part of the longest-running theatrical release in film history. Join us for the cult phenomenon, The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the world-record setting, award-winning shadow cast of Colorado’s Elusive Ingredient which will perform in front of the screen while the audience heckles the film, gets up to dance, and interacts with items in our cast/theater-approved audience participation bags - available for $5. Landmark's Esquire Theatre, 590 Downing Street, Denver, CO 80218. https://www.facebook.com/events/1669370403151513/


Southland Honors in June

The Southland Honors Dinner will be held on Saturday night, June 23 at Taix in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles, CA. The Southland Honors Dinner was planned to be during Leather HEAT on April 27, but that event was canceled by its producers. Southland Honors is owned by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition with its first Honors being held in 2004. This will be a single event and will be a formal banquet. Meanwhile, get your tickets as there is limited space. https://losangelesleatherpride.com/southland-honors/honors/



Avatar presents Harder Than Ever dungeon party

Avatar Club will host its Harder Than Ever dungeon party at Threshold on June 23 at 8 PM to June 24 at 2 AM. Harder is a men-only dungeon and play party with $20 admission in advance or $25 at the door. Open to Daddies, boys, muscle men and twinks, Leather, fetish, uniform, jock, This is a fun, no pressure play party. Whether you want to fuck and suck, tie and get tied down. voyeur, fisting, flogging, novice to heavy player, all are welcome. Threshold Society, 11300 Hartland Street, Los Angeles, CA 91605. https://www.facebook.com/events/241092006644435/



Orange County Pride

Join Equality California on Saturday, June 23 for Orange County Pride 2018. The festival will have live music, a variety of food, a family fun zone, educational booths and exhibits. Equality California volunteers will receive free admission to the festival. Orange County Pride Festival runs from 12-10 PM at the Yost Theater, 307 N Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701. We're looking for volunteers to help Equality California’s community engagement team educate community members on critical issues for the LGBTQ community, share personal stories, and hand out prizes and swag. here: http://action.eqca.org/oc-pride-2018pride-2018



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Mamas Family during Florida Leather Sir, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack. Photo by Bill Hoeppner


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Bergen Pride in Oslo, Norway.