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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, June 3, 2020

By June 04, 2020

Inside Leather History - Fireside Chats

Inside Leather History; A Fireside Chat conducted an amazing series of Chats in 2019. Chat producer and host Douglas OKeeffe visited London in July 2019 for a thorough interview with Roland Jaggard, the last surviving litigant to Operation Spanner. The six-part Spanner interview, and a series of ancillary interviews about the controversial British legal case, are available for viewing on the Fireside Chats YouTube channel. Then the Chats teamed with Australian not for profit KNOTbound Ltd, for an ambitious 12 Fireside Chats in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia over 14 days in fall 2019. All interviews are available for viewing on the Fireside Chats YouTube channel.





Irene Soderberg - Good Night Irene

July 20, 1953 - June 1, 2020

Irene Soderberg was a powerhouse performer, acclaimed in hundreds of clubs across the country. From Seattle to New York, Chicago to Denver, Key West to Portland, Provincetown to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Honolulu, Irene was well known for her live performances in theater venues, cabarets and benefits. Based in Los Angeles, Irene was involved in film, television, writing and music. Irene created her own material, whether it be costumes, comedy or characters, for a show that was larger than life. She made every song her own with her unique interpretations; she was well known for creating ingenious special lyrics and parodies. In addition, Irene had produced or performed in over 1,000 AIDS benefits across the nation. She feels this was her most important work. Irene performed at Leather community events including one year at Pantheon of Leather in Chicago.

See it at: http://www.shineonhollywoodmagazine.com




IML IMBB 2020 Cancelled

The Governor of Illinois and Mayor of Chicago have issued plans to re-open Illinois and Chicago in phases. Not until that final phase is reached will large group gatherings and conventions be permitted. Movement between phases is dependent on improvement factors and not dates on a calendar. With the uncertainty, the IML producers feel for the safety of their attendees, volunteers, vendors and staff that it is best to cancel IML/IMBB 2020 in its entirety now. To honor this year, with great respect for the world’s situation, IML chooses to not ignore 2020 and will put International Mr. Leather 42 and International Mr. Bootblack 28 in the books as “the year without winners.” Instead, IML moves forward to the future and International Mr. Leather 43 and International Mr. Bootblack 29 when we can be together in May 2021. We are aware that this cancellation will bring many questions. Seek the most current information on hotel and package refunds at



San Diego Eagle reopens

The San Diego Eagle reopened on Wednesday, May 27. In order to follow state and county guidelines, the Eagle is selling pizza for $2.50/slice. In addition, Top Hat Catering will be providing other items of food for your purchase. You MUST purchase food in order to drink. In the photo are several Mr. San Diego Eagle titleholders out supporting the community and fellow Mr. Eagle Robert Rodrigues.... and causing trouble..., left to right, Eli Correa, Jody Mitchell, Michael Loyer, Paulo Batista, Jay Heimbach, Eric Crow, Myles Ramos and Bill Willis, Missing from the Photo was Robert Rodriguez.


Bars returning to service

Like the seemingly-eternal wait for the D-Day Invasion of the beaches of Normandy during World War II today we await the time for it to be safe for bars and other LGBT establishments to re-open. That time draweth nigh and The Leather Journal will be on top of it when it comes. We are beginning to hear word of what our favorite watering holes have done with their down time and what they've done to evolve with the times. We will talk with a few of them, and as we do, we will report back to you. In the article above, the San Diego Eagle may be the first Leather bar to return to action.



ONYX Lone Star - Black and White Fetish Ball

By Bear Mike

Black & White Fetish Ball 2020, an inaugural Onyx Lone Star event, in Albuquerque, NM, produced on February 22 by Lash Onyx (Bear Marvin) had a huge crowd showing off black and white styles – vanilla, outrageous, Leather, or fetish in Sidewinders Cabaret and ABQ Eagle with emcee Avery Taureaux. Dancing to NY House music by DJ Gash included an hour of House Ballroom for everyone to Strike a Pose, called by Hassani Olujimi, with trophies to the best. ABQ Eagle had Deep House in a dark setting with many BDSM demos during the night. Many Onyx Lone Star members traveled to the event. Proceeds benefited the Transgender Resource Center of NM.




Please Support The Leather Journal


As a free Leather community publication on line and in print, The Leather Journal relies on advertising in order to bring you unique, high-quality journalism. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of our gracious advertisers to temporarily close their doors to protect staff and customers, and so we’re asking you, our readers, to help support The Leather Journal's work during this time so that we can continue to bring you the news of events, clubs, Leather titles, kink and BDSM/Fetish, features and vital statistics. Thank you for being one of our thousands of readers. Go to our Patreon link and make you important pledge.







Oedipus MC Monthly Ride - Solvang Sausagefest

The Oedipus MC Monthly Ride took a scenic route to Solvang for Sausagefest on Sunday, May 31. Oedipus has a long and proud tradition of encouraging guests to join them on their rides and the weather was perfect. Among the stops in Solvang were the Copenhagen Sausage Garden and Hans Christian Andersen Square. The photo above was taken by Andrew Barquera.




Avatar presents - Tom, Etienne and The Hun: Five Decades of Wet Dreams and Wild Imaginations

By Alan Stroik

Avatar Club LA will present Gary Wasdin, Executive Director of the Leather Archives & Museum, on Tom, Etienne and The Hun; Five Decades of Wet Dreams and Wild Imaginations on June 24 at 6 PM, Pacific. Zoom information to follow. It’s difficult to imagine a world where one couldn’t type in a few kinks and click on whatever turns them on to find hot images. Long before porn was ubiquitous, kinksters relied on a handful of erotic artists who were creating groundbreaking sexual imagery that stoked their imaginations and stroked their desires. Leatherfolk found these images in “fitness” magazines and through mail-order sales, and they grew to help advertise favorite bars and bathhouses. Join in for a long, hard look at three of the artists who helped create many ideals of Leather and kink, and learn more about their work and their place in Leather/BDSM/Fetish history. Please note, this program is largely visual with a significant amount of erotic imagery.




Bears San Diego Food Drive

By Jeff Breeze

Auntie Helen's food pantry has been depleted during this unique situation, so from now until June 25th, Bears San Diego is gonna do a food drive. All non-perishable items will be accepted, however high-protein foodstuffs such as tuna fish and peanut butter are needed most urgently. If you have items you want to drop off or want to arrange a pickup, please contact Mr Bear San Diego 2020 David Wayne Ferguson or myself. Many thanks in advance.





Boston Dyke March is rescheduled

An update that will come as no surprise: due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Dyke March Committee has decided to postpone the 25th Boston Dyke March until June 11th, 2021. We know this is difficult news for everyone who joins our ranks and takes strength from the community gathered at the Dyke March every year. It is clear, however, that there is no safe way to hold a mass gathering at this time. Until we can all be together in person again, we will find ways to be together in spirit, through acts of solidarity and through inclusive virtual events.



Leather Archives hosts Leather Legacies

Leather Legacies are presented on Thursday afternoons online by the Leather Archives & Museum and all begin at 2 PM. June 4 - Sarah Sloane, sexuality and relationships educator, coach, and consultant; June 11 - S. Nicole, interdisciplinary artist, editor, and journalist with a tendency to focus on sex; and June 18 - Daddy G, Executive Director of the Leather Archives. The Leather Archives & Museum was founded to ensure that the marginalized Leather, kink and fetish communities have a place for their stories to be collected and preserved, a place where their history can be seen and bear witness to the individuals and organizations that others have tried to hide and destroy.



Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District seeks District Manager

The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District, located in San Francisco, CA, is seeking a District Manager to execute its shared vision You will work closely with the diverse business, organizational, artistic, citizen, and visitor stakeholders of the Cultural District, alongside the community-elected Board of Directors and folks at San Francisco City Hall to protect and promote the global capital of Leather inside SoMa. Key skills include event vision and production, fundraising, grant writing, project management, presentation and public speaking, and working with city agencies. Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District is fiscally-sponsored by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit SOMArts Cultural Center. All employees of The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District are employees of SOMArts, and subject to all SOMArts policies and procedures. Apply by 5 PM, June 5.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List

Join this Facebook Group today and Have my weekly news blog sent to you every week.







LA Pride - Black Lives Matter Solidarity March on June 14

While we had cancelled all in-person events due to COVID-19, we have decided to peacefully assemble a protest in Hollywood, where the first ever permitted Pride Parade took place, in solidarity with the Black community on Sunday, June 14. 50 years ago, Christopher Street West (CSW) took to the streets of Hollywood Boulevard to peacefully protest against police brutality and oppression. We feel that it is our moral imperative to honor the legacies of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, who bravely led the Stonewall uprising, by standing in solidarity with the Black community against systemic racism and joining the fight for meaningful and long-lasting reform. Sunday, June 14 at 10 AM, PT at Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028.



Baltimore Eagle could re-open

Taken from a larger article on the Baltimore Eagle by Michelle Siegel of the the Washington Blade

The Blade article primarily is about a Baltimore Leather bar selling LGBTQ-themed face masks and the following was the tail end of the story....The Baltimore Eagle was most recently revived last November 15 by manager Thomas Kiple, who originally founded the Baltimore Eagle in 1991. The Baltimore Eagle has had numerous stops and starts, previously operating from 1991 to December 2012, from January 2017 to July 2018, and then again from April to August 2019. Once bars like the Baltimore Eagle are once again permitted to entertain guests on the property, the Baltimore Eagle plans to hold a grand reopening. Bombalicious Eklaver, the Best Drag Queen from the Washington Blade’s 2019 Best of Gay DC awards, is slated to headline the event. In the photo above by Photos courtesy of Ian Parrish/Baltimore Eagle is Baltimore Eagle Program Coordinator Allen Ryde is making face masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.




Virtual Pigskin

By Matthew Jensen

Virtual Pigskin with Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 Mark Weston. Virtual Pigskin is still third Sunday of every Month. Join us wherever you are for a virtual underwear (BYO) beer bust, with this month's special guest host Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 Mark Weston on Sunday June 21, 3-5. Perverted Interracial Guys was founded by Joël Royal and Matthew Jensen to promote creative events and further kink education and community brotherhood between all races. PIGS produces Leather, Rubber, and Fetish events in the Los Angeles area and beyond.







Cabin fever?

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Human Pup Play - The Happy Pup

Many FAQs are answered in The Happy Pup. One such question is, "Are There Only Certain People Who Can Be Human Pups?" is answered with, "Human pup play is a fun enjoyable kink that everyone can participate in. Male, female, gay, straight, bi, trans, able, disabled, you name it you can enjoy it. Often we get caught up with labels and ideas of who should and should not be able to enjoy human puppy play but the fact is we all can." Go to the link below to find out more from Gpup Alpha. The Happy Pup includes Puppy Play Guides, Puppy Play Events, Puppy Play Bulletin Boards, Puppy Play Gear and Puppy Play Blogs by Pup Emrys and Anubis Pack.




Southern California Leather Gathering

By Pug

It is with a deep sense of love for, and commitment to, the Leather/kink/BDSM/fetish communities that the Southern California Leather Gathering (SCLG) 2020 has been cancelled. Much thought went into this decision. Even if shelter-at-home orders are lifted by June, this pandemic will still pose a risk at such gatherings in the coming months. This would have been the 19th annual SCLG and, while it is disappointing to have to wait another year, SCLG will be back. My hope is that all of you remain safe and healthy in the coming months and that all of you are still here to attend SCLG in 2021 the weekend of June 19.






By Aric Wilson

Hey all you beautiful Leather people and kinksters. Reaching out to remind you that if you are unable, or consider it unsafe for yourself to go out and get groceries, or get other tasks done that need to be done at this time. We have a group of willing and ready individuals who want to help. LA Leather COVID 19 assist is here for you. Volunteers are expected to follow safe distancing and safe contact measures when interacting with a community member when providing this service. How to reach out: You may post directly to the group page for assistance by clicking


or privately by E-mail at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






If you have not registered to vote, do it now.


Kink The Vote





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A Blast From The Past




Three of the hot bare chested men at Folsom Street East in New York, NY in June 2000.



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