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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, March 19, 2020

By March 20, 2020



International Master/slave winners

Master Rook and slave rook left South Plains LeatherFest in Dallas, TX with the International Master/slave 2000 title in hand. Three Master/slave teams vied for the coveted titles. South Plains holds more than a contest. The weekend includes over 50 workshops, classes and demos, dungeon parties, a keynote Sunday brunch, a large Leather market and several socials.


Tidal wave of event postponements and cancellations

With announcements from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, state governors and city mayors, March 15 and 16 saw a snowball effect of event cancellations or postponements due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Everything from Major League Baseball to Catholic Sunday Masses were being postponed. Cities set standards of occupancy restrictions followed by closing bars and restaurants. A few governors shut down bars in their states for at least three weeks and some beyond that.

This, in turn, caused bar owners to send letters out to their frequent patrons of temporary closing. Some had tentative re-opening dates, but there was nothing cast in stone. The mid-March days saw events such as CLAW, International Mr. Leather and Bootblack, International Ms Leather and Bootblack, Smokeout Las Vegas announce heir postponements. Mid-size and smaller events were on the chopping block, too. With bars closing it only made sense that club events, contests, fundraisers and other parties were gone for now.

Virtually all have vowed to come back, but that will depend on their ability to do so. As weeks pass by, businesses which do not have a big bankroll behind them are likely not to survive. None of us are able to accurately say when it will be safe and/or when restrictions are lifted. In a best-case scenario, the disease will dissipate early and sufficiently enough that the world can get back to a normal state by the end of April, or it could last well into summer.

This is a global situation, not just and American one. Thus, travel all over the globe is restricted as nations shut borders ad block foreigners from entering their countries. Airlines will have to recover to make intercontinental travel possible. Everyone is affected and we have to rely on others catching up or us catching up with others. Nothing is certain except the anxiety and frustration this has caused.

South Plains LeatherFest and their International Master and slave contest got in under the tag as their weekend was held in Dallas the weekend of March 13-15. See story in its own article.

The Chicago Hellfire Club noted that Inferno 49 is still on for early September and mentioned that things could change. Mistress Cyan told us that DomCon Los Angeles is still a go for the second weekend in May and that they are continually working with their host Hilton LAX hotel, then before we posted, told us DomCon LA was being moved to August; one of the rare events which could name their new date.

Below are links to major and regional events which producers have announced postponement or cancellation.




March 19, 2020. Given the uncertainty we are all facing, what we can share is International Mr. Leather Weekend is postponed until a date later in the year that we are still trying to determine. We are working with our stakeholders, vendors, hotels, etc. in order to make the final arrangements for a new date and schedule to be rolled out in the near future. We will have more info available across social media and the website regarding price changes, refunds, and other adjustments that may need to happen from this move.






By Sharrin Spector

As a community, we are all being impacted by the evolving news on Covid-19. The production team is hearing your concerns and frustrations regarding the IMsLBB Weekend. We hoped that there would a clear-cut government mandate by now that provided direction. Without that legal directive, I have been working with the hotel on a daily basis for a solution. Although I don't have all the details worked out, as of today, we are postponing the IMsLBB Weekend scheduled for April 16-20.






In light of this development and in the interest of the health and well-being of our community, CLAW has made the difficult decision to postpone CLAW 20 until the Fall. We are working closely with our host hotels and other venues to ensure that our attendees are still able to have the same experience that we planned for this April. We are in the process of signing new contracts and expect to announce our new dates in the next few days.





Smokeout Las Vegas

Smokeout Las Vegas was to be held at the Alexis Park Resort the weekend of April 8-13, but has been cancelled. No new date has been set.





LA Leather Pride postponed due to COVID-19

Los Angeles Leather Pride, which was scheduled to be held March 20-29, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus. Now only days away from it’s launch, the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Los Angeles Leather Pride, The Assembly and Off Sunset Festival planning committees have had to face certain evident truths that directly effect and impact not only our community, but LA’s citizens at large. We would like to thank the sponsors and volunteers for their continued support and understanding regarding this decision. And to our titleholders it is you most of all that we celebrate. Thank you for representing our community and yourselves in an amazing light.

Robert Green – LALC Chair
Gabriel Green – LALP Chair





Golden Gate Guards - Golden Dildeaux Awards

The Golden Gate Guards have cancelled the 48th Golden Dildeaux Awards which were supposed to be presented Saturday April, 25 on the patio at the SF Eagle.




International Olympus Leather and regionals

The following International Olympus Leather and regional contests have been postponed


Silver State Olympus Leather, Las Vegas, NV was April 4



Central Canada Olympus Leather, Ottawa Canada, was set for May 23.



Great Plains Olympus Leather, Dallas, TX was June 12.



International Olympus Leather Weekend, San Diego, CA June 26-27.



Show Me Olympus Leather and Show Me Leather, was July 24-27 are monitoring through the first week of June. Look for updates on their Facebook page.

Updates about all Olympus Leather events will be at the top of each of their website homepages. OLW 2020 refund requests will be processed on a first-come, first -served basis beginning Monday, March 23. Olympus Leather producers are offering the following options to those who've purchased 2020 tickets: 1. Hold your ticket for 2021; 2. Donate your refund to the ACE Fund or The Leather Foundation; or 3. Refund which will take approximately four weeks to process.



Leather Leadership Conference cancelled

By Ben Master

The Leather Leadership Conference, planned for March 20-22 in Atlanta, GA, has been cancelled. We all have seen the news about the Coronavirus because it's everywhere you look on TV and social media. After much discussion, and consideration, for the safety of our community, we have decided to postpone LLC until it can be done at a safer time for all the members of our community. Originally, we were planning on having the LLC conference even with the concerns of Coronavirus, but with the latest developments, we must consider what is best for everyone.




Ms LA Leather, LA Bootblack and Mx LA Leather

The 2020 Ms LA Leather and LA Bootblack along with the inaugural Mx LA Leather contest weekend scheduled for June 20th have been postponed to a later date due to concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak. The board of The FoundNation voted to take this action but also to reallocate the resources and infrastructure of the organization to establishing the ACE Fund to help the greater Los Angeles Leather/Fetish/Kink communities who are dealing with economic hardship during this time.



CineKink NYC

As of March 12, CineKink NYC organizers made the decision to postpone CineKink NYC for the time being. They will let you know their new dates as soon as we can. CineKink NYC was scheduled for March 18-22. scheduled for March 18-22. Featuring a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality, plans for CineKink NYC include a short film competition, audience choice awards, a Bring It! - style adult entertainment showdown, a kick-off gala, and a sizzling Afterglow play party to wrap up the festivities.




DomCon LA changes dates

With new information being released daily and concern for the health and well being of attendees, volunteers and staff we DomCon LA is moving the date of DomCon LA 2020 from May 6-11 to a new date of August 19-23.




Excelsior MC - Fire Island Leather Weekend canceled

We are living through unsure and extreme circumstances. Our lives are on hold due to social distancing protocols in order to prevent exposure to COVID-19. Over the past few weeks it has given me great hope to see the Leather and LGBTQ+ community come together to support each other - whether it’s sharing food or even a phone call - we are here to protect each other through this pandemic. In light of this, Excelsior MC needs to take a part in assuring the safety of our community. On March 17, the Board met and decided to cancel Fire Island Leather Weekend 2020 - An Indelible Mark. This was a difficult decision, but one that had to be made.




Northwest Leather Celebration has new dates

Northwest Leather Celebration, scheduled for April 30 - May 3 in Sacramento, CA, has joined the list of events which have been postponed, but they have two new dates which are: NWLC 2020 Light, October 24-26 and NWLC New 2021
April 29-May 2 in Sacramento, California.






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15 Lessons in Love This Gay Man Learned From Kink

By Alexander Cheves for the Advocate

....Fisting is one of many “alternative” sex practices (kinks) celebrated in the world of leather, rubber, and BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism). I started this dark, Leathery journey a few years ago, seeking sex with sexy people. Along the way I found humbling and beautiful lessons in love, devotion, forgiveness, support, and care...Want to find the real love experts? Go to your nearest Leather bar. Here are 15 lessons in love I learned from kink.




Snowbound Leather Weekend XIII - Results

The 13th Annual Snowbound Leather Weekend was held in Provincetown, MA February 21-23 and by all accounts was a great success with 200-plus Leathermen in town for the weekend’s events.
Three days of events described as “A Winter Getaway with a Twist” concluded with the announcement of Mr. Snowbound 2020, Andy Sell of Boston, MA, who brought in the most donations with his winter/leather-themed photo. The event overall raised $2,583 for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, the largest amount raised in Snowbound history. 2011/2012 Northeast Community Bootblack Jay Falcon and Snowbound/Mates Leather Weekend resident bootblack was on hand. Kudos to the 16 men who participated in the Free Health Screenings provided by the ASGCC at their Drop-In Center. Thanks to Peter Johnston and the ASGCC team for providing this important service. Snowbound Leather XIV will be February 19-21.







In times like these, we need your support







Bavarian Mr. Leather

Mr. Fetish Austria 2019 Benji Waters was chosen to be Bavarian Mr. Leather 2020 at the Oberanger Theater in Belgium on March 12. Bavarian Mr. Leather was elected by the audience. He represents MLC Munich and will compete at IML in Chicago.



Mr. West Coast Rubber XV winner

By Matthew Jensen

Mr. West Coast Rubber 2020 is Mark Weston, having won the 15th Annual title on Saturday night, March 7 at the SF Eagle in San Francisco, CA. The contest was followed by a huge victory party at the Edge in the Castro. The judges were Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2018 Nico Watson, Mx Rubber San Francisco 2020 Eleven, Mr. Midwest Rubber 2018 Rodi Coderage, Mr. West Coast Rubber 2010 Reid Dalgleish, Mr. West Coast Rubber 2010, and Mr. Regiment 2016 Matthew Jensen. The first West Coast Rubber was held in Palm Springs in 2005.



Spearhead Turns 50

From Empire City MC newsletter

On the cusp of the pandemic, I went to Spearhead LDSC of Toronto’s 50th Anniversary. A weekend full of fun, friends and history.Spearhead is an older club that has been around for some time with annual events like Round-Up (their Labour Day weekend run), Paint-Yer-Burger fund raiser, and the Boat Cruise formerly known as Mariposa Bell as well as many others. As usual, Spearhead had a ton of things for us to do and a lot of new and old friends. The Ottawa Knights were there in spades,as were several other clubs and title-holders. Even though on the eve of the Coronavirus, we got together from high and low to celebrate Spearhead’s 50th year.



Angel City Emergency Fund launches

The Angel City Emergency Fund was started by The FoundNation after postponing the 2020 Los Angeles Ms/Mx/Bootblack contests. ACE offers micro-grants to those affected by economic hardship due to the COVID-19 containment measures. Anyone in the Leather/Kink/Fetish community in LA and the surrounding counties can apply for expenses related to immediate need. ACE is actively seeking to partner with other community entities to signal boost, identify those in need and maximize the effectiveness of this effort. “Time to set aside differences and come together and do what we do best in times of crisis.” said Scarlett Sin, Chair of The FoundNation. For more information on the fund and how to donate or apply, visit:




An Announcement About South Plains and Master/slave

By Master Jim

2020 is the 20th year Master Jim and I have been involved with South Plains LeatherFest. Sir Cougar joined us in 2006. And in 2021, Master Jim and I will celebrate our 20th Anniversary of holding the International Master/slave title. 2021 will also be the last year we will produce South Plains LeatherFest and the International Master/slave Contest. It has nothing to do with any issues in the community or the recent issues our community events have faced as a result of Coronavirus. The simple truth is that South Plains takes a lot of time and energy -- we work on it year around, year after year. It's time for us to move on to other things. We have two things to ask of you. First, please give us the space and time to do that. Second, please plan to come home to South Plains in 2021.




Leather64TEN presents first Kurt Allen Outstanding Community Service Award

By Eric Kugelman

Leather64TEN presented their first Kurt Allen Outstanding Community Service Award to Gerald "Daddy G" Cernak on Saturday, March 14 during the Mr. Leather64TEN Contest Weekend Brunch Jackhammer Bar in Chicago, IL. In the true spirit of Kurt giving back to the community and others in need, this award is given to an individual or organization in recognition of outstanding community service. Cernak is Mr. Chicago Leather 2017 and has received several awards including one at Pantheon of Leather in 2019. Gerald spoke about being "Just a Kid from Lathrop Homes giving back what he was given."




Pup Play TV

This is a great one to view and we think you will like it. Pup Play TV has short interviews and answers basic questions. If you are interested in trying puppy play, this is a great place to start. Take a look:




NCSF Annual Meeting of Coalition Partners board election

This year, nine people ran for six elected Board seats, all of whom had excellent qualifications. The members of the new NCSF Board are Chairperson Tess Zachary, Vice Chair D. “Choc Trei” Henderson, Treasurer Archer Shelton , Secretary Kelly McAninch; At-Large are Matt Connolly, Jackie “Bebe” Harris, Ceyda Kirin-Trei, Elizabeth Newsom, LCSW-Supervisor, J. Tebias Perry, Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD, DST, CSSP, and Susan Wright.






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Golden Eagle Leather Guard celebrates First Anniversary

The Golden Eagle Leather Guard celebrated their First Anniversary on February 22 at the VIP Nightclub in Riverside, CA with friends and supporters from around the Inland Empire area, as well as from cities all over Southern California. The group was started in 2019, after 11 founding members with similar interests came together to fill a noticeable void in the Inland Empire, specifically, the lack of any discernible gay men’s Leather organization. This celebration comes on the heels of their January retreat in Palm Springs, where the GELGIE board hunkered down for a weekend filled with planning the activities/educational calendar for the coming year, as well as to establish their goals for 2020.




Puppy 101

By Papa Woof Roth

Puppy 101 focuses Education and Discussion. Discussions of issues and things directly relating to the puppy community. Event-related posts must have a direct educational focus for the puppy community, such as, discussion about workshops or looking for input for educational topics at an event, etc. Educational topics on gear, training, safety, etc. Gear pics - Once a month we will have a Show and Tell Sunday, you can share all the gear pics you have that abide by Facebook standards.





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Leather Archives and Museum curator Joseph Bean with International Mr. Leather executive producer Chuck Renslow at Pantheon of Leather in early 2000.



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