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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, March 3, 2021

By March 04, 2021




Flash Back Gallery - Pantheon of Leather

The Leather Journal began giving community service awards in 1988 and formed the Pantheon of Leather Awards show in late January, 1991 in Los Angles and Circus Dance Club. Pantheon of Leather has made its way around the USA with visits in Orland, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles again, Atlanta and Dallas. 2020 was on hiatus due to the Pandemic and a new date is still undecided.





CLAW 21 has been rescheduled for November 24-28 in Los Angeles

This story came to us hours before posting - CLAW 21 has been rescheduled for November 24-28, Thanksgiving Weekend, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA. The Bonaventure is the largest hotel in Los Angeles - nearly three times the size of the Westin in Cleveland. Rooms are $139/night and suites start at $199/night will be available only through CLAW registration, opening on or around March 15.

Note: CLAW 21 will only be held if safe to gather. Based on current projections, producers are hopeful that COVID19 vaccines will be available to all attendees sufficiently in advance of November.

The first two CLAW weekends were held in January before moving to the end of April where it was less cold. CLAW rapidly grew in popularity and moved from venue to venue to accommodate its growth.

If you are already registered for CLAW 21 (or were registered for CLAW 20), your registration will be transferred to the new dates. You will also have the option of transferring your registration to CLAW 2022 which will return to Cleveland during its regular April weekend, or cancelling it for a full refund.

More details will come in and can be found at





The Suit Guy Is A Leather Man - Patrick Grady

By Rodney Burger

In 1997 Patrick Grady was working as the Director of Catering at the Washington Plaza Hotel on Logan Circle in Washington, DC when he learned that a Leather club called the Centaur Motorcycle Club had booked the hotel for their Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend....

The talk between Rodney Burger and Patrick Grady continues. The Leather Journal reached into its rich treasure chest of photos and came up with these 10 of Patrick with friends and club members. He was pinned into Mama's Family in 2018 and received the Mid Atlantic Regional Award at Pantheon of Leather in 2014. Read on...




KC Pioneers - Cock and Ball Toys

This month, join the KC Pioneers as they explain, demo, and have fun with various goodies, KC Pioneers Monthly Education Demo- Cock and Ball Toys on Wednesday, March 10 at 6 PM PST.

The KC Pioneers are a Levi-Leather club in Kansas City, Missouri. We promote the Leather lifestyle through social events and community service. The Kansas City Pioneers Leather Levi Club was founded in 1975 as a social club for gay men and is the longest active gay club/organization in Kansas City. Zoom Meeting ID: 392 430 6832 - Passcode: 87117




Satyrs MC - St. Patrick's Day Ride and Badger Flat Run are on

Although Punxsutawney Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter, he obviously doesn’t know Southern California. So, bring on some more SoCal ‘winter weather’ (i.e., rain) as we search for wildflowers and some green on our first official ride for 2021 for our St. Patrick’s Day ride on Saturday, March 20. Meet at Astro Family Restaurant, 2300 Fletcher Drive in Los Angeles. Kickstands up at 10 AM.

With some great news on vaccination front, we’re still planning to host Badger Flat over Labor Day weekend, September 3-6. Even if we get the pandemic under control, we’re still going to have to make some modifications. The Satyrs will be sending out Badger Flat applications in the next month or so. Yes, they still use snail mail. If you’ve moved recently, please update your mailing address. Keep the rubber side down.




South Plains Leatherfest - International Master/slave 2020 Step Down Social

By Jim Glass

Hello South Plains Family! It's been far too long and there have been way too many pandemic roadblocks since we’ve seen you – in fact, it's just over 11 months since we closed the doors on South Plains Leatherfest 2020. But at last, there's a light at the end on the tunnel. So we thought the best way to begin reconnecting our South Plains family would be to ask our current International Master/slave titleholders, the Rooks, to offer a virtual stepdown on the night we would have held the contest at South Plains 2021, Saturday, March 13. No contest and no long step down speeches - instead, the Rooks came up with the idea of a Step Down Social. We think that's a great way to go. (But if you love speeches, no worries - we're making a place for the Rooks to give their in-person step down at South Plains 2022. International Master/slave 2020 Step Down Social on Saturday, March 13, 7-9 PM, CT.






Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List


Now there are 911 members and growing


Join our Facebook Group today and Have my biweekly news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications

every time we post as well as interviews and main features from The Leather Journal.







Bite the Bullet

A fundraiser in conjunction with @LALC CAReS and the Bullet Pantry. Join the Bullet Bar as we Bite the Bullet to raise money to help our community via a fun three-hour Zoom meeting. The emcees will be Mr. Bullet Leather 2020 Brandon Bullet and Mr. Bullet Leather 2017 AJ Chier, with special co-host Volta Charge.

An amazing auction item is A Bullet With Your Name On It - A Night At The Bullet Bar Package. The winner and 10 of their friends will be allowed to take over the Bullet Bar for four hours! Your package will include three bottles of Liquor, two cases of beer, a bartender and DJ Manuelito. Must be at least 21 to bid

LALC CAReS and The Bullet Bar Pantry on March 21 starting at 4 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada.

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82602601464 - Meeting ID: 826 0260 1464 - Passcode: 941857



Leather photographer and Drummer photographer David Sparrow

By Jack Fritscher

(May 7, 1945—February 20, 1992), spouse of Drummer editor Jack Fritscher from 1969-1979. (When the beautiful 6-foot and 185-pound David died of AIDS age 46, his mother said to me, "At last, the embarrassment is gone.").... Together, David and I shot Drummer covers, centerfolds, and a hundred interior pictures from March 1977 to December 31, 1979, when the entire founding San Francisco staff of the 1970s Golden Age of Drummer all quit for lack of payment by publisher John Embry.... On July 4, 1969, David and I met at Chuck Renslow’s Gold Coast where he worked. My honeymoon photos of David in bondage were published in my coffee-table book, American Men, collected and introduced by Edward Lucie-Smith (Gay Men’s Press, London, 1994). For 10 years, from 1969 to 1979, we were lovers and creative partners, moving together to San Francisco in 1970. On May 7, 1972, the Leather priest Jim Kane married us two Catholics on the roof of 2 Charlton Street in New York, and when we divorced, David rented a Pearl Street apartment owned by landlord Kane who also rented to Society of Janus founder, Cynthia Slater. In the novel, Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of San Francisco, the character "Teddy" is fictively based on David.




Excelsior MC’s FI Leather Weekend 2021 cancelled

By Bruce-Michael Gelbert

On February 28, New York City-based Excelsior MC notified its members and friends, via email, that the club’s Fire Island Leather Weekend, scheduled to take place in Cherry Grove on the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend, has been cancelled for the second consecutive year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Excelsior’s email read, in part, “The Excelsior MC Board has decided to postpone/cancel the 2021 Fire Island Leather Weekend run due to ongoing public health guidance. We are saddened to make this announcement and hope you’ll join us in 2022." The Mr. Fire Island Leather contest is a centerpiece of Leather Weekend and this year’s would have marked the 20th Anniversary of its inception.



Leatherfolk Book Club

The Leatherfolk Book Club meets once a month on Zoom. The Leatherfolk Book Club reads a mix of fiction, biography, histories or historically important writings, and contemporary theoretical writings on Leather, kink, public sex, queer communities, and gay life. They will be discussing Cleanness by Garth Greenwell on March 13. Also, author Alex Espinoza will be joining the Club for a Q&A on April 1h for a discussion of his book, Cruising: An Intimate History of a Radical Pastime. Sign up for the Leatherfolk Book Club at

http://www.leatherfolkbookclub.com   For question, E-mail Kevin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ShipMates Club of Baltimore - Annapolis Pride

By Rodney Burger and TLJ Staff

October 30 The Second Annual Annapolis Pride will be on October 30 in Annapolis, Maryland. "Can’t have Annapolis without ShipMates." The club will undoubtedly be a big part of this. The March meeting of the ShipMates Club will be held via Zoom on Sunday, March 14 at 5 PM. Everyone is welcome. The Zoom link will be posted here when we get closer to the meeting date. Winter is almost over! Spring is coming. Please stay safe.






Please Support The Leather Journal


Send us some love







Colorado Leather Fest Virtual

Colorado Leather Fest Virtual will be a free online event the weekend of April 30 at 3 PM PDT to May 2 at 3 PM PDT. Anyone can join for a weekend of education, fun, and community. More details TBA.

Colorado Leather Fest is a weekend educational event featuring classes, title contests, community events, and more. The Mission of Colorado Leather Fest is to provide a venue for preserving our heritage, expanding our knowledge and resources, and accepting and supporting diverse cultures for the development of all within our Leather/Kink/BDSM community.

Colorado Leather Fest does not focus on BDSM play skills and techniques and does not host a play party. Our event is centered on Leather/BDSM history and culture, a variety of relationship styles and the issues associated with them, and service skills found in Leather and M/s or D/s relationships and culture.





Angel City Emergency Fund

The Angel City Emergency Fund was started by The FoundNation after postponing the 2020 Los Angeles Ms/Mx/Bootblack contests. ACE offers micro-grants to those affected by economic hardship due to the COVID-19 containment measures. Anyone in the Leather/Kink/Fetish community in LA and the surrounding counties can apply for expenses related to immediate need. ACE is actively seeking to partner with other community entities to signal boost, identify those in need and maximize the effectiveness of this effort. “Time to set aside differences and come together and do what we do best in times of crisis.” said Scarlett Sin, Chair of The FoundNation. For more information on the fund and how to donate or apply, visit




BDSM therapy: Are there therapeutic and relational benefits to being submissive?

In-depth research suggests BDSM practitioners can experience altered states of consciousness that can be therapeutic.

By Jaimee Bell for Big Think

“Transient hypofrontality, a term coined by Dr. Arne Dietrich, is when the focused, thought-processing part of the brain is “shut off” by external triggers. An example of this is the difference between engaging in a competitive sport and running in a beautiful park. During a competitive sport, your brain will need to make a variety of complex decisions. While you’re running a calmer path in a beautiful park, however, your mind can “let go” of that prefrontal engagement and you can experience an alternate (relaxed) state of consciousness. For a submissive, during BDSM scenes, this can result in reduced self-reported stress and increased sexual arousal." Read the rest at




Flash Back Gallery - Pantheon of Leather

The Leather Journal began giving community service awards in 1988 and formed the Pantheon of Leather Awards show in late January, 1991 in Los Angles and Circus Dance Club. Pantheon of Leather has made its way around the USA with visits in Orland, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles again, Atlanta and Dallas.

Since its inception, some 900-plus Leatherfolk, clubs, businesses and organizations have received at least on Pantheon of Leather Award in honor of their records of community service and/or achievements.

2020 was on hiatus due to the Pandemic and a new date is still undecided. Meanwhile, since we cannot present The Show now, take a walk down memory lane with us.

Photos by Luke Owens, Floyd Ballou, Slakker, Steve Lenius, Don Thompson, Rich Stadtmiller, Marcus Hernandez, Gary Chichester, Dave Rhodes
































































































































































































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A Blast From The Past




International Olympus Leather

International Mr. Olympus Leather 1996 Master Ron Hendon and International Ms Olympus Leather 1996 Daddy Flo were this title's first titleholders, having won in New Orleans, LA. Since then, Olympus has seen Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego and Chicago again play host.

International Olympus Leather will be the Flash Back Gallery in the next Dave Rhodes' Hump Day.





Links to all Dave Rhodes' Hump Days going back to August 9, 2017