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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, May 2, 2018

By May 03, 2018

Broken record - CLAW reports attendance increase
As many as 2,500 Leatherfolk attended CLAW 18 (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend) at the Westin Downtown Cleveland April 26-29. CLAW and its affilated CLAW Nation events have rung up over $800,000 in donations to charity since its inception in 2001. With fundraising activities everywhere, everyone was having a blast while giving. The International Leather Dinner at the XXX saw about 200 guests enjoy a fabulous view during dinner and the chance to explore numerous ehibits on Saturday night. CLAW story with tons of photos will appear next week. http://www.clawinfo.org


This week's Hump Day is short, due to being home two of the last nine days, attending CLAW, having to ship the May - June Issue of The Leather Journal and going to International Olympus. May 9's Hump Day will be back to normal.


Women's International Leather Legacy
Women's International Leather Legacy (WILL) is planned for August 3-5 at the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Market Center. A weekend filled with workshops, activities, women’s history and a contest like no other, WILL features some fantastic workshops and panels, classes, the WILL contest, Friday dinner, Inside the Leather Jacket interviews, Sunday brunch with Keynote, and Bootblack Roundtable moderated by Jayson DaBoi and Briar. Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Market Center, 2325 North Stemmons. Freeway, Dallas, TX, 75207. https://www.facebook.com/events/262310584303437/

DomCon: LA - Class and workshop schedule released
DmCon: Los Angels released its schedule for classes and workshops which begin on Friday, May 9 and run through Sunday, May 13. There are some 52 classes and workshops including Suspension for Newbies, Submissive Empowerment, BDSM vs 50 Shades, The Art of Seduction, The Erotic Art of Ritual and Protocol, Mummification, Kinky Yoga, Body Harness Hogties, FEM Doms of the Wild, The Magic of Mindfucking, Thinking Outside the Toybox and Predicament Ties for Playing Dirty among them Just a few of the presenters - Sera Miles, Sir Nik Sanatanas, Sir Valentino Harrison and Cupcake Harrison, Master Gabriel, Orpheus Black, Astrid, Dr. Susan Block and Mistress Simone Justice. DomCon: LA will be at the Hilton LAX on Century Blvd. near LAX with a big Saturday night Fetish Ball at Sanctuary LAX Studios. http://www.domconla.com/

De-Pathologization of Consensual BDSM
By Susan Wright for Science Direct
Family court judges regularly removed child custody or visitation rights from adults who engaged in consensual bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism (BDSM), fetishes, and cross-dressing behaviors before the American Psychiatric Association (APA) differentiated consensual paraphilias (sexual sadism, sexual masochism, transvestic fetishism, and fetishism) from the paraphilic disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5). After the proposed changes to the DSM-5 were made public for commentary, there was a significant decrease in discrimination against BDSM-practicing individuals. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1743609518301395

Leather Hall of Fame inducts three at CLAW
The Leather Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Brunch on Sunday, April 29 saw three inductees introduced by emcees Issa Arden and Rob Bienvenue, The Society of Janus, Black Leather In Color Magazine and International Mr. Leather. IML was founded in 1979 by Chuck Renslow and Dom "Etienne" Orejudos, Janus was founded in San Francisco in 1974 and Black Leather In Color ran from 1994 to 2000 with eight issues being published. A full story on each honoree can be found at http://www.leatherhalloffame.com


Trivia Question of the Week

Born To Raise Hell was?

1. A video produced by Marathon Films in Los Angeles.

2. A run hosted over St. Patrick's Day weekend by Trident: Columbus.

3. Precursor to Burning Man and held in the Mojave Desert.

4. The only kink fiction written by Alan Selby while he was still in England.

5. A series of five videos produced by Mikal Bales.

Answer next week when a new question is asked.

Last week's Question answered - Judy Tallwing-McCarthey is? The first International Ms Leather - 1987.



Perverted Interracial Guys - Pigs in Space
Pigs in Space by PIGS (Perverted Interracial Guys) are at it on Saturday, May 12 at 9 PM at Eagle 562. Neon Gear Night! Wear neon, gear, or neon gear! Leather, rubber, latex, or even just underwear. $5. Glowing go-go boys, live DJ, free clothes check, drink specials, pig shots, prizes, free parking lot. Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90805. https://www.facebook.com/events/1504104456367296/

Atlanta Leather Pride focuses on family bonding, giving back and BDSM education
Georgia Voice
Jonathan Fenrir, the current reigning Mr. Atlanta Eagle, is very much aware of the family component. "There's a growing number of Pride celebrations around town, [but] Atlanta Leather Pride is a chance for people of all walks of life to come out and be a part of something that sees past gender or sexuality," he said. "It's a perfect time for those that might have questions or want to hang out on the edges to see Leather and the Leather lifestyle celebrated so openly and free of judgement." http://www.ncsfreedom.org/press/blog/item/atlanta-leather-pride-focuses-on-family-bonding-giving-back-and-bdsm-education

KINK - new monthly event in San Diego
In Conjunction with International Olympus Weekend, Vonn Tramel, we kick off our first monthly pansexual event, KINK, on Friday, May 4 at The Rail in San Diego, CA, an event that welcomes everyone, men, women, gender neutral, and non-conforming Leatherfolk and/or their admires. Portion of proceeds will benefit International Mr., Ms, Mx Olympus Leather 2018 Travel Fund. May's special guest hosts are Olympus Leather and special guest DJ is Ryan David Racino. For more information contact Robert (619) 817-9926 and/or for Olympus Leather Weekend check out http://olympusleather.com

West Coast Jungle Gym contest
WCJG is a three day weekend conference, September 7-9 in San Diego, of all the things fun and exciting under the Age Play umbrella. We’ll have exciting education worships, out of this world social parties, fun and helpful vendors, giveaways, dark age play dungeon, puppy mosh, and the conferences first Little Miss, Mr. Mx and Pet contest. We welcome all little type folks (18+) Littles, middles, baby girls, lolitas, little sissies and bubbies, age players, folks that regress, folks that don’t, sexual littles, non-sexual littles, Adult babies, diaper lovers. Regardless of gender, identity, race, age or ability. We also welcome their caregivers, Daddys, Mommys, Aunties, Babysitters, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, etc. Along with critters, puppies, kitties and their handlers to join us. https://thewestcoastjunglegym.com/

TBLC -  27th Anniversary
TBLC celebrates their 27th Anniversary July 27-29 with there annual camp out at XXX. XXX, 4592 Lone Pine Road, Burkeville, VA 23922. Please visit TBLC website for more information go to http://www.tblcofvirginia.com


Your dollars will help keep this going



Spartan MC
The Spartan Motorcycle Club will be celebrating with their 23rd Marathon, June 4-9. We will be participating in Americade, the world's largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally. Americade is held in Lake George, NY. It is a gathering of friendly, fun-loving folks, for whom motorcycling is a social hobby, but not some form of rebellion. http://marathon.spartanmc.com/

Sherman Oaks Munch
The Sherman Oaks Munch is held the second Tuesday of every month in the River Rock restaurant at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City. 6:30 - 11 PM. This munch has been going for over six years and draws in excess of 250 kinksters each month. No host bar and food. Sit and eat, move around and share. Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel, 12825 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA 91604. http://sportsmenslodge.com/river-rock/

Meat Rack at Eagle LA
John Piampiano and Hunter Fox present Meat Rack with deejay Matt Effect is hosted by Eagle LA on the second Saturday of each month. The next Meat Rack is on Saturday, March 10 at 9 PM. Eagle LA, 4219 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029. https://www.facebook.com/events/1544728685826714/

Touché opens Club Room for its monthly Leather Women's Cruise
Touché opens its Club Room at 8 PM on second Fridays for its monthly Leather Women's Cruise. Each month Touché lets Leather sisters gather for a bit of socializing and cruising before letting the boys take over the room. Several gals have come in to learn about Leather and make new friends since Touché launched this night last year. All women, butch/femme and non-binary welcome. Touché, 6412 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60626. https://www.facebook.com/ToucheChicago-110806562290308/?rf=215934215107409


Help Keep Leather Alive in SOMA
Contribute to SF Catalyst. Your support will help keep and improve SF Catalyst, the Leather community run space at 1060 Folsom Street in San Francisco, CA. Go to the SF Catalyst Facebook page and click on their IndieGoGo link https://www.facebook.com/CatalystSanFrancisco Space Rental - Catalyst features more than 3,000 square feet of dungeon, play and social space well-stocked with BDSM furniture. The space is currently available to rent for photo shoots, filming, art shows, gatherings, dates, life events, professional sessions, and play parties. Inquiries for renting the space may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Puppy 101
By Papa Woof Roth
We are bringing Puppy 101 back to it’s original focus - Education and Discussion. Discussions of issues, and things directly relating to the puppy community. Event-related posts must have a direct educational focus for the puppy community, such as, discussion about workshops or looking for input for educational topics at an event, etc. Educational topics on gear, training, safety, etc. Gear pics - Once a month we will have a Show and Tell Sunday, you can share all the gear pics you have that abide by Facebook standards. https://www.facebook.com/groups/puppy101/

Support the NCSF
Several articles in Dave Rhodes' Hump Day are supplied by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom through a press release form. Support them be becoming a member. The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM/Leather/Fetish/Swing/Polyamory communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities. http://www.ncsfreedom.org/

Excelsior MC — Lust for Life 2018: Erector
Excelsior MC presents Lust for Life 2018: Erector "If you build it, they will cum" the weekend of May 18-20 in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY 11980. The usual club weekend revelry is expected and you can be a part of the action. Excelsior MC began in 1975 when a group of four men, Terry McNulty, David Talbot, Rich Dicurci and Wally Wallace shared a room on Fire Island where they spent Leather Weekend, sponsored by Cycle MC. The club members and GDI's (Goddamn Independents) at this run came from all over the United States and Europe, and everyone was very friendly and outgoing. The original four members felt a kinship with these leather men and a special friendship evolved with one group in particular, Empire City MC. Registration is available at http://www.execsiormc.com

Thunder in the Mountains
Thunder in the Mountains will again be held at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center in Denver the weekend of July 20-22. Thunder in the Mountains, with an outstanding line-up of presenters and classes and, our 50,000 square-foot dungeon, and puppy mosh pit and pony track, this promises to be the best party so far. Some of the big-name presenters are Laura Antoniou, Master Skip Chasey, Mark Frazier, Midori, Lee Harrington, Peter Fiske and Glenda Rider. Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center 15500 East 40th Avenue, Denver, CO 80239. Details at http://www.thunderinthemountains.com

World Bear Weekend - Mr. Kilt International Contest
World Bear Weekend will be hosting the first Mr. Kilt International Contest on August 24 Emcee John David has been active in the Bear and Leather communities for a number of years. He has held several titles including Mr. Kentucky Bear 2008 and International Mr. Bear 2009. This amazing stole, made by Wolfstryker Leather, along with $500 cash, $500 worth of kilts, and a custom sporran could be yours. Ready to compete? Visit http://www.Worldbearweekend.com for details.


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