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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, October 21, 2020

By October 22, 2020



Palm Springs Leather Pride - Flash Back Gallery

We take a look back as far as 2000 at Palm Springs Leather Pride which is produced by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert. Many on the west coast consider Palm Springs Leather Pride to be the Mid Atlantic Leather of the West. Both events are produced by a club and both events are huge with the center of activities being Leather contests with a who's who of Leather in attendance. Each have food with Leather Cocktails on the Saturday night in the nation's capitol and a huge formal Leather dinner on Friday night in the California desert. Both have satellite events such as cocktail parties, bar nights, vendors. Take a look at the almost 50 photos from Palm Springs that The Leather Journal has for your pleasure. Se who you recognize. Scroll down to see.


Atlanta Eagle

By Matt Hennie for Project Q Atlanta

The Atlanta Eagle, one of the city’s oldest LGBTQ bars and the site of a notorious police raid, is closing next month, becoming the latest victim of a coronavirus pandemic that has dealt crippling financial blows to LGBTQ businesses. Owner Richard Ramey announced the end of the bar’s 33-year run on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Midtown late Thursday, October 8. He added that the bar will reopen in a new location sometime in 2021. “We are not going out of business,” Ramey said. “We are not closing permanently. We are going to come back bigger, better, stronger than ever. It’s been a very emotional.... For more of this interesting story of the iconic Atlanta Eagle continue reading at







 Vote like your lifestyle depends on it

 Because it does 





Fetish Men San Diego

Join Fetish Men San Diego on Wednesday, November 18, 7-9 PM via Zoom to see Robert Black: Creation of a separate identity which impacted his journey in Leather/BDSM.....and life. Grabby Award winner and GayVN Award nominee Robert Black has appeared in more than 50 adult films and was named a ZEUS boy of the Year. He has been featured in magazines including Honcho, Bound & Gagged, and International Leatherman. A proud member of the Leather/kink community, he is the host of Sexual Heroes, a podcast with a mission to inform, entertain, and inspire listeners to embrace their sexuality."




Pressing Questions: The Leather Journal of Los Angeles

By Joe Siegel for Press Pass Q

Press Pass Q, on online publication connected to Rivendell Media conducted an interview by E-mail with me in early October. Press Pass Q has been an outlet for LGBTQ publications for decades and is out of New York. For those who want to find out what is going on in LGBTQ media, Press Pass Q is the place to look.

PPQ: Do you see yourself as activist journalist? If so, in what way?

Rhodes: I see myself more as a journalist with an occasional touch of activism. I believe The Leather Journal was the first Leather Community publication to endorse a US presidential candidate, that being Bill Clinton in 1992. I founded the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards in 1991 with the first two years being held in Hollywood. The idea was great and it went over well. Just as I believed the rank-and-file people of the Leather community needed a voice, I felt it was imperative that good work, good trust... Read the whole interview at




Join the NCSF

Please join our coalition and support the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom's work. Tell them your story. NCSF's Narrative Project is collecting your stories about being outed or discriminated against as well as consent violations you'd like to tell the NCSF about. NCSF's American Law Institute project is fighting to make consent a defense to BDSM and to give anonymity for victims of assault in a BDSM context. Plus NCSF provides resources and referrals to kink aware professionals on request on a daily basis through their Incident Reporting and Response program. The NCSF is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the US that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach, in conjunction with our partners, to directly benefit these communities.







Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List


Two months ago we had 173 members

Now there are 659

Our goal is 2,500


Join our Facebook Group today and Have my weekly news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications every time we post. If you already are a member, please invite your friends.






Empire City MC - Cheesecake to Cheesesteak – A New York to Philadelphia Experience

Did you know that Empire City MC has three members in the Philadelphia area? Yep! New York City and Philadelphia are about one to two hours travel time (depending on traffic) and this year, we’ve held several events and rides in the Philly area to better engage with our brothers from there. In the first weekend of October, our member Gary P was cleared to ride his motorcycle again, following his elbow surgery. No time was wasted – we hosted a weekend based at his and Earl D’s homes in Philadelphia. It included two touring rides, a catered roof-deck sunset dinner party, outdoor dining at Morning Glory Café and Fitzwater Café, cocktails at the newly reopened Bike Stop and proper Cheesesteak Subs in a park setting. As always, COVID-19 screening and routine temperature checking were done to mitigate COVID-19.




Sanctuary LAX Studios and House Of Algos offer Triskelion Scholarship

By Jay Moyes

Sanctuary LAX Studios, in association with House Of Algos,invites students of the sensual and sadistic arts to apply for the Triskelion Scholarship. Successful applicants will gain admission to a great number of classes in a wide variety of BDSM topics free of charge. The Scholarship, which is sponsored for the 2021 year by DomCon.com, is geared to help the following people in their BDSM journey of discovery and knowledge: lifestyle players, professional or aspiring professional BDSM players, BDSM educators or aspiring educators, university students in programs involving human sexuality or a similar major, professionals in a supportive role to members of the BDSM community such as kink friendly therapists,
and others Successful applicants for the 2021 award will have access to a number of classes presented as part of The Course series online hosted by Sanctuary LAX Studios and Sir Ezra.






Please Support The Leather Journal

Your support determines if we get to stay around







LGBTQ Cultural District presents Little Shop of Whores

The next installment of the LGBTQ Cultural District's Little Shop of Whores – Learning From the Pros, a kink/BDSM workshop series, is Raising the Intensity with Domina Portia Moon, and it is set for Friday, November 13, from 7-8:30 PM. This is a free program. Donations to our class facilitators during the class are welcome and encouraged. In other news, the District is planning to commemorate culturally-important locations: the galleries, bars, businesses, and bathhouses that made the Miracle Mile fabulous and infamous. The design will be reviewed soon at the SF Arts Commission. Please pre-register for Little Shop of Whores at





Leatherfolk Book Club

The Leatherfolk Book Club meets once a month on Zoom. We read a mix of fiction, biography, histories or historically important writings, and contemporary theoretical writings on Leather, kink, public sex, queer communities, and gay life. Meetings are on the following Saturdays: November 21 and December 19, from 10-11:45 AM, EST. Please support independent booksellers and your local economy by ordering your books directly through your local bookshop. If you can’t make it to a local bookshop, check out our page on http://www.bookshop.org which supports local bookshops and gives the book club a commission.




Mistress Iris writes about the reasons why people are turning to dominant/submissive roleplay during these chaotic times

“But why are you talking about politics, professional dominatrix?” you might ask. Some people want to cordon off the sexual world, and pretend that it doesn’t interact with the broader world we all live in, but in my work as a pro-domme I’ve often gotten to see the intricate ways that peoples’ sexual fantasies reflect and respond to the stressors and freedoms they experience in their outside life. When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, I saw a surge in female, racial, and religious minorities who contacted me; people who, because of external events, were required to be unyielding and resolute in their day-to-day struggles, seeking heavy play that helped them break down within the context of a safe and trusting environment. I’ve seen a similar response during COVID-19, and wanted to deconstruct it a bit."





Banned From California - Jim Foshee

By Robert Steele

Persecution, Redemption, Liberation ... and the Gay Civil Rights Movement. This is the previously untold story of a 1950s gay teenager who runs away from home, setting out on an adventure that redefines his life and puts him in the midst of the civil rights struggle of gay people across the United States of America spanning a half-century. Born in 1939, Jim Foshee lives his young life openly, honestly and defiantly in the underground world of homosexuals and early queer subculture decades before that lifestyle eventually progressed into a modern LGBTQ society. Jim was born in 1939 and lived his life as an out gay person throughout the last half century of the 1900s. This biography details his life and times. Foshee's life was touched by the Leather community as several places in Banned From California reveals. Leather/BDSM/Kink was not his whole life which was a palette of almost all that was gay of the 1950's through the rest of the Twentieth Century. In 1981 he ran into a member of the Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club of Denver, Colorado and he describes the club's Golden Fleece run held over July Fourth weekend. Definitely enjoyable reading. Find out more....




The Visibility Project

By Scarlett Sin

Phase one of The Visibility Project launched in 2017 on the principle that Diversity, Representation, Visibility and Inclusion must be perpetual efforts in our communities to ensure an equitable space for all. Beginning with a mission to provide visibility through display of identity flags of all in our communities launched the project. The Visibility Project has supplied flags to over 30 events in the past year with many more scheduled. Phase two (launching in 2019) seeks to provide scholarships to minority-identified Leatherfolk to be visible, representative and included in events otherwise beyond their reach so that they may share their knowledge and experiences and bring back those to their own home communities. 501c3 status is pending and a website will be launching soon.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Trussing the Turkey with V - An OCIC Leather Hangout

The Orange County Imperial Court Leather will be having a demo on Rope Play and chatting on Zoom and live on the OCIC Leather Facebook Page with Goddess. Every second Friday of each month OCIC Leather will be hosting a Leather Hangout. Friday, December 11 is Bringing a Glow to the Hollerdays with a TBD' Hot Wax Demo.




Pink and White Productions to view PornFilmFestival Berlin

Last month Pink and White Productions went all out by hosting the Seattle Erotic Cinema Society Festival on their new online festival streaming platform. They then presented a specially curated online guide of BDSM and Fetish Films for the Folsom Street Fair's first online virtual festival, and saw the release of several new films and studios on PinkLabel.TV. This month they're hosting a special online selection from the PornFilmFestival Berlin, available to viewers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and are kicking off their Porn and Pancakes weekend screening series with a special filmmaker in focus featuring Insatiable Pictures and friends. Save the date for a special Halloween screening on October 31, and upcoming online events with Athens PornFilmFestival November 20-22 and CineKink December 2-6.





Flash Back Gallery From Past Major Events


Palm Springs Leather Pride






















































We take a look back as far as 2000 at Palm Springs Leather Pride which is produced by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert.


Next Hump Day Flash Back Gallery - DomCon: Atlanta and New Orleans




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A Blast From The Past



Both Dr. Larry and Bert Simon were presidents of Avatar Club Los Angeles in the mid-2000's. They are seen here at an Avatar Sunday afternoon beer bust at the Faultline in May 2005.




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