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"And The Kinkiest City In The United States Is…"

By September 09, 2013

"And The Kinkiest City In The United States Is…"

On Sunday, August 11 The Gloss published an article by Amanda Chatel stating that Phoenix, Arizona is the kinkiest city in the United States. She presented a Top 10 cities that are the kinkiest in her opinion. San Francisco and Los Angeles made the list, but some other huge cities are conspicuously missing. One is the hub of the Midwest and Great Lakes and the other is on the Eastern Seaboard and will not be amused to see that they are not there.

"Guess.Seriously. I want you to guess. Rack your brain, think of the kinkiest people you know and where they reside. New York City? Los Angeles? Some Podunk town in Kansas somewhere? Where, oh where, could they be?They’re in Phoenix, Arizona, you guys."



To the best of my knowledge, Arizona has an awful lot of retirees. Does this mean your mom and dad, or Grammy and Grampy are getting their freak on morning, noon and night? God, I hope so.

http://www.SeekingArrangements.com, the website that matches sugar babies and sugar daddies, discovered, via one of those handy dandy surveys that, once again thanks to Fifty Shades of (why are we still talking about this book?) Grey, those seeking some good ol’ fashioned BDSM has doubled in Phoenix.

With a 96.2% increase in those looking to vamp up their sex life with dom/sub hook-ups, Phoenix is at the top of the kink list, and San Francisco, isn’t far behind.

So who else is seeing the biggest increase in the kink?

1. Phoenix, Ariz.: 96.2 percent

2. San Francisco, Calif.: 95 percent

3. Detroit, Mich.: 50.5 percent

To see the rest of the list click on The Gloss