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BDSM Writers Con is the definitive conference for readers and writers of Dominance and submission. The conference takes place August 20 - 23 in New York City, New York.

BDSM Writers Con offers workshops for writers and readers of Dominance and submission on various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle from beginners to advanced, hosting Book Contests for both fiction and non-fiction authors of BDSM.

The BDSM Book Contest offers winners a book contract from a participating publisher, and the BDSM Writers Con Gold Flogger Award is for the Best BDSM Book of the Year. Finalists in both contests have the opportunity to submit a story for BDSM Writers Con's Second Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology.

Early-bird registration is $250. One can also sign-up for our easy monthly payment plan. Authors can register for our special Featured Author Status and receive promotional opportunities.


NLA Banner Wide Logo 350

The National Leather Association: International, a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/Leather community, announced the winners for excellence in literary works in SM/Leather/Fetish writing published in 2013 at its Annual General Meeting in Dallas, TX September 26-28 and held during Beyond Vanilla. The judges received a greater number of nominations this year than ever before and judging in most categories was quite difficult with such exemplary pieces of writing.

With so many wonderful works coming in decisions were very difficult for the judges so there was a tie in the Non-Fiction Book category. Winners of the Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Book Award are John Huxley for “The Artisan's Book of Fetishcraft: Patterns and Instructions for Creating Professional Fetishwear, Restraints and Sensory Equipment” (Greenery Press) and F.R.R. Mallory for “The Kinky Feminist” (self-published). Honorable mention in this category goes to Thom Magister for “Biker Bar: Bikes, Beer, and Boys - A Playful Look at the Roots of the Leather Bar” (Perfectbound Press).

images/articles/news/regional/2014_Events/Not far around the corner will be the holidays and Tom of Fin land does it well as these guys are seen in 2013 Photo by Dave Rhodes.jpgThe Tom of Finland Art Fair returns to TOM House the weekend of October 3-5, the iconic property where it has been held in earlier years in Los Angeles, CA. The Art Fair’s tagline, Art in Residence, reflects its staging at a residence of much significance to art lovers.

Situated on a quiet street in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park, TOM House is the site where the artist Tom of Finland lived and worked for the last decade of his life, producing the erotic drawings for which he was internationally renowned. Preserved in homage to Tom, the house is visited by fans from around the world. The house also remains a home for the operations of the Tom of Finland Foundation, whose archives comprise the world’s largest repository of erotic art.

The art fair will showcase more than 30 artists, both emerging and established, from the USA and beyond. Workshops and panel discussions will be held, and artwork – spanning sculpture, photography, paintings, sketches, digital renderings and more – will be for sale. Visitors will also have the opportunity to tour TOM House, including the attic space that served as Tom of Finland’s bedroom and studio.