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O’ Captain! My Captain! part 2

By June 23, 2015

This is the second of a five part series by Cyn Duby.  O' Captain! My Captain! is wartime male on male graphic erotic novella containing a bit of BDSM.  You might want to check out PART ONE first.

Cade was healing, just not fast enough for his liking. He hated being dependent and he hated even more that things were out of his control. On top of that, he was stir-crazy. Always a man of action, being holed up in a cave waiting for his body to mend was almost unbearable.

He'd taken to exercising what muscles he could. As long as he didn't overdo it and avoided using his injured abs, he made progress. While is body was healing slowly, his mind was another story.

He'd taken to picking Jordan's brain to fend off the boredom. The man was a walking encyclopedia of literature and that was proving an excellent diversion. While Cade listened, Jordan recited passages from memory. Poems, sonnets, prose, lyrics – Jordan was a treasure trove of knowledge and Cade was grateful.

He fell asleep that night to the stanzas of Charge of the Light Brigade.


Cade had four things on his mind. It had been two weeks stuck in the cave and, while they weren't out of food, he figured they were getting close. They'd have to forage and hunt soon, since he was still too weak to venture out and they had no idea where the front was, anyway. They were still keeping radio silence.

The second thing on his mind was a bath. He needed to wash the grime, blood, and sweat off his body and was going to tell Jordan that he'd fucking crawl to the water if he didn't get help from the lieutenant. He didn't care at this point how he got there, as long as he did. And after said bath, he wanted a smoke. If they didn't find cigars or cigarettes in one of the packs he was liable to start chewing his lieutenant's head off.

It was the last issue plaguing him that had him stumped. The lieutenant was writing. He had a notebook in which he wrote anytime he wasn't busy doing something else. Cade wanted to know what was going through the young man's head and he was determined to find out. That Jordan was careless with his journal would be helpful when Cade went to make his move. It was figuring out how to get rid of the lieutenant that was the missing piece of the plan forming in his head.

"You up for a little recon, boy?"

Jordan looked up, wide eyed. "Yes, sir."

"Don't go more than a hundred yards out. But take a good look around for anything military and possible hunting spots. I'd like you to test the radio while you're at it but then head back. If you're gone longer than half an hour, I'm gonna come after your ass."

"Yes, sir."

Jordan would be busy for a bit. The boy was nothing if not thorough. As soon as he'd left, Cade scrambled over to Jordan's pack and yanked the notebook out from under it. He lay on his back, panting and holding his abs, while he skimmed the pages.

As he slowed down, actually paying close attention to the words, his mouth went dry. What he read was not what he expected: letters home, military notes, half-baked poetry, something along the lines of what most servicemen wrote. What he found instead were musings of a very graphic and intimate nature ... about him.

He chuckled, closed the notebook, and scrambled back to where he'd been before. Now he had a new issue to think about: just what action he should take in light of what he'd just discovered about his very good looking and, obviously, gay lieutenant.

It wasn't more than ten minutes before Jordan came back into the cave. "Well, sir, we're stuck here. The radio works, but we're about thirty-five miles behind enemy lines. I overheard an enemy patrol talking so we lucked out there. I can see several places where we could hunt or gather edible plants. I can go back out later tonight and gather some food and set some traps.

Cade was grinning by the time he reached the end of his recitation. "Very good, boy. I'm impressed. I suggest we eat and then I demand a bath along with your assistance." He watched Jordan gulp and tried not to chuckle. "You could use one, too, no doubt."

"Yes, sir, no doubt."