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Conversations With Leather - Ric Poston

By August 07, 2015


1. Jaco Lourens - For those who don't already know, please tell us about yourself and your connection with the Leather world and where we would have seen you.

Ric Poston - I am an openly gay man with two grown children and five grandchildren. I am a professional firefighter and rancher. I was introduced to the Leather community in 1982, while living in Oklahoma. I fell in love with the Leather life-style and what I believe Leather stands for. After years of living Leather and educating myself within the Leather community, I felt a need to run for a Leather title as a positive role model.

2. Jaco - Please tell us what your profession is and how long have you been involved with it?

Ric - I have been a professional fire fighter for the past five years.

3. Jaco - Are you affiliated with any bars or clubs, would you tell us more about the history?

Ric - My home bar is the Denver Wrangler. My relationship with the Denver Wrangler goes back 12 years, when I first moved to Denver, Colorado. As the Wrangler is a bear and Leather bar, I have competed and produced contests at the Wrangler.  To satisfy the fetish side of the Leather community, I hosted a calendar signing charity event which is now going into its third year. This project brings together both the straight and gay communities together.

4. Jaco - Tell us about your charity involvement and goals and about the calendar you appear in.

Ric - Every week, the Denver Wrangler sponsors a beer bust to support a variety of charities. I occasionally pour beer for organizations that support my brothers' events. My biggest accomplishment was being a model in the 2014 Colorado Firefighter Calendar, and helping raise over $100,000 for the Children's Burn Unit & Burn Camp. I also appeared in the 2015 HomoRodeo.com Calendar to help raise funds for contestants competing at the IGRA Rodeo. The accomplishment closest to my heart would be mentoring a Leather brother that went on to capture the current title of Mr. Oklahoma Leather, Richard Ziese. My next goal to achieve is to be in a Leather calendar that will help further my career as a porn model.

5. Jaco - Tell us about your home life and do you have a chosen family?

Ric - My home life consists of a loving, supporting husband. Colt is educating himself to find his way into the Leather community. He is my biggest supporter in my career as a firefighter, Leather life style and porn model.

6. Jaco - We both share a similar interest, IML (International Mr. Leather) you competed in 1999, please share with us your experience of the event, how did it impact you as a person?

Ric - What's the fondest memory you had running that year? Event was very intense. It proved to me that the influence of Leather was far greater than I could ever imagine. The impact on my life confirmed the influence a Leather leader can have in the community with your fellow brothers and sisters. It proved to that everyone has a responsibility to share their story, whenever asked, as you never know when someone is listening.

7. Jaco - You are a well-recognized porn star, what got you started in the business, what makes you unique and can you tell us some of your favorite moments?

Ric - I was approached by a recruiting agent from a production company at the Denver Wrangler to interview and audition. I fit the bill for a dominant muscle-bear daddy, which allows me to perform across the genres of gay porn: muscle worship, silver daddy, and bear. I have a natural ability to satisfy the viewers fantasies as if they were in the scene. One of my favorite moments was when I was filmed with a famous porn star, by the name of Steve Parker. It was a voyeur's dream come true..., including mine. He was my mentor to the industry, and I learned more from him than anyone else in porn. He taught me that your imagination has no boundaries.

8. Jaco - Who is the most influential person and why?

Ric - My son and daughter are the most influential two in my life. They have always given me unconditional love and support. They have always believed in me and led me to believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to do. Our relationship is something most parents would die for and is only achieved through honesty - no matter what the outcome. I am who I am because of their love and support.

9. Jaco - If you could be anyone dead or alive (not yourself) who would you be and why?

Ric - Joe Gallagher. I have always admired him for everything that he’s done in his lifetime for the Leather community. Mr. Gallagher has always answered any and all questions I might have had about our community. He is definitely a huge inspiration to me.

10. Jaco - What do you see for the future porn in the world?

Ric - I see acceptance in all genres of life. I want people to look at my movies to explore their inner thoughts, and desires without questioning who they are.

11. Jaco - Tells us who your favorite fellow star you appeared with, and why?

Jaco - Is there another scene that you can think of that you would like to do with him and please set the scene for us? Steve Parker is my favorite fellow porn star. He is totally dedicated to the profession, and is one hell of a gentleman. He believed in me and gave me all the right advice about the industry. I am at the fire house when alarm is sent for a fire-rescue situation. When we arrive at the emergency scene, I enter the structure and become quickly involved in the fire. I find Steve in his bedroom totally nude, watching porn.... After rescuing him from the structure that becomes a total loss, Steve feels the need to find me and reward me for my efforts.