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SF's Bay Area Reporter announces new Leather columnist

By January 23, 2014

New Bay Area Reporter Leather Columnist Race Bannon RHSPhotography WebProminent San Francisco Leather community activist Race Bannon will begin writing a new leather column for the Bay Area Reporter, the nation’s longest continually published LGBT newspaper, on January 23, 2014.

Bannon’s first column, penned while attending the annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in Washington, DC, continues the traditions started by the preeminent gay news weekly.

In his first column, Bannon wrote:

“San Francisco and the overall Bay Area has one of the most vibrant leather and kink scenes in the United States and indeed the world. Yes, it’s changed and morphed as various factors have influenced how LGBT kinky folk live and express their alternative erotic identities and sexualities. But the scene is still rather awesome here, and I’m comfortable saying it’s in pretty good shape nationally as well.

“Thus all the more reason I am honored to have been asked to carry on the legacy of the original writer of this column, Mr. Marcus (Marcus Hernandez), who established the Bay Area Reporter’s leather column as one of the preeminent leather news and information sources in the world. Upon Mr. Marcus’ passing, Scott Brogan took over this column and truly did justice to Mr. Marcus’ memory. I promise to always try to live up to both men’s history as I embark on being the caretaker of this important piece of journalistic real estate.”


Bannon’s column will be part of the Bay Area Reporter’s BARtab, the publication’s expanded third section that focuses on nightlife and sexuality. After two and a half years as a monthly supplement, BARtab became a weekly section of the B.A.R. in late September, 2013. Three of the Arts sections columns – Donna Sachet’s On the Town, John F. Karr’s saucy Karrnal Knowledge porn reviews, and the Leather column, were moved to the third BARtab section.

BARtab Editor Jim Provenzano, who hired Bannon, praised both outgoing leather columnist Scott Brogan and writer Bannon.

“Having edited the late Marcus Hernadez’ historic columns each week for several years, I was always amused and amazed by his thoroughness, his gossipy tone and his devotion to this community,” said Provenzano. “For four year’s after Marcus’ passing, Scott provided a personable style to his writing.” Brogan decided to resign from writing the column for personal reasons.
“When Scott announced his departure, the first person I thought of was Race, ” said Provenzano. “I’m totally thrilled to have him on board.”
Bannon, a prominent writer and member of San Francisco’s LGBT and leather communities, has spoken and co-hosted many panels on leather, kink, HIV, aging and other issues in the Bay Area.

Bay Area Reporter News Editor Cynthia Laird said, “I was excited to hear that Mr. Bannon would be joining the B.A.R.’s team. He has a deep history with the leather community in the Bay Area and I think our readers will enjoy his columns. I also want to thank Mr. Brogan, whose writings enabled the paper to continue its groundbreaking tradition of having a leather columnist in the aftermath of Mr. Marcus’s passing. ”

The Bay Area Reporter is San Francisco’s oldest and largest local newspaper serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, and the premier LGBT weekly newspaper of Northern California. Founded in 1971, the B.A.R. has grown over the past 40+ years to become one of the most influential newspapers in the San Francisco Bay Area’s diverse cosmopolitan community.

In 2013, the Bay Area Reporter’s top managers announced a restructuring plan that includes shareholders in the San Francisco Examiner and other local papers. Read that story here: http://www.ebar.com/news/article.php?sec=news&article=68719

Read Bannon’s first Leather column on http://www.ebar.com/bartab
For more on Race Bannon, visit his website: http://www.bannon.com
Photo: Race Bannon. Photo credit: Ron Stafford RHS Photography

Race Bannon’s numerous achievements include:

Founded, along with Guy Baldwin, Kink Aware Professionals, a non-profit service that refers people to kink-sensitive psychotherapeutic, medical and legal professionals. I recently turned over ownership and management of Kink Aware Professionals to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and they now maintain that site.

Project leader of The DSM Project, a grassroots coalition of psychotherapeutic professionals worldwide that banded together to influence the categorization and diagnostic criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the book most psychotherapeutic professionals look to when diagnosing mental health issues. The project led to a beneficial change in the way the psychotherapeutic profession views kink.

Author of the best seller Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun SM Lovemaking, the first basic instructional book on SM sexuality catering to men and women of all orientations.

Founded and served as President and Managing Editor for Daedalus Publishing Company, the first publishing company dedicated to publishing non-fiction books about leather/SM/fetish sexuality.

Prominently featured in the documentaries Vice and Consent (winner of Best Documentary at the CineKink Film Festival in New York) and Out of the Darkness: The Reality of S&M.

Written many articles on sexuality and a former sex advice columnist.

Producer and host of Bound To Talk, the first internet talk show about nontraditional sexuality and relationships.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change 2013 Leather Leadership Award.

Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) Pantheon of Leather Community Service Award, 2010.

National Leather Association International’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2006.

Large Nonprofit Organization of the Year Pantheon of Leather Community Service Award, The DSM Project (Race Bannon, Project Leader), 1995.

Southern California Regional Pantheon of Leather Community Service Award, 1991 and 1993.

Current Board of Directors Chair for Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS).

Current member of Board of Governors for the Leather Hall of Fame.

Current Advisory Board member for The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance.

Past Board member of National Leather Association International, Avatar Club Los Angeles, and the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Co-Founder and Board member of National Leather Association Los Angeles.
Southern California Master 1991 titleholder (along with Mike Pierce, as Southern California Master and slave 1991 contest winners).

Spoken to thousands of people at over 400 speaking engagements.

BARtab website:  http://www.bartabsf.com/

BARtab weekly (since Oct. 2013):  http://www.ebar.com/bartab/ 

BARtab on Facebook   http://www.facebook.com/lgbtsf.nightlife