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Leather Archives Mark Steinbrecher Portrait 300637 WebThe Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) announced today that they have named Matthew Steinbrecher as Curator for the Guest Artist Gallery (GAG) at the museum.

The GAG features prominent and up and coming erotic artists. Previous artists include Justice Howard, Mary Chiodini, Philip Hitchcock, Lochai, John Randle and over a dozen other artists.

Rick Storer, Executive Director of the Leather Archives said "We look forward to his [Matthew Steinbrecher] background and knowledge of erotic art to bring new and different artistic experiences to the GAG Gallery."


puppy play is here and it isn’t going anywhere, so deal with it. 

This new found fetish, play and lifestyle has become increasingly popular amongst the leather community.  I myself identify as a puppy and my breed and name have been given to me by my puppy Trainer, Trainer Ky, who is also my husband. 

If you didn’t know, puppy play is when a person (doesn’t matter what gender) acts out the behavior, mindset, mannerisms of a four legged puppy.  Each puppy usually has a specific breed that represents their own mannerisms.  For example my puppy breed is a Hungarian Vizsla, which is described as a pointer-retriever breed medium sized hunter dog.  Vizsla’s are very excellent nose with high trainability.  Usually Vizsla are lively, affectionate, sensitive, fearless, loyal protective and gentle; but only usually bark or growl is provoked.  Physically their coats are brownish red in color coming out with a solid rust color.  They are called Velcro Dogs. 

Looking at all these characteristics my Trainer is the one who made this determination that I am a Hungarian Vizsla.

Here are some really good things to think about when in puppy mode for Trainers and for pups. 

1)    Trainers before puppy play, always make sure you clear all breakables and sharp objects from the space.  If the pup is in puppy space will honestly sometimes not be aware of things around them while in the head space.  Make sure the space is clean, and know what your puppy is allergic to, to protect them in that certain space.

2)    Get a feeling on what a puppy actually sees.  I suggest getting on all fours (yeah I mean ALL FOURS) and look at how their world is at their level.  

3)    I BIND YOU NANCY, okay I will say that I do not bind any puppy I play with.  If you do be VERY careful.  Circulation in the legs is highly important.  Some people bind and have no problem at all.  Just be careful and make sure you check on the puppy’s legs to make sure they are getting circulation.  

4)    DO NOT SHARE TOYS sharing toys often can be dangerous.  Face it we are human and our gums bleed even without us knowing.  I mean you wouldn’t shove a toy in your ass that someone else has had up their ass without washing it.  I mean come on, We do live in a time of diseases like Hep C.

5)    Puppy mitts, knee pads and boots are a must.   If you do not have any I suggest duck taping your knuckles like a boxer would.  I was irresponsible and I let one of my puppies play without mitts and her knuckles bled.  OUCH. She came to me whimpering and showed me her paw.  I felt like a dick, but I learned my lesson.  Also puppies can injure their feet without proper protective boots.  

6)    Puppy mask isn’t necessary but if your Trainer decides you deserve one, get one that might look like the breed of the puppy.

7)    MAKE SURE YOUR PUPPY HAS THEIR SHOTS……..you know what I mean lol

8)    Be attentive to your puppy’s needs.  Not all puppies are social creatures and some are darn right mean.  If your puppy is mean please do NOT take them to a puppy mosh.   At International Mr. Leather I saw a mean puppy that was taking down by four puppies at one time.  You have been warned, just letting you know it could happen, and don’t be surprised if it does.  

9)    HAVE YOU SEEN MY DOG:  If you collar a puppy, puppy tags are a requirement.  Please make sure you have the puppy name and your phone number on the back of the tags.  Also with any collar make your puppy’s neck doesn’t have an allergic reaction to it.  

10)    CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PUPPY………need I say more.  If your puppy shits I hope you have a plastic bag.

NCSF 225The NCSF's (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) Consent Counts project is holding discussions around the country to gather  input on their Consent Statement so they can move forward to change laws and and perceptions of BDSM. Kinky people still have significant legal, political and societal issues facing them. The majority fears the very real threat of being prosecuted or losing our jobs or families. To change the assault laws, the world needs to know what we think of consent. What is ethical consent? What are the gray areas? Are there things people shouldn't be able to consent to in a BDSM context?


Leather activist and author Race Bannon joined the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) board of directors.

Race is the founder of the popular Kink Aware Professionals free list service that refers people to kink-sensitive psychotherapeutic, medical and legal professionals. Race asked the NCSF to take over the hosting and management of KAP, which is now one of our most popular programs. Race was also the leader of The DSM Project that led to a beneficial change in 1994 in the way the psychotherapeutic profession views BD/SM.

The NCSF is currently building on the foundation laid by Race and Guy Baldwin in that project, moving closer towards the goal of depathologizing BD/SM.

Kinky sex has been one of Race Bannon's passions as a practitioner, organizer, writer, educator, commentator, activist and leader since his first explorations of the leather world starting in 1973.

Race is the author of the best seller Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun SM Lovemaking (Version 2.0 available soon); founder of Daedalus Publishing Company, the first publishing company dedicated to publishing nonfiction leather/SM/fetish books; writer of many articles on sexuality; former sex advice columnist; former producer and host of Bound To Talk, the first internet talk show about kinky sex; past Board member of NLA: International, NLA: Los Angeles and Avatar Club Los Angeles; and associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club.

Race sits on the Board for the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (www.carasresearch.org) and also for the Leather Hall of Fame (www.leatherhalloffame.com). He is on the organizing committee for Open SF, an upcoming 2012, three-day conference focused on creating non-monogamy community (inclusive of polyamorous people, BDSM aficionados, swingers, sex workers, queer non-monogamous folks, and non-monogamous families).
Race can be reached through his web site at www.bannon.com where you can read his sexuality and relationship blog. For more information on NCSF, go to http://www.ncsfreedom.org

Tom Of Finland Drawing 1990The Tom of Finland Foundation, based in Los Angeles, CA announced that Helsinki-filmi, the innovative Finnish production company, has asked it to do a feature about Tom of Finland. Helsinki-filmi has demonstrated enormous respect for the artist who started the Foundation that bears his name.

The Helsinki-filmi biopic will be the first feature-length portrait of Tom of Finland's influential life and career, and everyone involved has committed to crafting it the way that would make Tom proud.

"Every project we've seen from this esteemed company has consistently impressed us with its creativity. The production team has a full grasp of the layers of the subject matter they take on," says Durk Dehner, president and cofounder of Tom of Finland Foundation.

Tom's real name is Touko Laaksonen, he was born on May 8th, 1920 and "May" in Finnish is "Toukokuu." He lived and worked in Helsinki and later Los Angeles. He died in 1991 and was involved in two documentaries made about him during his lifetime (Boots, Biceps and Bulges: The Life and Works of Tom of Finland, 1988 and Daddy and the Muscle Academy, 1991).


Viola Johnson NGLTF Award By Anna Min And NGLTF

With over 60 club dignitaries and Leather titleholders representing 13 Mid Atlantic clubs and major titles backing her on stage, Viola Johnson accepts the Seventh
Annual Leather Leadership Award during the Creating Change Conference closing plenary session produced by the NGLTF (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force)
in Baltimore, MD the weekend of January 25-29. Photo supplied by NCSF

The Leather Journal has a new Mailing Address

The ever-shrinking US Post Office has cut out a large segment of Post Office boxes in stations all over the country. For the second time in less than three years the Hollywood, CA branch has eliminated several hundred boxes and The Leather Journal has been assigned a new PO Box.

Our new address is PO Box 3596, Los Angeles, CA 90078.

Although we moved less than 30 feet inside the same building we were assigned a new ZIP Code. Please make note of this.

Picking out that SIR that makes you wet

Okay so let’s just put it out there.  Not every SIR is the right SIR for you.  I was collared to a very nice SIR for about 6 years.  When that relationship transitioned I took time to myself to figure out just what exactly I needed and wanted.  It wasn’t for several months later that I found another SIR I was willing to submit to, who is great.  When I’m on certain sites that the leather community frequents and see boys and girls begging to be collared.  Some boys even go as far as to change their usernames to things like “CollarMeSir”.  I have even seen a boy go too far and put his number on the website.   Sometimes the best thing to do is to take your time, and not to worry about when the special SIR is going to come into your life.  Yes I said “Wait” as the saying goes, “Good things happen to little boys who wait”.  

To pick out the right SIR:
•    envision what attributes you want in a SIR
•    look at what personality traits best fits yours
•    what characteristics do you have that you want to grow?
•    what characteristics do you have that might be beneficial to a SIR?

Yes there are such things as boys who don’t live with their Sir, which is absolutely normal.  PLEASE do not think that you are not a boy or you are less of a boy because you do not live with your SIR.  Sometimes it’s best for both parties to feel out what kind of relationship can blossom from not living together at first.  BASICALLY SLOW YOUR ROLE, do not get collar because you’re in a rush to have a SIR.  

Yes there are such things as bad SIRS.  I’ve seen abusive pseudo SIRS and SIRS that don’t know what they are doing.  It can be very dangerous especially during play.  Be very careful and make sure you have safe guards in place.
BOYS DO NOT DRINK THE KOOL-AID.  There are several SIRS that “collect” boys just to say or have boys around; it doesn’t make sense for this to happen.  Make sure that you analyze how the SIR works with his other boys.  Sometimes SIRS can bite off more than they can chew and that is an honest mistake, if they are honest with themselves, that’s even better.  

Now I will leave you with this:

boys Bill of Rights

1. Every boy has the right to have his body, intellect, and emotions protected by his Dom.
2. Every boy has the right to choose the man whom he serves and to discontinue that service and take his leave without being subjected to physical, mental, or emotional abuse.
3. Every boy has the right to be cared for, disciplined appropriately, and allowed to feel pride in his submission.
4. Every boy has the right to protected sex if he so wishes.
5. Every boy has the right to privacy if he so wishes. No boy can be blackmailed, publicly humiliated, or physically coerced into service without his expressed desire to be so.
6. Every boy has the right to defend himself from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
7. Every boy has the right to consent or not to consent to sexual activities.
8. Every boy has the right to seek refuge, counsel, and advice from other subs and DOMS without the expectation of sex, money, or any other service in return.
9. Every boy has the right to a physically and emotionally available circle of friends.
10. Every boy has the right to protect his own possessions and finances against intercession, theft, and non-consensual acquisition.

SIRS: Please copy and paste this Bill of Rights into your online profiles if you wish to let subs know how you feel about their rights.

subs, boys, and pups: Please include the Bill in your online profiles and take a stand against abuse.


"And The Kinkiest City In The United States Is…"

On Sunday, August 11 The Gloss published an article by Amanda Chatel stating that Phoenix, Arizona is the kinkiest city in the United States. She presented a Top 10 cities that are the kinkiest in her opinion. San Francisco and Los Angeles made the list, but some other huge cities are conspicuously missing. One is the hub of the Midwest and Great Lakes and the other is on the Eastern Seaboard and will not be amused to see that they are not there.

"Guess.Seriously. I want you to guess. Rack your brain, think of the kinkiest people you know and where they reside. New York City? Los Angeles? Some Podunk town in Kansas somewhere? Where, oh where, could they be?They’re in Phoenix, Arizona, you guys."


After several years of studying video production, theatre, radio, and also various types of building and manufacturing at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts, Ethan Taranto-Kent moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to begin his career as an actor and short film maker. He has also worked as a prop master, prop maker, set builder, film armorer, and firearms instructor.  Taranto-Kent left art department work to pursue an acting career.

From his kickstarter: My name is Ethan (Taranto-Kent), and I love making movies. Mad Nation is one of those movies. It is, in essence, a post-apocalyptic western series. It's been a few hundred years after the bombs went off, and life in the former USA has largely returned to that of the mid-nineteenth century.

Films like The Road or The Road Warrior (no relation) or video game franchises like Fallout or Wasteland reflect one part of Mad Nation.  In Mad Nation, these themes are married to classic western ideas found in shows like Deadwood or films like True Grit, 3:10 to Yuma, and the Dollars Trilogy.




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