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By September 06, 1995


The Leather Journal

Mr. Southwest Drummer Bob Michaels from Las Vegas went out into the Desert to have the photo taken of him that was on the Issue #66 cover.

Panther LLC hosted Prowl VI in Atlanta and Otter was there. Andy Mangels attended the American Uniform Association's 17th Annual Review in Chicago.  Brent Sweer went to Milwaukee to cover the Castaways MC 15th anniversary.  Susan Wright wrote a tribute to the late David Weinbaum. In The Wearin' O' The Hides Daddy Bob dealt with one of those life history Christmas cards while the new kid on the block was The Tannin' O' The Hides by phideaux. Only with The Leather Journal a short while, some of phideaux's zingers were unmatchable! Luke Owens reviewed several books and videos.

Doomed Rabbit Cookbook: Recipes From the Leather Community and Friends author and Mr. Seattle Leather Aubrey Hart Sparks appears on the cover of Issue #67 with his dog. Photo by Luke Owens.

Feature articles: "The pen is mightier than the sword." Truer words have never been spoken. A journalistic World War III broke out over a local Los Angeles columnist's article about "fat, misshapen judges..." The wounds from this battle cut deep on both sides and it was years still before all the wounds healed. Centaur MC's Leather Weekend in Washington, DC got a well-deserved six pages of coverage. Otter covered the Rodeo Riders of Chicago's Rodeo XIX. Daddy Bob went to a home repair center and the result was "Tool Box Review" in The Wearin' O' The Hides. phydeaux' Tannin' O' The Hides was "Amo, Amas, Amat..." Bob Reite's Leather On Line reviewed "The Big Boys: CompuServe, America On Line, Prodigy and Imagination!" SM and the Law is an old stand by when it comes to topics for Leather convention workshops. Attorney Anne Bergstedt gave readers "The Law, SM, and You."

Dave Rhodes took the Issue #68 cover photo of Mr. Southeast Leather 1994 Darryl Flick during Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.

LeatherFest Los Angeles: The Kinkiest Place On Earth featured workshops and was covered. Does the thought of Tony DeBlase coming after you wearing a chef's uniform and wielding a long spatula frighten you? It was one of several photos from Portland Uniform Weekend III turned in by Andy Mangels. Joseph Bean and Michel de la Roche recounted The 15 Association's first 15 years. Otter was at Tri-Cen XI hosted by Philadelphians MC.  Phydeaux's "What is a Master" in Tannin' O' The Hides had to be one of the most precious pieces to grace the pages of The Leather Journal. VASM (Vancouver Activists in SM) member and club newsletter, Scene,  editor Bruce Armstrong added How To..., A Beginner's Survival Guide To SM.

The new International Master and Slave Jack and Tom Stice were the covermen of Issue #69.

Feature articles: Pantheon of Leather found a new home in The Big Easy - New Orleans. Will Pettite from Los Angeles won the International Mr. Bear Contest in San Francisco. Four pages of bears were in this edition. Brent Sweer went to Black Frost XVIII hosted by the Black Guard in Minneapolis, MN. The Copperstate Leathermen held Leatherfest XI in Phoenix. Leather Master - Key West sponsored Enigma. Brian Bramblett won Mr. Portland Leather. "So Many Men" was The Wearin' O' The Hides theme while phideaux told about his Pantheon of Leather V experience in The Tannin' O' The Hides.

International Mr. Leather 1994 Jeff Tucker wearing one of his "Better Together" buttons was on the cover of Issue #70.

Feature articles: Dave Rhodes interviewed Jeff Tucker who spent his year as IML promoting "Better Together" as a theme for community unity. Nearly 1,000 Leathertfolk attended NLA: San Diego's Leatherfest VII in March. Jeff Tucker went to Australian Mardi Gras in Sydney and brought back an interesting batch of photos. Dave Rhodes covered Teddy Bear Club of Virginia's Vernal Arousal at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond. Don Thompson sent in photos of several prelims leading into the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest. ICON Detroit sent photos of their second anniversary. Conductors LLC of Nashville, TN held Track XIII and Otter was there to cover it. The Boys Will Be Boys cartoon by Martin debuted.

International Mr. Leather 1994 Jose Granda was the Issue #71 coverman photographed by Dave Rhodes.

Feature articles: Otter was in St. Louis, MO again for a Blue Max CC run. This time it was Fools Rush In which drew 120 individuals and 17 clubs. An up and coming event in Upstate New York was the Stars MC first Leather weekend East Meets West.   Lee Lambert covered the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo. In The Wearin' O' The Hides Daddy Bob asked, "Have you ever waited in line for anything at the DMV? There are people in those lines who are raising families who never leave the building...."

Larry Everett was the new International Mr. Leather and he was the cover man for Issue #72.

Feature articles: Larry Everett from Collinsville, Oklahoma was named International Mr. Leather at the Congress Theatre. MS Panther's Leder Am Rhein run in Cologne, Germany had interesting photos. A popular run named Ship Wreck was developing in South Florida was hosted by the Key West Wreckers. Otter attended their Shipwreck II. jay wagner reported from Toronto and the combined Tom's Men Look-Alike Contest and CUIR Next Door photo party was a success. NLA: Austin held Texas Leather Pride IV at the beginning of May.  Chock full of workshops and demonstrations presented by the nation's top names were the big draw at Atlanta S/M Solidarity's Spring In The South: Emergence at the end of April.

Mr. National Leather Association 1993 Mark Frazier of Dallas, TX was on the cover of Issue #73.

Feature articles: Photo reproduction was better throughout this edition for some unexplained reason. The coverage of the Leather/SM/Fetish community's participation in greater gay and lesbian pride events was very thorough. Lee Lambert participated in the Athena Women's MC joint run with other women's bike clubs to several pride parades in the state of California including Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco. Bob Fifield and Brent Sweer covered the Phoenix Uniform Club's Annual Uniform and Leather Ball in San Francisco.

Furry International Mr. Drummer 1994 Keith Hunt from Denver was the coverman of Issue #74.

Feature articles: International Ms Leather on the stage of the Bismarck Hotel's theater in Chicago, IL on Saturday night, July 22.

The Mr. Drummer regionals were heating up for the finals in September. A list of regions and winners in this issue. Susan Wright and Richard Canter gave us coverage of the 12th Annual Pride Night in New York City that netted $12,000 for three beneficiaries. 500 Leatherfolk bid on 100 auction items at the Octagon. Then there was the roast for the King of Chrome Jose Ucles at the Edge in Washington, DC.

The first International Mr. Fantasy was J.D. Buchert from Dallas, TX. He is the Issue #75 coverman photographed by Bruce Thompson and Brenda Steele.

Feature articles: One of the most in-depth articles ever to appear in The Leather Journal was Kevin Shancady's interview, The Ringleader: The Story of Roland Jaggard and Operation Spanner. This was the beginning of coverage of the Spanner Case in North America. Fantasy weekend in Omaha became the next International Contest. Four pages cover the event in Omaha. The Last Frontier MC of Anchorage, AK held their Black and Blue Ball. Avatar of Los Angeles rented out Hollywood Moguls for their greatly expanded and highly successful Exploratorium VII. If you like sweat then Southern Decadence is where to be during Labor Day Weekend. The first Daddy's Home! column by Lee Lambert appeared. In The Wearin' O' The Hides Daddy Bob asks/pleads, "Is it November yet?" In The Tannin' O' The Hides phideaux describes The Ultimate SM Pet.

David WW Walker became the second man from Colorado to win the International Mr. Drummer title in as many years and was on his edition's cover.

Feature articles: Rarely does a contestant speech hit the right chord as that delivered by Ron Aure during IML. Several people wrote about it. We printed it verbatim by popular demand. Dave Rhodes' editorial saluted Drummer Magazine on its 20th anniversary, 12 pages were dedicated to San Francisco Leather Pride of which six went to the awesome Folsom Street Fair. Longtime TLJ supporter Uwe Langer sent coverage of MSC Hamburg's 20th anniversary in Germany. Daddy Bob and his lover George went to Europe and Fortress Europe, June 1992 was the result in The Wearin' O' The Hides. What's Wrong With This Picture? phideaux asks in The Tannin' O' The Hides.

The Leather Journal's Lifetime Achievement Award 1995 winner Viola Johnson is the coverwoman complete with vampire teeth.

Feature articles: Dave Rhodes got the chance to talk to Viola Johnson while they were on the boat cruise at Texas Leather Pride IV. Among the gifts handed out in Dave Rhodes' "Annual Christmas List" were: to "Audrey Joseph - 10 smoke machines; to Sean Martin - a date Jean Claude Van Damme;" and more. Living In Leather celebrated its 10th anniversary in Portland, OR.

Andy Mangels covered the AUA 18th International Uniform Review that was held in Portland, OR. The Lady Green column made its first appearance with a Hanky Code for hets.

Issue #78 coverman Antonio Sanchez from Madrid, Spain won the Mr. Europe Leather and Mr. Europe Drummer titles in one weekend in Amsterdam.

Feature articles: Luke Owens resigned as assistant editor of The Leather Journal and was replaced by Bob Fifield at the beginning of Issue #79. Fifield had already been serving as office manager. Luke moved to San Francisco. Dave Rhodes first trip to Europe brought back many memories including Motor Sport Amsterdam's 25th anniversary and the ECMC Annual General Meeting. Coverage of Daddy Flo and Ron Hendon's Olympus win in Atlanta appeared. Lee Lambert's Daddy's Home! column was about The Ghosts of New Year's Past. Lisa Weiszmiller became The Leather Journal office manager.


Spearhead raised $600 and donated 600 toys to the Woodgreen Community Centre in Toronto.

Panther L/L of Atlanta, GA distributed $2,500 to five AIDS-related charities.

Menamore held Lion's Pride VI in Wilmington, NC.

Omikron of Indianapolis, IN hosted Omikron 500 - Lap II.

The 15 Association's 15th anniversary was celebrated in San Francisco.

Luke Owens took over MAST (Masters and Slaves Together).

VASM honored its founding father George Whiting at a ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The National Leather Association: International closed its San Francisco headquarters on Folsom Street in San Francisco.

The OCLA'S (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) SM Sampler VI in Palm Springs drew 100 Leatherfolk.

NLA: San Diego seceded from the National Leather Association: International and evolved into Club X.

The Northern California Leather Association of the Deaf, as part of the Deaf Lesbian and Gay Awards Night, honored Daniel Sonnenfeld with the Leadership Award in San Francisco.

LeatherFest Los Angeles installed new officers. The organization disbanded a few months later.

Columbia University withdrew its recognition of Conversio Virium, a pansexual Leather/SM/fetish discussion group, but the organization later regained recognition at the university which lies near the northern tip of Manhattan in New York City.

Another summer brought another Spanner Mart auction by The 15 Association that raised $7,248 at the Women's Building in San Francisco.

The Run to Badger Flat hosted by Satyrs MC of Los Angeles was cancelled in 1995 and was to be resumed in 1996.

Delta International held its first run in Pennsylvania named Delta '95.

Motown was the site of ICON Detroit's Toga, Jockstrap and Underwear Parties in August.

Living In Leather celebrated its 10th anniversary in Portland, OR. An Anne Rice theme dinner was so popular that the theme dinner format was promised for the next year.  Mark Frazier was announced as male cochair. Viola Johnson and Larry Townsend were honored with the Lifetime Achievement Awards. Chapter of the Year was NLA: Austin.

NLA: Dallas held Beyond Vanilla VII.

Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (FIST) from Baltimore, MD hosted Camp FIST.

The Chamber has big first anniversary bash in Atlanta, GA.

A documentary on the Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro, NC, TLC: A Year With a Leather Club by Randy Riddle premiered at New York City's Lesbian and Gay Community Center.

The phone scam artist was back according to Trident: Baltimore president Allen Grim.

The Trident Knights, Spartans LLC and Leather/Levi Brigade hosted the Palmetto Adventure in Spartanburg, SC.

The Gryphons of Dayton, OH held Parthenon II - The Leather Odyssey.

Leather Titles

Spartan MC member Joe Morris from the Nation's capital was named Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather.

Will Pettite became Mr. Southern California Bear.

Raymond Citron was named Mr. DC Eagle.

Led by Northwest Mr. Drummer Al D Sowers, several titleholders raised $900 through an auction for Rise-N-Shine Foundation and the Building Blocks For Children Foundation in Seattle.

Lance Bray resigned his Mr. Indiana Leather 1994 title. The sash was picked up by first runner-up Michael Cooper.

Southern California Masters and Slaves Contest was won by Mark Malan and Matthew Pogue.

Chris Reynolds of Las Vegas, NV won new Mr. Silver State Drummer and Aaron from Reno was named Silver State Drummer Boy in Las Vegas.

The night before in Reno Judy R. was picked Ms Silver State Leather and Lee Zirkle became Mr. Silver State Leather.

Renfied won the Mr. Nebraska Leather title again and Miss Amanda became Ms Nebraska Leather.

Rick LaPray was selected Mr. Seattle Leather.

Jack and Tom Stice from Atlanta, GA won the International Masters and Slaves Contest at Pantheon of Leather.

Will Pettite from Los Angeles won the International Mr. Bear Contest in San Francisco.

Ron Ankeny was named Mr. Ohio Valley Leather.

Mr. NLA 1994 Don Bastian led the way in raising $4,500 for Gay Lines Calgary.

Michael Prater of Richmond, VA won the Mr. Southeast Leather sash.

The new Washington State Mr. Leather was Raymond Lebrun.

Al Reese was named Mr. San Diego Leather.

Frank DiPasquale won the Mr. Floyd's Leather title.

Christian White won the Mr. Ft. Lauderdale Eagle Contest.

The Mr. Empire State Contest in Albany was won by Rick Gonyo.

Mr. San Francisco Leather was won by Wolf Marisol.

Mr. San Diego Leather was taken by Daniel Greene.

Mr. Rocky Mountain Leather nabbed by Kevin Shancady.

Mr. Philadelphia Leather was snagged by Wolf Klumpf.

Suzette Dyanick was named Ms Philadelphia Leather.

Andy Borden won Mr. New York Leather.

Buddy LaRue became Mr. New Mexico Leather.

Lady Willow won the Ms New Mexico Leather title.

It was announced that the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition would return in November after a two-year hiatus.

Daddy Flo won the North Florida Ms Leather title.

Jim Maciel became Mr. Brig Leather.

Wally Diamond became Mr. 121 Leatherman in Hamilton, Ontario.

Bill McBean was the first Mr. Black Eagle Leather in Toronto.

Ms Leather Toronto was Jo Ryan who was first runner-up the year before.

Dallas' Jackson Myars won he Mr. Texas Leather Pride title.

Larry Everett from Collinsville, Oklahoma was named International Mr. Leather. 50 men vied for the sash of all Leather sashes at the Congress Theatre. The staff and upwardy mobile yuppie clientele at the Hyatt Regency Hotel were in for a real consciousness raising weekend. Tim Cousins won the International Bootblack Contest. The hometown party began to upstage the IML contest with its big production numbers.

Wisconsin Daddy was Jim Mierzwa and Wisconsin Daddy's Boy was Jeff Hardin.

Ed Moore won the Mr. DC Drummer Contest.

Denise Johns won the first Ms Florida Leather title.

 Ms Philadelphia Leather 1995 Susan Dyanick and Ms Baltimore Eagle 1993 Megan DeJarlais exchanged vows in Philadelphia, PA.

"The contest moved to Chicago, but the title remained in California" exclaimed one person from San Francisco after pat baillie of San Jose, CA was named International Ms Leather on the stage of the Bismarck Hotel's theater in Chicago, IL on Saturday night, July 22. This was Amy Marie Meek's first production of the weekend and it was the first time that it was held outside San Francisco. Amy's goal was to move the event to a new city each summer. A vendor fair and other events were added making it a weekend full of fun.

Mr. Drummer regional winners included: Mr. Desert Plains Drummer Jim Gau of Omaha, NE (Great Plains and Southwest were combined this year); Mr. Gulf Coast Drummer John Benevides of Houston, TX; Mr. Southeast Drummer Rico Ware of Atlanta, GA, Southeast Drummer Boy Patrick Langone; Mr. Mid-Atlantic Drummer Ed Ryder; Mr. Great Lakes Drummer Alvin Robinson of Madison, WI, Great Lakes Drummer Boy was troy; Mr. Northeast Drummer Adam Colt of New York City; Rocky Mountain Mr. Drummer David WW Walker of Colorado Springs, CO, Rocky Mountain drummer Boy Kevin McGraw of Denver, CO; and Mr. Southern California Drummer Joe Spina of Los Angeles, CA, Southern California Drummer Boy; Mr. Florida Drummer Ray Castro of Jacksonville, FL.

The new International Mr. Deaf Leather was David Cowan from Indianapolis, IN. The contest was held in Montreal, Quebec.

Four titles were divied out in Hayward, CA: Mr. and Ms Alameda County Leather were Kenneth E. Meyer and Kristi Lee "Thumper" Cox, Mr. Alameda County Drummer Roger Clark Luttrell and Ms Alameda County Cheeks and Chaps Yvonne Driver.

Cornelius Conboy became San Francisco Leather Daddy XIII.

Cosponsored by Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1995 Joe Morris and Mr. Southeast Leather 1993 Darryl Flick, the first East Coast Title Holders' Conference was held in Richmond, VA.

Derek DiPiero won the Mr. Pride In Leather title in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Roy Perry and Trevelyan Anderson won the Mr. and Ms Alaska Leather titles.

Mitch Pierce won the Mr. Louisiana Leather Contest sponsored by the Lords of Leather in New Orleans.

Paul Dunn was named Mr. Bear Toronto.

Steve Crouse won the San Francisco Leather Daddy's Boy Contest.

David WW Walker, the second Denver/Greg Lowe sponsored contestant in as many years, was International Mr. Drummer and Pup from Los Angeles became International Drummer Boy.

International Mr. Drummer 1992 Woody Bebout was presented the Felton T. Day Memorial Award in St. Louis, MO by the St. Louis Pride Committee.

David Hoffenbacker and Stacey became the last Mr. and Ms National Leather Association titleholders.

The new Mr. Leather Colorado was Craig Mercer.

Kevin Burke became Mr. Eagle New York.

Mr. Upstate Leather was Larry Gazzilli.

Ms and Mr. New Mexico Leatherfest were Shannon McAlexander an Tristan-Tyler.

Raymond Lebrun resigned the Washington State Mr. Leather title.

Ron Hendon and Daddy Flo won the Mr. and Ms Southeast Olympus Leather Contest in Atlanta, GA.

Duncan MacLachlan was named Mr. Leatherman Toronto and Tony DeCosta was Mr. Fellowship in Toronto.

Kevin Roche was renamed Mr. Southbay/San Jose Leather and Miranda von Stockhausen became Ms Southbay/San Jose Leather.

Beau Baker was Mr. Palm Springs Leather.

Daddy Flo and Ron Hendon were winners at South East Olympus in Atlanta

Bryian Pimental and Mistress Morgana won the Great Plains Olympus titles in Denver.

Ms San Diego Leather was Deni.

COMMAND's' anniversary featured the Mr. Maryland Leather Contest won by Greg Satorie.

Mike Garety was chosen Mr. Connecticut Leather.  Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy's Boy were Eric Bonsteel and Dan "Puppy" Daniels.

News and Politics

The Washington State Legislature pronounced February 4 as Aubrey Hart Sparks Day.

The Leather Rack in Washington, DC was sold to Jim McGlade by Dick Cogan.

LeatherFest Los Angeles: The Kinkiest Place On Earth featured workshops, two dungeon parties, a vendor fair and community service awards. Durk Dehner, founder of the Tom of Finland Foundation, was named Man of the Year, Crystal Cross was Woman of the Year and author Larry Townsend received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Through both years of planning and preparation the organizers were told by some of the area's "big names" that it would never happen - 700 people attended! Some of those responsible for this event were: Ben Cable-McCarthey, GL Leyner, Phil Ross, Bob Fifield, Matt McMahan, Lee Lambert, Donnie and Le Rice, Dave Rhodes, Luke Owens, Scott Nelson.

An Oklahoma lawmaker introduced a discrimination bill in his state while the Oregon Citizens Alliance was preparing another hate campaign in Oregon. Meanwhile the people of Topeka, KS were over Reverend Fred Phelps.

Pantheon of Leather found a new home in The Big Easy - New Orleans. Don Thompson and Kay Hallanger emceed. The awards and their winners were: Man of the Year, Lenny Broberg; Woman of the Year, Donna Shrout; Readers Choice (Women), Sallee Mallard Huber and Amy Marie Meek; Readers Choice (Men) Mark Frazier; Lifetime Achievement, Viola Johnson; Forebearer, Marcus Hernandez.

The Citizens Alliance of Washington made another effort to establish a Fourth Reich there.

Mr. B in Amsterdam released a detailed warning about the dangers of using Crisco for play.

The Barracks hosted the first Gay Biker Weekend in Daytona Beach, FL.

Freeze and Sleeze III was held in Indianapolis, IN and honored its late founders Ed Tobin and David Hawn.

The U.S. Senate voted to ban cyber porn.

Movie star Carol Channing presented her famous Diamond Award to San Francisco Eagle manager Bob Bowling.

Jo Leroux was the first woman to win Wally Sherwood's 10th annual Wally Look-Alike Contest in San Francisco that has raised nearly $17,000 for charity during that span.

Iran's parliament banned the sale of seedless watermelons in an effort stop the spread of homosexuality in that country.

The Bear History Project was announced by Professor Les Wright of Mount Ida College outside Boston.

Philip Turner raised $7,000 for the AIDS Emergency Fund with a Leather Extravaganza in San Francisco.

The first Toronto Leatherball was held at Boots and the Kurbash.

$6,000 was raised at the Fetish and Fantasy Ball presented by Don Thompson and founded by Alan Selby. No one was competing for a sash in this pansexual staged expression of art.

It was long awaited and it finally happened! The Leather Archives an Museum held its grand opening in Chicago on November 3.

Tom of Finland held a Members Weekend in Los Angeles.

Ruling that the consent of a bottom was irrelevant, a Canada judge used a Spanner Precedent in ruling that a top was guilty of assault.

Books and Publications

It took six-and-a-half years for Sean Martin to compile it, but his new book, Doc & Raider: Caught on Tape was premiered at Badlands in Toronto.

Boudoir Noir Magazine of Toronto announced the Shirley Solomon of The Shirley Show in Toronto was the recipient of their Crusader Award.

Taste of Latex published its first issue.

GRUF (GReat Ushaven Faces) Magazine held a dance and party to kickoff its first issue in Toronto.

Boudoir Noir Magazine from Toronto, Ontario was refused entry into Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons.

Toronto Star columnist Donna Laframbois was the recipient of Boudoir Noir Magazine's Crusader Award in Toronto, Ontario.

Metropolitan Slave Magazine was the brainchild of John Birch in Chicago.


The Leather Journal went on-line.

NLA: Friends became an on-line service for members and friends.

New on the Scene

NLA: Russian River, Guerneville, CA; Men of Discipline, New York, NY; Black Eagle, bar, Toronto, Ontario; Red Earth Bears, Oklahoma City, OK; FLAG (Fits Like A Glove), North Dartmouth, MA; The Smoke Exchange, New York, NY; Tyger Tyger, London, UK; Mecs En Caoutchouc, Dammarie Les Lys, France; Trident: Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; The Eros Group, Cincinnati, OH; Womanlink, Berkeley, CA; South Texas Leather Men, Corpus Christi, TX; Dragon Leather Club, Columbus, OH; Knight Cruisers, Lexington, KY; Common Bond, Cambridge, MA; Bound and Determined, Hadly, MA; Women's Leather Network, Los Angeles, CA; Seattle Kink Network, Seattle, WA; West Florida Growlers, Tampa Bay, FL; NLA: On-line, Cyberspace, Earth; Alameda County Leather Corps, Oakland, CA; Cogent Warriors, San Francisco, CA; People Exchanging Power, Norcross, GA; Atlanta Power Exchange, Atlanta, GA; D&S Society, Towson, MD; Bergenfield Bears, New York, NY; Olympia Leather/SM Group, Olympia, WA; Sober, Safe, Sane, and Consensual Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Collars, Seattle, WA; Brew City Bears, Milwaukee, WI; Women's Welcoming Committee, Seattle, WA; South Sound S&M Leatherfolk, Olympia, WA; No Safeword Writer's Group, Seattle, WA; Coastal Sentinels, Savannah, GA; ONYX/Chicago, Chicago, IL; LEO (Leather Engineers of Omaha), Omaha, NE; Dedicated and Safe, Chicago, IL; Megelesia, Montreal, Quebec


30 Years: Sixty Nine Club, London, UK

25 Years: Entre Nous, Boston, MA

20 Years: Trail's End run, Kansas City Pioneers, Kansas City, MO; Excelsior MC, New York, NY; Rochester Rams, Rochester, NY; Iron Guard BC, New York; Drummer Magazine, San Francisco, CA; MSC Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany; Ottawa Knights, Ottawa, Ontario; FFA - CAC, Washington, DC

15 Years: The 15 Association, San Francisco, CA

10 Years: Hartford Colts, Hartford, CT; Wally Look-Alike Contest, San Francisco, CA; Living In Leather X, National Leather Association: International; TDA - Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Five Years: Pantheon of Leather V, The Leather Journal; Betty Page Social Club, Toronto, Ontario; Stars and Stripes In Leather V run and Fifth Anniversary, Tarheel Leather Club, Greensboro, NC; Mirage V run, Capital City Riders, Austin, TX; Bound By Serenity V run, LSM Round Up, San Francisco, CA; Harbor City Bears, Sydney, Australia; Vulcan America Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; Delta International, Chicago, IL

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Tuff Stuff co-owner Reverend Dale Autry McKissack, Phoenix, AZ.

Gay Christianity author John Boswell, New Haven, CT.

Mr. Indiana Leather 1992 Ed Tobin, Indianapolis, IN.

Great Lakes Drummer Boy 1992 David Hawn, Indianapolis, IN.

International Mr. Leather 1987 Tom Karasch, Hamburg, Germany died in Amsterdam.

MHR AIDS Support Group cofounder Johnnie A. Garcia, San Francisco, CA.

Leather activists Matt McMahan, Los Angeles, CA.

Mr. Florida Leather 1993 Robert Gall, Daytona Beach, FL.

C-Space, Seattle, WA disbanded.

Ozbears, Sydney, Australia disbanded.

The Leather Journal's first Woman of the Year, Seattle Gay News photo editor Cookie Andrews-Hunt, Seattle, WA.

Erotic video star Chris Burns, San Diego, CA.

Seattle Men in Leather charter member and business partner of the late Lee Willis, Bill Robbins, Seattle, WA.

Cofounder of Leather Fest Los Angeles and editor of Fetish Magazine, Gary L. Leyner.

Spanner defendant Colin Laskey, United Kingdom.

Doomed Rabbit Cookbook cover illustrator Michael Max, Seattle, WA.

Mr. Leatherman Toronto 1991 John Thatcher, Toronto, Ontario.

AIDS and Leather activist Gary Cheatham, San Diego, CA.

Rocky Mountain Regional Award 1994 winner, Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991 and multi-office holder for the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico Pat Sanchez, Belen, NM.

Mr. Leather New Orleans and South Central Regional Award 1995 winner Jamie Esposito, New Orleans, LA.

AIDS and Leather activist Edward Toms, St. Petersburg, FL.

Erotic illustrator Pablo Urda, New York, NY.

Lost Angels, Washington, DC disbanded.

Cascade Bears, Portland, OR disbanded.

NLA cochair, Windy City Bondage Club founder and Leather Activist Albert Kraus, Chicago, IL.

International Bootblack 1993 David Morgan, Baltimore, MD.

IML Contest technical advisor William Scott Albiez, Chicago, IL.

Opened: Daddy's, bar, San Francisco, CA.

Opened: Black Body, rubber apparel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Leather activist and Update Leather columnist Richard Reynolds, San Diego, CA.

Wayne's Leatherack sole proprietor, The Leather Journal's Publisher's Award 1993 winner and Leather activist Wayne Griffin, Los Angeles, CA.