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By August 05, 2000

The Leather Journal

Chris Wentzell wrote a history of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club's 45 years while Dave Rhodes photographed Satyrs MC members for the cover of Issue #118.

The following were winners of the Excellence in Club Communications honors promised in the June Issue. Winners were determined by the sole opinion of The Leather Journal. Best Newsletter, GMS/MA's Newslink; Most Informative Newsletter, Submissions produced by SigMa of Washington, DC; Best Designed Newsletter: Large club went to GMS/MA's Newslink and Small Club went to VASM's (Vancouver Activists in SM) Scene; Best Club Event Flyer, GMS/MA designed for the first Gotham Leatherman Contest and the Regiment of the Black and Tans in Los Angeles, invitation to their Christmas dinner; Best Club Photo, Philadelphians MC produces a wonderful Christmas photo every year; Best Web Site, TULSA (Tulsa Uniform and Leather Seekers Association; Most Informative Web Site, Society of Janus and the Leathermen's Discussion Group, both from San Francisco, CA; Hottest Web Site, Golden Gate Guards of San Francisco and TULSA.

The Centaur Motorcycle Club of Washington, DC celebrated their 35th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary of Leather Cocktails and the 15th Anniversary of the Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather Contest the weekend of January 13-16. Winner Tom Robinson graced  the cover of Issue #119.


A jury in San Diego, CA unanimously acquitted Crickett Watkins, the first of The San Diego Six charged with committing a Lewd Act in Public.

The board of Club X San Diego accepted the recommendation by its LeatherFest executive staff that LeatherFest XI be postponed 2001. The new date would be Labor Day Weekend of 2001 and it was held in Palm Springs, CA.

A poll of those who attend OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) meetings in Garden Grove, CA suggests that monthly programs include, Finding a Mentor, Bondage Furniture/Equipment, Trust and Respect, Daddy/Boy or Owner/Puppy Relationships, Rope and Head Bondage, Shaving, Hot Wax, Pressure Points and Prostate Massage, Needles and Temporary Piercing and Building a Play Space.

On Sunday, January 9 the Denver/Defenders Levi Leather Club elected the following officers for 2000: leader Tony Cordova, secretary Jon Cole and treasurer Jim Steffens.

The newly elected officers of the Atons were president Sam Carlisle, reelected vice president Jeff Mehelich, reelected treasurer Paul Rozendaal, secretary Bruce Chambers.

The Bluegrass COLTS of Lexington, KY named their new officers who were president Gary Hall, vice president Richard Watts, secretary/treasurer Steve Bowman and road captain Larry Stanley.

The Chicago Hellfire Club made Vince Butz an honorary member. Vince had been active with CHC since the early 1980's and served as vice president of the club and Inferno coordinator several times.

The Centaur Motorcycle Club of Washington, DC celebrated their 35th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary of Leather Cocktails and the 15th Anniversary of the Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather Contest the weekend of January 13-16.

The Roman Eagles became the newest Leather club in Europe when held their first meeting on January 16 in Rome, Italy.

The new board for the Rainmakers of South Florida included president John Kingma, vice president Doug Levy, treasurer Jeff Krenz, secretary Kevin Freeman, ad-hoc Glen Cameron and Michael Gates, newsletter Mark Berger and web master Alex Curbelo. The Trident Knights presented Carolina Encounters in Charleston, SC near the end of January with plenty of workshops and a vendor fair.

John Maxwell, Bryan McGee and Benny Warden were inaugurated as new Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf (BLADeaf) officers at the 10th Anniversary banquet.

Avatar celebrated its 17th Anniversary at a luxurious home on Mount Olympus in the Hollywood Hills. The theme was Neptune's Dungeon.

International Bear Rendezvous 2000, sponsored by the Bears Of San Francisco took place at the Gift Center.

The 15 Association of San Francisco celebrated its 20th Anniversary on the last weekend of February. The club was recognized by San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown for its long history of community service.

The Tampa Bay Bondage Club hosted Black Out 2000 at the Suncoast Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL on the first weekend of February.

The Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro, NC held two Blackhearts Balls in February, the first in Washington, DC in conjunction with the Scarlett's Bake Sale fundraiser and one at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro the following weekend.

The Knights of Malta: Jet Chapter in Seattle, WA held their annual Beggar's Feast at the Polish Hall.

The members of Spearhead in Toronto, Canada celebrated their 30th Anniversary at the Royal Canadian Curling Club on Saturday night, March 11. Founded in 1970, Spearhead is the oldest Leather/Denim affiliation in Canada.

The Richmond Leather Club of Richmond, VA celebrated their First Anniversary with Bal de Sade at Fielden's.

SM Gays in London, UK held Slave Academy 2000 at the Hoist where masters put their slaves on display. Each slave had six challenges to excel and to show their skills.

The SM/Fetish clubs of Los Angeles and Orange County banded together and presented Working Out The Kinks - A Guide To Leather Sex,...etc. at the Ed Gould Plaza Auditorium in front of over 150 Leatherfolk. The free presentation by members of Avatar, LA RAWW, LA Shanti, OCLA and Threshold was aimed at those new into Leather/SM/Fetish or those who were interested and want to know more.

Menamore held Lion's Pride XI. The special guest was To Love, To Obey, To Serve and Damphir author Viola Johnson. Over $5,000 was raised for the Leather Archives and Museum.

Heartless presented Dreams to Reality in Omaha, NE the weekend of March 10-12 at the Reddick Hotel. Dreams to Reality featured workshops, a show, vendors and play parties.

3SM of Calgary, Canada held their Ides of March Weekend with Hardy Haberman of Dallas, TX as guest speaker.

Entre Nous of Boston, MA made its annual trip south to the Big Easy for Equinox in New Orleans, hosting parties in the French Quarter and no doubt the Phoenix.

Saber MC of Fort Lauderdale, hosted Saber THRUST XVIII with multiple dungeons, vendor fair and a boat cruise.

The Seattle Men in Leather named its new board members. They were president Marc Mead, vice president Jake Brower, treasurer Woody Woodruff and board members Don Brown, Rick Graven, Frank Nelson and Larry Ryan.

The Kansas City Pioneers celebrated their 25th Anniversary with their Silverado 2000 run at the Downtown Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, MO. As part of the weekend, the first Conference of Conference took place with member clubs of the Mid-America Conference of Clubs, American Motorcycle Conference of Clubs, Texas Conference of Clubs, Southeast Conference of Clubs and the Houston Conference of Clubs.

Northwind held Rubbout X in Vancouver, Canada This has become one of the major stops for rubber/latex players each year. The Shipmates held their 26th Anniversary.

The Steel City Centurions held their annual Uniform Party at the Toolbox in Birmingham, AL, a well-attended event that even an F-1 tornado could not stop.

Code 12 Jax of Jacksonville, FL held Jailbreak 2000 and announced that their membership had grown to 16 in less than two years.

The Regiment of the Black and Tans held their Spring Maneuvers weekend in Los Angeles and it lived up to its billing with men from Portland, OR to as far away as Germany attending.

OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) began meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month, with the first Tuesday being Leather Rap 101.

In late 1999, the Baltimore area SM community lost it's public venues for education and recreational activities due to Baltimore City zoning problems. With the help of the NCSF, concerned citizens formed a task force, Baltimore AT EASE (Baltimore Advocates for Tolerance and Education of Alternative Sexual Expression), to address the problems with SM groups in Baltimore City.

Not far away in Washington, DC, SigMa chairman Ed Moore was honored for his service as cochair of the Leather Leadership Conference.

The Sandia Leathermen Club in Albuquerque, NM disbanded after several years of great contributions to the Leather community locally and nationally.

On April 28 a slave auction by MAsT: New York raised $810 from 16 slaves that were placed on the auction block.  The proceeds of this auction benefitted New York’s Lesbian and Gay Anti-Violence Project.

The Los Angeles area gay Asian community gathered for an evening of Leather/SM/Fetish at The Village - Ed Gould Plaza in Hollywood. Avatar's public relations officer George Wong co-presented with Andre Ting of the Chinese Rainbow Association.

Shibari: Las Vegas hosted the West Coast Regional Leather community activists presentations in Las Vegas.

NLA: Austin presented its ninth annual Texas Leather Pride in Austin Texas the weekend of May 4-7 and held the Texas Leather Pride Leather Contest with Bob Keltner and Candice Young, both of Dallas and members of NLA: Dallas winning.

Tsarus was holding their Aida 2000 run the same weekend in the woods near Memphis, TN. The Utica Tri's hosted their 14th Anniversary Weekend in Utica, NY.

One of the popular runs in the Southeast is Shipwreck hosted by the Key West Wreckers. 140 people attended Shipwreck 2000.

Pittsburgh MC held Three Rivers XVI: A Treasure Hunt the weekend before IML.

Trident: LA named its new officers. They were president John Strnisha, vice president John McMinn, secretary Bryce Pedges and treasurer Bryce Pedges (not an error).

The Tradesmen Leather Club of Charlotte, NC held Trademark XIV.

The Texas Conference of Clubs hosted Lonestar XIII at their Buzzard's Peak camp ground near Cameron, TX.

The Border Riders Motorcycle Club of Seattle, WA, the Pacific Northwest's oldest and largest motorcycle club for gay men, held their 31st Annual Victoria Day Run.

A Night of Pain, Pleasure, Passion, and Ecstasy was the theme for Avatar's Exploratorium in North Hollywood, CA.

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club hosted their Spring Run at Camp Wasewagon in the San Bernardino National Forest over Memorial Day Weekend.

The Knights of Malta: Jet Chapter held Rendezvous 2000, Knights in Leather Fantasyland at Miller River.

The Firedancers held their 13th Anniversary and Ruby Slipper Charity Auction in Dallas, TX. The run featured bar and cocktail parties, comedy show, awards, banquet and a road rally.

The 15 Association held a successful Boot Camp run at Saratoga Springs about 125 miles north of San Francisco with about 70 men from as far as Manchester, England attending.

The Phoenix Uniform Club held their Ninth Annual Leather and Uniform Ball on Friday night, June 23 in the Green Room San Francisco Civic Center with over 650 people eating a fabulous buffet and dancing to the live Big Band music of City Swing.

The Satyrs and Warriors Motorcycle Clubs banded together to host the Joshua Tree Run in the Southern California desert.

The Philadelphians MC held their Annual Picnic at Valinor Farms in Bucks County, PA.

The newly elected board of GMS/MA (Gay Male S/M Activists) included chairman Andrew Harwin, president Peter Boruchowitz, vice president Gil Kessler (also education chairman), treasurer Michael J. Horowitz, executive secretary Paul Westin and membership, secretary David T. Wallace. Joining them were newly elected board members Gary Chefetez, Tom Dennison, and Michael Yongue, as well as reelected members Bruce Marcus and Joe O' Sullivan (special events chairman). They joined returning members Craig Owen, Thom Saporita (public relations chairman), and John Zimmerman. Additional members of the board included the following committee chairmen: membership Tom Kelley, publications Fred Michmershuizen, programs Davien O. Nelson and Folsom Street East V committee chairman Philip Williams.

GMS/MA produced its Fourth Annual Folsom Street East Block Party in New York, NY. The weekend saw Leather Pride Night raise big bucks the night before and Fred Little won the Mr. Lure 2000 Contest.

The Key West Wreckers hosted Ship Wreck VIII: On the Rocks at Lighthouse Court in Key West, FL. The club's officers for 2001 were president Jonathan Fowler, vice president Kevin Truehart, secretary Tom Kemper, treasurer Ed Burr, Angus Konstam and historian Kenne Tucker.

Philadelphians MC held an overnighter at Valinor Farms titled Down on the Farm.

The Knight Hawks of Virginia received the Hampton Roads Pride 2000 Community Service Award during the annual Pride Picnic at Lakewood Park in Norfolk, VA.

Community Ties drew 400 fellow BDSMers to a summer camp in Southeast Pennsylvania for Leather Retreat 2000.

The Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro, NC celebrated their 10th annual summer camp out run with X Marks The Spot, June 30-July 2.

NLA: International became the first organization to announce their affiliation and support of  the Leather Literary Project. The Project's first effort would be The Leather Encyclopedia. The first formal presentation was made to the public at this year's Living in Leather Conference in Seattle. The Leather Encyclopedia was to be the first of its kind; an alphabetical reference chronicling the history, achievements and advancements of the Leather/SM/Fetish community along with biographies of pioneers, leaders and significant contributors over the years.

The New York Renegades hosted their eighth annual Renegade Run at a private rustic retreat in the Delaware Valley, PA.

The Atons of Minneapolis held their 14th biennial run with the theme being The Legend of Paul Bunyan.

The California Eagles MC went on their annual summer weekend motorcycle run July 7-9 to the Spyglass Inn at Pismo Beach about 200 miles South of San Francisco.

NLA: Oklahoma City named their new officers: cochair TJ McKinsey,  male cochair Stephen Scott, treasurer Storm Turner and council member at large Hank Peplowski, educational chair Brent Fluty, charitable endeavors Nikkii Adams and web master Ed Luisser.

PEP: Atlanta (People Exchanging Power) moved into a new and much larger club house in Tucker, GA.

Avatar Club of Los Angeles drew more than 3,000 Leatherfolk from all over Southern California to Exploratorium 2000 on Saturday night, May 20 in North Hollywood, CA.

There was nearly 15,000 Leatherfolk at GMS/MA's (Gay Male S/M Activists) Folsom Street East 2000 (FSE) block party in front of The LURE in New York on Sunday, June 19. It was cloudy most of the day and there were a few sprinkles of rain, but it was not enough to stop a record crowd from attending.

Leatherfolk from across the world converged on the Sea-Tac Double Tree Inn June 29 - July 3 for the National Leather Association: International's Living in Leather XV conference. Over 500 people took part  in four days of dinners, play parties, workshops and shopping opportunities in the Leather market.

The third annual Thunder in the Mountains weekend took place held in Denver, CO. The list of workshop presenters included Joseph Bean, Brian Dawson, Bob Deegan, Cleo Dubois, Leslie Finney, Mark Frazier, Roger Leighton, Fetish Diva Midori, Fakir Musafar, Gayle Rubin, Frank Strona and Lolita Wolf.

Motor Sport Amsterdam celebrated its 30th Anniversary by hosting the ECMC and Leatherfolk from all over the world during the first weekend of August.

The Rochester Rams celebrated 25th anniversary with a summer run at a campground near Seneca Lake.

The Bluegrass COLTS celebrated their 10th anniversary with Xtacy 2000 in Lexington, KY with the run being cosponsored by the Louisville Knightwings and the COLTS.

Avatar hosted Camp Avatar 2000 at a campground near Silverwood Lake north of San Bernardino, CA.

The Eulenspiegel Society held a highly successful TES 2000 weekend of pansexual BD/SM education and fun in New York which featured guest speakers, workshops, play parties, vendors, a street fair and block party, a dom versus sub coed softball game in Central Park and the TES 2000 Follies. Presenters included Laura Antoniou, Jay Wiseman, Lolita Wolf, Fetish Diva Midori, Frank Strona, Bob Deegan, Frazier, Mistress Lalique, Barbara Nitke, Michael Horowitz, Sir Michael, Soduire, Party Man and Susan Wright.

The Key West Wreckers named their new slate of officers. They were president Jonathan Fowler, vice president Kevin Truehart, secretary Tom Kemper, treasurer Ed Burr, membership officer Angus Konstam and historian Kenne Tucker.

The Capital Leathermen L/LC of Raleigh, NC held their annual Leather Run at the Holiday Inn State Capital.

The Golden Gate Guards hosted their 14th Annual weekend run, California Gold: Celebrating 150 Years in the Golden State in the beautiful redwoods of Camp Mendocino.

The Knights of Malta: Jet Chapter had the honor of hosting the greater Knights of Malta annual conference, Assembly 2000 in Seattle, WA. The Knights of Malta has several chapters in the organization in the western half of the United States. Assembly rotates from such cites as Denver, Fresno, Seattle and San Francisco each year.

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, CA held their 38th annual motorcycle run to Badger Flat over Labor Day Weekend.

The Centaur MC of Washington, DC held their biannual Labor Day Olympia run bringing 350 Leatherfolk to a private campground outside Philadelphia.

On September 3, The Southeast Men of ONYX, a newly formed extension of ONYX from Chicago, presented a Leather/SM/BD 101 seminar as part of the Black Gay Pride celebration in Atlanta, GA.

Spearhead held its 30th Anniversary with Round-Up 2000: Leathermen and Lumberjacks in the Haliburton Hills outside Toronto, Canada.

The Promethean Guard hosted Leather Pride 2000, a first, September 8-10 in Asbury Park, NJ.

The Knights d' Orleans celebrating their 26th Anniversary in the Big Easy with Things That Go Bump In The Night.

The Corn Haulers LL of Des Moines, IA hosted Cornball 2000: Children of the Corn II: The Nightmare Continues. The run show Bottoms Over Broadway got rave reviews.

The Coastal Empire Sentinels hosted Empire 2000: Triumph, The Phoenix Rising in Savannah, GA. The Fall meeting of the Southeast Conference of Clubs took place at the run.

The Chicago Hellfire Club held Inferno XXIX in two sessions totalling one week in length. An estimated 350 men attended either or both sessions at a private location in Michigan.

IronGuard BC celebrated their 25th Anniversary serving the Leather community with Dinner at the 7th Regiment Mess Restaurant in New York, NY.

Kindred of Maine elected their new officers on September 8. They were president Mark F., vice president Melanie T., secretary Terry B., treasurer Stacey T., road captain Roger M., sergeant-at-arms Chris K.

After a two year hiatus, NLA: Dallas hosted Beyond Vanilla X with educational workshops and seminars geared for the novice and intermediate SM/BD and D/s enthusiast.

NLA: New England brought representatives from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) to Boston to present two seminars: Talking to Cops About SM presented by Susan Wright and Leigha Fleming courtesy of the NCSF Law Enforcement Outreach Program.

The Seventh Annual Queer Biker Invasion of Death Valley, “A loosely disorganized ride" started on Castro Street in San Francisco and wound its way over Tioga Pass, the highest road elevation in California that one can ride a motorcycle before reaching Death Valley, the lowest place in North America one can ride.

The Eulenspiegel Association hosted the first New York SM Film Festival in New York with films exploring bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, role play, power exchange, and fetish. The goal was to entertain, enlighten, and provoke discussion both within the existing SM and Leather communities and among the curious. Six films were screened including The Good, The Bad, and the Ridiculous: S/M at the Movies presented by Thor Stockman of GMS/MA.

The Tom of Finland Foundation held its Fifth Annual Erotic Art Weekend at The Loft on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood, CA and at the Foundation House near downtown Los Angeles.

Dykes 'n Dolls became a new women's group in South Florida, open to all biological and transgender women over the age of 21 who are interested in exploring consensual BDSM with other women.

VASM (Vancouver Activists in SM) held their 17th Anniversary in Vancouver, Canada. Bill "The Hun" Schmeling, a noted erotic artist living in Portland, OR, received the David Lewis Memorial Award for Community Service.

Over 200 motorcyclists from all over the Bay Area rode from San Francisco to the Russian River for the Fourth Annual Ride for Life on October 15. Over $30,000 was raised for people living with HIV disease and AIDS.

On October 7, Trident: Central Florida held its second annual charity fundraiser at the Full Moon Saloon in Orlando and collected $2,000 for Centaur, the local AIDS service organization, and HER, a local Women's health service organization.

The District of Columbia Sexual Minority Advocates (DCSMA) named their new officers. They were spokesperson Jim Mockus, education cochairs Julie Bindeman and Jonathan Krall, acting treasurer and recording secretary Don Mease and John V. continued as membership secretary.

The men of ONYX hosted Blackout V at the Cell Block in Chicago, IL.

Over the last weekend in October, MAsT: New York (Masters And slaves Together) held their second Chapter weekend. Part of the celebration included a Master's Auction at the LURE to raise money for the club's banners with a total of $1,014 collected.

The Women at Amsterdam Leather Pride and the Wild Side held their third annual conference, WALP 2000, with nearly 200 in attendance.

New Avatar executive board of directors included president David Murdock, vice president David Okihiro, treasurer Charles Goldman, secretary Ted Kuehner; board members at large Carlos Iriarte, Mike McDonnell and Luis Castillo. Among the men named to appointed positions were public relations director George Wong and web master Will Hildreth. Avatar held its annual Fetish Swap Meet on November 8.

The California Eagles MC of San Francisco, CA went on their annual run to the Russian River, staying at the Russian River Resort in Guerneville.

The Threshold Society in Los Angeles held their annual Bizarre Bazaar, the largest pansexual fetish vendor fair in Southern California, on November 12 at Nob Hill in Panorama City, CA.

It may not seem like it, but GMS/MA (Gay Male S/M Activists) of New York, NY has been around 20 full years. The club with over 500 members worldwide celebrated its 20th Anniversary during its Leatherfest November 10-11.

After 10 years of operating as a private play party organization The Brotherhood became a public club for gay men into the Leather/SM/Fetish scene. Three of the original five founding members were on hand to welcome the clubs first 15 members at its first meeting on November 16.

The Triumvirate of Uniform Clubs holiday dinner in Los Angeles, CA was hosted by the Regiment of the Black and Tans, California B&B Corps and the Corps of Rangers on December 9.

The Lesbian Sex Mafia, the world's oldest independent organization for women of all sexual orientations exploring woman-to-woman BDSM play, held their annual women's Leather holiday social on December 10 at the LURE.

Minnesota Stocks, Debentures, and  Bonds and Vagabondage sponsored their second Bizarre Bazaar on December 16 at Metro Underground, in St. Paul, MN.

NLA: Florida presented a proposed pledge of allegiance to the Leather pride flag at their December 12 holiday party. Very closely modeled after the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag, the wording is, "I pledge allegiance to the Leather pride flag and the union of Leather people for which it stands with safety, sanity and consent for all."

The DC Boys of Leather have been accepted into membership with the Capital Area Board (CAB).

The Golden Gate Guards of San Francisco, CA named their slate of officers for 2001. They were president Lou Grosso, vice president Andy Rose, recording secretary (Pro-Tem) Lou Grosso, corresponding secretary Keith Truitt, treasurer: Chris Kanda and road Captain, Jack Goodall.

The new officers for the Warriors Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, CA for 2001 were president Steve Harman, road captain Eric Gilfand, secretary Tom Merrifield and treasurer: Chuck Atkinson.

The Philadelphians Motorcycle Club closes out the old year and rings in the new with their annual Tri-Cen run over New Years weekend. The XXV version had plenty of activities including people games, eight meals, a formal banquet, 15 cocktail parties, viewing Philadelphia's un-televised, but world famous Mummers Parade from the club's hospitality suite overlooking the parade, the AMCC's 134th membership meeting, crowning of the Tri-Cen Pig of the Run and the Slaughterhouse Dance Party with a ritual dethroning of last year's Pig of the Run, Kyle Taylor.

Leather Titles

Tom Robinson from Virginia was chosen Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2000 at Nation Dance Club in Washington, DC, beating 11 other men. The contest was only part of the greater Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend that attracted almost 2,000 Leatherfolk.

Shades of Grey returned the contest production arena on Saturday night, January 8 and Mark Frazier returned to the title circuit by winning the Mr. Dallas Leather 2000 Contest at the Dallas Eagle.

Jeff Wacha was named Mr. Detour Leather 2000 on Saturday night, January 15 in Los Angeles.

Over 300 Leatherfolk crowded into the Detroit Eagle to see Icon Detroit member David Daniels win the Mr. Detroit Eagle 2000 title.

Peter Wallace won the Mr. Europe Leather 1999 in Copenhagen, DK. He was born in Sweden and moved to Norway were he actually lives with his boyfriend Stein who was Mr. Leather Europe 1997.

Earl Thomas was named Mr. Suncoast Eagle 2000 at the Suncoast Resort in St. Petersburg, FL.

A crowd of 300 cheered their approval as Mr. BC Leather 1999 John L. sashed his successor, Mr. BC Leather 2000 Larry Cleve at the Royal Hotel pub in Vancouver, Canada.

The winner of the Mr. Faultline Leather 2000 Contest in Los Angeles, CA was Doug Bedard.

Ron Grigsby won the Mr. Santa Clara Leather 2000 title on January in San Jose, CA, beating out two other men. The contest was part of Santa Clara Leather Pride sponsored by the Santa Clara Leather Association.

On January 29 Jack Darnell was chosen Mr. Alaska Leather in Anchorage, AK where the Last Frontier Men's Club hosted a Black and Blue Ball VII at Mad Myrna's.

The Leather Archives and Museum announced that it was establishing a Titleholder Database with the assistance of Robert L. Guenther from Maryland. It was believed that John Lunning became the first Leather titleholder when he was named Mr. Gold Coast in October 1972.

International Bear Rendezvous 2000, sponsored by the Bears Of San Francisco took place at the Gift Center. 25 contestants appeared on stage before the winners, International Cub Bear Brad Bivvins from Tucson, AZ, International Daddy Bear Craig McCauslan from Huntington Beach, CA, International Grizzly Bear Robert Kenny from St. John's, Newfoundland and International Bear 2000 was Heath McKay from Boston, MA, were announced.

Ted Kuehner was named Mr. Bullet Leather 2000 on February 5 at the Bullet in North Hollywood. He was the first man to represent the Bullet as a contestant at International Mr. Leather.

Bob Miller won the Mr. Edge Leather 2000 title at the Edge bar in San Francisco, CA.

Mike Taylor from Cincinnati was named Mr. Heartland Leather 2000 in Columbus, OH, making the first step to becoming International Mr. Leather 2000 in May.

Mark Chipman bested four other men in winning the Mr. San Diego Leather 2000 Contest on February 25.

Four men and three women competed in the Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather 2000 Contest at the Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans on Saturday night, February 26. Approximately 150 people saw Joni from Atlanta, GA win the Ms sash while Jazz Thomas from Minneapolis captured the Mr. title.

Todd Leek became Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2000 title on February 27 in Minneapolis, MN.

Mr. and Ms Alameda County Leather Daddy Jean and Mark Ingham hosted the Alameda County Leather Corps' Leather Elegance: Casino Royale at the YWCA in Oakland, CA to benefit Project Open Hand.

Across the Bay in San Francisco Mama Reinhardt held Let's Make A Deal at Daddy's to benefit the Positive Resources.

The biggest Leather contest in Los Angeles proud history took place at the El Rey Theater on March 18. At about 11 PM Mr. Detour Leather Jeff Wacha became Mr. LA Leather 2000 as a crowd of 600 cheered. The production and the LA Leather Coalition was the brainchild of Brent Sweer and Mr. LA Leather 1999 William Schindler.

Terry Brown was named Mr. Dixie Belle Leather 2000 at the bars new space, DB Warehouse Complex in Kansas City, MO.

Gary Hummel, who was first runner up in KC the week before, travelled east on I-70 to win the Mr. Missouri Leather Contest on March 17.

The winner of the Mr. Baltimore Eagle Leather 2000 contest was Buzzy Malinowski.

The Mr. Pistons Leather 2000 title went to Satyrs MC member John Bloom on March 25 in Long Beach, CA.

Thom Kahn from Lexington was sashed as Mr. Kentucky Leather on March 24-25 at the Phoenix in Lexington, KY.

Representing the Powerhouse, Lance Gear emerged the winner of the Mr. San Francisco Leather title.

JoAnn Wadsworth was named Ms Philadelphia Leather 2000 and Mark Cady was chosen Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2000.

Vendela Zane was selected Ms Baltimore Eagle 2000.

Bob "Puppy" Pedder was only two points better than the next man and thus became Mr. Boston Leather 2000 in front of a full house at the Ramrod in Boston, MA.

Craig Kelso became Washington State Mr. Leather. The Mr. Leather Western Michigan 2000 Contest was won by John Rossi Brothers bar in Kalamazoo on April 8.

Bob Forbes won the Mr. Empire State Leather 2000 title as part of STARS MC's anniversary weekend in Albany, NY.

There wasn't much Leather presence at the Millennium March On Washington the weekend of April 28-30 in Washington, DC. Most of the Leatherfolk were participating in the American Brotherhood Weekend at the Washington Plaza Hotel. American Leatherman 2000 was Dean Ogren of Chicago, IL; American Leatherwoman 2000 was Paula Smith from Charleston, SC and American Leather Boy 2000 was Randie Smith of Green Island, NY.

Bruce Tidwell, a member of the Southeast Corporal Punishment Club and a boot black at the Atlanta Eagle, was named Mr. Atlanta Eagle during the Eagle's anniversary celebration.

The Whips and Wigs show, held at Trax V in Toronto, Canada on Thursday night May 4, was a triumph for Toront 's Drag and Leather Communities. Whips and Wigs was co-produced by Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition, Inc. (MLT) and The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT).

Niq Shelby became San Francisco Mr. Drummer 2000 and Terry Gauchet was named San Francisco Drummerboy 2000 at Daddy's on Thursday, May 4.

The Atlanta Eagle kicked off its 13th Anniversary weekend May 5-7 with the Mr. Atlanta Eagle Leather title going to Randie Saxxon and Ms Atlanta Eagle to Lorna Pierce.

Rick Fox was announced as Mr. Pennsylvania Drummer and Derick Rojas was named Pennsylvania Drummerboy at Pittsburgh Leather Central on May 6.

Randall Kinnear of Pawnee, OK was named Gulf Coast Mr. Drummer 2000 and Kevin Eddings was named Gulf Coast Drummerboy 2000.

RC Morris, who ranked high in the top 20 at International Mr. Leather in 1997, was named Mr. Ebony Leather at the Cell Block in Chicago on Thursday night, May 25 in front of about 200 cheering onlookers. Mr. Ebony Leather was produced by Cain Berlinger of New York, NY for the third year.

Mike Taylor of Cincinnati, OH was voted best of 62 contestants from seven nations to become International Mr. Leather 2000 on Sunday night, May 28 at the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL. First runner-up was Mr. Pistons Leather Scott Bloom from Long Beach, CA and second runner-up was Mr. Boston Leather Bob "Puppy" Pedder from Boston, MA. International Boot Black 2000 is David Hawks from Virginia, first runner-up was Boo-Boo and second runner-up was Erik Leif from Philadelphia.

Rod Wood was chosen Russian River Mr. Drummer 2000 and Brett Lallatin was selected Russian River Drummerboy 2000 at the Russian river Eagle on June 10 in Guerneville, CA.

David Labriola was named Mid Atlantic Mr. Drummer 2000, Derick Rojas was chosen Mid Atlantic Drummerboy 2000 and Paul Bohli was the winner of the Brotherhood Award at the Baltimore Eagle.

Mr. Southern California Bear 2000 was Scooter Garoutte, first runner-up was Michael Williams and second runner up was Ted "Bear" Kuehner and Southern California Cub became Richard Montoya at the Grand in Long Beach.

In Atlanta, GA, Larry Cottrill won the Southeast Mr. Drummer 2000 sash and Bruce Tidwell, who was Mr. Atlanta Eagle 1999, took the Southeast Drummerboy title at South East Leather Fest. Ms Southeast Leather Pride was Samantha Claar, and International Master and slave Steve Sampson and kirk.

Great Lakes Mr. Drummer Daniel Clark was from Indianapolis, IN and Great Lakes Drummerboy Andrew was from Cincinnati, OH in a contest sponsored by Torso Productions in Columbus, OH.

Jo Blas from San Diego, CA was named International Ms Leather 2000 (IMsL) and Crickett Watkins from Chula Vista, CA which is a suburb of San Diego was second runner-up in Toronto, Canada the weekend of July 20-23. Christine Baker from Calgary, Canada was first runner-up. International Ms Bootblack was Michael from Colorado Springs, CO.

Longtime Leather community activist Keith Truitt was named San Francisco Leather Daddy XVIII at the Eagle Tavern on Friday night, July 28 in front of about 250 spectators.

The Florida Mr. Drummer Contest took the stage at the Suncoast Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg with Mark D'Aleo from Miami Beach taking the Mr. title and Efrain Nunez of Wilton Manor walking off with the boy sash.

Tuff Stuff Leatherware sponsored the first Southwest Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy Contest in several years. Mr. Southwest Drummer was Ky Fitzgerald and Southwest Drummerboy was Richard Black.

Daniel Rabone became New England Mr. Drummer 2000  and Kevin H. was chosen New England Drummerboy 2000 at the Ramrod in Boston, MA.

52 year old Bob Dern became San Francisco Leather Daddy's Boy  in late August.

The Alameda County Leather Corps (ACLC) staged their Ninth Annual Mr. and Ms Alameda County Leather 2000 Contest on Saturday night, August 26 at the Hill and Valley Club in Hayward, CA with Jeff Miranda and Bianca Binky winning the titles.

Linda Cox became Ms Rocky Mountain Leather 2000 and Joseph Stanley was named Mr. Rocky Mountain Leather 2000 Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, CO.

The first International Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy Contest to be held outside San Francisco was a success. Mike Zuhl from Pittsburgh, PA took over the rights to produce the contest. Great Lakes Mr. Drummer Daniel Clark became International Mr. Drummer 2000 and Southwest Drummerboy Richard Black was chosen International Drummerboy 2000 at the Suncoast Resort in St. Petersburg FL on Saturday night, September 16 in front of at least 600 enthusiastic Leatherfolk.

Ms Louisiana Leather 1999 Alisa Swindell from New Orleans, LA began putting together a book of essays by members of the Leather/SM/Fetish community and is limited to those aged 20-35 years old. The title will be Seeking the Time, Talents and Words of Those Coming Up In Leather.

The International Deaf Leather 2000 Contest took place at Club Townsend in San Francisco during Folsom Street Fair weekend. Buck Rogers from Washington, DC become IDL and Black C. win the IMsDL sash.

San Francisco Leather Daddy XVIII Keith Truitt and Daddy's Boy Bob Dern presented their first fund raiser as a duo on October 29, at Daddy's Bar. The event raised $530 for the Positive Resource Center.

The first Lonestar Mr. Drummer was Jim Nixon and Lonestar Drummerboy was Patrick Chess in contests held at Mary's in front of 300 onlookers in Houston, TX. $1,000 was collected for the Colt 45's AIDS Troublefund as part of this Leatherfest weekend.

Rick Ellis was named Mr. Maryland Leather 2001 at the Stagecoach Saloon in Baltimore, MD on November 4 and Bob Sprout received the Brotherhood Award.

On November 4, Melanie Towes was best of two women competing for the Ms San Diego Leather title at The Hole. Towes succeeded Jo Blas who ascended to the International Ms Leather 2000 title via Ms San Diego Leather.

Gwendolyn Evans and Glen Fidi became Ms and Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2001 on November 11 in Hayward, CA.

Dan Newman won the Mr. Tri-State Leather Contest held at the Serpent in Cincinnati, OH. This was the title that led Mike Taylor to becoming International Mr. Leather 2000.

The fourth annual Mr. International Rubber Contest took place at the Cell Block in Chicago the weekend of November 12. Chad McLaughlin from Chicago emerged as Mr. International Rubber 2001 while Tommy DeNial, also from Chicago, was first runner-up and Jim Drew from San Francisco was named second runner-up.

Over 400 Leatherfolk gathered at The Detroit Eagle on November 11, to watch Paul O'Rourke become Mr. Detroit Eagle 2001.

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) hosted their Palm Springs Leather Weekend November 9-12 with the highlight being the Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2001 Contest won by Tracy Deroche.

The first Mr. North Coast Leather contest was staged at the Russian River Eagle on November 12 as part of Russian River Leather Pride Weekend and the winner there was Mr. RRR Leather T Jay Cain.

Michael Allshouse and Sheree were named Mr. and Ms Georgia Olympus Leather 2001 at the Atlanta Eagle on November 18.

A capacity crowd of more than 550 packed Barrymore's to see Norm Miller win the eighth annual Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull competition in Ottawa, ONs.

Peter Theodoropoulos who held the preliminary title of Mr. Toolbox Leather 2001 became Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2001 at  Dock's Complex on November 25. The Mr. Leather Fellowship title, voted on by the contestants, went to Remi Colette.

Darrell Moyers captured the DC Eagle sash during Thanksgiving weekend. Seven men vied for the title.

The Seattle Men in Leather held their annual Thanksgiving party with a contest. Seattle Leather Daddy 2001 was Shane Jepson and Seattle Daddy's Boy was Cyll Sheppard.

News and Politics

The Suncoast Resort in St. Petersburg, FL held its Leatherfest Weekend to be held January 21-23. Suncoast Leatherfest featured the Mr. Suncoast Eagle 2000 Contest, the Erotic Leather Fashion Show, a blackout party, dungeon dance, demonstrations and workshops and a private dungeon.

The Leather Archives and Museum began establishing a Titleholder Database with the assistance of Robert L. Guenther from Maryland.

Marcus Hernandez sent us a photo of Patrick Toner's recently added patch to the AIDS Quilt. Marcus recently was asked to read names from the Quilt while it was on display in San Francisco a few weeks ago, as he had done several years ago in Washington, DC.

San Francisco's AIDS Emergency Fund named its officers for 2000 on January 11 including Peter Fiske who served as chairman of The 15 Association for several years.

The Dixie Belle Saloon became the DB Warehouse Complex when the bar moved across the street into a much larger building on January 12.

The Triangle Ball at the Hippo in Baltimore, MD on January 26 was a benefit for three play spaces closed by the City of Baltimore including Playhouse Studio and Gallery owned by Glenda Rider and Sarah Humble.

The Leather Archives and Museum opened its doors on Friday, February 20 in cold Chicago weather. The dream of Leather Archives founder Chuck Renslow has finally been realized as over 200 Leatherfolk were in the Windy City for the ribbon cutting, the Centurion Awards and tours of what they helped raise over $200,000 to get started. The grand opening was scheduled when many people would be in town for the Cell Block's Leather Pride Weekend.

The ribbon cutting was a short and sweet ceremony on Thursday night, February 17, kept so because of the predicted cold weather. A reception sponsored by the Chicago Eagle followed. Exhibits at the Museum were open to the public on Friday afternoon.

The major award winners for Pantheon of Leather X were: Woman of the Year, Viola Johnson; Man of the Year, Joseph Bean; Lifetime Achievement Award, Wally Wallace; Community Choice Award (Woman), Queen Cougar; Community Choice Award (Man), Ryan Goldner; and Forbear Award, Pat Califia. Pantheon was held February 25-27 in New Orleans, LA.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) officially launched its national Law Enforcement Outreach Program on March 19 in Washington, DC. Representatives from around the country gathered for a day of intensive training conducted by Scott Parker, Director of the NCSF Law Enforcement Outreach Program.

The Fourth Annual Leather Leadership Conference took place at the Washington Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC. Over 200 leaders and future leaders honed skills and learned more at the meeting.

Deep in the heart of Texas, Dean Walradt hosted boy's Training Camp II in Dallas which featured workshops , a formal dinner and play in a 12,500 square foot dungeon.

On May 13 representatives from 31 groups and organizations gathered at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago for Illinois Leather Summit 2000, a one-day conference that focused on legal issues of concern to the Leather community, specifically concentrating on Illinois laws. The Summit was the result of months of work by kink-friendly attorneys, legal consultants and dedicated volunteers who spent endless hours researching Illinois state, county and municipal statutes.

SouthEast Leather Fest 2000 (SELF) was held at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center in Atlanta, GA the weekend of June 15-18 and was highlighted by a plethora of Leather contests and a series of excellent Master/slave lifestyle-related workshops. South East LeatherFest was dedicated to the memory of David Armstrong who was an original member of the SELF executive committee.

The NCSF launched its Vote 2000 Awareness and Pledge Campaign at the International Mr. Leather Contest. The campaign was targeted specifically at Leather/SM/Fetish practitioners, approximately 20 million kinky adult Americans.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) announced that Baltimore City zoning has agreed to change its definition of SM activities so venues can reopen for educational and social activities.

Mr. San Francisco Leather 1996 and Pantheon of Leather Western Region Award  2000 winner Gary Virginia announced that he would be seeking a District 8 supervisorial post on the San Francisco City Council in November.

Chris Zimmerman of Wilmington, NC accepted a post as Secretary of the Leather Archives and Museum. Zimmerman is chairman of the South East Conference of Clubs and is a member of Menamore LLC in Wilmington.

Great Lakes regional coordinator David Dean and Museum curator Joseph Bean of the Leather Archives and Museum presented a series of Leather/SM classes at the Detroit Eagle.

On July 8, two cops entered a warehouse in Attleboro, Massachusetts, supposedly looking for stolen guitars. Instead, they found a pansexual Leather/SM/Fetish play party. Two people, Ben Davis and Stefany Reed were arrested, one for assault with a deadly wooden spoon. Comedian Bill Maher even had a field day making fools of the arresting officers and prosecuting attorneys.

The Dore Alley Street Fair held Sunday, July 30 on Dore Alley between Howard and Folsom Streets in San Francisco drew about 15,000 Leatherfolk.

The Sunset Junction Street Fair at the end of August saw two new Leather shops open in Los Angeles: Cagey Leather next to Gauntlet II and Mr. S Leather in the Faultline complex. The Faultline closed off its parking lot to all cars excepting Mikal Bales' Humvee for the annual Avatar and Zeus Studios Aid For AIDS benefit. There were, flogging, play piercing and liquid latex demos going on into the early evening.

San Francisco's Leather Extravaganza, held for the second year at the home of Don Gallup and Mel Thomas netted over $6,000 for the Positive Resources Center. The evening began with cocktails followed by dinner, with the indefatigable Irene Soderberg flitting from table to table presenting her vocal renditions. She was extremely generous with her talent (and time, incidentally - she had flown from Provincetown just for this event and left immediately on the red-eye to go back there again!). Chef Pec put on a first class meal described as a Pacific Rim Feast.

A new sex club opened in Los Angeles in late September and it is huge. Slammer has about 6,000 square feet of space which has been formed into large maze, several slings, a watersports room and some innovative ideas that will make certain things more fun and convenient.

The Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, September 24 had to have had a record crowd in the 85 degree sunshine. A final tally revealed that $268,000 was collected from the voluntary $2 admission at the gate and beverage sales at booths staffed by mostly Leather and bike clubs. If the sunshine made Fair goers warm, the money raised made the beneficiaries feel even warmer.

The first LA Valley Pride weekend was held September 29 and October 1 in Sherman Oaks, CA. Leatherman Paul Waters was the driving force behind it. The Bullet bar had a booth there as did a handful of Leather merchants. Waters also produces Simi Valley Pride and is connected to the other pride organizations around the country. The LAPD, Sheriffs Department and LA Fire Department had vehicles on the premises, helping to add to the "eye candy."

The first Great Lakes Leather Conference took place in Louisville, KY the weekend of September 29 - October 1. The conference featured the Mr. Louisville Drummer 2000 and Ms Kentucky Leather 2000 contests which were won by Don Palmore and Sinsy Moon. There were workshops and a formal dinner which had a controversial keynote speech by Leather Archives and Museum director Joseph Bean.

Dungeon  501 held in Fort Lauderdale, FL grew from 1999's attendance. There were 225 attendees, 22 instructors and over 100 courses to select from.

The Tom of Finland Foundation held its Sixth Annual Erotic Art Weekend in Los Angeles October 13-15. The main event was a two-day art fair at The Loft on Santa Monica Blvd. where about 60 artists using various mediums had their works on display and for sale.

Northbound Leather of Toronto, Canada presented THRUST: Fetish Fashion Fantasy show on October 21 at the Docks Entertainment Complex 11. Fashions on display included Leather, rubber, PVC, latex, fetish sex wear, drag, lingerie, uniforms and Gothic.

SouthEast LeatherFest V, held in June, completed its final accounting revealed that profits totaled $5,190.87. Charitable donations were made to Haven House in the amount of  $1,125, and Jerusalem House received $1,125, donated in appreciation to Jim Maness, longtime SELF executive committee member; AIDS Treatment Initiative garnered $2,250, donated in loving memory of Leonard Sewell and $690.87 was set aside for local and regional titleholders for travel-fund assistance.

The Sanctuary of the Dark Angel and Dark Moon Productions presented their Second Annual Halloween Masquerade Charity Ball Benefit for The Leather Archives October 27-29 at A Sanctuary of the Dark Angel in Atlanta, GA.

Mr. San Francisco Leather 1996 Gary Virginia ran for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as an open Leatherman in the November 7 election. Although he did not win, his and the candidacy of another individual forced incumbent Mark Leno and Eileen Hansen into a runoff. Virginia received over 1,100 votes.

The Leather Archives and Museum, National Coalition For Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and The Leather Leadership Conference (LLC) hosted a reception and weekend outreach effort at the 13th annual NGLTF Creating Change at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta, GA. This was the first time such a collective of SM/Leather/Fetish national organizations were represented at the world's largest GLBT conference. 750 Leatherfolk made a highly-visible presence.

Dean Walradt and The Leather Network presented Master's Retreat II in Dallas, TX. The weekend focused on how to develop and keep the relationships alive and growing, how to train submissives, punishment and contracts and discussions were facilitated by experienced Doms who have lived, practiced and survived dominant/submissive relationships.

On November 17, Christopher Posler has been hired as assistant director of the Leather Archives and Museum.

The Bootcamp Saloon in Milwaukee, WI raised just over $3,000 for the Communities Endowment Fund at their annual Christmas dinner party and silent auction on December 10.

On Sunday, December 10 Hooker and Boys Productions hosted a benefit, The 12 Days of Christmas: Part II. $2,100 was divided among Sylvia Lynn Foundation at Chase Brexton, AIDS Action Baltimore, and Deaf Aids Project - Baltimore. In addition, a Toy Drive, raising several hundred dollars in toys for the Chase Brexton Children's party.

The Boston Leather community has established a 501(c)(3) foundation called The Leather Friendship Fund. Its first major event was Santa's Wicked Weekend, held December 9-10 at the Boston Ramrod which was hosted by International Mr. Leather 2000 Mike Taylor playing the role of Santa and Mr. Georgia Leather 2000 Wayne Brawner, who conducted an intense single tail demonstration and also provided his talents as head barber for Santa’s Shave and Smoke Shop. The event raised a little over $1,600 for the fund.


The first monthly poll of the Leather community's views started in Politics section of www.TheLeatherJournal.com at the beginning of November. The first question asked was, Should the community accept funds from the Coors Brewing Company located in Golden, CO. The results showed that 70 percent of people supported accepting money from Coors.

New on the Scene

Cagey Leather, Los Angeles, CA; Coastal Leather Allegiance to Wisdom and Service (CLAWS) of Myrtle Beach, SC; Dykes 'n Dolls of Fort Lauderdale, FL; Gay Leatherman Only (GLO) in San Diego, CA; Great Lakes Leather Conference in Louisville, KY; Harbor Room bar in Milwaukee, WI; Leather Friendship Fund of Boston, MA; Malehide.com of Chicago, IL; Mr. S Leather, Los Angeles, CA; Richmond Leather Club of Richmond, VA; Roman Eagles Leather Club, Rome, Italy; Russian River Eagle bar in Guerneville, CA; Seattle Reds of Seattle, WA; Slammer Sex Club in Los Angeles, CA; X-Chain-G Club of Flagstaff, AZ


30 Years: Centaur MC of Washington, DC; Motor Sport Club of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; San Franciscans Motorcycle Club of San Francisco, CA; Spearhead in Toronto, Toronto, Canada

25 Years: Blue Maxx XXV by Blue Max CC of St. Louis, MO; IronGuard BC, New York, NY; Kansas City Pioneers of Kansas City, MO; Rochester Rams of Rochester, NY; Rodeo Riders of Chicago, IL; Tri Cen XXV by Philadelphians Motorcycle Club of Philadelphia, PA

20 Years: The 15 Association of San Francisco; GMS/MA (Gay Male S/M Activists, New York, NY

15 Years: Living In Leather by National Leather Association: International; Weekend Run by Cal Eagles MC of San Francisco, CA

10 Years: Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf (BLADeaf), Baltimore, MD; Tarheel Leather Club, 10th Annual summer camp out run X Marks The Spot, Greensboro, NC; Bluegrass COLTS, Lexington, KY; NLA: Dallas, Beyond Vanilla X, Dallas, TX; The Brotherhood of Boston, Boston, MA; NLA: Florida of Fort Lauderdale, FL; Northwest Bears of Seattle, WA; Pantheon of Leather of New Orleans, LA; Rubbout X by Northwind of Vancouver, Canada

Five Years: Tom of Finland Foundation, Erotic Art Weekend, Los Angeles, CA; ONYX hosted Blackout V, Chicago, IL; South East Leather Fest V, Atlanta, GA; Bal Masque V by the Lords of Leather of New Orleans, LA; Cell Block bar in Chicago, IL; Daddy's bar in San Francisco, CA; Leather Elegance by the Alameda County Leather Corps of Hayward, CA; Leather University with Dungeon 501 of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Sandia Leathermen Club in Albuquerque, NM disbanded.
The New York Eagle closed after about 30 years as one of the Big Apple's leading Leather institutions.
The Spike closed a few months later in New York, NY.
Jared Wayne Campo died on January 12 at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans, LA from complications with HIV.
Jared was a cherished member of The Lords of Leather for the past 13 years and served on the board of directors for 11 of those, including being captain of the Lords' Bal Masque XIII, Lord King XII, Lord Consort VII, president, secretary and treasurer. He was credited with founding the Mr. New Orleans Leather contest which evolved into the Mr. Louisiana Leather Contest.
Marie Ross Leklaos passed away on Friday, March 31. She was the manager of Hell Fire till last year and a former board Member of The Eulenspiegel Society.
International Mr. Drummer 1990 Clive Platman passed away at his home in Auckland, New Zealand with his family and friends at his bedside. Clive was chosen Mr. Australia Drummer in 1990 and went on to win the International Drummer contest in San Francisco in September.
Basil Latham, a member of Spearhead in Toronto, Canada, died at his home on April 14 following a brief illness. He was 71 years old. Basil was an original member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a former member of the Lanyards and joined Spearhead in 1994. He was survived by his partner of 34 years, Jim Lynx.

Leonard Sewell was co-owner of 4Skins Leather shop, served as South East Leather Fest cochair in 1997, and served on the South East Leather Fest board since its start, Leonard held the Mr. Georgia Leather title in 1996 and was formerly a bartender at the Atlanta Eagle. Leonard cofounded the Dallas Bears in 1986.
Curtis Atkinson, also known by his artist's name William Stevens, was perhaps best known in the Los Angeles Leather community for his creations while working at Wayne's Leather Rack  in the early 1990s including the white sailor's outfit worn by Wayne to a number of events and The Leather Journal banner. He died at his home due to a sudden heart failure on April 17. He was born December 6, 1951. His paintings and sculptures were shown at the Tom of Finland Erotic Art Festival in 1998 and 1999.
Neil Anthony Gordon, a retired social worker, died Sunday, June 18 of a stroke at his home. He was 62. Gordon was a lifelong resident of New Orleans. He was a member of The Lords of Leather and the Knights d' Orleans. In The Lords of Leather Mr. Gordon served as a active member since 1984, and a board member for many of those years. He was Lord King VII, and Lord Consort XIV.
Dick "Richard" Arruda, a member of Spearhead of Toronto, Canada for 25 years passed away on June 26 and was born on February 28, 1935. He served as membership director of the club.
Tony DeBlase, creator of the Leather Pride Flag, past publisher of Drummer Magazine, author and Leather community activist, died peacefully in Portland, Oregon, on July 21 after an extended illness, largely involving liver failure.
Jerry "puppy" Crumpley died Wednesday, August 16. Jerry was a member of Chicago Hellfire Club and the Disciples of DeSade and an honorary member of the Rocky Mountaineers MC. Jerry was for many years the lover and puppy of John Ferrari.
The Houston Area Bears lost a member and a dear friend named Scot Mackie in August.
Jacqui Jewels, a Leatherman/drag queen, a rare combination, passed away in September. As well as being an enthusiastic Leather boy, he also designed costumes, hairdos and jewelry for most of the members of the Imperial and Royal courts in his day.
Leather Daddy XVI Kelly Showers passed away in late October. He was a member of the Constantines.
Scott Rodriguez, co-owner of The Cuff Complex died on November 27. Scott was a Seattle Men in Leather member,  the founder and president of the Washington State Mr. Leather Organization and was named the 1999 GSBA Business Man of the Year. Scott served as a judge for the International Mr. Drummer Contest, American Brotherhood Contest and numerous local and regional contests. He was recipient of the Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the Year Award in 1994 and Northwest Regional Award in 1997. He served on the boards of Generic Leather Productions (GLP), and NLA, Seattle Chapter.
Bradbear Lueckheide passed on near the beginning of the year. He was a member of GMS/MA.
GMS/MA member Stephen Gendin passed away during late summer