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By September 30, 2006


The Leather Journal


On the cover of Issue #190 is a photo of past winners of the Mr. DC Eagle title taken by Marcus Hernandez. A larger-than-life illustration by Taurus Webster was stolen from the Barracks in Cathedral City, CA. The Leather Journal placed it on the cover. The thieves abandoned it in a field after they figured that it was too well known for them to keep.

Not only did Centaur Motorcycle Club member Mike Kramer carry the host club colors during the parade of colors at Leather Cocktails on Saturday night, January 14 at the Almas Temple in Washington, DC, he also appeared on the front cover of Issue #191. Master Ian's slave Mikey's head had the word "slave" trimmed out of the hair on the back of his head. That made the cover too.

Pantheon of Leather was covered in detail in Issue #192. On the cover are Man of the Year 2006 Robert Davis and Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather 2006 Terrell Brown and Lady Raven.

Members of The 15 Association which celebrated its 26th Anniversary in San Francisco, CA the last weekend of February was on the cover of Issue #193.

The US Supreme Court refused to hear the Barbara Nitke case against Alberto Gonzales and his Communications Decency Act.

Thom Dombkowski who was everything Chicago passed away. His photo appears on the cover of Issue #194 as did a shot of the award winners from the Southland Honors, presented by the LA Leather Coalition during LA Leather Pride Week at the end of March. Major coverage of Los Angeles is featured. Another photo, by John Weis, from Leather Leadership Conference X was also on the front page. The May Issue included the usual short bios and photos of the International Mr. Leather 2006 Contestants.

Issue #195 featured coverage of the Canadian house cleaning at International Mr. Leather and CLAW's Fifth Anniversary in Cleveland, OH. Cover photos include one of the CLAW ice sculpture and another of the IML 2006 winners. Mistress Cyan's DomCon LA had a full page story too.

Dave Rhodes was on the cover of his own magazine, Issue #196, because he was the recipient of several honors in May and June, particularly the Media Award presented by Christopher Street West, producers of LA's pride parade and festival. Larry Burden wrote the article on Dave Rhodes. Coverage of gay and lesbian pride across the continent appears, primarily that in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA.

International Ms Leather celebrated its 20th Anniversary and The Leather Journal was there. Why not? We've been to all of the IMsL Contests. The winners appear on the cover of Issue #197.

The selection panel for the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards 2007 is listed. There was more pride coverage and a few hot men from St. Petersburg, FL were on the cover too including Lincoln Calcavecchi who supplied the photo.

The Up Your Alley/Dore Alley Fair held in San Francisco, CA on Sunday, July 30 saw 15,000 Leatherfolk crowded the block between 9th and 10th Street and Dore Alley. The Leathermen's Discussion Group celebrated its 10th Anniversary at San Francisco's Gay and Lesbian Center on July 29 and a huge crowd saw Race Bannon address the crowd. A photo of LDG volunteers graced the front cover of Issue #198 as did a shot of the Leather float in San Diego's pride parade.

Full coverage of San Francisco Leather Week in Issue #199 included the Folsom Street Fair, the Leather Walk, Donna Sachet's and Stompers Boots' fabulous parties, the B&B Corps dinner and the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest. On the cover were Folsom Street Events heads of state Demetri Moshayannis and Andy Copper. The guys from Slick Co drew plenty of attention with their portable vac rac during West Coast Rubber Weekend and at the Parking lot vendor fair hosted by the Tool Shed in Palm Springs. CA over Labor Day weekend.


The Wicked Womyn Conference: Kinky Mardi Gras was held in Seattle, WA the weekend of January 13-16.

The Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club of Las Vegas, NV went on their first ride of 2006 and it was to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Willow Beach on January 15 and on January 29 the trek was to Adventure Canyon in Primm via the Old LA Highway and returning through Goodsprings.

On Friday, January 6, the San Diego League of Gentlemen celebrating their Fifth Anniversary by hosting a vendor fair at the Joyce Beers Community Center in San Diego, CA.

The Mystic Krewe of The Lords of Leather, New Orleans, announces the elevation of their Lord King XXIII and Lord Consort XXIII on Sunday, February 26 at Bal Masque XXIII.  This official Leather Mardi Gras will be held in the Napoleon Ballroom of The New Orleans Sheraton Hotel at 500 Canal Street in New Orleans, LA.

A dinner with all the familiar flavors of New Orleans will be served to tantalize one's taste buds.  Various entertainment segments will be presented as only the Lords can provide.  Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes for some footloose grooves and the infamous Second Line with beads and more.

The reigning Royalty, Lord King XXII, Allan and Lord Consort XXII Keith were present to reign over the evening’s festivities and welcome Lord King XXIII and Lord Consort XXIII for the 2006 Ball Season. Lord Timm Holt was the Ball Captain and Mr. Louisiana Leather 2002 Lord Danny Alford served as Ball lieutenant in New Orleans, LA.

A Queer Leather BDSM play celebration took place at San Francisco Citadel in San Francisco, CA on Friday, March 3.

The Warriors Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles named their slate of club officers for 2006. The officers are: president Greg Glander, road captain Steve Harman, secretary Tom Teague, treasurer Mark Moshlak, and quartermaster Tom MacArthur.

The Alameda County Leather Corps which has the Turf Club in Hayward, CA as its home bar reported that it raised some $26,000 for charity in 2004-2005.

Avatar Club Los Angeles celebrated its 23rd Anniversary on Saturday, February 4, with a sit-down dinner at Taix French Restaurant in Los Angeles. Over 160 Leatherfolk from the community attended the celebration. Donald Dejardines of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert was presented a Leather vest by Bert Simon which he earned the old fashioned through participation and hard work within the community.

The Oedipus Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, CA installed its new officers for 2006 at the home of Dr. Lawrence Burden on Sunday afternoon, February 12 with about 75 Leatherfolk in attendance. Andre Rigden became Rex LXXIII, or president of the club, Stephen Brown was introduced as Regent, Mike Prestie as Thesaurus and Vince Vincent as Scribe.

February 2006 saw the First Anniversary celebrated by MAsT: Central NJ.  MAsT is a community-inclusive support group for those who identify as owner/master/mistress or property/slave.

The Lords of Leather began their 24th Carnival season with the election of officers at their March meeting. Elected as Lord Chancellor, president, is Todd Cole; Mark Gross was chosen as Lord Temporal, vice president; Danny Alford was elected as Lord Exchequer, treasurer; and Dr. Timm Holt continues as the Lord of Misrule, ball captain.

On Saturday March 18 the New York boys of Leather held a fundraiser benefiting People of Color in Crisis at their monthly LOAD gear fetish party. It was a rousing success, as the boys raised $580 for the Brooklyn-based AIDS and social services organization.

Speaking of New York, Mr. Eagle NYC 2005 Robert Valin and others were making a concerted effort to increase visibility of Leather in the Big Apple and to bring some old Leather back.

The Lords of Leather Hurricane Relief Fund received a special gift during their Mardi Gras Beer Bust on Friday, February 24th at the Phoenix Bar in New Orleans, LA.  Lords member George Hester, board member of Pantheon of Leather, presented a check for $1,000 to  krewe president Todd Cole. The donation was the result of a fundraiser held during the Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather Contest at Pantheon of Leather in Chicago, IL the weekend of February 17-20.

In February, The Pocono Warriors celebrated their 28th Anniversary in Philadelphia. The main focus of the weekend was to bestow the Mosbacher Brotherhood Award to the Deaf Leather community of Philadelphia.

One of Houston's biggest events, Let Us Entertain You (LUEY), took place March 2-5 and was hosted by the Houston Council of Clubs, a coalition of area Leather/Levi clubs, with the assistance of several auxiliary organizations.

The Louisville Nightwings presented My Kentucky Dungeon: The Steven Fister Story thew weekend of April 7-9 in Louisville, KY. The Nightwings also hosted the Spring 2006 Mid American Conference of Clubs meeting.

Over the weekend of April 6-9 more than 1,000 men converged on Las Vegas, NV for the annual Smokeout weekend sponsored by Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club: Las Vegas Chapter. Smokeout has become a fun filled, uncomplicated weekend in Las Vegas for cigar studs, pipe studs, bikers, Leathermen and friends from all over the world.

The Regiment of the Black and Tans held their Spring Maneuvers at several locations in Los Angeles County during the April 21-23 weekend. The main event was the Commander's Mess Dress dinner at the posh home of Avatar members Tom and Carlos. This was when some 75 men in a variety of military and police dress uniforms impressed over hors d'ouvres, cocktails, dinner and desert. Saturday night saw a barracks party with an appropriate Bay of Pigs theme which was an open play party. The closing event was a traditional barbecue at the home of Riley Black on Sunday afternoon.

Avatar's Operation Desert Leather III on April 28-29 witnessed the co-mingling of Leather, uniform, bear, and biker clubs all under the umbrella of one event. What started out as a private Avatar event a few years ago was expanded to a weekend of 16 clubs including The 15 Association, Avatar, B&B Corps LA and Palm Springs, Bears LA and San Diego, Chicago Hellfire Club, CSW, Delta, LAboL, OCLA, Oedipus MC, PSboL, PSLOD, The Regiment of the Black and Tans, and the Satyrs MC.

The Bellingham Leather Men celebrated its First Anniversary the weekend of May 12-13 at Warehouse Studios.

The Warriors Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, CA held a weekend camping trip to the Tehachapi Mountains in Kern County June 16-18. One didn't have to own a motorcycle to attend this event.

Bear Cafe organized and curated Heritage of Pride’s Seventh Annual Art Space at the New York LGBT Pride Festival, on Sunday, June 25. One-of-a-kind or limited-edition art, photography and crafts appeared in the open-air gallery.

The Windy City Boys Troop of Chicago named their new officers for 2006. Ted Zaehringer was elected as the sergeant-at-arms; Chris Stueber, secretary; Marc Peurye, treasurer. Phil Redmond and Tom Wray were reelected as vice president and president respectively.

The Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club presented Golden Fleece Run XXXII the weekend of June 30 - July 3 at Jack's Gulch near Fort Collins, CO. The theme was Jason Goes To Camelot. The Golden Fleece Run was modeled after the Satyrs MC Badger Flat Run.

The Los Angeles Boys Of Leather hosted Stars and Stripes Weekend and Bears LA presented Bearquake VI: Our Biggest Disaster Yet during the Fourth Of July Weekend. Both clubs used the Wilshire Grand in downtown Los Angeles as their host hotel.

The Seattle Men in Leather and guests enjoyed Equinox VII at the Longhouse in Redmond, WA the weekend of July 14-16.

A new Leather club was formed in Nashville, TN called the Tennessee Raptors was recently formed. Espousing Old Guard or Traditional Leather values the group had its first bar night on June 16 at their home bar The Chute Complex.

August 17-20 saw Leatherfolk from across the US converge in Wichita, KS for WOOLF's (Wichita Organization Of Leather Fetishes) Leather Camp II. Great Plains Leather Sir was Mister C., Leatherboy was boy john and Community Bootblack was Merrie.

Winner of the 2006 Pantheon Award for Small Event, Black BEAT 06, the nation’s leading African American BDSM lifestyle affair was held in the Maryland/DC metro area the weekend of August 18-20. Workshop presenters included Viola Johnson, Jill Carter, Terrell Brown, Goddess Lakshimi, Babygrrl, Cadenas, Sweet Limey, Max Rulz, Dean K, Lady D, Strange, Raynstorm, Mistress Mir, Sir D, Dragon, Mr. Taqtiks, and Mistress Orlando.

The Rochester Rams hosted Leather Murder Mystery, Run XXXI, over the August 25-27 weekend at a secluded campsite in the woods with cabins, food and beer at all hours.

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club's Badger Flat Run took place September 1-4 near Huntington Lake northeast of Fresno, CA. This was Badger's 45 year.

Spearhead of Toronto, Ontario hosted Round-Up Weekend: Blue Collar September 1-4.

Chris Freed for received the J. Paul Eaton Award at the Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno XXXV: Session A and Jon Krongaard was named the Caligula Award honoree at Session B the week of September 7-13. The wards are given each year for service to the club and Inferno. Both sessions were sold out with 225 men attending each with many attending both sessions. It's been a long time since this has happened.

The Sacramento Valley Leathermen, founded in 1997 as a men's organization, has been transforming its membership philosophies and operations to reflect the decision to incorporate women, or Leather dykes,  into the club and its programs. On September 3, at the Sacramento Rainbow Festival, the club publicly unveiled its new name as the Sacramento Valley Leathercorps (SVL).

The Corn Haulers LL of Des Moines, IA reached a milestone with Cornball '06: XXX Wedding at the Hotel Fort Des Moines the weekend of September 8-10. The weekend will also see the 2006 fall MACC Conference.

The San Diego Leatherboys held their founders meeting and first bar night at the San Diego Eagle on September 15 that was well attended by founding members and associates.

Folsom Fringe, produced by smOdyssey, was held in San Jose, CA the weekend of September 22-24 with a trip to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, September 25. Folsom Fringe included plenty of workshops and demonstrations, play parties and plenty of other fun. A few of this year’s presenters were Boymeat, Celeste DeVaneaux, Dr. Charles Moser, Glenda Rider, Elwood, Skip Chasey, Master Bert and slave nadine, Master Conrad and slave cat, Master Guardian and slave sugar, Master Rickford and slave kimmie, Mistress Suzan and slave ziggy, Sir Stephen and slave catherine.

During the weekend of September 15-17 the San Francisco boys of Leather hosted its Third Annual Western boy Run.

The California Cyclemen MC held its annual Desert Heat run to Palm Springs the weekend of October 13-16 at CAMP Palm Springs.

Leather Titles

 Bob Johnson was best of four men competing for the Gauntlet II Mr. Leather 2006 title in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday night, January 7 in front of one of the bar's largest crowds in the last 15 years.

The producers of Mr. Long Beach Leather have decided to send the current Mr. Long Beach Leather Larry Golubski to compete at International Mr. Leather.

The new Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather was Scott Harris who was also Mr. Double L 2006. He won his title at the Almas Temple on Sunday afternoon, January 15 in front of about 700 cheering spectators.

Daddy Don Cherkis and boy Joe Croteau from San Diego were the lone contestants in the US Daddy and Day's boy competition and they easily garnered the necessary points to win their title; South West Boot Black 2006 was Henry from Tucson, AZ and Master Conrad and slave cat from Las Vegas, NV nabbed the South West Master and slave 2006 sashes at the South West Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZ the last weekend of January.

The winner of the Mr. Faultline Leather 2006 on Saturday night, January 28 was Brandon Page.

Robert “Robin” Czar, a 6’1", multi-tattooed, 36 year-old redhead who works at the Ritz Carlton Chicago, was named Mr. Chicago Leather 2006 on Saturday night, January 28 at Touche' in Chicago, IL.

Jeff Rynes was chosen to be Mr. Bolt Leather on Saturday; January 28 in Sacramento, CA.

Before a packed house at the Dallas Eagle in Dallas, TX on Saturday night, January 28, Randy Davis was chosen Mr. Texas Leather 2006, and Randal Kinnear and boy Brian Wilson were chosen South Central Leather Sir and Leatherboy.

In Anchorage, AK, Mad Myrna’s was the scene when the Last Frontier Club staged the Mr. Alaska Leather 2006 contest which was won by Russ Shea.

On Friday night, January 27 Tom Stone became the winner of the Mr. Cockring 2006 title at the Cockring/Jackhammer Bar in Fort Lauderdale, FL. There were three contestants.

Tim Stake won the third spot in the Mr. LA Leather 2006 class when he won the Mr. Oil Can Harry's title in Studio City, CA on Friday night, February 3 in front of about 150 cheering spectators.

Mike Clayton was chosen Mr. Iowa Leather 2006 at the Blazing Saddle in Des Moines, IA on Saturday, February  4 which saw a total of four men vying for the title.

The Mr. LA Leather Bear 2006 contest was held at Faultline Bar on Saturday, February 11 where Garrett Scarff was named Mr. Los Angeles Leather Bear 2006.

Mr. Madison Leather 2006 is Chase Lindberger after he won his title on Saturday, February 11 at the Barracks Bar inside of Club 5 in Madison, WI.

Mark Beckler was chosen Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2006 in Minneapolis on Saturday evening, February 11.

John “JD” Dennis was selected as the winner of the Mr. Leather Cowboy 2006 Contest, held at Diamond Jim’s Saloon in Detroit, MI as part of the Detroit Area’s Rough Kinkfest (DARK) Weekend on February 10-12.

The stunningly handsome Todd Davidson was named Cell Block Leatherman 2006 at the Cell Block in Chicago, IL on Saturday night, February 18 in front of some 300 Leatherfolk.

Ms Leather Colorado 2006 was Jae Januze.

Mr. International Bear 2006 Pedro Veral from Cadrete, Zaragoza, Spain; Mr. International Bear Cub 2006 Louis Colasurdo from Belleville, NJ; Mr. International Daddy Bear 2006 Ali Lopez from Randallstown, MD; and Mr. International Grizzly Bear 2006 Tom Swanton from Seattle, WA were the big winners at International Bear Rendezvous in San Francisco, CA.

Lady Raven from Steubenville, OH became Ms Olympus Leather 2006 and Terrell Brown from Oklahoma City, OK was chosen Mr. Olympus Leather 2006 in the theater above the Chicago Eagle on Sunday night, February 19. Jim Drew from Seattle was one of five contestants in the International Mr. Saliva Contest and had the misfortune of being named the winner, chosen by audience applause at Touche'.

Michael Congdon stepped aside from his title as International Leather Sir 2005 and resumed his prior title as Northwest Leather Sir 2005. The Southeast Leather Sir 2005 Dexter Edmonds who was first runner-up in Atlanta last October assumed title of International Leather Sir 2005 in January.

Richard “Rico” Steinert was chosen to be Mr. Elements Leather 2006 at Elements bar in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, February 26.

Over 500 Leatherfolk from across the US, Canada, England and Australia gathered in Dallas, TX to learn, share, play and welcome the new International Master/slave titleholders at South Plains Leather Fest and International Master/slave Weekend, held February 24-26. The judging panel chose Mistress Suzan and slave ziggy as International Master/slave 2006.

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2005 Dodger Allen and Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2005 Jay Harcourt have announced that they took over as executive producers of the Mr. San Francisco Leather Committee.

Rich Wilson of Kansas City, MO won the 25th Annual Mr. Missouri Leather Contest at JJ's Clubhouse in St. Louis on Saturday night, March 4 in front of 400 or more cheering bar patrons. The contest, possibly the longest running under the same sponsor, was produced by the Gateway Motorcycle Club.

The new Mr. Indiana Leather is Dennis Oakley from Fort Wayne, IN. He won his title at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis, IN on Saturday night, March 4.

Jerry Roseberry became Indiana Leather Sir and Scott King was named Indiana Leather boy on March 4 at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis, IN.

Mr. Ashram West Leather 2006 was Joe Paleski, aka, Daddy Joe in Los Angeles on Saturday night, March 4.

Jim Fall was selected best of three contestants by a narrow margin and thus became Mr. Pistons Leather 2006 at Pistons bar in Long Beach, CA on Saturday night, March 11 in front of about 250 Leatherfolk.

March 18 in Seattle saw Rob Grant and Luying win the 24th Annual Washington State Mr. and Ms Leather Contest at The Cuff Complex with a standing room only crowd.  The contest was part of the 14th Annual Washington State Leather Pride Week and occurred the same night as the Cuff Complex’s 13th Anniversary.

KC Juergensen was named Florida Leather Sir and John Susanjar was chosen Florida Leatherboy on Saturday night, March  18 at Circuit in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Bruce Karmazin from St. Louis, MO was chosen tops among 11 men competing at the Second Annual Mr. Midwest Leather Contest in the theater above the Chicago Eagle on Saturday night, April 8 in front of about 200 cheering supporters.

Washington State took two of the four American Brotherhood titles as Mr. Washington State Leather 2005 Rusty Jones became American Leatherman, Ms Washington State Shelley Denton was named American Leatherwoman, American Leatherboy is Ed Kosary of Dallas, TX and Ms Philadelphia Leather 2005 Dawn Marie of Philadelphia, PA was chosen American Leathergirl in Washington, DC the weekend of April 21-23 at the Holiday Inn on the Hill.

Rick Yarbrough was named Southern California Leatherboy 2006 at the Barracks on Saturday night, April 22. There were two contestants for Leatherboy, but like last year, there were no Leather Sir contestant.

Mr. Great Plains Olympus 2006 was Lord Prophett and Ms Great Plains Olympus 2006 was cathy. They won their titles during NLA: Oklahoma City's Fifth Annual Tribal Fire Weekend held May 5-7 in a rainy Oklahoma City, OK. The National Leather Association: International held their AGM during Tribal Fire.

Tom Pupp was chosen to be Sacramento Leather Sir 2006 and Mark Olson became Sacramento Leatherboy 2006 at the Fifth Annual Sacramento Leather Sir and Leatherboy Contest held the weekend of May 5-7 at the Bolt bar.

Canadians captured both titles at IML had the fourth place winner and four in the Top 20 when Mr. Leather Montreal 2006 Bo Ladashevska was named International Mr. Leather 2006 at the renowned Chicago Theater on Sunday night, May 28 in Chicago, IL. First runner-up was Mr. Long Beach Leather 2005 Larry Golubski and second runner-up was Mr. Fetish Switzerland 2006 Philippe Lepine. The International Mr. Boot Black 2006 winner is Benjamin Palmer, winning over a pool of five contestants. 51 men vied for the IML 2006 sash. This was the first time that Canadians have won either title.

The new Pennsylvania Leather Sir and Leatherboy were Ryan Tittel and Justin John Costello who won their titles in Philadelphia, PA at The Bike Stop on Saturday, June 10.

CSW (Christopher Street West) produced the Los Angeles Pride 2006 festivities the weekend of June 9-11 in West Hollywood, CA where Tom Wang was named the first Mr. CSW Leather. CSW launched its inaugural Mr. CSW Leather contest on Saturday, at Erotic City within the LA Pride festival grounds.

A sultry weekend in Atlanta was highlighted by the selection of Matthew Cary as Mr. South East Leather Fest and Solitaire as Ms South East Leather Fest on June 11. The Jack Stice Memorial Community Service Award recipients were David Nelson of Atlanta and The Red Chair of Birmingham, AL.

The nation's capital selected Allen Washington as their second Mr. Capital Pride Leather.

Lonie “Cisco” McGowan of Jersey City, NJ became Northeast Leather Sir and Ray Rivera of Hamden, CT was chosen Northeast  Leatherboy  on June 16, at the Eagle NYC.

On Saturday, June 17 a panel of seven judges selected Master Kalan was chosen to be Southwest Leather Sir 2006, boy  marshall as Southwest Leatherboy 2006 and Lauren as the first Southwest Leatherwoman at Charlie’s during Southwest Leather Pride 2006 Weekend in Phoenix, AZ. The Bob DeJardine Leather Pride Award was awarded to Pat O from the Bunkhouse for his overwhelming support to the leather community in Phoenix.

The Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition announced that at the Annual General Meeting of the membership on Sunday, June 18, that a donation of $10,000 was made to Supporting Our Youth (SOY), the organization’s designated charity for 2005.

Jason, aka “Gummiboy” was named Eagle LA Mr. Rubber 2006 on Friday night, on July 7.

The Mid Atlantic Leather Sir and Leatherboy 2006 contest was held at the Hippo in Baltimore, MD where Pennsylvania Leatherboy 2006 Justin John Costello was announced as the new Mid Atlantic Leatherboy  and Pennsylvania Leather Sir 2006 Ryan Tittle was named Mid-Atlantic Leather Sir 2006. Justin John Costello was announced as the winner of the Brotherhood Award.

During a sweltering 112 degree heat wave in Hayward, California, the Alameda County Leather Corps sashed Joan Norry and Bob Keypas as Ms and Mr. Alameda County Leather 2006 on Saturday night, July 22 at the Hill and Valley Club.

Kentucky Leatherboy 2006 was J. R. Lamb and Kentucky Bootblack 2006 was Pony. The contest was held on Saturday night, July 22 at Woody’s Tavern in Louisville, KY.

Lady Faye from Dallas, TX was best of two women competing for the International Ms Leather 2006 sash at The Max in Omaha, NE on Saturday night, July 15 in front of approximately 100 cheering onlookers. Alex Bettancourt from Massachusetts was the lone competitor for the International Ms Boot Black 2006 title and was declared the winner by executive producer Amy Marie Meek-DeJarlais. It was announced that Glenda Rider had taken over the contest. It was later learned that the next contest would be in April and in San Francisco, CA.

The new Mr. Harbor Room was Jeffrey Miller of Cudahy, WI after he was named the winner on Saturday night, July 22.

Over 50 people Mistress Pandora win the 2006 Ms Leather Michigan Pride 2006 Contest on Saturday, July 23, at the State Bar, in Flint, MI.

On Friday night, July 28 Warren Williams captured the San Francisco Leather Daddy XXIV title at the Eagle Tavern in front of about 250 Leatherfolk.

Tim Matheny was selected as 2006 Northern California Leather Sir and Mark Masterson was selected to be Northern California Leatherboy at the DNA Lounge on 11th Street at Harrison in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, July 28. Two men competed for each spot.

Sir Larry and slave barb from New Jersey won the Northeast Master/slave 2006 titles.

Steve Kennedy from Seattle, WA was named International Mr. Deaf Leather and International Ms Deaf Leather 2005 Crystal apparently was to continue through 2006 with her title since the woman vying for the 2006 title did not meet the minimum required points to win. The new International Deaf Leather boy was boy B from Washington, DC. The contest was held at the Sheraton Hotel San Diego, in the Mission area in San Diego, CA the weekend of July 28-30.

Karnivale of Kink was the theme of the Southern California Leather Woman 2006 which was won by Bikkja Amy at the Masonic Temple in El Segundo on Saturday night August 5 in front of almost 200 Leatherfolk. The audience was the judging panel.

On the evening of Saturday August 5 the Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2007 contest was won by Steve Mayers at Marlena’s bar in San Francisco, CA.

The Embers in Portland, OR where Daddy Bear was named Mr. Oregon State Leather and Tommie was chosen to be Ms Oregon State Leather  on Saturday night, August 12 in front of a full house. This was the contest's 10th Anniversary. The contest was produced by Blackout Leather Productions and was one of many events during the greater Oregon State Leather Pride Week.

Dennis Beisbeir was named Mr. Long Beach Leather 2006 at Pistons in Long Beach, CA on Saturday night, August 12. He filled the shoes of Mr. Long Beach Leather 2005 Larry Golubski who was first runner-up at International Mr. Leather in May.

Jaris Thomas of Denver, CO and David Sellon of Colorado Springs joined together to produce the Mr. Colorado Leather and Colorado Leather Sir and Leatherboy Contests held the weekend of August 18-20. Mike Maez from Colorado Springs was best of three men in winning the Mr. Colorado Leather 2006 title while Mike Villarini was named Colorado Leather Sir and Francisco Sanchez was chosen to be Colorado Leatherboy at the Denver Eagle on Saturday night, August 19 in front of nearly 150 Leatherfolk.

Mufasa of Chicago, IL was chosen to be the first Mr. World Leather 2006 and Ms World Leather 2006 was Jae Januze from Denver, CO. They both won at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel in Philadelphia the weekend of August 25-27.

The Second Annual Ottawa Leather Fest was held at Breathless in Ottawa, Ontario the weekend of August 25-27 and included the Mr. and Ms Ottawa Olympus Leather Contest, two play parties, seminars and Ottawa's gay pride parade, picnic and festival. BJ won the Mr. Ottawa Olympus Leather sash while Angela took the Ms title.

The Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend held August 25-27 in Indianapolis, IN was a huge success. The Great Lakes Leather Sir and Leather boy were appointed for 2006. They are Great Lakes Leather Sir Steven Seefeldt and Great Lakes Leatherboy brent Suits. Great Lakes Leather Sir 2007 title was Joee Arteaga, Great Lakes Leather boy 2007 was doug Massey and Great Lakes Bootblack 2006 was Spot. Great Lakes Ms Leather Pride was Lady Justice and Great Lakes Master/slave title was Sergeant Major and riches.

Mr. West Coast Rubber 2006 was Michael O’Connor. The Villa Resort was the host hotel with overflow at Chaps Inn and Desert Bear.

Mark Steinbauer was named Mr. Louisiana Leather 2007 at the Howling Wolf in New Orleans over Labor Day and Southern Decadence Weekend in The Big Easy which has shown remarkable recovery one year after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. The Lords of Leather sponsored the Contest which saw five men vie for the title.

Matt Johnson was named Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2007 at the Powerhouse on Saturday, September 9 in San Francisco, CA.

Mr. Dixie Belle Leather 2007 was Chris “Crisco” Schiefer who won his title at Bootleggers in Kansas City, MO on Saturday, September 16.

The 2006 Mr. Double L Contest held on September 16 at the Double L Bar in Rehoboth Beach, DE was won by Gary Samuels from Washington, DC.

Travis Creston was chosen to be Mr. San Francisco Leather 2007 on Saturday September 23 at City Nights.

News and Politics

Jason Garrett, the director of Mr. Leather finally gotten Los Angeles to show his movie. It played at the Egyptian Theatre on Wednesday, January 25 and the theater was full.

The Fourth Annual South West Leather Conference titled The Leather Family Gathering of Heart and Spirit was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Phoenix, AZ the weekend of January 20-22 with some 433 Leatherfolk registered.

The Arts and Entertainment Center saw a representation of the entire San Diego  GLBT Community on Saturday February 4, as the first San Diego Leather Community Awards was held. The awards and their winners were: Man of the Year Adam Latham, Woman of the Year Annie Romano, Small Event of the Year Katrina Relief by boy joe and Daddy Don, Large Event of the Year 2005 Mr. San Diego Leather Contest produced by Tom Dickerson and Graylin Thornton, Business of the Year Michelle Jackson, an ASL Interpreter, and Club/Organization of the Year San Diego boys of Leather.

On February 10 Race Bannon and the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCSF) announced the transfer of management of Kink Aware Professionals to NCSF. The Kink Aware Professionals program was founded and had been managed by Race Bannon for many years.

LIFE (Leather Institute for Education) Detroit held its DARK (Detroit Area Rough Kinkfest) Weekend on Friday, February 10-12 at Diamond Jim's Saloon where Dr. Alan Bowers addressed the crowd.

Dennis Cramer presented the Fourth Annual Erotic Art Expo from Monday, February 13, through the following Monday, February 20, at the Tool Shed in Palm Springs, CA. Proceeds from the event benefited Tool Shed's AIDS Assistance Program Christmas Stocking Fund and Erotic Art Expo.

Some 35 honors were bestowed at the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards Show at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, IL on Saturday afternoon February 18. Mark Frazier of Dallas, TX was named the Lifetime Achievement Award winner. This selection was made by the Pantheon of Leather board of directors. Robert Davis from Hagerstown, took home two pieces of crystal as he was maned Man of the Year, chosen by the selection panel, and Community Choice (Man) along with three others, an award decided by popular write-in vote. Blackkat from New York, NY was the Community Choice (Man) winners and the Northeast Regional Award winner.

Winter Encampment: How Can We Serve You was held February 24-26 in Provincetown, RI.

Dreams To Reality, a pansexual BDSM event produced by Susan Abel each year in Omaha, NE was canceled.

Fieldens, a private club  in Richmond, VA, presented their annual Bal de Sade on March 18 at 11 PM, Bal de Sade is Virginia’s, largest Leather/Fetish celebration.

In March the US Supreme Court refused to hear the Barbara Nitke case against Alberto Gonzales and his Communications Decency Act.

Ray Castro has been the official portrait artist for some of the Leather world's most prestigious contests including International Ms Leather, International Master and slave, International Leather Sir and Leatherboy, Ms World Leather and Mr. Leatherman Toronto. Titleholders for these events have all received portraits of startling vision and passion that captured their unique qualities as champions in Ray Castro's own style. In celebration of this, the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, IL hosted a special exhibition of Ray Castro's works during International Mr. Leather Weekend in May.

Colors of Leather is a project founded by boi Gwen Hardy of Jacksonville, FL. She has been interested in and collecting bits of information regarding Leather history for about four years.  She has saved as much information as possible and now has Colors of Leather on line.

Rev. Dr. Bob Goss announced two members of the LA Leather Community to receive the MCC in the Valley Justice-Love Award. They were Mistress Cyan, a professional dominatrix in the Leather community and Dr. Larry  Burden, former president of Avatar.

The New Reality Show Top Chef airing on the Bravo Channel featured the Mr. S Leather and Madame-S store in San Francisco, CA for it’s one hour second show in the series on Wednesday night, March 15. This show was filmed in the store in November.

Los Angeles Leather Pride week, produced mostly by the LA Leather Coalition, was held March 25 - April 2 in the City of the Angels. Based on the host Figueroa Hotel's Morrocan theme, the weekend had a Leather Casbah theme. The highlights were the Mr. LA Leather 2006 Contest which was won by Mr. Gauntlet Leather Bob Johnson, the Southland Honors and the LAL Street Fest.

The Southland Honors featured a keynote address by past The 15 Association chairman and San Francisco Leather Daddy XXI Peter Fiske from San Francisco/Palm Springs, CA. The award winners included Person of the Year, Dr. Larry Burden, Chairman’s Award, Slave Pug, Most Supportive Individual of the Year, Larry Golubski, Mentor of the Year, Brian Dawson, Fundraiser (Individual) of the Year, Mistress Cyan, Event of the Year, Southern California Leather Gathering, Club Organization of the Year, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: LA House and Business of the Year, Mr. S Leathers.

Nearly 350 people attended the 10th Annual Leather Leadership Conference over the April 7-9 weekend in New York City, where the first conference was held in 1997. In attendance at the Hotel New Yorker in midtown Manhattan were elected leaders and active members of dozens of SM/Leather/Fetish groups, as well as individual community members, from 26 US states, Washington DC, three Canadian provinces and Germany.

 An Exponential Experience was the theme for the weekend.

Charlie Matula and business partner Vince Quattrocchi, along with bar manager Hunter Fox, announced that the Los Angeles Leather bar Gauntlet II would become the Eagle LA with opening festivities taking place on Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23.

$1,200 was raised for Breaking Barriers, the Sacramento Valley area's catastrophic illness service organization, at Good Friday Flogging. The event held at The Bolt bar in Sacramento, CA on April 14 was produced by Northern California Leather Sir 2005 Michael Kelly. Breaking Barriers Community Services Center is a volunteer supported, service oriented non profit organization.

A stage play that featured gay men and Leather, Top and Bottom, opened at The Complex on June 1, and consists of two gay-themed one-act comedies in Hollywood, CA.

The National Leather Association  honored Race Bannon for his lifetime of achievements at Tribal Fire which was hosted by NLA: Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, OK the weekend of May 5-7. One of Race’s outstanding achievements was Kink Aware Professionals (KAP) which he founded and directed. Much of Race’s work has been as an author and educator. A recent count of his speaking engagements numbered over 325.  He penned Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun SM Lovemaking, which became an international bestseller in the genre.  He founded Daedalus Publishing Company, the first publishing company dedicated to publishing quality nonfiction book on Leather/SM/Fetish topics. The first Internet talk show about kinky sex was produced by Race, who was its host.  It was called Bound to Talk.

On Friday, April 7 approximately 200 people gathered at Shakers Pub in Lancaster, CA to support Explosion. Tarzana Treatment provided rapid HIV Testing to 22 people. The beneficiary of the night, Sunrise HIV/AIDS Coalition (SHAC), had their van overflowing with food donations. The Raffle, barbecue and 50/50 brought in $457. Master Jammer won the 50/50 and donated the $111 to SHAC, making the total funds raised $568 to help SHAC deliver food to persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Antelope Valley. The appearance of one California State Assembly candidate and one Lancaster mayoral candidate gave hope that government officials could be ready to face the HIV/AIDS issue in the Antelope Valley.

DomCon: LA, billed as America's Premier Professional and Lifestyle Domination Convention, was held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel near LAX the weekend of April 13-15 and some 500 plus Leatherfolk attended. This was the third year for the event which was very popular in its first two years, but outreach to the gay Leather community added to the numbers and local visibility. DomCon: LA was produced by Mistress Cyan.

CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend) has doubled in size each of the last four years, with the Fifth Anniversary edition using four hotels the weekend of April 28-30 in Cleveland, OH. The Wyndham Playhouse Square Hotel played host while the Embassy Suites, used the third and fourth year, served as backup.

Professional Dominatrix  Mistress Cyan and former president of Avatar Club Los Angeles president Dr. Larry  Burden were recipients of the MCC in the Valley Justice-Love Award at the church's annual celebration: Out: A Night of Music and Art on May 13 in North Hollywood, CA. MCC in the Valley and Rev. Dr. Bob Goss presented these awards to nonmembers of MCCV for exhibiting the values of Micah 6:8:  "passionate for justice, showing mercy and kindness, and walking humbly in the presence of God."

The largest festival grounds of all the LGBT pride weekends was found in Long Beach, CA where their version of Pride 2006 took place the weekend of May 19-21. Leather was present with a vendor booth and enclosed demo area specially reserved for the Leather community. There were Leather trucks and marchers in the parade along Ocean Blvd. on Sunday morning. Among participants were OCLA, Avatar Club Los Angeles, LOBOC MC.

The Leather Archives and Museum celebrated its 15th Anniversary at International Mr. Leather 2006 on Saturday evening, May 27 beginning at 10 PM at the Palmer House Hilton. There is no charge for admission to the event.

The  60626. Check out www.leatherarchives.org or phone (773) 761-9200 for more information.

A new location was found for Tuff Stuff Leatherware in Palm Springs.

International Mr. Leather 2003 John Pendal married his partner, Dave Harris. They registered as a Civil Partnership at their local registry office in West London in front of 24 guests from the UK and the Netherlands. The ceremony began with the overture to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, which caused a few smiles. They used the same rings, vows and best men as in June 2003, when they celebrated their 10th anniversary by signing the London Partnerships Register.

Dave Rhodes, publisher and editor of The Leather Journal was honored Wednesday night, May 7 by being given Christopher Street West's Media Award at the Mayor's reception at The Factory in West Hollywood, CA. During the festivities Rhodes was also presented a Commendation from the California State Legislature on behalf of 42nd District Assemblyman Paul Koretz and a Certificate of Tribute from Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. Besides having these accolades being bestowed upon him, Rhodes rode as an honored guest in a private car in the CSW Pride Parade on June 11.

The Fifth Annual Southern California Leather Gathering (SCLG) took place on Saturday, June 3 at Whittier Narrows Recreation Area. The weather was hot, yet there was ample tree shade and a light breeze to help keep some 246 Leatherfolk cooled down a bit.

Mera Harned and Jimmie Tucker were married in a garden wedding at their home in Dallas, TX on Saturday, June 3. The wedding was attended by more than 130 Leatherfolk and family.

St. Petersburg Pride was on Saturday, June 22 and was super-well attended. The Platform Levi/Leather/Uniform cruise bar sponsored a Leather float filled with sexy shirtless Leathermen for the parade.

Leather Invasion VII's  Leather pot luck picnic was held Saturday afternoon, June 17 on the grass lawn of the newly renovated Christopher Street Pier on Hudson River Park in an effort to help kickoff Leather Pride Weekend in New York, with events such as The Northeast Leather Sir and Leatherboy Contest, Leather Pride Night and GMS/MA's Folsom Street East.

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition's fundraising committee held their Second Annual Los Angeles Leather Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, July 8 at Metropolitan Community Church in the Valley in North Hollywood, CA.

The Syren store in Los Angeles changed hands in July and was taken over by The Stockroom which has been around for almost 19 years. The Stockroom primarily vended at events in the early 1990s and then they developed a highly-successful Internet business targeting the het and gay Fetish communities with separate catalogs.

FFN4 took place the weekend of Friday, July 14 through Sunday, July 16 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with an estimated 5,000 in attendance, up from 2005.  The beneficiaries for 2006 were the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) and the relighting of the Conservatory dome in Allan Gardens.

San Francisco Leather Daddy XXIII Master Richard Sprott and San Francisco Leather Daddy's boy XXIII spunky presented Daddy's Dungeon at the Powerhouse in San Francisco, CA on Saturday, July 15.

Oregon Leather Pride's annual Rose and Thorn Awards Ceremony at Starbucks Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR presented the following honors: Business of the Year, WIAN Studios; Non Profit Business of the Year, Cascade AIDS Project; Leatherwoman of the Year, Carmella; Leatherman of the Yea, Ben Bear Brown, Jr.; and Community Choice Award of the Year, Cheryl Spector.

A Taste of Cine Kink -- Chicago, presented by the Leather Archives and Museum, was held on Friday, July 28 and showcased feature films and videos culled from the best of Cine Kink NYC, the really alternative film festival, with topics that include SM, Leather and Fetish, swinging, non-monogamy and polyamory, and gender bending.

The folks at Folsom Street Events, producers of the Up Your Alley/Dore Alley Fair held in San Francisco, CA on Sunday, July 30 said that 15,000 Leatherfolk crowded the block between 9th and 10th Street and Dore Alley. The place was packed with the usual bare-chested men, Leather, rubber, nudists and more. It would have been impossible for the weather to be any better. A police presence was there and they seemed to take everything in stride.

The Leathermen's Discussion Group celebrated its 10th Anniversary at San Francisco's Gay and Lesbian Center on July 29 and a huge crowd saw Race Bannon address the crowd.

The 19th Annual Awesome August Weekend was held in Palm Springs August 10-13 and was hosted by Dale Jag and was partially a benefit for the NGRA and Santa Saturday West at CCBC Resort.

The weekend of August 19-20 events included the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Committee's Leather Ball XII and the Church Street Fetish Fair, and the North American Bootblack Contest.

Spearhead of Toronto hosted its Round-Up run the weekend of September 1-4. The run theme was Blue Collar Weekend.

In San Diego Pleasures and Treasures opened at the end of June. This was only a couple of months after Ringold Alley Closed. Pleasures is owned by Bill Freyer of Red Hankies of San Diego Fame.

WOOLF (Wichita Organization Of Leather Fetishes) hosted Leather Camp II the weekend of August 18-20 in Wichita, KS.  WOOLF will be producing this event as a part of their annual Leather Pride Celebration, Great Plains Leather Sir, Leatherboy and Community Boot Black. Presenters included Bill Reed, Jay Wiseman, Mike Zuhl, Tom Stice, John Pendal and Lori Ellison.

The Third Annual Church Street Fetish Fair was held on Sunday, August 20 in Toronto, Canada and was organized by the Church-Wellesley Village Business Improvement Area (CWVBIA).

On August 30th the UK Home Office published a summary of the responses they received to their Consultation on the Possession of Extreme Pornographic Material. You can download the summary as a pdf file at www.homeoffice.gov.uk/documents/cons-extreme-porn-3008051/Gvt-response-extreme-porn.pdf?view=Binary As a result of the consultation the British Government was pressing ahead with plans to create a new offence which would criminalize anyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who possesses explicit pornographic material, showing actual scenes or depictions which appear to be real, of the following activities: One, acts which appear to be life threatening or are likely to result in serious, disabling injury; two, intercourse or oral sex with an animal; and three, sexual interference with a human corpse.

Hell On Wheels II: A Leather/Fetish Roller Skating Party took place at the Moonlight Roller Way in Glendale, CA on Wednesday September 13 with around 300 Leatherfolk present.

On Wednesday, September 20 the Leathermen's Discussion Group (LDG) presented their Second Annual Fetish Fair, at SF Citadel in San Francisco, CA.

The Chicago Leather Club held their 2006 Mini Run the weekend of September 22-23 in Chicago, IL.

San Francisco Roll Call 2006 was held on Friday, September 22 at The Log Cabin in San Francisco's historic Presidio during the Folsom Street Fair Weekend.

The Leather community was saddened by the news that the Denver Triangle closed its doors for good on or about September 25. Co-owner Ric Sullivan informed us of this as did several Denver community leaders. The Triangle had served the Leather community for over 30 years and according to a couple of sources, was the oldest gay bar in Colorado.

Avatar Club Los Angeles'  September 27 program meeting at MCC in the Valley featured San Francisco Leather Daddy XXIII Richard Sprott who presented the new findings about pleasure, pain, and personality as it pertains to BDSM sexuality, and discuss ways of using these findings to improve our experiences.  Topics included hormones and neurotransmitters, how the brain processes pain and pleasure, and personality characteristics, grounded in genetic differences, that lead a person to seek novel sensations (sensation-seeking) or to seek dominance/submission.

The Third Annual Master/slave Conference (MsC) was held the weekend of July 21-23 at the Doubletree Washington Hotel in downtown Washington, DC with around 250 participant. Master Z, from the Texas Leather Tribe received the Master Heart Award 2006 and slave john, one of the founders of MAsT Washington was selected for the slave Heart Award 2006. Author Jack Rinella delivered a controversial Keynote Address on the subject of education in the Leather community. The passionate speech provoked diverse reactions from the attendees during the weekend. The Master/slave Conference included over 40 workshops and panels on a variety of aspects of Master/slave relationships.

The Folsom Street Fair took place September 24 in San Francisco, CA and a huge crowd enjoyed the best weather that his weekend has seen in several years. San Francisco's Leather Pride Week was full of activities that began a full weekend before.

The 15th Annual Leather Walk on Sunday, September 17 saw over $21,000 raised for the AIDS Emergency Fund and the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. The Walk started at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro and wound its way to the Eagle Tavern. The annual raising of the Leather pride flag at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro precedes the AIDS Walk and was the official start of festivities. The flag was visible from many parts of San Francisco.

Billed as the hottest Leather event in New England, Mates Leather Weekend descended upon Provincetown, MA September 29 - October 1 for it’s Tenth Annual run.  Mates Leather Weekend has increased in attendance each year with 650 men and women from all over the world in 2005.

Kinky Kollege 2006: A Pansexual Institute of Higher Yearning took take place in Chicago, IL the weekend October 13-15. Dossie, Jack Rinella, Jack McGeorge, Chuck Renslow, Travis Wilson, Jimi Tatu, Master Z and slaveboy  tony and other of the nation's top presenters taught some 40 classes to the approximate 300 in attendance.

Human sexuality took a step forward as research psychologist Richard Sprott, PhD, filed papers with the state of California to incorporate CARAS, the Community Academic consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities. CARAS represents an effort by scientists to work with alternative sexuality communities to conduct cutting-edge research.

New on the Scene

Ohio Leather Pride Night, Akron, OH; Tennessee Raptors, Nashville, TN



45 Years: Satyrs Motorcycle Club, Badger Flat Run, Los Angeles, CA

30 Years: Corn Haulers LL, Cornball '06: XXX Wedding, Des Moines, IA

20 Years: International Ms Leather, Omaha, NE

15 Years: Three Rivers Leather Club, Pittsburgh, PA; Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago, IL

10 Years: Leathermen’s Discussion Group, San Francisco, CA; Mr. and Ms Oregon State Leather, Portland, OR; Mates Leather Weekend, Provincetown, MA; Mr. International Rubber, Chicago, IL

Five Years: San Diego League of Gentlemen, San Diego, CA; CLAW (Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend), Cleveland, OH; Southern California Leather Gathering, Whittier, CA; Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend, Indianapolis, IN

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Born in 1953, Paul Joseph John Bavlnka, Jr. Passed away peacefully on Thursday, November 3 at age 52. Paul participated and worked many of the Leather community events in Milwaukee. He was committed to philanthropy for many good causes and also involved in a range of political endeavors. Paul was a dedicated and enthusiastic member of the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

Wally Sherwood, A Leatherman whose efforts at fundraising befitted the Leather communities of San Francisco, CA and New Orleans, LA over the last 30 plus years, died from renal failure in the early morning of January 26 in Dallas, TX. Wally was displaced by the effects of Hurricane Katrina and was being helped greatly by Merah Harned and Jimmie Tucker in Dallas. Wally received the Pantheon of Leather 2006 Man of the Year Award last February. He raised funds through his Wally Look Alike contests and Wally's Mother parties each May. Some years the numbers ranged around $700 and many others funds proceeds exceeded $3,000 with the money going to AIDS related charities. Wally cofounded the Celestial Krewe de Cuir in San Francisco with his partner Eddie Cunningham. Wally was involved with the Cavaliers Motorcycle Club and New Orleans Bear and Bear Trappers Association and was an associate member of the Chicago Hellfire Club. Wally published a small publication in San Francisco named the Leather Levi Lexicon for about seven years. He wrote for Ambush Magazine covering the Leather scene while in the Big Easy. He was a frequent contributor to The Leather Journal for some 17 years.

Marshall Loeb, a longtime member of the Chicago Hellfire Club and The 15 Association of San Francisco died recently. Marshall was a movie buff, having lived in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. He was survived by his beloved dog Benji, who's companionship added several years to Marshall’s life.

The Leather community was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of International Mr. Leather Judge Emeritus Thom Dombkowski on Thursday morning, April 20 at his home in Chicago, IL. A native of Rochester, NY, Thom Dombkowski began his Leather journey in 1970 when he stepped into the legendary Gold Coast bar in Chicago. He was mentored by John F.G. Shawhan, a member of the Old Guard who was a World War II veteran and a builder of pipe organs. Nonetheless, Thom has long been among those on Leather’s progressive edge and a strong supporter of the boy movement. Thom’s been involved with IML in unofficial and official capacities fo0r over 25 years. He has held the roles of IML’s charity liaison, press liaison, speech writer, tally master and judges’ coordinator. Most famously, Thom served a 10-year term as IML’s Chief Judge between 1992-2001. With Chuck Windemuth, he cofounded the Chicago Leather Kennel Club. A Chicago resident since 1974, Thom’s professional career encompassed public and private service. He cofounded Chicago House (residence and support services for PWAs) and served as its second executive director. He was also the staff writer for Howard Brown Memorial Clinic. As a volunteer, he was among the cofounders of IMPACT (which evolved into Equality Illinois). He was among the original major donors to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. Thom also funded the feasibility study that led Horizons Community Services to begin development of The Center of Halsted, Chicago’s future LGBT community center. A onetime member of the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Gay and Lesbian Issues, Thom proposed and developed the creation of the City of Chicago’s Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame.

The Leather community was saddened with the news of the recent passing of Jan Lyon. Jan was a founding member of the National Leather Association in Seattle where she lived in 1986. She held the Ms National Leather Association 1989 title, was Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Award in 1990, female cochair of the National Leather Association, manager of the NLA Store and received the National Leather Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 1991.

Jared Gerardo, 38, passed away at his home in Valley Village on Sunday, April 23. He was survived by his life partner Roger Hardesty. Jared was one of the barbers for many of the Clippers events in Southern California and the east coast, working for community fundraisers or just for fun.

Phillip Robb passed on in early May. Phil was a good friend of the California B&B Corps and the Regiment of the Black and Tans. He was an active member of the Corps Of Rangers. Phil was best known for the wonderful Christmas parties he would host at his hillside home near the Hollywood Bowl.

On Wednesday, May 3, Mr. Regiment Leather 2006 Chris Rabun was scheduled to have surgery and due to complications unexpectedly passed away. Chris was 39 years old, born in New Orleans and lived in Southern California for 16 years. He was the public relations director for Bears LA.

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation and the Leather community at large mourned the death of its board member, Eric Rofes.  Eric was an activist, advocate and friend to those of us who were fortunate enough to know him and work with him. Eric died of a heart attack.
Ringold Alley Closed in late Spring after serving San Diego's Leather community for about five years.
Terry Marshall, a longtime member of the Rochester Rams Motorcycle Club passed away suddenly due to a brain aneurism on May 13.
It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the news about the passing of a member of the IML Family. Ramon (Ray Ray) Thomas passed away late in the afternoon of June 26th after a very brief illness in Palm Springs, CA. He was 50 years old. Ray Ray’s involvement with IML went back to the very first weekend in 1979. He was a longtime member of the Chicago Leather community and a member of what has come to be called “The Chicago Leather Family.” He was very active with the 12 Step Recovery community and helped many newly sober Leatherfolk to understand they could have a life in Leather and recovery.
The Leather community was saddened by the news that the Denver Triangle closed its doors for good on or about September 25.