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CLAW back with a vengeance

By May 15, 2022





CLAW - back with a vengeance

CLAW 22, which was held at the Westin Cleveland Downtown and the Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade the weekend of April 28 - May 1 was only a few thousand dollars from reaching the $1,000,000 funds raised at all CLAW events over the years - and when the final tally is announced in a coupe months, that milestone might be reached.

Constructed in 1890, the Hyatt in downtown Cleveland is one of the most ornate wrought iron edifices in the United States and Canada.

Shuttle buses carried the 2,000 plus CLAW registrants between the hotels and events throughout the town. Among that number were 850 volunteers.

We believe CLAW has the fullest schedule of any Leather community convention and that is one reason why the event sells so well. There were more than 200, including play parties, special cigar area all weekend, silent auctions, special dinners capped by a Leather Family Dinner on Saturday night, socials, Bound and Beautiful display of tied-up men, drag bingo, dances, bootblacks, bondage barbershop, one of the largest vendor markets on the circuit, and people horny to play after being on ice for two years.

There were approximately 45 vendors and all were on the sixth floor of the Westin. Unfortunately there was a flood on Sunday morning on the seventh floor. The water poured onto the vendors below. Affected booths were quickly moved and re-assembled in the adjacent hallway by CLAW attendees.

Bound and Beautiful at the Hyatt on Friday night saw 39 bottoms tied and/or bound either individually or in groups. This was the eye candy moment of CLAW. Their jockstraps were up for bid in a silent auction and a lot of money was raised.

There was a parade of colors on the grand staircase at the Hyatt early Friday night with nearly 40 clubs' colors visible.

The International Leather Family dinner was where honors were bestowed upon those recognized as the CLAW machers. The newly-named Humanitarian Award was presented to Calvin Pohler and Michigan Leather by keynote speaker and CLAW co-founder Bob Mille. Organization of the year was CARAS Research, Cornerstone Award went to Boy Shannon and Volunteer of the Year was presented to Tyger Yoshi. Scott Douglas of Square Peg Toys was recognized for being a major CLAW supporter, going all the way back to year-one.

It was announced that CLAW LA will be held in Los Angeles at the Bonaventure Hotel over Thanksgiving Weekend where CLAW just inked a two-year deal.

Among the 100 or more Skills and Education Workshops were Consent to Kink, Pegging 101, Kinky Naked Yoga, Age Play Panel, Predicament Bondage, ABDL and Ageplay, Cigar Service, Pup Play - 50 Questions, Plushie Picnic, S&M Politics, Gaining and Encouraging, Titleholders of Color Panel, Tantra Introduction, Electro 101, Better Hookups, Padded Pet Social, What Leather Was Like in 1987, Taming Your Brat, Meet the Leather Hall of Fame, Kinky Life Drawing, Consent For The Older Generation, Fisting With Passion, Inside the Leather Bond, CARAS Research Gala, Scene Flogging, Role-Play Alter Egos, Brown Hanky Social, Zap Your Sub, Hobby Leathercrafting, Erotic Boxing, Nerdy Science of Spanking, Violet Wand Introduction.

There was a series of meals at the hotels, while very pricey, were good. The pig roast on Thursday night was a hit, the main event was the Leather Family Dinner on Saturday night, The BLUF Formal dress-code dinner on Friday drew well, Sunday Supper preceded the Kinky Kabaret. Friday brunch featured Kink Relationships, Saturday brunch was Nerdy Science of Spanking and Sunday brunch was Strip Bingo.



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The long list of presenters included, but was not limited to Master Dart, Sir Todd, Bob Miller, Pup Ruben, Jeremy Rigger, Dave Rhodes, Rhoda Lipscomb, Pup Xenon, Fenn, Bear Mike and Bear Marvin, Joshua Rodriguez, Michelle Vaughan, Jim Drew, Geoffrey Millard, Jack Thompson, Brad Sagarin, Jax Kelly, Captain Spandex, Rob Bienvenu, Pup Spaz, Stephan Ferris,, Rod ONYX, Preston Nails Scott Douglas, Madam Hexe, Sir John Krikorian, Pigboss, Sir Duane, Tiger Miles and Master Ghee.

There was a Cigar Lounge in the fifth floor parking garage. Virtually everything was going on out there. It was risky and frisky - lots of sex and play.

Other events included two Pup Moshes, several Speed Dating sessions, 12-Step Meetings every day.

There were bar parties at the Leather Stallion with Sir, Yes Sir! Uniform party on Saturday night drawing the biggest crowd.

The Academy was the site of play parties involving dungeon play and many of the hands-on classes and workshops.

Next stop - LA over Thanksgiving Weekend. See you there.