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CLAW reaches major milestone

By May 13, 2024



CLAW or Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend, passed the $1,000,000 raised milestone the weekend of April 11-14 at the magnificent and historic Bonvoy Hotel in downtown Cleveland.


From its beginning days CLAW was marketed as 100 percent fun and zero percent contest; and from that same beginning CLAW has been all about fundraising, collecting over $50,000 in some years for CLAW charities.

Before this year's CLAW it was common knowledge that this would likely be year the goal would be reached. During one the buffet dinners it was declared the mark had been passed.

Many were glad that all events were at the host hotel, with the exception of bar parties at the Leather Stallion.

It was duly noted that all of the vendors were in one large convention room. Most of the merchants reported robust sales.

The International Leather Family Dinner was a big affair with dignitaries speaking and awards presented, including the Cornerstone Award to Tom Stebel.

The BLUF Family Dinner may have had the best food. The men in uniforms were hot.

This vibrant event brought together the global Leather, BDSM, and fetish communities for hot Leather sex, a huge vendor mart, parties, entertainment and the largest curriculum of kinky sex education for men anywhere. It’s the happiest kinkster place on earth.

The Hercules BDSM play parties for men were active the whole time, late night dance parties, the cigar deck in the parking garage was busy and active, speed dating, all the education sessions, the vendor mart, a huge silent auctions, eight banquets, a dozen socials where like-minded people could meet and mingle. and the amazing, much photographed Bound & Beautiful, sponsored by Torso. CLAW 24 also includes nightly fetish parties at the Leather Stallion Saloon, one of CLAW’s Legacy Sustaining Sponsors.

Some of the unique classes were Scent Pig Round Table, Urethral Sounding, Vacuum Bondage DIY and Beyond, Rope Take Down and Speed Tie, Penile Implants - Making It Rise Again, Tongue and Mouth Torture, Intro to Ethical Hypnosis, Safe Wax Play, Marked - Kinky Life Drawing, Hot and Cold and Electro Branding among about 100 options.

This Issue's cover man Cody Feucht led, via bagpipes, an In Memoriam walk from the hotel to a nearby park on Friday afternoon. Leather Jeopardy on Saturday was a hit with a play on one of America's favorite television game shows. Sunday's Drag Brunch and Kinky Bingo were a blast.

Thank you to Noel LeBoeuf and Alixzander for helping me throughout CLAW week.

See you next April when our Kinky Brigadoon comes back to life. Photos by Dave Rhodes.


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