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Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2016 Christopher Durbin, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2017 Jimmy Hicks and PSLOD president Leo Newcomb immediately after the contest at the Palm Springs Air Museum. All photos by Dave Rhodes

By Leo Newcomb

Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend began with a great loss and sorrow for many of us on the eve of our 22nd annual celebration. On October 17, 2016, a week before our kickoff, we were struck with the hardest of blows with the unexpected passing of our beloved club brother, David Murdock, of natural causes. David was one of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert’s pillars and for decades had become proficient in every facet of our weekend. In his memory, we honored him both at the formal Leather dinner and the contest with a video tribute by Randy Carmenaty, narrated by Larry Golubski. It was with a heavy heart that in his honor and in the spirit of who he was, we forged ahead, as David would often say, “the show must go on.."

David must have been watching over us because we take great pleasure and tremendous pride in having hosted one of our highest attended Leather pride events in over a decade. This year we decided to practically overhaul the entire weekend. The theme and namesake, TOPGUN: Desert Opps, began with Hawkers and Vendors: Cruise Alley, which was held on Arenas Road with LA DJ, Manuelito. Over 2,500 Leatherfolk passed through the gate in the Spurline parking lot on Arenas Road as several vendors marketed their wares.

By Christina Court

Great Lakes Leather Alliance will celebrate its 15th year in GLLA Weekend October 13-16 in Indianapolis, IN and announced its five-year Education Program.

This year, GLLA will begin a five-year program that encourages GLLA Weekend attendees to get a little out of their comfort zones and attend skills workshops, discussion panels and classes they might not normally consider participating in as they fill up their weekend’s dance card…and, hopefully, attendees who choose to try the Education Program during GLLA Weekend and attend the Program’s courses learn something new about the community, meet and learn from new teachers/mentors, and, perhaps gain a few new experiences that teach them about personal kinks that they may not have known about or explored (but are now hungry to try!) unless they were motivated to “Explore More” via the Education Program

For the next five years, each year’s GLLA workshop roster will include eight courses that are open to all attendees and qualify as part of the GLLA Education Program. An attendee needs only to attend four of the eight course options throughout the weekend in order to meet that year’s GLLA Education Program goals. The GLLA Education Program will have new options each year, and those options will include courses that focus upon history, relationships, the titleholder system, and panel discussions. Attendees are not obligated to participate in the education program and, if they participate in the education program one year, they are not obligated to continue in the education program in future years unless they choose to continue the GLLA Education Program’s journey.

At the end of GLLA weekend, those who attended four of the Program’s courses are eligible to receive an embroidered patch that represents the personal accomplishment they achieved over the weekend. The patch cost is $5 (which covers the patch’s production cost), and it is only available to those who complete one year of the GLLA Education Program. The first year patch for the GLLA Education Program is an embroidered GLLA globe, and the second through fifth year patches are embroidered Leather-pride color rockers that are designed to surround the GLLA Globe.

The GLLA Education Program can further educate and broaden an attendee’s spectrum,” says Ms Kendra, GLLA Co-Founder and Executive Director, and a Leatherwoman who’s been active in the Leather community since 1982. “It places importance on education with a teacher and brings back some of the foundations of Leather and kink events by encouraging learning through personal interaction with one another, rather than trying to learn something by just reading or watching something online. Many need to feel like they’re working toward something, so I think people are thirsty for something like this.”

Questions regarding the new GLLA Education Program can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More information about GLLA Weekend, registration and GLLA’s skills workshops, discussion panels and classes can be found at http://greatlakesleather.org

Now in its 15th year, GLLA Weekend creates space for individuals who identify as Leather, kink, BDSM, fetish and alternative sexualities so they can gather, celebrate community, and build bridges via workshops and special events. GLLA Weekend also produces regional contests such as Leather Sir, boy, Ms, Bootblack, Master/slave, and Pup/Pup Trainer.



Los Angeles Leather Pride: Bound, held March 27 - April 3 saw the sashing of Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016 Jeffrey Erdman and the Off Sunset Festival as its highlights among other shining star event .

Mr. Christopher Street West Jeffrey Erdman was tops among 10 men vying for the opportunity to succeed Mr. LA Leather 2015 Patrick Smith who won the International Mr. Leather 2015 title, Erdman's next goal. The Globe Theater in downtown Los Angeles was the venue for the contest on Saturday night, April 2. First runner-up was Mr. So Cal Leather Eric Slayton and second runner-up was Mr. Sister Leather Joe Gregory. Mr. Oil Can Harry 's Leather 2016 Caleb Engen took the Brotherhood Award.

The Off Sunset Festival was a huge success on Sunday, April 3 on Santa Monica Blvd. from Hoover Street to Sunset Blvd.

The Leather communities of Los Angeles and San Francisco began making a concerted effort to support each other's Leather Pride weekends. At least 50 Leatherfolk from the San Francisco Bay Area for most of the LA Leather Pride events. Awards are presented to individuals in the host city by the visiting city each year. Howie Ramirez was this year's recipient with the honor being presented by The Assembly uniform party produced by the Regiment of the Black and Tans in the Rough Trade parking lot early on Friday night. This was an official BLUF event.

LA Leather Pride kicked off with Glory Bound, a huge parking lot party at the Faultine on Sunday, March 27. The 10 Mr. LA Leather contestants were brought in on motorcycles, a tradition that has gone on since the early days of Mr. Los Angeles Leather. They drew their numbers. Snow blowers covered the parking lot.

The VIP Party was for movers and shakers at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood. Invited guests included judges, contestants, top level sponsors, feeder contest producers, Los Angeles Leather Coalition board members, city, county and state officials, and representatives from the Charity Partners. Great food prepared by Lane.

The roast for Mr. LA Leather 2015 Patrick Smith was harsh and brutal on Thursday night at the Precinct Bar in downtown, Los Angeles. The emcees skewered Patrick, each other and members of the audience.

Leather Dog Pound was hosted by LA Pup 2016 Pup Zero at Bullet Bar in North Hollywood on Friday night was the Official Puppy Party for LA Leather Pride. Join the guys from Dog Pound as they put on their awesome puppy party at the Bullet Bar.
The Assembly crowd made it to the Eagle LA for a Cigar Social hosted by Maximus.

Friday night saw two play parties hosted by Avatar Club Los Angeles with the men's being at 333 Live, co-hosted by http://www.NastyKinkPigs.com with live performances by Aarin Aske and a simultaneous pansexual play party at the Sanctuary Studios LAX.

Saturday afternoon kept locals and visitors busy with the Desert Bonds Beer Bust and Cigar Party hosted by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert at the Bullet Bar.

Immediately following the Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016 contest there was a Legion Victory Dance at the Globe Theater.

Sunday, April 3 was the big finale, the Off Sunset Festival which seemed to have at least doubled its size from its previous three years with above 10,000 in attendance. The weather could not have been better. There were bands, vendors, food, beer. LA is known for its food trucks lined the south side of Santa Monica while most of the vendors were on the north side.

Vendors included Folsom Street Events from San Francisco as well as local clubs and Leather shops. The eye candy befitted the warm weather and sunny skies. The bands were great with the crowd packing around 6 PM. Not long after, the Sun Set Over Santa Monica Boulevard and the 2016 chapter of Los Angeles Leather Pride was in the books – and it was a good one

For more information go to https://losangelesleatherpride.com


Southern California Puppy 2016 Pup Zero won the raffle for a trip to Folsom Street East in Berlin, Germany.

The judges were IML 2015 and Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015 Patrick Smith. Joining him were Master Kevin, Eric Pruitt, Robert Blackmon, Jasun Mark, Clifton Tatum, David Stringer Hughes and Mr. Ireland Leather 2015 Kevin Murphy.

The emcees were Ben MacLean and Johnny McGovern with special entertainment by Hi Fashion.

Los Angeles Leather Pride - Bound beneficiaries were the Tom of Finland Foundation, ONE Archives Foundation and Sexual Minorities Uganda.

Missing was the Southland Honors. Not to worry - The LA Leather Coalition voted to make the Southland Honors its own special event which will be held Sunday. May 15 at Oil Can Harry's in Studio City at 2 PM.

There will be a significant addition to Los Angles Leather Pride Week as the Ms Los Angeles Leather 2017 contest will be held during the week. Ms LA Leather 2016 Moon made the announcement.






By Terry Laupp

Mr. Missouri Leather (MML), celebrated 33 years the weekend of February 26-28 at JJ's Clubhouse Annex in St. Louis Missouri where Ty Portell  from St. Louis was sashed the new Mr. Missouri Leather 201. Three men competed. For the first time in three years the weather cooperated with unseasonably warm weather with no snow or ice!

The now defunct Gateway MC founded MML in 1983 and was one of the longest running annual Leather contests nationwide sponsored by a single Leather club. In 2014, Terry Laupp, Mr. Missouri Leather 2010, and Chad Carroll took over the competition. Currently, Mr. Missouri Leather is the only drug-tested Leather contest in the nation.

The weekend kicked off with a meet and greet on Friday evening with the Leather tribe gathered to renew friendships and acquire new ones. The evening culminated with the introduction of the judges and the three contestants choosing their numbers. The judges for the weekend were: Mr. Tri State Leather 2014 Brian “Pup Bolt” Donner, Mr. Midwest Leather 2014 Jay Johnson, Mr. Chicago Leather 2015 Luis Tipantasig, Mr. Heartland Leather 2015 Russell McDaris and Mr. Missouri Leather 2015 Andy Struckhoff.

Saturday started early with a Morning of Service and Fellowship at Food Outreach, a St. Louis area organization providing nutritional support to low-income men, women, and children with HIV/AIDS and cancer. Over 20 Leathermen volunteered, packing over 5,500 meals in just under three hours!

While the contestants were being interviewed at Attitude’s Nightclub, the Titans of the Midwest presented Kink U at JJ’s clubhouse. Topics included Rope You Can Use by Elton Davis, Sensations by Mr. Colorado Leather 2016 Ric Poston and Don't Stick Your Dick In Crazy by Karen Ultra.

The contest kicked off at 10:30 PM in the Annex at JJ’s Clubhouse with Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2003 Richie Johnson presenting a powerful version of our National Anthem. Emcees for the evening, Oklahoma Leatherboy Chad Neal and Miss Continental Plus 2000 Tumara Mahorning entertained over 200 Leathermen in attendance with their onstage chemistry and humor. The tally masters were Mr. Missouri Leather 2003 Mark Bozif and Mama’s Kinky Educator Aaron Laxton. Den Daddies, O. John Groebl and Mr. Missouri Leather 2013 John Metzner assisted our contestants back stage. Mr. Pride St. Louis 2007 Jimmy Walsh interpreted. DJ TimmyB dazzled the crowd with his lighting and music, Pup Wolfe-Cybrus, a well-rounded puppy, was the judge’s runner, and Boy Ashley was the bootblack.

CLAW donated a CLAW weekend package as a door prize and presented each of the contestants with a CLAW package. A silent auction ran during the entire evening and an army of current titleholders roamed the crowd selling raffle tickets and shots,

The constants were judged in Cruise Wear, Pecs and Personality, Image in Leather and delivered a two-minute speech on a topic of their choice. During intermission Mr. Missouri Leather 2011 DJ Kaiser organized the Mama’s Family photo and introduced a new member to the family, Mike Lunter, Mama’s Kinky Specialist.

While the final scores were being tallied the informal Gateway Guy contest, consisted of 10 hot men from the audience, where the winner was chosen by audience applause. The Gateway Guy contest has been a staple of the MML contest and strives to actively involve more people in the event while fostering interest in future contestants. Tumara Mahorning brought the house down and turned back the hands of time with her rendition of Cher classics. Almost 20 clubs, organizations and titleholders were recognized with a Parade of Colors.

Mr. Missouri Leather 2015 Andy Struckoff gave a heartfelt step aside speech, thanking everyone who was instrumental during his title year and ended by encouraging all in attendance to let his or her voice be heard during this election year.

Ty Portell is a full member of Blue Max CC, a member of the St. Louis Balloon Brigade and Team Friendly-St. Louis. He competed at Mr. Missouri Leather 2015. Ty will go on to compete at International Mr. Leather in May.

The weekend concluded with the Mr. Missouri Leather Victory Brunch presented by Chef Elizabeth Schuster and her Tenacious Eats crew and was held at Food Outreach. All in attendance congratulated Ty and no one left hungry.

Boom Magazine at www.boom.lgbt videoed the entire contest it can be viewed at http://www.Vimeo.com Simply search for Mr. Missouri Leather 2016.

Mr. Missouri Leather Weekend 2017 will be held February 24-16 when Leather collides with Mardi Gras!