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American Brotherhood winners. Photo by Brian Mincey

L E, from Oakland, CA, was named American Leatherwoman; the American Leatherman title was awarded to Dan Ronneberg, who hails from Arlington, VA; and the American Leatherboy title went to Boypup Max of San Antonio, TX. at the Leather Archives and Museum October 9-11.

American Leatherman 2014 Dominic Chevalier, American Leatherwoman Eileen Sanders and American Leatherboy 2014 Dave Hudson sashed the new titleholders.

Coming in as American Leatherman first runner-up was Robbie Butler from Atlanta, GA and Jim Scudder-Barfield of Tulsa, OK was named second-runner up. The American Leatherboy first runner-up boy was ahren from Pittsburgh, PA who also was awarded the Brotherhood award by his fellow contestants and the second runner-up was Cub G of Phoenix, AZ.

ABW celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the American Leatherboy with a special boy gathering and Leatherwomen's dinner.

Karen Ultra dazzled at the emcee.

The judges were American Brotherhood Weekend founder Mik Miller, Sarah Beth, IMsL 2014 Patty Patty, Neil Douglas James, Lily Fleur Noir.

A Friday night meet and greet, Sunday brunch and Victory Celebration were held at Touche'.

The contest was split over Saturday and Sunday to sash the American Leather Family 2015.

For more information check out http://www.AmericanLeatherboy2011.com or the ABW Facebook page.


By Robert Green

Matthew Jensen took the title of Mr. Regiment Leather 2016 in a two night competition, October 10-11. Steven Carlisle was the runner-up. The scoring started during the meet and greet with the contestants’ fantasy scenes played out on stage at Eagle LA. The former Mr. Regiments in attendance were brought on stage showing the strong legacy of Mr. Regiment title; appearing in descending chronological order: Rod Mercado 2015, Andy Covarrubias 2013, Justin Tate Emmerick 2013, Leo Iriarte 2011, Brad Taylor 2010, Ross Wood 2008 and Robert Green 2003.

The main event took place at The Bullet Bar with all judges being former Mr. Regiments. An energetic main bar area was filled with hot bodies clad in all sorts of gear from harnesses, rubber, Leather and of course it wouldn’t be a Regiment contest without lots of uniforms.

Always with a smile and his hearty laugh, show producer Regiment member Esteban Bartholo kept things moving. Emcees Jeremy Ronceros and Andy Covarrubias both brought the sexy charm and the laughs. Hot go-go dancers, frisky socializing and the occasional waft of cigar smoke set the tone on the patio during the breaks. Mr. Regiment 2015 Rod Mercado gave his step-down speech and received his Los Angeles Band of Brothers vest patch.  

The new Mr. Regiment Leather, Matthew Jensen, was overwhelmed as the LA Band of Brothers swarmed him for the welcoming spider web ending in a brotherly cheer. Matthew joins the first two Leathermen on the road to the Mr. LA Leather Contest 2016 on April 2. Currently LA Leather has ten confirmed feeder contests, with the LA leather/fetish community growing we could see a couple more titles joining the run for 2016.




By Bryon Hayes

Mr. Michigan Leather Weekend, September 25-27 at the Dunes Resort in Saugatuck, MI, enjoyed a record setting number of attendees and three outstanding contestants, and capped off the weekend by selecting Brian Mailley as Mr. Michigan Leather 2016 who will compete at International; Mr. Leather next May in Chicago.

Mailley, from Royal Oak, Michigan competed as Mr. Liberty Leather 2015.

The Mr. Michigan Leather contest featured a Friday night celebration of MML’s 20th Anniversary; various workshops sponsored by Chicago Hellfire Club and a poolside barbeque, complete with 80 degree temperatures and sunshine, on Saturday afternoon.

During the contest Saturday night, musical entertainment was provided by Kelly Carey. Mr. Michigan Leather was once again emceed by Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2006 Bob Johnson.

There were three contestants: Mailley, Mr. Campit Outdoor Resort Leather 2016 Chris Rice and Mr. Dunes Resort Leather 2015 Adam Way.

The judges were all former Mr. Michigan Leather winners including outgoing Mr. Michigan Leather 2015 Josh Fortuna, Mr. Michigan Leather 2004 Bob Rose, Mr. Michigan Leather 2001 Doug VanKirk, Mr. Michigan Leather 2006 Tony Wolfram, and Mr. Michigan Leather 2012 and International Mr. Leather 2012 Woody Woodruff.

Event sponsors include the Dunes Resort, CLAW, Campit Outdoor Resort, GRAB Magazine, Metra Magazine, Icon Detroit, and LeatherUNITED. MML proceeds benefited the Leather Archives and Museum.

Photo Caption: Contestants Chris Rice, Adam Way, and Brian Mailley, Michigan Leather 2016.



Joe Gregory was best of two men vying for the Mr. Sister Leather 2016 title hosted by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Eagle LA on Saturday night, September 19 in front of a full house.

The talented Don Mike was the emcee.

The weekend began on Friday night with a meet and greet at the Eagle LA and concluded with a luau at Pistons bar in Long Beach on Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Sister Leather a feeder for the Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016 contest which will be held at the beginning of April. That winner will advance to International Mr. Leather next May.