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At approximately 150 am Monday, November 14, 2016, three patrons of the San Diego Gay Leather bar The San Diego Eagle were, made the recent victims of hate, when they were egged by men in a silver sedan.

 sd eagle egged faggotsThe men in the car shouted “faggots” at the group, and then circled around back towards Heimbach who had just separated to make his way home.

When I asked Jay if he was ok, he replied, “Yes. I was they did miss me and another "friend" (but) not by much at all. We were standing by the windows of the breakfast place on the corner finishing a cig. It splattered on me. I'm okay I stood up for myself and ran a bit after the car.” He continued on confirming that all involved in the early morning attack are okay “Angle my Imperial Wife was there witnessed but not egged.”

History was made this year on April 3 at the Off Sunset Festival in Los Angeles, CA. The first three years of the festival saw exclusively men’s groups sponsoring booths and activities, but 2016 was host to a more inclusive festival as Off Sunset welcomed its first women’s group into the fold.

The Southland Title Sisters (STS), a group of female-identified titleholders from Los Angeles County through San Diego County, were out in force to support the festival along with Ms LA Leather 2016, Moon O’Neal, Ms San Diego Leather 2015, Annette Suarez, and Ms San Francisco Leather 2016, Stela Furtado, among others.

The festival, founded in 2013, is produced by the Off Sunset Association, “a group of individuals who work, live, and play in the Silver Lake area” of Los Angeles.

Shae Flanagan, founding member and President of STS, had this to say, “It was an honor to join our brothers this year and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. This first year out, we were still getting the lay of the land, but with the incredible support of the Southland Title Sisters we had an amazing time keeping folks hydrated with lemonade and water balloon fights and will back with more of both. If you don't know us, come say hi, we look forward to meeting you!”



By Daddy Rod

The 29th Anniversary of the Atlanta Eagle Bar and the Seventh Anniversary of Atlanta Leather Pride held April 8-10 saw three people sashed and they are Ms Atlanta Eagle 2016 Princess Leigh (Janelle DeFoor), Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2016 Daddy Rod and Mr. Southeast Rubber 2016 Sean "Red" Franks.

Atlanta Leather Pride benefited The Leather Heart Foundation: Our Community, Our Heart. http://www.leatherheart.org/ which provides charitable assistance in times of financial hardship to individuals of all sexual orientations in the Leather, BDSM, M/s and fetish communities.

$6,000 was raised for the Leather Heart Foundations new Sir Alan Penrod Bare Necessities Fund. These funds will be used to make sure folks have their bare necessities taken care of.

Daddy Rod is the first African American Mr. Atlanta Eagle winner. He will be competing at International Mr. Leather in 2017.

To see more photos check out http://www.atlantaeagle.com/atlanta-eagle-news/




The highlight of San Diego Leather Pride was the San Diego Leather 2016 contest at the World Beat Center in San Diego's Balboa Park on Saturday night, March 19 with the titles going to Ms San Diego Leather 2016 Jae Marie, Mr. San Diego Leather 2016 Jay Heimbach and San Diego Bootblack 2016 Eric.

All official events took place March 17-20 at the World Beat Center.

One of the highlights was the Women's Leather History display presented by Viola Johnson of the Carter/Johnson Leather Library which included books, magazines, articles, photographs, illustrations and sculptures.

The judging panel for Mr. and Ms San Diego Leather consisted of Head Judge Viola Johnson, Carmelle, Ms San Diego Leather 2010 Tiger, Mr. San Diego Leather 2004 Adam Latham, American Leather Boy 2015 Boypup Max, International Ms Leather 2015 Sarge (who was also Ms San Diego Leather 2014-2015), and Master Anjin.

The judging panel for the San Diego Bootblack contest consisted of International Ms Bootblack slave tabitha, Ms. Los Angeles Leather 2016 Goddess Moon and Southern California Leather Bootblack 2015 Danielle.

Mark Frazier of Dallas, TX was the keynote speaker at the Victory Brunch on Sunday. Mark gave a thought provoking speech on "Building a House of Leather" that was well received and appreciated by all. Frazier stated that this was his last keynote speaking engagement and San Diego was proud to have him choose to do it there.

San Diego Leather contest producers Annie Romano and Bryan Teague announced that this would be their least year producing the contest and weekend and that a new producer would be named soon.

Friday night saw a meet and greet with food where the contestants, one for each contest, introduced themselves to the judges and guests.



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