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It was freezing cold and snowing outside JJ's Clubhouse in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday night, Frbruary 28, but it was warm with Leather inside as Andy Struckhoff was chosen to be Mr. Missouri Leather 2015. There were three men competing.

Fron the beginning of the Mr. Missouri Leather title in 1983 the contest was produced by the Gateway Motorcycle Club. The 2015 version was produced by Mr. Missouri Leather 2010 Terry Laupp and the Mr. Missouri Leather Orgaization.

GLLA globe logo 2015 Indianapolis, IN, 1B March 27, 2015– Great Lakes Leather Alliance strongly condemns The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB 101)

recently signed into law by Governor Pence. We are working with and supporting The Freedom Indiana Team in our fight against this law and any law that discriminates.

Since 2002, GLLA has worked to create and sustain an environment that is welcoming to every member of our community, and this year’s event will be no different.

“As we join with others outraged by this legislation, we recommit ourselves to our mission and its emphasis on protecting our freedom of expression. Due to existing contractual obligations, this year’s event must go on as scheduled. We are having GLLA 2015 at a location that has previously hosted events for the LGBT community and we feel that GLLA has been treated well by our event location and will continue to be treated well. We hope that you all will stand with us and help us fight this and any other laws that discriminate. We will continue offering the same welcoming event for which we are known,” GLLA Executive Director Ms. Kendra stated.

For more information on GLLA 2015, its presenters, contests, and events, please go to http://www.greatlakesleather.org.

If you would like more information, please contact Ms. Kendra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2015 is the first time that the Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather contest was held at a venue away from the bar, Sunset Temple on Saturday night, February 21, where Jay Heimbach was declared the winner.

On Thursday, February 19, the San Diego Eagle Leather 2015 contest weekend began with a small and lovely Leather family banquet at Claire De Lune. The producers, friends and San Diego Leather family gathered around Russ Mortenson Boyd. Boyd has been the producer of the Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather contest for the last 10 years, and also heads the Leather Foundation of San Diego. He explained how he carefully hand picked the judges from Eagle Bars abroad, and introduced us to the contestant, Jay Heimbach.

The Mr. San Francisco Leather 2015 contest was held on March 7 in the packed auditorium at the Hotel Whitcomb in San Francisco, CA where Trevor Black won the coveted title.

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2015 Trevor Black. Photo by Rich StadtmillerMr. San Francisco Leather 2015 Trevor Black. Photo by Rich StadtmillerThe emcees were Pollo Del Mar and Pup Don Mike.

The panel of judges include Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014 Scott “Big Red” Farrel, Erik Will of Leathermen’s Discussion Group, Mr. Los Angeles Leather Eric Paul Leue, Ms San Francisco Leather 2015 Little Bad Daddy, Mr. Bolt Leather 2014 Matthew Bunch, long time Leatherman Don Ho and judge emeritus Garry McLain (aka Marlena).

The contestants were Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2015 Daniel DeLage, Mr. Sober Leather 2015 Stephen Shute, Mr. Edge Leather 2015 Gerald Borjas, Mr. Eagle Leather 2015 Chris Humphreys, Mr. Friendly SF 2015 Steve Jirgle and Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2015 Trevor Black.

Trevor Black is the youngest Mr. San Francisco Leather in history.

The Mr. San Francisco Leather contest is part of the Bay Area Leather Alliance Weekend which was held March 6-8 and includes the Community Awards Brunch which celebrated 49 years.