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By Jim KZ
The Mr. and Ms Philadelphia Leather 2016 contest was held on Saturday, February 13, on the third floor of the Bike Stop in Philadelphia, PA. There were seven contestants total: six going for the title of Mr.
Philadelphia Leather (Dennis, BearWoof, Daniel, Damon, Jonathan, and Rudy) and one for Ms. Philadelphia Leather (Alaina).

After a rousing competition, Rudy Flesher was named Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2016 and Alaina Hummel was named Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2016.

Rudy and Alaina each have their choice to compete at International Mr. Leather or American Brotherhood Weekend for Rudy, and International Ms Leather or American Brotherhood Weekend for Alaina.

First runner-up in the Mister competition was Damon and Alaina ran unopposed but had to score a minimum number of points in order to win the title. The contest
was co-hosted by Ms Philadelphia Leather 2008 Carlota Ttendant and American Leatherboy 2013 Tank Teachworth.

Judges were Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2015 Jason Hall, Ms Philadelphia Leather 2015 LasciviousJane, and MasoMutt, coproducer of the Philadelphia Fetish and Bootblack Contest and Chair of the Mid Atlantic Puppy and Handler Contest. Tally Master was Craig K, and the den staff consisted of Mr. Maryland Leather 2011 Alex Lemaire, Ms Mid Atlantic Leather 2014 Nikki Wireman, and Mr. Philadelphia
Leather 2003 Jim KZ.

The bar was at capacity all night long. The contest was held in front of a live audience on the third floor, and broadcast in HD to screens on the second and first floors for the overflow crowd to enjoy. There was no pre-judging. The Philadelphia format provides for all interviewing to be conducted on stage during the Bar Wear and Jock/Hot Wear segments. Contestants also had the chance to give a speech during the Formal Wear segment. Everyone in the bar and even folks at home were able to vote online for their favorite, and those votes counted in the fourth category to help decide the winner.

The contest was immediately followed by a Gear Party featuring DJ Dave Huge from NYC, which ran until closing time.

The contest was co-produced by the Bike Stop and Philadelphians MC.




After the last rodeo at Oil Can Harry's in Studio City, CA on Sunday night, January 31, Caleb Engen was announced the winner of the Mr. Oil Can Harry's Leather 2016 title and a slot in the roster of contestants for Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016 to be held on April 2 at the Globe Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

The first runner-up was Matthew Robitaille and the second runner-up was Johnny Yamamoto.

The judges were Bobby Allen, Franco Americano, Shelly Lyn, Gerald Hill, Lou Romano and International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith.

The Los Angeles House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence opened the night with one of their blessings. Spoiler alert not needed - wild.

The emcee was Jeremy Ronceros outrageous humor led to a fun evening. Ronceros, who is the president of the LA Band of Brothers, presented the stepping down Mr. Oil Can Harry's Leather Franco Americano after his speech.





On Saturday night, January 30, Monte Freeman was named Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2016 in a very packed bar, following in the footsteps of Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith who went on to become Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2015 and then International Mr. Leather 2015.

The runner-up was Shane Boyd. Five men competed with Skip Burnett, Johnny Yamamoto and Christopher Guara completing the roster of contestants.

The head judge was Kevin Casey and assisting him were International Mr. Leather 2015 Patrick Smith, Steve Ganzell, Gabriel Green and Cody Troy. The tally master was Mike Van Horn. The judges' boy was Boy Chris and the contestants handler was Ted.

Past Mr. Oil Can Harry's Lou Romano was the emcee and his biting humor had anyone else who appeared on stage on edge. The crowd loved it.


Before the winners were announced, bar owner Charlie Matula presented Eagle LA Recognition Awards to Patrick Smith and Steve Ganzell.

Freeman will compete at Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2016 on Saturday night, April 2 at the Globe Theater in downtown Los Angeles.



 Mr. Chicago Leather Weekend was held January 22-24. Hosted at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, IL and was produced by David Boyer of Touché Chicago. Six Contestants, #1 Jonathan, #2 Achilles, #3 Rod, #4 Todd, #5 Steve, #6 Stitch competed to represent The Windy City’s Leathermen as Mr. Chicago Leather 2016. In the end it was Contestant 4, Todd Harris whose scores won Mr. Chicago Leather 2016.

Contest Judges were IML 2015 Patrick Smith, International Mr. Rubber 2015 Jeffrey GummiBarchen Basile, Mr Tri State Leather Brian Bolt Donner, DC Eagle 2015 & American Leatherman 2015 Dan Ronnenburg, Mr. Chicago Leather Luis Tipantasig  (He’s single and looking).  Tally Masters were Josh Fortuna and Ron Moser, Den Daddy was Rob Czar, and Judges’ boy was Sara Beth. Bootblacking at the bar for the event was by Great Lakes Bootblack Meghan and Sparkie.

The show itself was skillfully conducted with playfully slick and appropriately dirty humor delivered via John Pendal’s jocular tongue and its vigorous Leather base.

Mr. Chicago Leather Weekend unofficially kicked off with the Opening Night Gala of Leslie Anderson Naked Leather Exhibit in the LA&M Gallery downstairs. Officially it started at Touché with The Welcome Party at 10 PM and the Roast of Mr. Chicago Leather 2015 Luis at Midnight. Saturday was a busy day of Flea Marketing and Kink U classes hosted by Titans of the Midwest, followed at 8 PM by the contest at the Leather Archives and Museum.

This year’s recipient of the Chuck Windemuth Mr. Chicago Leather Mentorship Award went to “Founding Father of Onyx Mufassa," for 20 years of service and mentorship to the men of Chicago.

2016 marked was the first live webcast from LA&M. It was sent to Touché for the overflow crowd to enjoy the contest at the bar.  The webcast was made possible by Touché and The Leather Journal.

Sunday’s Brunch was held at Andersonville Brewing Company followed by a Beer Bust and Black T Dance at Touché.