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Feeling the Woo at Southwest Leather Conference XV

By January 26, 2017



Approximately 500 Leatherfolk attended the Southwest Leather Conference which celebrated its 15th Anniversary at the Four Points Sheraton in Phoenix, AZ the weekend of January 19-22 with the highlights being the Southwest Master slave Contest and the Dance of Souls. The weekend was high on spirituality, branded "the woo" by regulars.

There were three Master/slave teams competing for Southwest Master and slave 2017 with Master Dennis and slave bonnie besting Master Seykou and slave luna, and Master Anthony and slave robin. Southern California Bootblack Teagan beat out Alamo City Bootblack Sugar Bear. Master Dennis and slave bonnie came in as Arizona Master and slave and will compete in the finals during South Plains Leatherfest in Dallas, TX in March.

Hardy Haberman headed the Southwest Master and slave contest judging panel and was joined by Master Michael,

Master Malik, slave elizabeth, Doc, slave raven and Tomo. Briar served as head judge of the Southwest Bootblack contest with Sir Gareth, Bootblack Zach, Kyew and Nitro joining her.

Kenneth Anthony of Arizona Pups and Handlers was the emcee for the Friday night opening ceremonies and the Master slave contest on Saturday night. Describe the emcee in one word - uninhibited - to the delight of the audience.

The staged portion of the contest included speeches and question/answer. Interviews were held at a separate time.

Southwest Elect 2016 Indigo Black, Southwest Master 2016 Orpheus Black and Southwest Bootblack 2016 Xiaoyi gave rousing step down speeches on Friday night.

The Dance of Souls was a closing ritual and ecstatic dance held at the end of the Southwest Leather Conference on Sunday afternoon. This modern primitive celebration was uniquely created through the energies of the voluntary participants present within a scaffolding of cross-cultural spiritual traditions that involve temporary piercing, drumming, chanting and dancing. The ritual was a closed private ceremony offering all Dance of Souls attendees the opportunity to participate in a variety of roles including pierced dancer, non-pierced dancer, drummer, etc.

Kozen (Thay Minh Tinh) was the keynote speaker during the Sunday Brunch and Awards Celebration. Thay Minh Tinh is a Buddhist monk who has lived lives of great hedonism and also of great restraint. The Leatherman’s Heart Award went to Riley Johnson, Leatherwoman’s Heart Award to Ms Tammy Evanow, Golden Paintbrush Award to Sharrin Spector, Spirit of Service Award to Linda “Wish” Fisher and Volunteer of the Year to Cheryl Medlin.

The Leather Tribal Revival on Sunday morning followed the Brunch. The service went beyond multifaith into the realm of spirit and celebrated the fantastic energy that is, when Leather and spirit combine.

Southwest Leather Conference had workshops and classes for every kinky appetite including 15 minutes: A Discussion on Bootblack Scenes by Bootblack Zack; A Taste of Heaven – The Magic of High Protocol Dinners by Sir Gareth and slave; Advanced Caning: Come Soar and leave Sore! by Sharrin Spector; Age Play: Littles and Middles to Grandmas and Grandpas by Cap aka Miss Chris; Are Cum Stains Allowed?: Bootblack Stand Etiquette by Briar; Balancing Play Partners and Relationships by Switch Jake; Beginner CBT: Sensually Sadistic by Dee; Bonding and Spirituality in D/s and M/s Relationships by Instructor Name Redacted by Request; Breath Control by Nitro; Can’t Just Leave Out a Bowl of Water and Some Food Can You? by Master Neko; Discipline, Correction, Punishment and Atonement by slave raven; Electrical Play by Switch Jake; Evolution of the slave spirit by Master Michael and slave angie; How To Support Your Community When You are Not a Joiner by Doc; Journeys in Leather by Andrew Love; Living Our Leather by Master Malik; Playing With Pain by Hardy Haberman; The Dance of the Master - gracious or clumsy?; by Ms Kendra; The Icarus Master by Master Todd and slave elizabeth; The Joy and Sunshine of Entertaining Bondage by Pup Zero among many others.

Our Place, a sacred of peace was a room where several spiritual leaders and groups were able to meditate.

The sizzling hot Boots and Cigars party sponsored by the San Diego girls of Leather was on the covered portico on Friday night after the opening festivities. Cold weather caused a smaller crowd than usual to form.

The Red Dragons Riding Club was there in full force and the Dragon Clan family held an open meeting in the hospitality suite where three covers were presented by Master Dennis.

The Leather Tribal Revival on Sunday morning followed the Brunch. The service went beyond multi-faith into the realm of spirit and celebrated the fantastic energy that is, when Leather and spirit combine.

Dates for next year are January 18-21. Check out http://www.southwestleather.org/ for more information and bios of judges, contestants and presenters.