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Folsom Europe - What a weekend in Berlin

By September 22, 2023



By Victor Ongpin

As part of the special events for titleholders in the Folsom Europe 2023 Titleholder Program, a private tour of the Reichstag (historical German legislative building) was arranged for those attendees interested in learning more about the country’s unique political history.

Mr. Sister Leather 2023 Victor Ongpin, the reigning Leather titleholder of the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (LASPI), joined other titleholders from around the globe to experience an enlightening and informative afternoon partaking in a walking tour of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament).

The diverse group of Leather/fetish folx were led by charismatic tour guide, Falko Drossman, member of the German Bundestag, representative of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) of Germany, queer political speaker, historian, soldier and member of the Defense Committee. Representative Drossman discussed Germany’s past from early history post-Julius Caesar through the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, unification, the German Reich and contemporary Germany today.

Titleholders representing France, Italy, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and the USA had the privilege of partaking in the tour and getting their questions answered one by one by Representative Drossman, who also pointed out physical structures throughout the building, including former pieces of the Berlin Wall and its significance during a dark period of a divided Germany. Conversely, with cheerful exuberance, Mr. Drossman was also passionate to share the role he has in being a resource to his Hamburg Mitte constituents and the optimism he has for LGBTQIA+ acceptance in Germany and beyond.


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The Leather Journal found one common thread from those who commented was, "This was the best Leather week/event I have ever attended." We believe, based on the photos we saw, 2023 had the most Americans and Canadians to attend Folsom Europe.

There were dinners hosted by BLF Berlin, Leathermen Travel and other clubs, dance parties, street vendors and plenty of Leather and LGFBTQ pride flags every where, not to mention from so many countries.

Now enjoy our gallery of 50 photos gleaned off of Facebook and supplied and or taken by the following individuals: Will Stone, Tom Keller, Mig Leather, Jack Chang, Harry Meinen, Anthony Leatherman, Leathermen Travel, Andy Walgraef, Derbis Campos, Kristopher Weston, Brian Goss, Jeff Smith, Dominik Schmitz, and Rod Wood.