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Frisky, Friendly and Attitude-Free; David Ferguson Wins Mr. Bear San Diego 2014

By April 02, 2014

The Mr. Bear San Diego 2014 contest was held on Saturday 29, 2014 at The Hole. Three contestants vied for the opportunity to represent the Bears San Diego this year: David Ferguson, Jeff Breeze, and Phil Leggitt. Contestants withstood a private interview with a panel of judges at 6 PM.

The four-judge panel consisted of Everardo Aguilar, Mr. San Diego Bear 2001; Sister Ghana Maria from the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or The Asylum of the Tortured Heart; Ben Hernandez, Mr. SoCal Bear 2013; and this author.

Emceed by the wonderful and entertaining Empress XXV Roxie Bleau, the contest also drew many Sisters and one fearless Guard from the Asylum of the Tortured Heart, who showered the venue with blessings, songs, sass, and naturally…glitter.

On working with the Sisters, contest producer and Bears San Diego Treasurer Jeff Rosenfeld said, “The Sisters have truly been our partners in our fundraising endeavors throughout this year. We could not accomplish what we do without them.”The contestants were introduced to the audience in Casual Wear (everyday clothes). After a break, the three men took turns on stage in Bear Wear (what makes them feel sexy).



The Bear Wear portion required each contestant to respond to both a light-hearted and serious question.Ferguson, later determined to be the victor, exuded warmth when answering his light-hearted question. The question asked which three bears would be want with him in the event Southern California was devastated due to an earthquake. Ferguson readily stated he wanted fellow contestant Jeff Breeze with him because Breeze is a close friend.

Ferguson moved to San Diego from the Midwest about three years ago. He credits Breeze with welcoming him into the Bear community, acting as a mentor, and making San Diego feel like home.

Breeze, who was first runner-up, later commented, “Over the past couple years, I’ve taken (David) under my paw so to speak and I have really seen him blossom. When his name was called, it made me feel like I had done something right."Although not placing, contestant Phil Leggitt remained upbeat. “I give my full support to David. I'll be there anytime, anywhere, and for any reason to support my community,” offered Leggitt.

Aaron Borovoy, Mr. San Diego Bear 2013, refused to hibernate in 2013. He worked up until the last second of his title year and was found pushing raffle tickets and Jello shots throughout the night. Although Borovoy will give credit to everyone else, his charisma and work ethic were instrumental to raising over $16,000 during his year.Being Alive and Special Delivery were issued checks in the amount of $8,000, each.

Shannon Wagner from Being Alive noted the decrease in available grant monies for the organization, indicating that the Bears literally helped Being Alive to keep being alive.Special Delivery founder Ruth Henrick’s kitchen can feed clients for a minimum of three months, commented the organization’s representative.

Please join The Leather Journal in and thanking Aaron Borovoy as he steps aside and welcoming David Ferguson into the sleuth of Bears San Diego titleholders.