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IML 2014 Pierre to attend La Fraternitie du Loup-Garou CampOUT

By June 18, 2014

International Mr. Leather 2014 Ramien Pierre will be attending the La Fraternitie du Loup-Garou CampOUT the weekend of July 16-20 at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary in Southern Indiana.

CampOUT will feture dungeon parties, classes and demos on Fireplay, Rogh Body Play, Negotiating With Strangers, Chest Harness for Power and Flight, Front Hole Fisting, Rope 101, Kinky Laughter Yoga, a variety of meals including a Chili Cookoff, midnight snacks

Ramien Pierre will be the first International Mr. Leather titleholder to attend a La Fraternitie du Loup-Garou CampOUT.
La Garou is a traditional Levi/Leather club whose main focus is trans/men and other masculine gender outlaws. In our first Bylaws, La Garou defined masculine gender outlaws as people who were born female or intersexed and raised female but whose gender identity is male or masculine, including but not limited to trans/men, tg butches and butch women. It is also for people who are interested in showing support for masculine gender outlaws in the Leather community.


CampOUT was started in 2005 as a way to bring trans/leathermen and their supporters together for fellowship and fun. This year’s workshops include a series on bondage by rope maven Traeonna, Negotiating with Strangers and Kinky Speed Dating with boi Kris, Rough Body Play and Chest Harnesses for Power and Flight with Aries and Trans*Spirituality in Sexuality by Devon. In addition, we will have a 24 hour open air dungeon, chili cook off, swap meet, kinky gift grab, midnight snacks and more. Our ever popular screw you neighbor auction will be returning, with swag including donations from OP: Original Plumbing Trans Culture Magazine, Point5cc T-shit Company and an autographed first printing copy of The Trainer from Laura Antoniou.

Preregistration for CampOUT will be extended until July 7th 2014. Rates are $100 for Wednesday through Sunday, $75 for Friday through Sunday, and $50 for Saturday night, and include camping, food and entertainment; day passes are also available for $30 per day. There will be on site registration, rates will be higher.

To find out more click on http://lagarou.org/

La Garou is involved in fostering a greater understanding of trans people in general and masculine gender outlaws in particular within the Leather and BDSM community. The experiences of transpeople can help us to understand ideas that may not always make it across lines of communication between various groups in the Leather and BDSM community. With the support and understanding of our allies, both trans and non-trans, we will continue to build bridges and foster growth in the Leather and BDSM community.

Founded in 2002, La Garou supports and encourages participation locally, nationally and internationally in the leather community by trans and non-trans people. While full membership is reserved for masculine gender outlaws, our allies are encouraged to show support by becoming associate members. There are two membership levels: Alpha (full) and Beta (associate). Alpha membership is open to masculine gender outlaws who are not full members of any other back patch Levi/Leather or bear club. Beta membership is open to anyone who wishes to show support for La Garou and masculine gender outlaws. See our membership page for more membership details.
To find out more about Our Haven Nature Sanctuary visit http://ourhaven.info/index.html