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Great Plains Region rules at International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather 2016 in Atlanta


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The Great Plains Region swept the International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather 2016 contest on Saturday night, October 18 Fred Anderson and Boo winning the Mr. and Ms titles during the contest's 20th Anniversary during DomCon: Atlanta at the Ramada Plaza Downtown Atlanta. This was a celebration of 20 years of the title.

The runner-up in the men's field was Mr. Central Canada Olympus Leather Count Jeff and the Ms runner-up was Ms Tammy who was only three points off the pace. The closeness of the results was magnified in that the tallying as Straight scoring. One judge, International Ms Olympus Leather 1999 Cori had to cancel at the last minute so the producers decided to use Straight scoring instead of the planned Olympic scoring.

Ms SECC Leather 2014 Jordan "Roscoe" McCoy, a talented entertainer of many faces, was the emcee for the International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather contest and Pantheon of Leather.

International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the Pantheon of Leather Awards which saw 30 honors presented on Friday night.

Dr. Lawrence Burden aka Dr. Larry served as head judge with International Mr. Olympus Leather 2014 Dave Faunce, International Ms Olympus Leather 2014 Shy, International Mr. Olympus Leather 1996 Ron Hendon, International Ms Olympus Leather 2001 Sherree Bailey and International Ms Olympus Leather 2009 Simone rounding out the panel. The judges' coordinator was International Ms Leather 2015 Sarge.

Contestants vied in Social Interaction, Interview, Question, Speech and Fantasy categories before tally master Mike Van Horn delivered the results.

There were two other men competing, Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather Matthew Mullins and Mr. Great Plains Olympus Leather Mactep.

The step down speeches by International Ms Olympus Leather Shy and International Mr. Olympus Leather Dave Faunce were not long and were well-received. Dave invited his partner Eric to the stage where on bended knee, Dave proposed to him. It was yet another moment in the evening where love was in the air.

Contest Director Vonn Tramel has built a team to produce the weekend and the improvements were very noticeable. Attendance at Olympus Leather was up 85 percent from 2014.

There were more auction items and bidding was good enough to show an increase from the 2014 travel fund.


Leatherfolk can still bid on line for items at

International Ms Olympus Leather 2014 Shy brought her famous Fudge Packer Chocolate. Boxes were auctioned off for the travel fund with over $300 being collected. Another significant live-auction item was a signed hardbound copy of Larry Townsend's Leatherman's Handbook.

The International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather weekend began with a meet and greet on the patio in front of the Ramada and the Ramada bar, cigar Social after the Awards on Friday night. Bright and early Friday morning the interviews were held. An Olympus Reunion Party followed the contest on Saturday night.

Attendance at Olympus Leather was up 75 percent from 2014 and there was a strong spirit of unity all weekend. The Pantheon of Leather 2015 Awards attendance was up 110 percent.

DomCon: Atlanta was the big boy of the weekend with about 25 vendors and 50 workshops, opening Red Carpet Social and Opening Ceremonies, two nights of play parties at Miss Whip's 1763 dungeon, cocktail parties and a big After Show Party on Sunday night to close out the weekend.

Among the DomCon: Atlanta presenters were Sir Dale, Mixtrix, Sea, Lord Cuff, Lady D., Madam Lynn, Delmar Kane, Master Otosan, Goddess Capri, Mystress Lily and Master Roman.

Other than some of the area's familiar restaurants, the most visited place was the Atlanta Eagle. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw Olympus Leather, Pantheon of Leather and DomCon: Atlanta events in full swing. Some used free time to visit Stone Mountain and/or the Atlanta Aquarium.

Take a look at the official program Book on line. The first page is blank - scroll down and see much of Pantheon of Leather and International Olympus Leather history, and the corporate sponsors and advertisers In Our Program

The corporate sponsors were Leather64TEN from Chicago, Tom of Finland Foundation, Leather By Danny and the National LGBTQ Task Force.

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