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girlangLeatherJournalBasic Information: Name Current Title City, State website (if any) regular community events that you produce or participate (limit 3) Favorite Leather item in your arsenal of bar/fetish wear & social media:

girl ang Melbourne, Victoria


Gear Up

Oz Kink Fest/Fetish Expo

My favorite Leather item is my hooded coat with tails, I made it last year.

Facebook: Angela Saide (girl ang)

Facebook: Little Miss Leather

Instagram: The Girl Ang

Instagram: Little Miss Leather

Fetlife: girlang


I have four major sponsors, all of whom I know on both a personal and professional level. Wayne; owner of Lucrezia & De Sade, Mz Mallice; creator of Oz Kink Fest, Fetish Expo and Provocation, Bella and Paulus; owners of Piercing HQ, and Adrian; owner of Aphrodites Pleasure. Their sponsorship and support has been so greatly appreciated. It is an honor to represent Australia with their blessings.

Favorite Charity:

With the recent trauma resulting from the same-sex marriage vote and it's associated media, I believe now more than ever our youth need our help. Minus 18 champions for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) youth Australia wide. This organization creates events, provides peer support, and delivers workshops and campaigns. I have spoken to numerous LGBTIQ youth and heard stories of how Minus 18 has helped them. I believe if we nurture and support the younger generations coming through we offer strength to the foundations they stand upon, this positive impact can then influence future generations to come.

How you feel about community service?:

Community service is the motor that drives the cogs. Community service is a significant part of what drives me at my Leather core. It is how events happen, how we educate, how we build up, help and maintain our community.

What makes you a Leather Woman and/or Bootblack?:

My heart and my choices. Finding the Leather community and understanding who they are as individuals and a community was like finding family. I know I am a Leather woman as I have Leather values and my heart feels at peace surrounded by my chosen family. My choices reinforce my place within my family. Leather values are a guiding force that streams from the past to direct my future.

Who is your favorite Leather Woman…Why?:

Sarge IMsL 2015 is my favorite Leather woman. She has been family since the night we met, and a mentor and my Sir for the last two years. Her love and involvement with the Leather community worldwide is strong. Sarge's campaign 'You Are Not Alone' involving peer support for people struggling with mental health has opened up conversations where assistance has been given and received. I feel honored to know her intimately and strive to walk my path with the same level of integrity, accountability and reliability with which she walks her own.

What do you feel is the most dangerous mis-information passed through traditional & social media affecting our community today, and how would you combat it should the opportunity arise?:

The most dangerous mis-information that has passed through media is the image or perception of what it is that we do. The way we do kink is not portrayed by 50 Shades or Tarantino's gimp in Pulp Fiction, yet these are common thought associations for those who are not kink-aware. This incorrect portrayal is a catalyst for negative stigma and dangerous behaviour to develop and spread. Through visibility and communication, I have and will continue to combat misconceptions, and educate and grow awareness of kink, BDSM and Leather.

In 100 words or less what will you do as IMsL or IMsBB to promote your title?:

Smile, talk, travel, listen, invite, share and be involved. I believe being visible, available and open to authentic communication opens doors for connections to be made. These connections between people provide strong fibers for the weave of our community. By bringing the title back to the Australian community it will show people the strength and reach of this title, this action in itself will promote.

About Author

Vonn Tramel has been a kinky "friday night femme" since she was 17.  She found the Leather community in 2007 and began her Leather Journey in 2008 after attending a Cigar Play Class in Long Beach, CA at Pistons Bar. A meeting with Dave Rhodes in May of 2008, changed her path for better or worse when she filmed and photographed the 2008 West Coast Olympus Contest, then International Olympus in Chicago that year....the rest they say is her-story. 

Edit: In 2012 she was approached by Dave to join The Leather Journal as it's Webmaster with business partner Bryan Teague.

Most misspelled word: Leahter (Sad but true)