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IMsBB XV Contestant Q&A with Bootblack bella

By March 16, 2013

Name:  Bootblack bella

Current Title: Great Lakes Bootblack 2012, Kentucky Bootblack 2009

bootblack bella-imsbb-xv-2013-contestantRegularly appears at: Fringe Elements events in Louisville, fundraising events for Crossings, Mister Bluegrass Leather Contest

Boot Size: 8 1/2

Preferred boot:  Gifted Cherry Blossom Embroidered Doc Martens

VT: Describe in 20 words or less your first sexual feeling from/about a boot.
Bb: When I first found myself licking boots and felt honored, excited, and nervous like a bride before her wedding night.

VT: your favorite conditioner
Bb: My current favorite is Pecard’s which is a heavy leather conditioner suitable for all types of smooth leather including oil tan boots, exotic leathers, garments, and even furniture.  It smells great and is easy to apply while providing the leather with much needed moisture and a low shine.   

VT: The feeling of a Top inspecting your work?
Bb: In the chair, everyone is a Top.  My goal as a bootblack is always centered on 100% customer satisfaction.  Many people elect to leave character marks during restoration and shining as it is representative of their personal leather history.  I patiently wait while all clients inspect the work and state they are pleased prior to ending the scene.

VT: Favorite position (to Bootblack you darlings, to Bootblack!)
Bb: My favorite position to bootblack is kneeling at the feet of my partner.  Bootblacking and boot worship are a special aspect of our relationship that keeps me centered and complete.

VT: Describe the feeling you get when you're at a thrift store and you see
a line of old worn boots.
Bb: When at goodwill or thrift stores, I can’t help but scoop up older boots that have been neglected.  I feel it is a personal responsibility to act as a foster mother, working diligently to restore the boots so they may put their best foot forward.  I enjoy offering these special finds as gifts to those who will appreciate the history of the boots.

VT:What will you do with the Title International Ms. Bootblack?
Bb: I plan to continue being a mentor to new bootblacks.  I plan to travel to communities and teach through the use of demonstrations and one on one conversations to help expand awareness of and interest in bootblacking.  Finally, I would like to present on the unique model that is the basis of the bootblack community.  Within the bootblack family, we simply accept and love each other. We're not judgmental, no one has all the answers, and if you express interest, we will work with you and help you grow.  This is an excellent starting point for developing cohesive communities.