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LA Leather Pride 2014, Eric Paul Leue is Mr. LA Leather

By March 31, 2014

LA Leather 2014 Eric Paul Leue Photo By Dave RhodesLos Angeles Leather Pride Week was huge and what a production is was, with the main event at Circus Disco in Hollywood being the 15th Annual Mr. LA Leather Contest where Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2014 Eric Paul Leue was best in a field of 10 men vying for the opportunity to represent the City of the Angels at International Mr. Leather in Chicago.

The theme for LA Leather Pride 2014 was Brethern = Blood, Building the Bonds of Brotherhood.

There was a ton of events that started at the ONE Archives Foundation near the USC campus with a motorcycle ride that stopped at several popular Leather businesses while working their way to the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood, Chariots of Fire with the Mr. LA Leather contestants, Payasos LA and followers on Sunday morning, March 22 followed by Odyssey: The Road to Mr. LA Leather the opening party of LA Leather Pride hosted by Avatar Club Los Angeles put on Odyssey: The Road to Mr. LA Leather – the traditional kick off party to Mr. LA Leather Pride where the contestants for Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014 drew their numbers. The Bullet has recently been remodeled and the back room behind the patio was converted to a VIP lounge.



Runner Up Andy Covarrubias LA Leather 2014 Eric Paul Leue Runner Up Gabriel Green Photo By Dave RhodesLA Leather Pride concluded with a victory brunch and Southland Honors at Pistons in Long Beach on Sunday, March 30. Numerous rewards and "thank you's" were bestowed in great California spring sunshine - lots of sun, a light breeze and nearly 70 degree weather.

Sandwiched between the two Sundays was a roast of outgoing Mr. LA Leather Justin Emerick titled Don't Cry For Me Los Angeles at Oil Can Harry's that was produced by the LA Band of Brothers and the LA Leather Coalition; the Hell on Heels roller skating party hosted by Payasos LA on Wednesday, March 26 at the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale where one of the contestants broke both of his wrists before the party ended; the Prowl and Growl meet and greet at Mickey's in West Hollywood hosted by Bears LA; the Avatar Club Los Angeles Tribal Rites play party at Sanctuary LAX on Friday night, March 28 which drew 175 kinky Leathermen; California B&B Corps, Regiment of the Black and Tans and BLUF Assembly Uniform party at Rough Trade on Friday night, and a Cigar Social at Eagle LA on Friday night sponsored by Maximus; a Turning Up The Heat afternoon beer bust and cigar lounge hosted by the men of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert at The Bullet in North Hollywood on Saturday afternoon, March 29 the Mr. LA Leather 2014 Contest and Legion Victory Dance on Saturday night.

LA Leather 2014 Contstants After Drawing Numbers Photo By Dave RhodesOn Monday, several representatives from the Los Angles Leather Coalition, producers of LA Leather Pride, went to City Hall where they received a Certificate of Recognition from Mayor Eric Garcetti. The Commendation was proudly displayed at several of the events by Jon Wright. This was a coup since it may have been the first time that a Los Angeles Mayor has presented a Certificate of Recognition to a local Leather event. Several presentations have been made by City Council members and California State officials.

Joining Eric Paul Leue on the victory stand were first runner-up Mr. LA Leather Bear Gabriel Green and second runner-up Mr. Regiment Andy Covarrubias.

Other contestants were Mr. Sanctuary Leather Derrick Paul, Mr. Christopher Street West Nick Oliver, Mr. So Cal Leather Xavier Espejo, Mr. Pistons Leather Doug Graf, Mr. Bullet Leather Matthew Mullins, Mr. Sister Leather Jordan Frink and Mr. Oil Can Harry's Leather Bobby Allen.

Certificate Of Recognition From Mayor Eric Garcetti Photo By Dave RhodesThe Mr. LA Leather 2014 Contest was emceed by Don Mike and ASL interpreted by Nick Lugo.

The Brotherhood Award of which the winner was chosen by his fellow contestants was Mr. CSW Nick Oliver.

The judging panel included were Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2013 Justin Emerick, International; Mr. Leather 2013 Andy Cross, International Mr. Leather 1998 Tony Mills, American Leatherman 2014 Aaron Duke, Southern California Leather Gathering Slave Pug, Mr. Long Beach Leather 2005 Larry Golubski and Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert President Skip Mlaker. The tally masters were Mike Van Horn and Carlos Deviez.

An impressive moment was when the past Mr. Los Angeles Leather titleholders were introduced on stage starting with 1999 William Schindler up to 2013 Justin Emerick before the final results were announced. Several  past IMLs in attendance were also brought to the stage.

Hunter Fox Named George Wong Person Of The Year At Southland Honors Photo By Dave RhodesEric Paul Leue was born and raised in the countryside of East-Berlin in 1986. He first visited LA in January 2010 and became a permanent resident in 2013. He is the LA based Account Executive for a San Francisco software company. His German accent is definitely there and he understands and communicates English well, having lived in London for four years.

After the contest the Official Mr. LA Leather Dance Party: Legion presented by Justin David and Hunter Fox featuring deejays Paulo and Joe Gauthreal. There was a vendor fair with a handful of vendors and a huge display of art by the Tom of Finland Foundation.

The Southland Honors returned to Pistons in Long Beach, starting with a great brunch prepared by Layne Sanden, followed by the awards presentation with Jasun Mark serving as the emcee.

Avatar President Alan Stroik Was The Emcee Photo By Dave RHodesThe recipients were George Wong Person of the Year Award to Hunter Fox, Event of the Year Award to Off Sunset Festival produced by Hunter Fox, Business of the Year Award to 665 Leather, Club of the Year Award to The Regiment of the Black and Tans and the Satyrs Motorcycle Club, Jeff Burnam Community Service Award to Esteban Jimenez and Leo Iriarte, and TNG Award to Jeremy Roncersos.

The Chairman's Award, presented by Jon Wright, went to Marlon Morales and Kevin Casey.

A newly-established honor, the Jay Lawton Award was presented to the One Archives Foundation.

During his address to the crowd of Leatherfolk, Jon Wright told the crowd that a man from Berlin who visited Los Angeles said, "LA is the Berlin of North America." Wright continued, stating that his goal is that LA Leather Pride would soon be on par with Mid Atlantic Leather and CLAW.

The Charity Partners for LA Leather Pride were the Tom of Finland Foundation, Project Angel Food and the ONE Archives Foundation

Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2013 stated in his letter to the Leather community in the official program, "The great thing about representing LA in Leather is that you get s taste of everything that our Fetish community has to offer." Of course there was more, but this was a key element of what he said.

Jon Wright's goal for LA Leather Pride might be reachable soon as it seemed that at least 1,000 different people attended at least one of the events. Many are wowed by the professional level of LA Leather Pride the last two years and the impact of that reaped huge dividends already.

Payosos LA Hosted The Roller Skating Party Photo By Dave RhodesLA Leather Pride is off to a great start as the LA 30 was founded. Members of this group donate significant funds each year giving the LA Leather Coalition seed money for the following years event.