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LA Leather Pride: Dark Angel

By March 25, 2022



LA Leather Pride 2022 - Dark Angel


Saturday, March 26




Angel Rincon is Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2022

Years of frustration for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - Los Angeles House ended on stage at Jewel's Catch One Dance Club in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday night, March 26 when members of the LA House stormed the front of the stage in joy the second Mr. Sister 2019 Angel Rincon was named the winner of the Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2022 contest. Only a couple minutes before, Mr. SoCal Leather 2020 Romyn LeMuerte was named second runner-up then Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2019 Francisco Perales was announced as first runner-up. The Brotherhood Award 2022, selected by the contestants, was Christian Medina

Before the winners were named, Mr. LA Leather co-founder Brent Sweer gave a brief history of the founding of the Week and focused on the new sash as the one being worn by Mr. LA Leather 2019 Elliot Musgrave was full of the names of the past winners of Mr. LA Leather title under LA Leather Coalition rule. A new sash which had the names of the 20 who have held the title embroidered in red on the inside panel. There is room for the next 20 with Angel Rincon being the first. As this occurred, previous Mr. LA Leather titleholders stood behind the presentation. One of the loudest crowd roars of approval of the night.

Other than the naming of the winners, the loudest and longest audience ovations was during the presenting of the newly-formed The Jim Neuman Award which recognizes Leather Community Humanitarian Deeds. The first recipient is Bullet Bar Owner Michael Lara. Michael had a very tough go of it during the pandemic and still managed to do so much for those in need. One commented, "If there ever was the right recipient for an award, Michael Lara was it."

The contest started out with nine contestants, but that dwindled to eight when Mr. Bullet Leather 2019 Brandon Bullet announced to the judges following his interview and then to the world via a video presentation on stage. Brandon was about to have an awesome life-changing moment in his life and had to hold back on more. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

The eight men who competed were Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2019 Francisco Perales, Mr. Christopher Street West Leather 2020 Joe  Clopton, Mr. Sister Leather 2020 Angel Rincon, Mr. Eagle 562 Leather 2020 Joey Byrne, Mr Eagle LA Leather 2020 Colton Stenke, Mr. Los Angeles Leather Bear 2020 Alan Gabriel, Mr. SoCal Leather 2020 Romyn LeMuerte, and Mr. Faultline Leather 2020 Christian Medina.

The judging panel who made the decision were head judge Jack Thompson, Mr. San Francisco Leather 1990 Ray Tilton, Mr. Midwest Leather 2013 Cody Troy, BDSM play educator Erin Marie, past Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert vice president Leo Newcomb, Mr. Regiment 2019 Joshua Hernandez, and publisher and editor of The Leather Journal Dave Rhodes.

The emcee was past Mr. Oil Can Harry's Leather Jeremy Ronceros was smooth and professional throughout the entire show, blending in humor with his skills.

A crowd of approximately 250 witnessed the contest. Angel Rincon will compete at International Mr. Leather in May.

Seven of the contestants waited two years for this moment and one waited three years. They all became friends over that time and learned from and shared with each other. They were waiting to bust out and that they definitely did.

Gabriel Green of Green Mirror Entertainment is the Los Angeles Leather Pride producer, Robert Green of Motorboot Photography is the chair of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition and Jon Wright serves as vice chair. The main sponsor of LA Leather Pride was The Fight Magazine.

"As many of you know, Brandon, Mr. Bullet Leather 2020, formally withdrew from the Mr. Los Angeles Leather competition this past weekend. We can now reveal the reason that he did not compete was because he was asked to perform at the Oscar’s. His rehearsal schedule did not allow him the ability to commit to both. We here at the Bullet are very proud of him and his accomplishments both as Mr. Bullet Leather 2020 and as a professional. You don’t always need a title to make a difference." Bullet Bar and title owner, Michael Lara said.

One note - we don't know if the venue had a grand father clause which protected them from being accessibly-responsible, but they direly-need an elevator and ramps, or at least their disabled customers do. Their two flights of stairs are as steep as those in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Other than this, Catch One is an amazing space. There are so many event rooms that one can get lost.

Many photos were taken by Motorboot Photography by Robert Green, Gabriel Green, Joey Byrne, Dave Rhodes, Henning von Berg, DJ from Maximus, Pinche Ponce Photography, Diego Gal and others. To see several hundred photos of LA Leather Pride 2022, plus other Los Angeles events go to















































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Reaction Dance

Following the contest, the Catch One staff cleared the club's floor of chairs, tables and guests in preparation for the Legion: Fallen Angel which was the closing official event of LA Leather Pride. It started out light as guests from the contest trickled back in to the huge Disco Room, but swelled as new entrance trickled in until the place was packed to the rafters.

Music was presented by Thiago Oliveira and Xavier Alvarado and was hosted by Nick Wolf. Revelers danced, gyrated and partied as the evening went on. Not long after, the sun came up to find a phoenix had risen after two years, in the form of a Dark Angel. "Oh Lord, yeah!" - Black Sabbath.



So Cal Men's Bondage

A late entry into the LA Leather Pride schedule was the So Cal Men's Bandage party on Saturday afternoon at Threshold clubhouse in North Hollywood.




Friday night, March 25

There were so many events on Friday's schedule that it was impossible to attend all of them. The Leather Journal made it to Assembly and has photos from some of the others.







About 100 uniform enthusiasts attended Assembly in the Rough Trade back parking lot in Silver Lake on Friday night. This was a dress coded enforced event. There were some testy encounters at the entry point as some were challenged on their attire not being on code. Not sure if any were actually turned away, some were given guest ties which basically put people on notice that the dress code was going to be stricter in the future. There were numerous code violations in Assembly in 2019 that organizers were pressured to enforce the code and this year they did. Be on notice for next year. It is not only a uniform event, but the main event of the year for the three uniform clubs here, California B&B Corps, Regiment of the Black and Tans and BLUF.

Food was provided by Hunter and Charlie from Eagle LA and open bar by the Bullet Bar. Eagle LA's appetizers included tuna, scallops and shrimp sushi rolls, spicy shrimp, Asian noodle cups, pork sliders and barbecued ribs. Pince Ponce was set up to photograph uniformed men, groups and clubs with his portable studio. Manuelito spun tunes.






























Leather Dog Pound

Leather Dog Pound at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood was highlight of the week for pups, handlers and friends. Matthew and Dan did a bang up job hosting this fun event. Leather Dog Pound included a large mosh pit divided into three areas for socializing on all fours, on two legs, and even an area for naughty pups in need of training. These areas were shared with all pet players as well. There were surprise performances, fun new mosh activities, and the welcome inclusion of any type of human pets.

Pup Chewy, creator of Chewy’s Kennel, was presented the first Chewy Award for exceptional service and impacting advancements by pups, pets, and handlers of the community.






ONYX Southwest's Chaotic Ascension

Jewel's Room at Catch One, 4067 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019 at 9 PM.

The Men of ONYX Southwest hosted the Chaotic Ascension a dance party at Jewel's Room at Catch One. It was an ONYX dance party - need we say more? Of course it was fabulous. The DJ was Benjamin Castro aka DJ Ben.




Den LA - Dark Angel

Sanctuary Studios LAX was the host venue for the Den LA dance and play party in LA where guests danced to the throbbing beats and pulsing lights while exploring play areas throughout.






Eagle LA Maximus Cigar Social

A short walk from Rough Trade to Eagle LA after Assembly was all that was needed to bond with the men of Maximus - Palm Springs at the Eagle LA for the traditional LA Leather Pride cigar smoker.












Thursday, March 24




Meet and Greet at WeHo 910

West Hollywood got into the act with the LA Leather Meet and Greet at WeHo 910. This is a new space to the community which is available for small events. The usual hobnobbing with dignitaries such as contestants, judges, producers, event sponsors and the like with one added twist. Each contestant had the opportunity to meet with their judges for five minutes. This was an ice-breaker which had a huge impact on the contest in that several of the contestants seemed more relaxed and confident the rest of the weekend.

If you are involved with a Leather contest take note. You might want to consider adding this to your contest. It will be worth the effort.

The title systems of Los Angeles and San Francisco present an award each year to the the community of their sister city. Mr. San Francisco Leather 1990 Daddy Ray Tilton announced the 2022 winner in LA was Robert Green who has photographed virtually every Leather/fetish event in Los Angeles for at least the past 10 years.



















Wednesday, March 23




Avatar - Resurrection: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Avatar Club Los Angeles' Resurrection: Looking Back, Moving Forward at MCC In The Valley in North Hollywood was a panel presentation on the affect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the community. Perhaps it’s important to acknowledge and remember the two years in which this event wasn’t held, the street fairs that didn’t take place, the titleholders whose years weren't completed or have been extended, the clubs that have struggled to meet member and community needs with online programming, the bars, so crucial to queer nightlife, that have struggled or shuttered, and other queer business we have lost or who have evolved and pivoted to meet our erotic and fetish needs. IML 2017 Ralph Bruneau hosted with IML 2019 Jack Thompson, LALP chair Gabriel Green, Bullet Bar owner Michael Lara, and fetish business owner of Ghettoff.
















Monday, March 21




La La Leather Opus III in Concert

Brainchild of Jon Wright, the idea of a Classical music concert during a Leather event came to fruition for the third time. They do this in Berlin and Jon thought it would work here - he was right. La La Leather Opus III in Concert was held at MCC In The Valley in North Hollywood.

La La Leather Opus III in Concert included an array of Classic and original film music performed in gear by members of the Los Angeles Leather Community to an audience in gear in the tradition of the beloved Classic Meets Fetish concerts held in Berlin.

Among the list of songs played were City of Stars from La La Land, Send in the Clowns from A Little Night Music, Radar from The Day The Earth Stood Still, Love Song for a Vampire from Bram Stoker's Dracula, Main Theme of Schindler's List, among a total of 19 songs.

Musicians included Brandon Bullet, Kryztopher Charles, Michael Crane, Tim Greer, Sarah Knowlton, Jason Lo, Robin Olson, Vince Pena and John Walz. Who knew Brandon would be playing his viola on stage during the Oscars less than a week later?














Sunday, March 20




Dark Angel: The LA Leather Pride 2022 Kickoff Party

This is where it all began. Dark Angel: The LA Leather Pride 2022 Kickoff Party at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood. The Dark Angels from the Class of 2020 were introduced for the first time as a group. Buddy riding on flaming steel horses of the members of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club who wore their famed denim club jeans and long sleeve shirts, the LA Nine start the week-long road to Mr. LA Leather 2022 by drawing their numbers and showing off what makes them all winners. The two-year long delay was over. This was going to be wild ride indeed.




























Late February



Raising Hell

A while before the big LA Leather Pride Week was Raising Hell! at Eagle LA, a benefit to produce the Mr. LA Leather 2022 contest and related events. Well attended at the time the masks were beginning to come off. Money was collected and fun was had by everyone.