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LDG Mentor Program accepting Applicants in January

By December 17, 2015



The Leathermen's Discussion Group of San Francisco, CA (LDG) has been an educational and social hub of the San Francisco Leather Community since 1996. Attend one of the Leathermen's Discussion Group programs or events and find friendly, smart, hot men who experience dominance and submission in pup play, Leather, rubber, kink, BDSM, gear, Master/slave protocols, bondage, and more... and they can help one figure that out.

The LDG Mentor Program helps pair up newer, curious, men seeking experiences with men who have been there and can help. This program isn't dating, hooking up with, playing with, or fucking the person you're paired with: It's about networking with the community and learning from others how to examine one's desires and experiences so they can. Example: One wants to experience flogging. Their mentor won't flog them, but he can help one learn how to find, approach, and negotiate a hot scene with an experienced flogging top in the community.

The Leathermen's Discussion Group is now accepting applications from men who are interested being either a mentor or being mentored. The pplication deadline is January 13.

For more information about the program, and to contact organizer Dr. Richard Sprott, see the Leathermen's Discussion Group web site at http://www.sfldg.org/mentoring

Leathermen's Discussion Group usually meet monthly from 7:30 - 9:30 PM on the fourth Wednesday at the Mr. S Studio (the space above the store, generously donated by Mr. S).