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RIP Garrett Scott Mr LA Leather Bear 2006

garrett scott 4August 17, 1966 - April 13, 2017

Garrett Scott, Leatherman, of West Hollywood, CA and more recently of Long Beach, CA passed away in the morning hours of April 13, 2017, after a lengthy battle with cancer (edit for correction) The cause of Garrett's death has not yet been determined. I had the privilege to meet Garrett Scott on two or three occasions. I didn’t know him well, but those that had the opportunity to love him and truly see his humanity respected him as a man who gave all he could and knew the boy as “a big kid with a bigger heart”.

Scarff was a loving man and a supportive soul. A long time member of the Los Angeles Leather Community. Scott won Mr. LA Leather Bear 2006 which was held at Faultline Bar on Saturday, February 11, 2006. He was a board member of LA Bears, and a member of the los angeles Boys of Leather (gen 1).

He was recently pinned to Mama's family (we are currently researching his Mama's Name and we will update with this info)

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Scott was remembered on FaceBook by Don Mike.

“I lost a friend today. Garrett was my brother, twice. Once in the LA boys of Leather (the first incarnation) and again in the LA Band of Brothers. He could be an incredible pain in the ass. One time, at a Band of Brothers meeting, we were going around the room each giving the LA Leather class of 2012 words of advice and encouragement before the big contest and Garrett told them to watch out for me because I was so funny and entertaining that I would throw them off their game and make them lose. It was the nicest backhanded compliment I've ever received. And as much as I liked to gripe about the ridiculous things he would do, I had an immense respect for the man. In the first few years of the Off Sunset Festival, he would show up first thing to volunteer (mainly so he could nag me for being five minutes late), and stay way past the end of his shift. I remember seeing him carrying big boxes of stuff up and down the fairgrounds, sweat pouring down his face, and he wasn't in the best of health then. I had to practically yell at him to sit down and stay hydrated. He just wouldn't quit if there was work to do. And he was always like that. One other thing that I will never forget. Back in the early 2000's, when I first met him, he struck me as being very childlike, and prone to fits of brattyness. I honestly didn't know what to make of him. Then one day I had to call him at work for something and this man answered the phone, very mature and businesslike. I asked for Garrett and was shocked that it was he who had answered the phone. It didn't sound a thing like him. And it made me think. We all have different aspects of our personality that we bring forth in different circumstances and catching that glimpse of Garrett, when none of us were supposed to be looking, made me realize that he loved this community because we let him be who he really wanted to be. A big kid with an even bigger heart. And an incredible pain in the ass. I'm going to miss him.”

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