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Book Review: The Killer Wore Leather

No spoilers here, I've not even completed the book The Killer Wore Leather. Before you send hate mail or complain about my premature review, yes, I will properly ammend this post when I have.  However, I can't sing the praises or rave recognition of this joyfully comedic look at our Leather Contest Culture enough.  ANYONE who has ever  attended a convention, seminar, leather contest, fundraiser bar night or read an article in a main stream newspaper about "living the lifestyle", will recognize characters and brilliant portrayals of the colorful group we call family, even if the color of choice is matt black, worn in some long dark alley.  I for one can name 2 or more people for every vividly illustrated personality in this book and I am only at Ch. 4!

The Killer Wore Leather: An S/M Mystery by Laura AntoniouThe Killer Wore Leather Cover Art


I, like many others, have only read Antoniou's Market Place Books.  The Killer Wore Leather, is refreshing in that it's not a wicked series whose glimpse into the world of  conscientious slave trading slaps you in the crotch from go.  No, it runs away with your imagination and shackles it to your kindle at 12:30 am when you should be sleeping!  Not to say there aren't some secretive "behind the scenes" **wink wink** stolen moments in the first few chapters, oh yes yes dear reader, there most certainly is and I felt the disapointment of interruption of Jack's scene probably as much as she did when I realized it was now 3:30 and I had to put down my Kindle or be forced to work a full day on NO sleep at all! 

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