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Conversation with Tina "Sarge" Maravilla

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By Jaco Lourens

1. For those who don’t already know, please tell us about yourself and your connection with the Leather world.

I’m a queer futch (femme-butch) Leather woman. I’m married to an amazing man, named Cobi and we are part of an awesome leather family called the House of AndOr. I live and breathe this lifestyle. Leather is at my core.

2. Please tell us who got you started in the Leather community and for how long?

Cobi, my husband, introduced me to the Leather community four years ago.

3. Which club or bar are you affiliated with and tell us more about the history?

I’m affiliate with quite a few! We’re very lucky in San Diego to have a large community with lots of options! I am the president of The Stomping Ground San Diego, San Diego’s first sex-positive community center. We just opened our doors on March 6, 2015. I’ve been a member of Club X, a pansexual BDSM education group, for 4 years which has been around for over 20 years. I’m a San Diego girl of Leather, a member of the Southland Title Sisters and of course my favorite group, the Gang Bang Girls, all of which were started in the last two to three years. I think what I’m most proud of is being a part of the history of amazing Leatherwomen. International Ms Leather is such an honor to have as a title, and as my year continues and I interview past IMsLs, producers and VIPs, I learn more and more about the history of this great legacy.

4. What made you enter your first Leather contest and who was the person that stood by you all the way?

I entered because it looked like a lot of fun! It became much more than that as the contest neared. In preparing for the contest I was required to answer a lot of questions about my part and identity in the community. Self-reflection helped me to know myself and my beliefs better. I learned history and imagined how I might make my community better. Cobi, my husband, stood by me the entire way. As a matter of fact, when he first met me, he told me I’d be IMsL one day. I didn’t even know what that was then!

5. Tell us about your charity involvement and goals for your title year.

My time and energy are spent within the Leather community. So I have become a FIRM believer in keeping the Leather community’s funds within it as well. The Leather Foundation helps many of the groups in San Diego and beyond to grow. It is a parent organization and 501(c)(3) umbrella organization for many Leather groups in the community. My goal this title year is to promote the peer to peer network of mental health awareness and support through the Leather dog tags, the “You are Not alone” campaign. I’ve also begun to work on the 30th Anniversary of IMsL history book. That’s a HUGE undertaking and not an easy task.

6. Also tell us about the “you are not alone” campaign, and how can we get involved or support this cause?

Depression and suicide is a great concern in our community. People who commit suicide usually do so because they feel alone and that needs to not be an option. Our community is typically very supportive of one another. We are everywhere and often come to the aid of community members in need. After seeing so many posts online about people struggling to deal with their feelings, some without resources to get help, I thought there should be some way to connect to one another and offer support. I created Leather dog tags with the phrase “You Are Not Alone” on them as a way for people to “flag” to others that they are open to talking and listening to anyone who may be struggling with feeling alone. Letting people know that there is always someone willing to help them is a start to creating stronger, more positive and mentally healthy communities. Purchasing dog tags for yourself lets people know you are their ally. Purchasing one for someone else reminds them that they are not alone. Each tag that your purchase covers the cost of two more being made. As the network expands, so does the support system. Visit to get your dog tags!

7. Tell us about your Leather family.

The House of AndOr is such an amazing support system. We started with four of us and now, three and a half years later, there are 10 of us in the family. We have traveled to many different conferences together, we learn together, we play together, have family dinners together but above all, we love together. Half of us are on at least one board within our local leather communities. So the core values of Leather are practiced daily within our family.

8. Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

My grandfather, who I call Papa, is most influential in my life. He is a calm, loving and patient human being. I aspire to be half as great as he was. He put Neil Armstrong on the moon! I have a favorite picture of him sitting at a computer the size of my house, with Neil Armstrong leaning over his shoulder, while my Papa taught him how to use the equipment that he engineered.

9. South Africa woke up at 3 AM every morning when IMsL was broadcasted live, and one of our favorite moments was seeing your fantasy, because of copyrights we could not hear any audio but we all went nuts! Please tell us your inspiration and the thoughts behind the awesome fantasy?

OMG I love hearing this!! SA is so dedicated! My inspiration was of course the Gang Bang Girls (a group that I am a co-founder of) and my love for Disney. As a child I did theater a lot, so I knew I wanted something epic, a little difficult to choreograph and something that was entertaining, funny and reflected my personality. I’ll bring the fantasy video, with music, to SA for you all to see. It really is better with music!

The fantasy was created for my run for the Ms. San Diego title. Although it is usually frowned upon to repeat fantasies, Judy Tallwing McCarthy (a judge for the SD contest and IMsL #1) loved it so much she suggested I do it for IMsL. I had so much positive feedback about it I decided to make some modifications and perfected it for the IMsL stage. Each princess’ song used denoted their part in the bathroom scene. It was choreographed down to every last beat. I even used Cobi as my understudy, so that I could watch it from the audience myself and perfect each movement. We practiced it for seven months!

10. In your mind, what does Leather mean to you, and what is the glue that keeps us together?

Leather to me is the heart and drive to make a subculture succeed. The glue is love. We love each other, we respect each other, and sometimes we even play with each other! I think that a lot of us forget that the reason we came into this community is to radically alter our sex lives. It’s easy to lose sight in that with all the fundraising and bake sales we do.

11. If you can be anyone dead or alive (not yourself) who would you be and why?

I would be Aubry Hepburn. Her life seemed so amazing and rare. A famous movie star, a beautiful and confident woman, but above all, she was diverse.

12. What do you see for the future of Leather in your community and internationally?

In my community I see a great coming together. It’s a large but very segregated community (which is not a bad thing). But there are some who are very serious about making sure there is a community center for all to enjoy and I think that will bring a lot of people together to make sure that succeeds.

Internationally, I think that there will be a lot of cross cultural pollination, if you will. I hear that Leather in Germany is very different than Leather in San Francisco. I enjoy the differences that I experience within and around all the communities I visit; some of which I want to bring home!

13. Tell us what your favorite piece of Leather is and why?

My favorite piece of Leather is a Leather flower that my very vanilla best friend gifted me before I ran for Ms San Diego Leather. She says to me as she hands me the flower, “Good luck with your contest, I know you’ll be the Queen of the Leathers.” I almost died laughing, but I was crying so much as well!

14. What’s the funniest thing that happened to you in Leather?

The night that the GBG’s (Gang Bang Girls) started has to be the funniest. IMsL 2013 Sarha, was at a conference we were all at. She had heard about our long night of gang banging each other (there were four women in total) and seemed interested so the next night we invited her to our room. One of the four of us, Nerissa, was not in the room when the shenanigans began, but immediately jumped in when she arrived. So Nerissa is elbow deep in Sarha, and looks over at me and mouths, “Who is this?” I laughed a little and just picked up her title vest off the back of the chair and held it up for Nerissa to see. The look of panic and embarrassment set in and Nerissa turned fifty shades of red!

15. What’s the funniest safe word you ever heard?

Refrigerator. After hearing it I said, “that’s a good one! As a fat girl it’s my safe base, so that’d be a great safe word!”

16. What’s your favorite drink? And design a drink or cocktail that represents you and what would it be called?

I have been sober for almost two years, so I’ll design a Mocktail: Let’s call it the Dirty MarTina it would be cherry 7-Up (my favorite drink), mint and sugar, shaken and poured into a martini glass (cause they’re pretty)

17. What was the last meal you cooked just for yourself?

Dino-Shaped chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries. It’s my ultimate comfort food.

18. You’re on an airplane and get stranded on an abandoned island with five other people. Who will be doing the cooking, who is your personal massage therapist, who do you push into the water to keep the hungry sharks at bay, who builds a bonfire to attract the ship in the distance and who is in charge of building that raft?

Guy Fieri would be the cook.

Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) is my massage therapist (with happy endings).

Donald Trump will keep the sharks at bay.

Cobi will build the bonfire.

Tom Hanks is building the raft (he has lots of experience).

19. What’s your home town and what five non-touristy things would you show me and why?

My home town is San Diego, one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, so it’d be hard to show you non-touristy things since it’s a tourist trap! But here goes:

1.   I’d take you to S&M (Sausage and Meat) restaurant- and we’d look up the safe word on their Facebook page for a free sample of any of the special bacons!

2.   Game night with my Leather family- they’re epic, and everyone leaves having had an amazing time

3.   We’d go to a little place I like to call secret beach - a small hidden patch of sand tucked away in the Cays of Coronado. We can bring my dogs and watch them run around like crazy and swim in the water!

4.   Sailing on the Glorietta Bay - and if we can do it on the Duke of Pudding’s boat called Las Palabras, it can be a kinky adventure! once a year he puts on an event called Jello wrestling on the Bay where he builds a platform and blows up a kiddie pool and fills it with Jello, and the competition is to see who can get the ankle bracelets off the other first. Just last weekend he did an event that involved rope on the water, where people were tied to the bow and dangled over the water form the boom. He’s very creative.

5.   I’d have to show you the kink clubs and hotspots! There are only a few, but all are great - so I can’t choose just one.

20. In conclusion, anything you would like to add to this interview for the Leather community globally?

It has been such an amazing year so far, with so many more amazing things to come! If anyone is wanting to run for IMsL, I would say go for it! you don’t need a title to run, and all women of all types are welcome to run as well. No limits on race, gender expression (as long as you’re comfortable with a women’s title), sexual orientation or religion. It was such a great experience for me, and I cherish the memories I have with everyone from my class.


Classic Meets Fetish

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Classic Meets Fetish is the world’s first fetish classical concert is taking place in Berlin at Folsom Europe 2015.

This year at FOLSOM EUROPE in Berlin there will be a few brand new and exciting additions to the regular and popular program. For the first time this year there will be a Cigar Lounge at „Café des Artistes“, Fuggerstraße 35, right in the centre of all the action: the hang-out for lovers of big cigars and leather uniforms.

There will also be something particularly unique and extraordinary taking place internationally for the first time ever:

FETISH MEETS CLASSIC, a classical concert for and by guys in fetish.

A small group of professional international, musicians – some of them even professionally and internationally acclaimed – will perform selected pieces from the classical world, covering both well-known and not so well-known composers from Brahms to Tschaikowsky. Sung by a hunky baritone singer or played four-hands, solo or in duet on the piano, flute, violin and clarinet. The handsome and sexy musicians will all be wearing their favorite fetish outfits and promise to please both the eyes and the ears of the fetish audience (dresscode: Leather, Rubber, Skin, Army) in a uniquely sexy atmosphere. This evening is not only for fans of classical music, but for everyone who would like to experience some culture in the fetish sub-culture.

The concert will take place in Hamburger Mary’s (Axel Hotel, Lietzenburger Str. 13-15, 10789 Berlin, Germany) on ‚Folsom Thursday‘, 10 September. Sponsored by MrB Berlin, Europas biggest name for fetish clothing and accessories and the community association “Berlin Leder und Fetisch e.V.” it will be for everyone present an unforgettable experience.

There are only 80 seats available (free choice of seating) and at 25€ per person, it’s an affordable event for all budgets. The profit from FETISH MEETS CLASSIC will be donated to local Berlin charities.

„Our events in Europe are for many guys just too sex-orientated!“ explained Tyrone Rontganger, German Mr Leather 2013 & 2014, as well as the X-Awards ‚Europe’s Man of the Year 2015’, the event’s organisor. „Not everyone comes to Folsom Berlin in fetish only to have sex. A lot of guys come here just to have a good time in their gear and enjoy a weekend with their partners or friends and perhaps to meet new, like-minded people. Of course, when you put your leathers on you feel and look horny, but there should be more to these events than just having sex everywhere”. He added: “A classical concert fits perfectly into the FOLSOM concept, I believe, because music both connects and liberates!”

Get your tickets and more information at Mr B Berlin, Motzstraße 22, 10777 Berlin, Germany or at

Classic Meets Fetish, Hamburger Mary’s in Axel Hotel, Lietzenburger Str. 13/15, 10789 Berlin, Germany. Thursday, 10 September 2015, 8 – 10pm. Tickets 25€, on sale from 4 August.

Conversations With Leather - Ric Poston

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1. Jaco Lourens - For those who don't already know, please tell us about yourself and your connection with the Leather world and where we would have seen you.

Ric Poston - I am an openly gay man with two grown children and five grandchildren. I am a professional firefighter and rancher. I was introduced to the Leather community in 1982, while living in Oklahoma. I fell in love with the Leather life-style and what I believe Leather stands for. After years of living Leather and educating myself within the Leather community, I felt a need to run for a Leather title as a positive role model.

2. Jaco - Please tell us what your profession is and how long have you been involved with it?

Ric - I have been a professional fire fighter for the past five years.

3. Jaco - Are you affiliated with any bars or clubs, would you tell us more about the history?

Ric - My home bar is the Denver Wrangler. My relationship with the Denver Wrangler goes back 12 years, when I first moved to Denver, Colorado. As the Wrangler is a bear and Leather bar, I have competed and produced contests at the Wrangler.  To satisfy the fetish side of the Leather community, I hosted a calendar signing charity event which is now going into its third year. This project brings together both the straight and gay communities together.

4. Jaco - Tell us about your charity involvement and goals and about the calendar you appear in.

Ric - Every week, the Denver Wrangler sponsors a beer bust to support a variety of charities. I occasionally pour beer for organizations that support my brothers' events. My biggest accomplishment was being a model in the 2014 Colorado Firefighter Calendar, and helping raise over $100,000 for the Children's Burn Unit & Burn Camp. I also appeared in the 2015 Calendar to help raise funds for contestants competing at the IGRA Rodeo. The accomplishment closest to my heart would be mentoring a Leather brother that went on to capture the current title of Mr. Oklahoma Leather, Richard Ziese. My next goal to achieve is to be in a Leather calendar that will help further my career as a porn model.

5. Jaco - Tell us about your home life and do you have a chosen family?

Ric - My home life consists of a loving, supporting husband. Colt is educating himself to find his way into the Leather community. He is my biggest supporter in my career as a firefighter, Leather life style and porn model.

6. Jaco - We both share a similar interest, IML (International Mr. Leather) you competed in 1999, please share with us your experience of the event, how did it impact you as a person?

Ric - What's the fondest memory you had running that year? Event was very intense. It proved to me that the influence of Leather was far greater than I could ever imagine. The impact on my life confirmed the influence a Leather leader can have in the community with your fellow brothers and sisters. It proved to that everyone has a responsibility to share their story, whenever asked, as you never know when someone is listening.

7. Jaco - You are a well-recognized porn star, what got you started in the business, what makes you unique and can you tell us some of your favorite moments?

Ric - I was approached by a recruiting agent from a production company at the Denver Wrangler to interview and audition. I fit the bill for a dominant muscle-bear daddy, which allows me to perform across the genres of gay porn: muscle worship, silver daddy, and bear. I have a natural ability to satisfy the viewers fantasies as if they were in the scene. One of my favorite moments was when I was filmed with a famous porn star, by the name of Steve Parker. It was a voyeur's dream come true..., including mine. He was my mentor to the industry, and I learned more from him than anyone else in porn. He taught me that your imagination has no boundaries.

8. Jaco - Who is the most influential person and why?

Ric - My son and daughter are the most influential two in my life. They have always given me unconditional love and support. They have always believed in me and led me to believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to do. Our relationship is something most parents would die for and is only achieved through honesty - no matter what the outcome. I am who I am because of their love and support.

9. Jaco - If you could be anyone dead or alive (not yourself) who would you be and why?

Ric - Joe Gallagher. I have always admired him for everything that he’s done in his lifetime for the Leather community. Mr. Gallagher has always answered any and all questions I might have had about our community. He is definitely a huge inspiration to me.

10. Jaco - What do you see for the future porn in the world?

Ric - I see acceptance in all genres of life. I want people to look at my movies to explore their inner thoughts, and desires without questioning who they are.

11. Jaco - Tells us who your favorite fellow star you appeared with, and why?

Jaco - Is there another scene that you can think of that you would like to do with him and please set the scene for us? Steve Parker is my favorite fellow porn star. He is totally dedicated to the profession, and is one hell of a gentleman. He believed in me and gave me all the right advice about the industry. I am at the fire house when alarm is sent for a fire-rescue situation. When we arrive at the emergency scene, I enter the structure and become quickly involved in the fire. I find Steve in his bedroom totally nude, watching porn.... After rescuing him from the structure that becomes a total loss, Steve feels the need to find me and reward me for my efforts.




The Leslie J. Anderson Bootblack Foundation

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leslie j anderson foundation poster


Announcing: The Leslie J. Anderson Bootblack Foundation

The Leslie J. Anderson Bootblack Foundation was developed in order to honor and reward Leather Community Bootblacks who contribute to their Community, and to build future horizons for bootblacks to learn more and perfect the craft. A portion of the Foundation's funds will be to assist Community Bootblacks for various small emergencies and travel funds.

The first fundraising contribution The Leslie J. Anderson Bootblack Foundation made, was to the 2015 IML Bootblack Travel Fund. At International Mr. Leather, $500.00 was raised and gifted to Bamm Bamm the Winner of the 2015 International Mr. Bootblack Contest.

The recipient for the 2015 Leslie J. Anderson Bootblack Foundation will be announced at a further date.

For further information, please visit us at:

Founder: Leslie J. Anderson

President: C. Creane


TLJ's Week in Leather executive Producer will be interviewing Leslie Anderson on Week In Leather, airing 6pm August 5. 2015.

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